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    Four-legged robots

    I just saw this, it's been out since this February. Pretty fascinating robotics. Electronic controls with hydraulic actuators. I bet it could be programmed for herding work among other uses.
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    Historic Aerials: Old to New Land Images

    This site can be interesting if your property area is in their database. My lot has aerial photos/images back to 1953, 1965, 1997, 2007 .... Fun to compare what was to what is, and watch the changes over the years. Search on your street address. Turn on "Slide" to see a split screen of...
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    It Tastes Like Chicken

    Lab grown meat. The future? After first lab-grown burger, test-tube chicken is next on menu | NewsDaily Demand for meat is expected to double between 2000 and 2050, when the earth痴 population is set to surpass 9 billion, and proponents of growing meat in the lab say it is the only way to meet...
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    Out of state Maine vehicle and trailer registration This has been discussed in several threads in the past, just thought I would post this as an FYI. There are three on-line third-party Maine registration services listed in the...
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    Log pulling tractor backflip

    Driver trapped for 2 hours after tractor flips in logging accident "The chain being used to haul the logs was attached too high to the tractor痴 rear, causing it to flip end-over-end ..."
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    I Need One of These

    Navy: New laser weapon works, ready for action - Would it clean the ice off my driveway? Take down black flies? Cut firewood? I'm sure I'd find a use for it. :laughing: Cool stuff.
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    Removing Ethanol from Gasoline

    Ran across this magazine article in Northern Woodlands. Sorry it's not online yet. Maybe it's old news, but it was new to me. A small engine repair mechanic, Dwight Broome in Concord, VT cut the bottom off a propane tank (large enough to hold 5+ gal) and unscrews the valve fitting replacing...
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    Specialty Hay Story

    40 lb timothy and alfalfa mini bales for horses and chicken coop bedding.
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    Are You Ready To Eat Cricket Flour?

    I've seen a couple of references to cricket flour being added to prepared foods lately. Except for whatever makes into my peanut butter and cereal, I've never eaten insects and don't think I want to either. :) I just picture the yellow-white goo of a stepped on cricket. :eek: Startups Pitch...
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    Lithium: It's Something In The Water

    Interesting article about studies correlating naturally occurring lithium in water supplies to beneficial effects. Historical precedent (from the linked article): LITHIUM has been known for its...
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    Solar Flare coming Sept. 13th

    Get your tin foil hats out. :D Big solar storm heading toward Earth -
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    Mechanical Blueberry Harvest pics

    Interesting machinery harvesting wild blueberries on the barrens in Downeast Maine. Hand rakers, migrants being replaced by mechanization in Down East Maine
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    Tractor & Truck Thief, Paving Roller Thief Caught

    Vermonter charged with stealing tractors, trucks, including in Maine - The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram BURLINGTON, Vt. A Vermont man is facing federal charges he possessed a number of tractors and trucks that were stolen over a 12-year period from Vermont, New York...
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    An interesting camping trailer from Oz I'm not sure I could remember how to fold it all back together, paper maps may exceed my abilities. :laughing:
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    Ohio Time Warner issues.

    Can someone please explain what is going on with the cable tv service? My Mom lives in Ohio and hasn't had tv for two weeks. Something about additional boxes to restore channels that were dropped. Now she has the boxes but only one of two is working. Each box has its own remote controller...
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    Bogus Java update request takes over the display screen

    Twice tonight while on TBN, I have had the above happen. The mouse is disabled. the only way out seems to be to use the Task Manager to end all chrome processes. The first thing that happens is a dialog box saying: Site: [some IP address] needs a Java update. That box cannot be cancelled. If I...
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    Coyote-wolf-dog hybrids and others
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    Ad video extends into screen.

    I'm seeing a "Mom IQ" video pop-up that covers portions of the TBN thread info on the screen. Just started this evening.
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    About those three-colored cats ...

    almost always being female cats. Cats 101: Why are tri-colored cats usually female? - New Orleans pet services | How about a "geep"? Sheep Chimera on Pinterest | 30 Pins "Mosaics and chimeras are animals that have more than one genetically-distinct population of cells. In...
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    Another tractor roll over death, from a flatbed trailer.

    No info on whether ROPS in use or not. Probably no seat belt the way it sounds. Guilford man killed, woman injured in tractor rollover in Atkinson
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    Would you do this?

    This pic came in an email. I can't vouch for its authenticity. A person took this picture yesterday, in Shakopee, MN. He and one of his co-workers were driving by and had to circle the block. It's a guy cutting down a tree in his backyard. The cops showed up, telling the guy he couldn't...
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    US Route 30, Neb, Wyo, 1948

    Road Trip! Photos From US Route 30 in 1948 | Just for fun, some vintage 1948 transportation pics along the Lincoln Highway. The old campers sort of put things in perspective. :D Lincoln Highway - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "Conceived in 1912 by Indiana entrepreneur Carl G...
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    Paragraph formatting lost on my quoted posts

    I've noticed recently that when another poster quotes my posts, the paragraph separation is lost. Is that something I can fix or not? I always use the built-in editor.
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    CAT 420 IT opinions?

    I am thinking about getting a tlb for non-commercial use. Clearing stumps from 12 acres, general cleanup, some forest road building, and landscaping around the lot. The 12 acres of stumps are mostly under 18" at ground level. Lots of little stumps. The trees were cut and sold for chips last...
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    Manage Attachments Window Hangs

    Recently, when adding a pic to a post using the "Go Advanced" editor, everything works okay until the final step. The image is selected and uploaded, appears in the post, but the window hangs when clicking on "Insert Inline(1)" and "Done". Neither works but both are in bold print showing they...
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    TV Tuner Problem - DVR Options?

    Our almost five-year-old 40" Samsung LCD TV has a problem with the tuner. It gets static lines across the screen and in the sound only when the source is the normal cable content. Streaming from our wireless network or video input from a DVR box with tuner are perfect. (We don't own a DVR, that...
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    Bitcoin: What do you think?

    Bitcoin: It I've heard of Bitcoin and see occasional references to it, but really know nothing about it. I'm curious as to what folks think about Bitcoin. Anyone use it, or is that not supposed to be asked? Do you think it has a big or small future in specific types of transactions?
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    Pizza Hut banner ad & empty screen

    Lately when I reload/refresh a forum page and the banner ad is from Pizza Hut, the page content remains blank. I see the toolbar header but no threads, just white space. If I then refresh the page again, the content appears along with the banner ad. Just FYI.
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    The Higher Cost of Higher Education

    This information is from Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio. It happens to be where my BS degree was earned, 1972. :laughing: Average annual BGSU fees and tuition: $10,590. Third highest of the 13 universities that make up the state university system. BGSU president's salary...
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    A series of B&W photos of Pittsburgh air pollution in the 1940's

    I ran across this today and thought it interesting for what history may have to teach us about civic problems and how they eventually get solved. Not a lot has changed within that basic paradigm since then. The street scenes are interesting in and of themselves with the old cars, trolley...
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    Pole Dancing in Alberta, CAN

    What goes on when you are not there! - YouTube
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    World's Oldest Living Animal?

    It was a clam. Who knew? "The oldest animal ever known lived from 1499 until the day researchers cracked its shell open, killing it in the process. Ming, an ocean quahog from the species Arctica islandica, was initially thought to be a record-setting 402 years old. But the scientists who found...
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    Dogs Domesticated 18,000 years ago from now extinct wolf line.

    At least that is what the DNA is indicating in this study: Dogs likely originated in Europe more than 18,000 years ago, biologists report "We found that instead of recent wolves being closest to domestic dogs, ancient European wolves were directly related to them," said Robert Wayne, a...
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    Peerless Boiler Parts

    I have a propane-fired Peerless Boiler. PSCII-04-SV-WPC series. It needs a new exhaust fan, I can hear the sound of damaged bearings, or a galled shaft, off an on when it runs. It may need more than a new fan, but it fires up and runs for a bit, then the flame goes out while the fan runs, and...
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    Car in a box -- Tabby

    The First Car You Can Build Yourself... in an Hour - Businessweek
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    Ford EarthRoamer

    Just saw these advertised today. I guess they have been around for years but I didn't know they existed. Pretty pricey. EarthRoamer » XV-HD EarthRoamer Xpedition Vehicles are sold factory direct and are custom built to order. Typical prices for a completed 2013 model year EarthRoamer XV-LT...
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    Northeast Frost Alert Friday AM

    Jack Frost is coming...maybe. Our low Friday am is forecast to be 36*, so there could be localized frost for some in the region. If it matters for your gardens, might check your local forecasts.
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    Sickle bar mows biker

    Bicyclist nearly loses leg in freak accident | The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram Not a freak accident IMO, careless load securing. Last night coming home from the grocery store past dark, I was dodging bales of hay that fell off a trailer. Double check those loads!
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    Reclaiming a long-lost field

    I've thought about creating some (about 15 acres) pasture land for several years and this summer I started on that project. The area used to be a pasture or hay field 50 or 60 years ago, but had reverted to woods since. The trees are a major obstacle of course and the area had been logged a...
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    Ancient Roman Concrete

    I thought this is interesting, useless factoid perhaps, but interesting. Roman seawater concrete holds the secret to cutting carbon emissions
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    This label was attached to a jug of Wet & Forget siding cleaner. I thought it was pretty clever. Failure! This product is only effective if you read the instructions thoroughly Failure to do so will result in you moaning ad groaning that the product doesn't work and generally being a pain in...
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    Stihl 019T Oil Pump Fix?

    My 019T Stihl's bar/chain oil pump isn't working. The bar and chain are very dry, beyond the point of being usable. I noticed last Fall that it was slowing way down on oil use, and now it uses no oil. I ran some WD40 in the oil tank for a few minutes, then some 10W-30 motor oil thinking that...
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    Response slow and many of these: Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): The serve

    Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): The server closed the connection without sending any data. I've had a lot of the above errors lately. I am using Chrome on Windows. The response times are very erratic also. I have normal response times and no errors going to other sites. Just FYI.
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    Raven: 46" Mower, Generator, Go-Kart/ATV

    Raven 46-in Hybrid Riding Lawn Mower.mp4 - YouTube I just saw an ad for these yesterday from Lowe's. Interesting.
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    Shipping Container Re-purposing

    Here are some containers re-made into various uses by SnapSpace Solutions Inc., in Houlton, Maine. No affiliation, just FYI since folks here are often interested in using containers. Steel Modular Buildings | Shipping Container Homes | Intermodal Steel Building Units | SnapSpace Solutions
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    Northern New England cold snap next week

    My area forecast for mid-next week calls for lows -15*F to -20*F. High on Wednesday of 2*F. No snow. Just a heads up if you need to check your antifreeze or wood pile. :laughing:
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    Cub Cadet LTX 1050 hanging up brake linkage

    Just an FYI, I had an issue with my mower: after setting the parking brake to get off the mower, after I released it and pushed on the "Forward" pedal, it would make a squealing noise while not moving, then lurch ahead finally at some unpredictable moment. I tracked it down to the brake linkage...
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    Pet wallabies This story made me wonder if our friends from Down Under or others know if wallabies are common pets? Can a wallaby tolerate cold weather?
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    YouTube guide to 135 Northeastern trees

    Dendrology - YouTube 135 short YouTube videos on common trees in the Northeast.
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    pictures of cabins from all over

    Don't be put off by the name, there is no "porn." This is a fun site to visit now and then. It may be an escape for someone trapped in a cubical. Cabin Porn