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    6x12 Tandem vs 6x14 Tandem?

    If there are a front and a tailgate/ramps on a 12ft trailer , you probably could not haul a 12 ft board unless diagonally. 14ft trailer you could. I have a 16 ft trailers with side and a tailgate/ramp. Can't haul 16ft lumber straight. Jon
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    Electric vehicles during a disaster

    Haven't heard that. Michigan just raised truck speed from 60 to 65. Travelling to Wyoming on I80, further west truck and car sppeds limits are 70, then 75, and some 80. Ohio and some of PA is 70 for both. Jon
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    What else do you do with forks besides lift pallets?

    Found another use for my forks. Rolling up the garden hose and transporting it back to the garage. Jon
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    AZ ranch

    Looking back a few pages, OP's post #1313 last year mentioned his next project might be (edit partially sunken) greenhouse. Jon
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    AZ ranch

    Thanks, I remember reading your progress on the build. I was amazed at the size of the logs. You must have great feelings of accomplishments of your build. I am in awe. Thanks for sharing your build. Jon
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    Sawmills, sawmill buildings, drying sheds, and kilns... show your pictures!

    Where does the saw dust go to? My Timbery saw dust goes to opposite side I load logs on. Jon
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    Lawyer trouble.

    Remember TBNers that lawyers want to have work coming in steady just like the contractors. They don't just sit around waiting for cases. Builders don't want to have idle time waiting for someone wanting a house built tomorrow. Lawyers are no different. (Yes I am speaking as a dad to a lawyer...
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    Sawmills, sawmill buildings, drying sheds, and kilns... show your pictures!

    Could the backside door be a flip up style door? Hinged along the top edge? Maybe use a cable system with some counter balance weights. Just some thoughts. Jon
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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    Fortunately our county allowed temporary c of o. Because after six months in a fifth wheel and snow starting to fly in Northern Michigan, we were allowed to live in the basement. 6 months later we had a final c of o, but the house was not done. Final carpet not in, windows and doors not...
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    When to plane rough cut lumber?

    I was also told this for the worms, larva(?) that were in the white pine I had dried by a Sawmill. Jon
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    When to plane rough cut lumber?

    Try a fan to help move air, use a dehumidifier in the room. Can OP store in basement, build a temporary opened ended box around it, put fan on one end, and blow air through the stack. I have some in my storage room in my attic. Temps reach 110F on hot days in Northern Michigan. Probably the...
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    Guy uses fake check to steal Massey tractor...recognize him?

    I won't be surprised the "buyer" had one of the rubber masks on. Jon
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    Groan part quatre

    And that next moment is going to hurt. Jon
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    Propane questions

    When my propane tank was set, the standby generator was installed prior and waiting for the supply tank. Talking with generator supplier a comment was made if pipe sizes and regulators were not sized correctly, that when the generator started, it could draw propane fast enough to starve tha...
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    Pouring fuel from cans

    Will gas or diesel destroy a rubber push in tire valve stem? Seeing the OP's solution with the metal cap, the tire valve stem came to mind. The push in stem may be easier to install then the OP's. Did not look for the installation instructions for the OP's Any thoughts? Jon
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    Anyone ever drove over plywood on soft grass or mud w their tractor?

    Yeah, missed the plywood vs OSB. Jon
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    Anyone ever drove over plywood on soft grass or mud w their tractor?

    OP, can you plan ahead and put some 2x4's under the OSB and have them stick past the edges to allow getting a chain under them to lift the up? Just wondering if that would break the suction force. Jon
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    Things to do at Watkins Glenn?

    Is Watkins Glen where there is car races? Jon
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    Sawmills, sawmill buildings, drying sheds, and kilns... show your pictures!

    Larger than what my red pines were. Hope you have equipment to handle the logs in turning to square them. Jon
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    Heartland Trailers?

    I knew the distance could be an issue, but they are great to work with and just thought I would threw the name out there. Enjoy, Jon
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    Land Plane/Leveler

    I agree that I can use my land plane and not remove the crown. Yes with a 60" wide land plane behind my BX2230 three passes allows me to have a crown via the the adjustable right hand lower lift arm. Jon
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    I think that is their home internet box, just used in vehicles. It uses a cell phone signal and hence has its own cell number. We have the equal by AT&T and have used it in our car travelling to CO from MI. We have to use it at home because no other way to access the internet. Jon edit...
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    Heartland Trailers?

    Hey ArlyA, not Heartlnd, but I have two trailers from BNM Trailer Sales in Elsie, MI east of St Johns. One is a small 6ft x 10ft side wall utility trailer. The other started as their 16ft lawn trailer, but I had them put 5k axles, and higher sides on it. Great to people work with, made in...
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    Sawmills, sawmill buildings, drying sheds, and kilns... show your pictures!

    amarsh64, Are you counting the hours until you leave on Friday? How about taking it home today and calling in sick on Friday? Jon
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    Your towing rigs and trailers

    I did an axle upgrade on a trailer. Don't remember axle capacity I took off, but put on a 2000 lb one. Ended up bending the frame. Jon
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    Y'all Been Checkin' Lumber Prices?

    7/16" OSB sheathing $25.45 for a 4ft x 8ft sheet at the blue box store near me. Jon
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    Sawmills, sawmill buildings, drying sheds, and kilns... show your pictures!

    We were still in the process of squaring the log. Working on third side. We did square the fourth side and then took 5/4" slabs off. Some live edge was left on a couple of pieces for owner to play with. He is remodeling his house and will be using the maple for cabinets. Rusty, the mill is...
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    Sawmills, sawmill buildings, drying sheds, and kilns... show your pictures!

    One of 15 maple logs cutting for a friend. The already cut and stickered pile is a bit to the right of the mill. About 360bft so far, maybe another 150bft to cut. The 2 stacks behinfd the mill are from the (7) 12ft red pine logs, about 1600 bft. Got probably twice that in white pine to...
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    How would you fall this?

    I think the only way any of us can give advice is to actually see the tree in person. Without seeing the root ball in regards to the distance of the berm, and the size and weight of the root ball, I would be afraid of it springing back upright. Been there, done that and was shocked to have it...
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    Shoveling out a dump trailer - really!

    Take a garden rake, mount a board to cover the tines, add a conduit over the handle and bolt it in place. The new handle length should allow to reach top of trailer. Or use a snow rake. They are a conduit handle sections and a plastic rake to pull snow off the roofs in snow country. Jon
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    Sawmills, sawmill buildings, drying sheds, and kilns... show your pictures!

    Are you cutting cedar with water on the blade? Jon
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    Sawmills, sawmill buildings, drying sheds, and kilns... show your pictures!

    I have not tried to cut my white cedar from northern Michigan. Maybe same as Jstpsng's Northern White Cedar. (wife remembers from college days that ours would also be Northern White cedar). Jon
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    Sawmills, sawmill buildings, drying sheds, and kilns... show your pictures!

    Reading back through this thread, I saw your comment about wavy cuts in cedar. While cutting some maple today with a friend, I mentioned I have some cedar to cut up for a deer blind. He said cedar is a hard item to cut and I will dull blades faster. Don't know if true or not, will find out...
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    Highest hour bx

    Bought my BX2230 in October 2015 with 711 hours on it. Now has over 2217 hours. Built a house since buying the BX, and a B26TLB and both have been used a lot around here. B26 I think has over 1500 hours. It was bought in Feb 2018. Backfilling foundations, mowing, snow blowing, hauling wood...
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    My Simplicity Legacy went on fire !!_ HELP!!

    Don't have pictures of my BX2230. But the positive cable from battery to starter (I think) passed by edge of cut edge of steel bracing. Sharp edge. After 15 years or so, it wore through, made a big pop noise, but switch would not shut off the diesel engine. Had to stuff rag in air cleaner to...
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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    When trying to figure height of tree, get a straight stick like a yard stick. Hold one end at your nose, other end in your out stretched arm parallel to ground. Pivot nose end up into air 90 degrees, keeping arm parallel to ground. Look across top of stick to top of tree. Move to spot where...
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    Tell us something we don’t know.

    So why is burning scraps of dimensional construction lumber bad not allowed for firewood? Definately not bringing pests? Jon
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    Things you find in the air.

    We were at Edwards AF Base in CA for the 4th of July landing of a shuttle. Then the prior landed shuttle was taking off mated to the 747. We have seen the shuttle crawler in FL. Also been on Vandenburg AF Base and saw their verticle Shuttle Assembly building. Original plans was for the AF to...
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    Mixing concrete in the FEL Bucket

    Seeing 2manyrocks first video gave me the thought someone might be able to take an old snowblower and use it to mix concrete. Not offering mine though. Jon
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    Trailer valet XL on sale at HD for $599

    Did you check with ? I get emails at times when they have them for sale. No idea how they compare to HD's though. Jon
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    trailer lift mods

    I assume you are thinking of some jack stands/outriggers to help stabilize the pick? Looks like a good idea. However I can use my tractors to load items most times. Jon
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    Groan part quatre

    I would guess it was a radio control model plane with an apropriate sized small rock. All stagged to look full size. (but that is not d2's answer) Jon
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    Sawmills, sawmill buildings, drying sheds, and kilns... show your pictures!

    Mill is a Timberry M100 with a 9hp Kohler engine. Entry level, single post. When looking for them last year, I liked the cross bracing on the rails that Woodmizer mills had. Noticed Timberry had them also. Found out that Woodmizer bought out Timberry and are now making them in Indy, IN...
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    Sawmills, sawmill buildings, drying sheds, and kilns... show your pictures!

    I spent a couple 4, maybe 5 hours on that 20" log. In those pictures last night I only had one side surfaced. I still needed to rotate and cut the other 3 sides. Having to rotate with a pevey (sp?) ain't easy. Missing the turn, the log dropped back down on the mill and caused me problems in...
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    Sawmills, sawmill buildings, drying sheds, and kilns... show your pictures!

    Well, I got the sawmill out of hibernation yesterday. I had an 80" long red pine about 20" dia that I cut some 6" x 6" timbers to start stacking lumber on them. I also cut some stickers. This afternoon, I put up a 12ft redpine and started squaring it up. Those full logs are all my B26TLB...
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    Keweenaw snow photos

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    Keweenaw snow photos

    I made no mention of winning anything of value when suggesting this fun guessing game on my earlier post. Jon
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    Groan part quatre

    He needs wide load signs for that fifth wheel. Jon
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    Mowing Mowing with 3PH Ballast Box on BX2200

    See post 2 above. That is what I do with the rear bagger on theBX2230 and the mower deck on. Jon