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    Woodmaxx WM8H handy mod

    These two additions make sense when I am working in the orchard and need to do some real clean up. Two pieces of pvc pipe, cap glued on the bottom with drain hole drilled. Plywood and two by four box fastened via one bolt and one pin. Box come off when doing maintenance.
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    Nifty trailer step

    This was a "been gonna" project for a while. I made a mock up out of wood and screws. I went to the scrap yard and bought the aluminum I wanted. I cut it all to size, took it to a job shop and had it stuck together for 45 bucks. The side pocke insert piece is solid, so is the outer lowering...
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    My new pressure washer is haywire. Helllllp

    My new Northern Tool pressure washer started out wonderfully. I dunno what happened. First time out. Ran it for an hour and a half, two at the max. Shut down. Put some more gas in and yank on it to rock and roll again. Nada. Dang near tore my arm off. Then the starter rope slipped out my hands...
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    aftermarket starter and solenoid for Lx 172, Kawasaki 14hp

    I need a new starter assembly for my old mower. Bendix spring is shot, ditto solenoid. Anyone have suggestions and good review for aftermarket or rebuilds? thanks
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    Forks doofer handy fork extensions

    two by eights six feet long. two by four six feet long, ripped. douglas fir star head exterior wood screws works fine for me, I have tried repeatedly to post photos and to no avail. Done it lots of tiems before, but for some reason, they don't come through. Anyway they slip on the forks like...
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    LX172 Restoration advice

    I recently acquired a rather derelict LX172 as a barn find. Hood of course toast. Couple tires flat. Bagger assembly intact. I drug it out and loaded it onto a trailer and hauled it home. With some standard boy scout procedure I got the Kawasaki 14hp to run like a clock. New air filters, plug...
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    Chipper Woodmax feed rollers WM 8H

    I am finding that five to six inch stuff is having a difficult time getting through the rollers. They chew it up and don't digest as they should. Maybe I set the spring tension wrong? Should I loosen and back off on the eye bolts or tighten them up? Or is it something to do with the small set...
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    Manlift platform from a Woodmaxx pallet

    Woodmaxx pto chippers come partially assembled but crated with a platform and uprights made of rectangular tubing and angle iron. I had this thing sitting around wondering what I was gonna do with it. On the bottom I added some big C iron to house my tractor forks. A couple more pieces of angle...