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    Liquid in tires

    If you use calcium put a tube in or it will rust out your rims. If you use antifreeze and get a leak it is harmful to the animals and will kill them it is a very bad death ☠️ for them.
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    Should I even think about 2 wheel drive

    NO 2 wheel drive very bad resale you can get a new Branson tractor from Keno Tractors for the price of a 2 wheel drive $23,400 with front loader which is a 35 HP. Lifting and pulling capacity is much better. If you want a 40-50 HP check out the prices 😁
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    selling my Kubota BX23s

    Sold my old tractor on craigslist sell as is, where is, cash only. Got more than I paid for it. Took 1 week Good luck 🤞
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    Neighbor selling Kioti CX2510- Is this a good price?

    A NEW Branson tractor 3515r. ( 35 hp ) with loader is $23,400 at Keno Tractors check on line. 6 year warranty used tractor no warranty. Worth checking out. That is where I bought mine at great people to deal with 👍
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    Recommended Tractor for 4.5 acres

    Hi there: go to Keno Tractors also on line they sell Branson tractors, they have a better lifting capacity then either one of those and are better priced. all steel no plastic. great people to deal with, they can suggest what size you need and what implements you should think about getting...
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    Who want to chat about plasma cutters?

    Check out primeweld they are from New Jersey, I have one of there welders great machine well built and very reasonable on price and their when you call. I have two plasma cutter one on my cnc and the other on a cart haven't used my A/O tanks except for the rosebud for heating if I get another...
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    New inexpensive trimode welder

    Have to agree with that but sounds like you got the primeweld on your mind. If you get it use it quickly and use it a lot right off the getgo in case your not satisfied with it you can return it. Good luck 🤞
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    Bottle jack method of tree felling (plus rope?)

    Watch so the bottom of the tree doesn't kicking back in to the barn it can happen ( I have seen it happen) just something to think about before cutting God bless and be safe
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    What would you do ?

    I'd just say no your MIL and wife will be in air conditioning while you're out having a heart attack or stroke then they will put the blame on you and say YOU should have said NO good luck 🤞
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    Oil & Fuel Kubota L4600 ran it out of diesel, emptied fuel filter bowl... won't start...

    Doing 1 at a time is better. Start with the first line off of the pump. Should start if not. Then when you spray either in air filter have some one crank the engine over. Should have 2 people to do this. Spraying either in while NOT turning engine over can damage the engine. Good luck
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    New Tractor Problems

    Sorry to hear about your misfortune. You have a bummer to bummer warranty. I have a 3515R got from KENO tractor phone number 541-850-8193 I live 1500 mile from them and would do it all over again.GREAT dealer. Call and talk to George or Eric the owner. They will help you over the phone and...
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    3-pt. Rear Rotary Cutter (bush hog)

    I bought my bush hog cutter 7 foot used one year for $700 said it was too big for his tractor. He was asking $1500 and was taking a loss. Take cash with you. Good luck
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    How often should you grease a tractor for light duty?

    Every 8 to 10 hours of use is standard
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    How often should you grease a tractor for light duty?

    It is cheaper and easier to grease then to replace parts and labor 😊
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    Branson brand to be discontinued?

    I'm not saying this is correct but what I did hear is t y m is the parent company of Branson and the parts are pretty much interchangeable including the engine is supposedly the same check it out for yourself and see if I'm correct or not???
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    I have to agree with furling time to trade it in on another model before the warranty is out and you have big headaches I have a Branson with no problems good luck 🤞
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    Any way to weld the thin metal on tractors and attachments?

    When you stick weld or mig weld it will create brittle cracks between the weld and the other metal the only good way to do that is gas welded or TIG weld and put a backing plate on it I TIG weld anything that's thin up to 1/8 inch I usually TIG weld I never have cracks in it after that stick...
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    Why is Weight The Only Solution Being Offered To The Problem Of Traction?

    If you look at some of the videos of the farm tractors you'll notice that quite a few of them have dual tires on the rear some have dual tires on the rear and on the front if you look out west at the big farm tractors they have triples front and rear and that is for traction in the dirt
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    Branson Alterative. and I'm I going over Board?

    Check Keno and call them talk to George or Eric great people to deal with great prices and they will ship to you. Talking from experience 👍 good luck
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    Couple of short Blowing Videos with an Inverted Blower

    The new cat dozers do not have a swivel seat in them but they have a permanently angled seat so they can look forward and backwards it's like it's almost sitting sideways in the cab check it out that may be an option for you good luck
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    Couple of short Blowing Videos with an Inverted Blower

    It's only money 😁 😂 maybe you can make your self a swivel seat??? Worth a try
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    DPFs, EGRs, DEF, etc...

    I have a 2000 7.3 with the 6-speed these trucks are made for long distance and pulling heavy loads this is where a lot of people make their mistakes by going shopping in them starting and stopping them within 5 MI I have been offered more than what I paid for the truck brand new because it's a...
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    Rim guard or not? Why a ballast box instead of boxblade?

    Good post just be careful your frame is heavy enough so you don't split your tractor in the middle which I have seen
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    Between the LS MT352 and Branson 5520C/H

    I have heard some not so good remarks about the ls tractor check on it real good I own a Branson and I have no complaints about it I dealt with George at Keno tractors up in Oregon (keno they treated me very well and they were less priced than any dealers around here if you live far...
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    Contemplating a box blade

    You may want to check in on a land plane with scarfires you may be more pleased with it it'll do a nicer job on the road
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    How to dig gravel out of hillside

    You will ruin your machine if you don't use it
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    How to dig gravel out of hillside

    I'm with bmaverick Dynamite 🤗🤣
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    Tractor Supply doesn't have plow bolts

    If you can't find those bolts use grade 8 they will hold up I had to use them in a pinch 👍
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    Grading--what am I doing to cause this?

    Have a 12 foot long grader blade 8 foot wide home made tilts in every direction used a mobile home axle and 400 # of weight it solved my washboard problem. Good luck 😃
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    What Did I Purchase?

    Nice tractor you did not make a mistake could be good for your wife learning on or grandkids or kids whoever I would have bought it😃
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    What causes this pine tree problem?

    From what I can see and what I can tell you have bark beetles they have been there for a while and there is no way to save the tree cut it down and get rid of it before they spread to other trees if they haven't gotten to them yet good kuck
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    Safety chaps testing - Saw Damage?

    S219 thanks for the video I often wondered what would happen was never in a situation where I had it happen so thank you appreciate it
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    Black oil

    I have all diesel vehicles and every diesel that I have comes out with black oil I don't care if it's 100 or 5,000 mile it's always black tractor trailer black tractor black car black that is quite normal so don't worry about it
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    Bolt Size Help

    Sounds crazy but try a British thread
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    Regret a cab tractor?

    Check out KENO they have the best price of any place I know. That is where I got mine from. no I am not affiliated with them. Talk to Eric or George they will have a new one in your budget range. Good luck
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    Counterweight build

    Nice build 👍
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    Another confused first timer

    Where do you think John Deere is made where do you think Kubota is made and where do you think yanmar is made there's no tractor made in the United States anymore they are all foreign
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    Another confused first timer

    If you want new with a good warranty at a very reasonable price that is under your $20,000 check out Branson tractor at Keno that's where I bought mine and they will ship it down to you you can't go wrong
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    Keep ripping tubes

    It seems like calcium is a thing of the past people seem to be using beet juice and foam filled tires nowadays because of the rust calcium causes I put wheel weights on the back wheels less headache 😊
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    Kubota or mahindra

    That's also a very good choice like Willy said
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    Kubota or mahindra

    I hear Mahindra is hard to get parts for Kubota is not what they used to be I own a Branson check out the lift capacities and the weight and also the cost. Also check out TYM tractor. Good luck on your venture.
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    Buying Advice Looking for a tractor

    I mow 40 acres once per year with a 35 horse tractor and a 7 ft mower that's plenty for me
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    Bad Boy Land Plane

    Super good 👍 I like
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    Willy there are no LS dealers around in my area but I understand they are very good tractor I have no knowledge of them except from what I hear I have had Kubota in the past approximately 40 years ago the new ones aren't like the old ones were. The closest Kubota dealer to me is 3 hours away...
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    Big Tex Dump Trailer stolen from ranch early this morning...

    Sorry for your loss will keep our eyes open I don't live that far from you just a couple states away you never know where it's headed to are there any other markings that they may not be able to cover up
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    Kubota is not the tractor that they were a few years ago you're paying for the name kioti is a good tractor I've looked at them and was very interested in them then I ran across Branson the lift capacity and the weight of the tractor had a lot to do with my decision and then the price was...
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    If I Only Buy One Piece of Equiptment...

    Congratulations on you purchase wishing you a lot of luck I have to agree with metal master 10 that sounds like the best reasonable option at this point you can always change things later have very little tied up in the equipment
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    Towing capacity

    This is all fine but what you have to think about is the stopping. 3/4 ton has bigger brakes tires and the weight class of the truck.1/2 ton truck not legal to pull 10,000 lb trailer? Be safe go 3/4 ton. Just my opinion. Nothing May be said until there is an accident!
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    Buying a Branson

    I have a 2020 Branson 3515R it's a great little tractor I'm running a 7 ft Bush hog on the back log splitter cordwood saw 7 ft wide 12 ft long grader blade and other implements on 40 acres it does everything I ask of it Plus check out keno tractors for the price that's where I bought mine from...
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    Kubota overheating

    Sounds to me that you're radiator is clogged take the radiator out take it to a radiator shop let them flush it out core it and get it back should only cost you around $100 or so once you get it back fill it up with antifreeze and distilled water do not use tap water tap water has calcium and...