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    Bx 60" deck

    My bx 2230 with 60" mid mower has started making more nosie from deck than it should. I've own both since new now have 1200 hrs on tractor. Spindle bearings do not seem to have any play in them but I'm thinking nosie is coming from them. Wandering if anyone has found bad bearings but had no...
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    Bx counter weight

    Wandering how much counter weight most are using on rear of tractor when using loader. I generally just use about 60 lbs of old lifting disc's about at end of 3 point arms. Haven't had any issues just Wandering if people use more.
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    Thinking of switching from BX to b

    Thinking of upgrading my bx2230 to b series. Bx has been great , use mostly for lawn mowing. Loader very handy , also use 4 ft bush hog and single bottom plow. Property is 12 acres, 4 woods ,2 lawn, rest field and garden.. just mow field or brush hog it a couple times a year.Lawn is hillside...
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    Brake controller

    Need to add brake controller to my new to me 2013 gmc yukon factory hitch and 7 way there. Been 10 yrs since last I purchased one and installed. Pull dual axle landscape type trailer, normally 4000lbs loaded gross. Thanks in advance Bill
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    RTV tire replacement Thoughts

    rtv 900 worksite is soon in need of tire replacement, Have over 700 hrs on it, came with bar type tires which i have never been in love with. Use's include trips to and from patch across hay fields ,through woods, general hauling , Transportation from place to place tar and chip and gravel...
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    Tires RTV 900 tires recommendations

    My rtv 900 worksite is soon in need of tire replacement, Have over 700 hrs on it, came with bar type tires which i have never been in love with. Use's include trips to and from patch across hay fields ,through woods, general hauling , Transportation from place to place tar and chip and gravel...
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    Mowing BX 60" mower

    My bx2230 with 60 " mower not letting as nice of job as it used to. Bought tractor and deck new,tractor has about 1,000 hr on it. Mow a fair amount on a side hill seems like there's always a stripe in grass no mater which way I mow. Have checked side to side balance when sitting on shop floor...
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    Hobart handler 135

    I have had this for some time now ran out of wire last I used it for might needed it tonight out of gas , put Flux wire on switched power leads as shown in manual. Welds great but has power to tip as soon as it's plugged in. Turning power switch on allows wire to advance. Sound right or do I...
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    MF 1100 question

    looking how to access in fuel tank fuel strainer [screen] i beleive dirt is getting on this and causing lack of fuel. when tractor quits if I disconnect fuel line at tank and blow compressed air back thru and into tank will run ok for several days then repeat in several days. removed drain...
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    kubota TG1860G belt issues

    This tractor was purchased new in 2007, I purchased in 2009. It has went thru what i would call an excessive amount of belts. Main drive belt was replaced 18 months ago along with pulleys belt broke today. it is not rubbed nothing caught in it, just a break at 1 spot in belt no other signs. Just...
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    BX quick connect loader coupler leaking

    just wandering if anyone else had or has this issue, my quick connect loader coupler is leaking and making a mess of the garage floor. Tried to tighten up but it appears to be leaking out the female side of the coupler when hooked up. Any replacement parts or just get a new coupler, some other's...
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    need to purchase 24"x20' black plastic culvet pipe

    need to purchase new pipe for my road crossing to one of my feilds size as listed above, having hard time locating one in central Pa. at affordable price.Anybody have any good places with decent prices. I have found price's from $350- 1200. Can't locate any local except home depot close by and...
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    replacement tines

    looking for a place to purchase replacement tines [teeth] for my york rake model TA2 they are 1/4 thick X 1" wide X 22" length , york has them but are expensive anyone use something else that works well? Thanks Bill
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    Grading York rake

    Looking to purchase replacement tines [teeth] for my york model TA-2 tow behind rake size is 1/4x1x22 anyone know of a good outlet for these other than York. Not there's anything wrong with yorks just looking at options before buying. thanks Bill
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    RTV 900 tail gate/box vibration

    Ok I really like this machine but this is my biggest complaint. Has anyone come up with a good fix for this problem? Sitting at idle the tailgate will really vibrate badly,even at slow traveling speeds , I know from original they have 2 rubber pc's back there but mine are gone and they were...
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    BX 2230 won't start

    my bx will not start,for some time i have had to play with nuetral lever to get starter to engage but at last that does not work.I think ther must be a switch for the neutral position somewhere but can't seem to find it to test it.thee are several on left side by rear wheel but I don't think...
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    RTV 900 and water tank

    I am looking to make up a water hauling device for my RTV for watering the garden this year. Any other idea's among my fellow user's. I am adding a 200 gal water tank which fits in the bed nicely, a couple of rachets straps to secure. For discharging I am wandering if gravity will empty it...
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    RTV 900 curtis plow

    last two storms was the first use of my plow,Two things to mention 1st I am having a hard time getting use to up/down switch location seems to low for me and I can't find it when its dark out.2nd issue is power angle lever should be with up/down lever it is a pain when you are use to a plow...
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    Anyone recomend gun or bow rack, RTV 900

    Anyone have a favorite gun/bow rack that works well on a RTV 900? I would really like to mount it on the front of dash area but seems a little filmsy there,maybe a steel reinforcement under there?Would like to keep it in front of me if possible.
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    A little different problem with RTV900

    Here's a little different problem with an RTV.I don't beleive it's a warranty issue. The seat is slippery. Had my sheltie slide off the seat twice now and she's getting a little gun shy,we need to correct this.Any other owners have the same problem? Was thinking about a seat cover with a little...
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    adding crossmember's

    I have a 16ft landscape trailer which I would like to add a couple more crossmembers for strength. I often use my BX tractor and loader to unload trailer load of stone,coal,Ect. I have notice that I have started to bend 2 rear members which are 4 ft apart figure on adding one between each. I am...
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    RTV 900 and snow blade

    AS a new owner of a camo worksite model with 72" plow with power angle what do you folks that have one do for blade storage? The blade that was on my BX was easy to store upright in the corner out of the way,looking for some of your ideas for the larger blade. Also any tips about plowing snow...
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    looking for new trailer,need info

    guys looking for my 2nd trailer, what I need 12 ft landscape style dual axle would fit my needs most likly if it's heavy built,solid sides,and sturdy ramps. I have a less expensive 16ft dual axle which I have managed to bend several cross members under the deck.I use my trailer for general stuff...
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    anyone use a pull type disc with a BX ?

    just wandering if anybody out there is using an older pull type disc behind their BX for garden work? if so what size? I have noticed some smaller one's coming up at upcoming sales in the coming weeks.
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    Pin Oak tree's with holes in trunk?

    I have planted 10 pin oak trees on my property over the last several years.Some of the larger one's [3-4" trunks] have a hole or two bored in them about 4 to 6 ft of the ground.I can see that birds have been at the holes,but I do not think they made them.I know these holes were not there in the...
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    Which Trailer?

    OK here's what I use my current trailer for[which is a 16ft landscape with ramp,2 axles]I haul 2 ton of coal,stone,sand,mulch and so on.I use it to haul 2 motorcyle's on various vacation's usally about 500-1,000 mile's once twice a year at most.Also use it to haul my kubota BX tractor with...
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    Cut 2" thick patio pavers

    Putting in a small patio for the wife,we have all straight sided paver's and one of the finshed edge's will have some curve to it,what is the best way to cut these rounded edge's for a novice. Thanks for your input
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    Oil & Fuel Cross-over fuel filter # for BX

    I was sure I have read it on this forum before that some of you have found a crossover fuel filter # for BX2230 after a number of try's searchiing thought I would just ask.My local Napa has all filter's but fuel.Thanks for your help
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    2009 Ford with Mercon LV ATF

    Anyone have any good info on the above transmission fluid? My understanding is it is not compatable with previous fliuds. Someone has told me the LV stands for [life of vehicle] and I have heard it very expensive. 5.4 engine with a torque 5 trans has this trans fliud.Napa and the local discount...
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    BX and garden plowing

    Earlier in the year while at a sale found a leinbauch plow model 1912 and bid on it and won. brought it home and have not had time to try it until now,plow is a 12" and is sized right for BX no mods needed.Wow was I inpressed this plow is a perfect fit for this tractor. Garden was already...
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    Wiriing up brake controler 06 Chev.

    Hey guy's wiring up my brake control to my 06 Chev. Truck is there a location to hook up wire for brake's that will not be affected by 4 way flasher operation?On my old Chev [95] when using 4 ways brake's would pluse with flashers real unhandy going up a hill with flasher's on. Thank's for your...
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    chev truck factory brake control

    picking up my avalanche on sat. has the factory tow question is, is the brake controler already wired in?can you see it? where is it located. forgive my typing dislocated my shoulder tuesday,one handed for a while.
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    Aux switches 2005 Ford F-250

    After installing a salt spreader on thhe back of my pickup I thought it would be great to use one of the Aux switches located on the r/side of steering colum on dash to power it up.I looked for a long time to find the location if the wires,some said under dash,under hood L/side.I think I found...
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    Snow Rear mounted snow blower for BX?

    Been thinking of adding a rear mount snow blower for those once in every 2-3years deeper snows.Whats the thoughts out there? I have a BX2230 with a loader and I mostly use a front mount kubota plow for all my snow needs now.I haven't had over 8" to plow as I try to keep ahead of the snow when...
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    Info on 8" clamp trac vac

    I have and older trac-vac looking for a source for a 8" clamp with like a buckle or cam lock so I don't have to use a screwdriver when changing from mower deck vacumm to my hand vac attachment.Thanks for any info
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    Mowing Mower noise, BX with 60"

    Just wandering if anyone else has heard this sound?Or have had any problems like this. I have a bx2230,60" mower with a little over 200hr's on it.Just started to notice some bearing noise,[I think] coming from deck when mower is runing 1/2 speed and up,sounds like left side to me.Deck has been...
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    Forks needed info for 3pt pallet fork set

    Hey fellow member's thinking of making a set of 3 pt pallet fork's {cat 2} for the back of my tractor.Would like to stack fire wood on pallet then just place under roof and when needed move to outside burner.Any body make any?Any plan's availiable?Thanks Bill
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    Brush Hog Question

    I purchased at a sale a 4ft landpride brush hog model 15-48,after getting it home I found both blades are fast to the center disk.Most that I have seen rotate on the disk or stump jumper as some may call it.Before I take it apart I was wandering if any one knows for sure if this is the way it is...
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    Landscape rake for BX, XB or standard

    Hey guy's thinking of make a purchased of a landscape rake for my BX2250.Since I've been unable to find a used one in my local area,I was thinking King cutter would serve my needs.Basicly home use I have about 700ft of gravel driveway of my own,plus I am sure a neighbor or two could use a...
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    Looking for old post about snowplow,anybody remember

    About a year ago I found a post about making your kubota 54" blade into a angle blade.I had put it on my computer for futher reference and now it's gone.Anyway the post had some good photo's and info I would like to revisit now that i have most of what i need to this to mine.I can't remember the...
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    Tow behind Vaccum for BX 2230

    Looking to purchase tow behind vaccum for next season. Figure while it was still fresh in you guys mind, that are using one for grass and leaf pickup it,now would be the best time to get the info and fact's.So let er rip boy's, is more expensive better,what to you think about horsepower? I have...
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    Anyone make there BX snowblade larger?

    I have a 54" blade for my BX2230,which I only use for snow clearing.It would be nice to add another 8" to each side and 4" to the top to help clear away snow more quickly.I find the blade to be not high enough most of the time as any snow over 5-6"deep has snow coming over the top even when...
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    Trailer wiring,anyone know

    Hey guy's I got a new trailer a 16 footer with electric brakes.My question is this, my old 4 wire plug needs changed to a 7 wire.Is there a place I can get just brake light power to operate the brake control other than at the brake light switch.I have a 95 Chev. Tahoe. the switch looks like a...
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    How are steel prices in your area?

    I thought I would ask the question and listen to your replie's as for me I was a little shocked.It's been a while since I purchased any new steel' I needed a piece of 1/8 inch diamond plate 27"X92"sheared to size for a project the cost $84.00.I have bought from this shop in the past with no...
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    Loader for Bx2200

    I have a co-worker who has a bx2200 and was looking to buy a loader for it and he has found 2 locally and he's not sure what to do,I said I would ask you guy's right here.Here's the deal an older style Kubota loader the one the control valve stays with the loader when removed,it is new at a...
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    Land pride RC1548

    Thinking about purchasing a land pride rc1548 rotary cutter.Any input from someone that has one in use?I'll be using it on my Bx2230.Mostly using it on grass and light brush at edge's of wood lot.Some feild mowing.
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    Size of trailer you pull behind BX

    Just wandering what size trailer people pull behind their BX.If I remember in my manual towing weight is around 1500lbs.Once and a while i have pulled my dual wheel 16ft that I haul my BX on which weighs about 1450lbs around my place with no problems but I don't have any hills. Just wandering if...
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    Snow Making Snow plow Blade Larger on BX2230?

    Anyone out there add any extra size to there Kubota snow blades?If so how much?Any ploblems?I have a BX2230 with the 54" realy don't need power angle but some extra width would be nice, any info or Pic's would be helpful.Thanks Red
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    BX 15 is it enough

    Looking at the bx 15 for mowing lawn, snow plowing about 800 feet of level driveway,and brush cutting no larger than 1" thick around woods [underbrush],and once and a while some higher grass field about 1' to 2' high 5 acres.The main use would be lawn and snow removal in central Pa. Thanks for...