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    15 years ago built pole barn.

    I just showed up and started drilling holes and setting posts. Everything is fine and straight 15 years later. Had 18 inches of snow and a few lighter snows on it. Had old power poles and bolted chicken house trusses to them. Two bolts each.
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    Critique what went wrong.

    This is a local photo taken by someone I know. This is the South.
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    4 th is on the way, Grill Time

    What's everyone grilling? It's hot, so might as well be grilling in the heat with the heat, saving house heat.
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    Honda 700 Pioneer

    A fella I help out on a farm has this side by side. It just got to running slower and slower as weeks progressed. Now it just idles and won't go. It don't see any abuse. Just driven around farm on mostly gravel triads. It's been replaced because it's a needed item around here. I was...
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    This place controls just like google does.

    I know, it's a tractor place. So why are all the other BS subjects allowed? Windows in a house, shock fence for dogs, trespassers, etc.... Soon as a subject like fuel, which every tractor uses, comments closed.
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    Joined a new club.

    The 200,000 mile club. Just been pouring gas in and. Checking oil. Tires still good. Cold AC, warm heat, straight, good glass. Best 500 I've spent in a while.
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    Three Diesel Pickups

    2014 Chevrolet Duramax, crew cab 4x4 142k. Mainly drove once or twice a week. 34,250. Older farmer owns it. He has a brand new one just kept this one but wants a 1 ton as second truck. Goose Neck. 1995 F250 2x4 super cab 7.3 auto. Dark Blue. 182k or 184k miles. My dad has it. Runs great...
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    bobcat 325 excavator drive/swing problem

    Hello, I have a 325 excavator and was working fine then, the left track doesn't pull, I can still drive it to move it by driving and steering with the right side. Also, the swing will not go to the left. Swing right is fine. So, I have a chain connected from the left of blade to the bucket...