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  1. Rustyiron

    Kubota BX2200 loader will not go up or down

    Check the hydraulic "quick connects" if you have them on your loader. Chances are one is not fully connected.
  2. Rustyiron

    6x6 treated posts in ground

    Have you ever trimmed a foot or so off of a pt 6x6? The treatment isn't 1/3 of the way through it. Short of concrete perma columns or one of those sleeve covers, I'd reccomend laminating (nailing/screwing) 3 2x6's together that are at least ground contact, or better direct burial rated. They...
  3. Rustyiron

    Electric vehicles during a disaster

    Yes, how did they just skip over this very reasonable option until they actually design a real live unicorn (battery).;)
  4. Rustyiron

    Electric vehicles during a disaster

    I'm not an electrical "wizz", but I thought that charging was a 50 amp load or better. Wouldn't that take a 20 - 30 kW generator just for charging the EV, not to mention the house basic needs?
  5. Rustyiron

    Things you could order over 50 years ago that you can't order now !

    Hmmm DDT for bugs Real pressure treated Lumber Chlordane for termites 6oz. "ponie" beers.😆
  6. Rustyiron

    Electric vehicles during a disaster

    This happened in a freak snowstorm in northern VA (I 95) last year. Lots of frozen greenmobiles just outside of DC.😆
  7. Rustyiron

    Is anyone here familiar with scaffolding?

    Here's another method, good for lower areas. I know them as "ladder jacks".
  8. Rustyiron

    Is anyone here familiar with scaffolding?

    I didn't read past the first page, but you need what you see the siding contractor's use. Aluminum "pump Jack" poles and an assortment of aluminum walk boards. This will set you back a good $3k but with your access, it's the way to go. I have aluminum walk boards up to 30' long and only require...
  9. Rustyiron

    Building Pad on hilltop - perimeter clearance

    It's going to cost you extra for probably the; Foundation (Excavating & concrete pump, possibly twice) Framing (No forklift access for handling materials) Exterior finishes (Access in general) Here in the east, $100k+ telehandlers have replaced unavailable manpower and are relied on heavily...
  10. Rustyiron

    What's Your Favorite Sandwich...???

    There's hardly any sammich that I don't like (except fish), this is seasonal food but quick and delicious It was a quick mid morning half sandwich snack. Peanut butter with fresh wild blueberries.
  11. Rustyiron

    Sawmills, sawmill buildings, drying sheds, and kilns... show your pictures!

    I'm closing in on the last hunk of my building. This 16x42 lean to should be a handy space for seasonal attachments and other crap that hopefully keeps the main space fairly "clean" so when a sawing project comes up it's not a major re arrangement job for sawing a log or two. This last 3...
  12. Rustyiron

    JD310SG cab door effort

    Is there a leverage situation that you could alter with the mounting? I guess that you replaced the original with a JD part. I've wondered in similar situations if someone sold this type of "strut" that listed the stroke AND effort was along with the mounting requirements.
  13. Rustyiron

    Are these vents and should you be able to blow air through them?

    They are vents but usually not exactly "free air". The gearbox and oil slowly heat and cool and it doesn't surprise me that you can't blow through them with your mouth. Think of it more as a filter.
  14. Rustyiron

    Where to find SYP lumber in SW PA?

    It's a wild shot, but SYP is used extensively for trusses. Do you have a truss plant nearby and will they sell to you? It's not part of their normal business that I know of. Someone/where there is a chart where you should be able to convert the related strengths of syp to another species and...
  15. Rustyiron

    Evolution Metal cutting saw blade replacement.

    This guy does some great comparisons.
  16. Rustyiron

    which gear for bush hogging with ford 4000

    The right gear is going to be about the first 5 or 6. What matters is the density or height of what you're mowing along with the terrain. You just need to get some "seat time" in mowing and you'll be a pro in no time. Be sure to operate the tractor at "PTO" speed (rpms) indicated on the...
  17. Rustyiron

    Sawmills, sawmill buildings, drying sheds, and kilns... show your pictures!

    My biggest more than once mistake is finishing the cut and not raising the blade enough for the return trip while sawing a cant into boards. 🤪 My log stops and dog have quite a few battle scars from the original owner, enough to remind me. I've got most of the framing done on the lean to on my...
  18. Rustyiron

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    I've had enough of the heat. I'd trade a month of 20* days for a week of this crap.
  19. Rustyiron

    Small towable graders?

    Weight is key here to cut, gather and deposit a hard packed dirt (gravel) road. Simply moving around the loose gravel is a very short term solution. Depending on the condition, looking for a local guy with a road grader and having him dress up the ditches and re establish the crown could serve...
  20. Rustyiron

    Hitachi Mini Excavator Question

    I heard that there was some type of "split" between them. I wonder if you're results are the same everywhere?
  21. Rustyiron

    Phone mount/holder?

    👍👍 Generally I'm wearing bibs of varying weights. From insulated to sawed off (shorts) worn out lightweight liberty's in the summertime, the chest pockets on the "bib" is a perfect place for a phone.
  22. Rustyiron

    V plow

    This might not be what your thinking about. I built a frame mount for a truck plow, that's a Fisher 9.5 xv2 on the front. The only picture I have on my phone.The wings are plumbed in to the loader valve that stays with the tractor when it's removed. The 3rd function works the lift cylinder for...
  23. Rustyiron

    Hitachi Mini Excavator Question

    Your Deere or Hitachi parts counter is who to ask. I've got an older Hitachi ex 60 and I've never waited longer than the next day for any seals or seal kit.
  24. Rustyiron

    Kubota skid steer rear bumper/ rear protection

    This is a tough one, you have airflow concerns so a solid panel is out. Then the little pencil sized stick that's perfectly oriented to make it through whatever opening that you've left for airflow....takes out your first cooler. 😫 I like the screener cloth that 4570 posted over typical expanded...
  25. Rustyiron

    Dock Rebuild Specs

    Ok, his terminology for a post is "beam". Gem a beam is a main horizontal support. Posts are the vertical support under the beams, that's going into the water .👍
  26. Rustyiron

    Ssqa snowplow conversion advice needed

    Are you worried that they'll be too fast? I've never used them but there's some kind of restrictor "washer" that you can put into a fitting or hose end. I don't remember if there's different orifice sizes or if you simply drill it. It was here on TBN that I've read the conversation. The plows...
  27. Rustyiron

    Barn metal roof: 26ga v. 29ga

    They have a clever solar mounting system for standing seam roofs that mechanically clamp to the vertical seam, no penetration through the roof. This would be a deciding factor for me. I like the aesthetics of the standing seam but the low cost of a metal roof kinda goes out the window along with...
  28. Rustyiron

    Latest grab by auto manufactures

    I'd like a vehicle that's NOT basically an extension to/for a friggin phone. 👍
  29. Rustyiron

    JD Gator year/ model With the response that you got here, you probably don't need this link. There's some helpful guys there, just seems like there's little "traffic".
  30. Rustyiron

    Sawmills, sawmill buildings, drying sheds, and kilns... show your pictures!

    I've seen where guys will build a small building- like a "carport" at the beginning of the track enough to keep the saw head out of the weather. If you don't have a security problem 200s/f should be enough for the sawhead and fuel, blades and miscellaneous tools.👍
  31. Rustyiron

    It's now open YanDeere season

    My first brand new tractor was a Yanmar 336d in about 1985-6. My neighbor was a dealer. I had been looking a JD same size. Being what things were back then I'd never heard of Yanmar and wasn't interested. The neighbor also sold Stihl and (odly) kubota generators so I was in and out of their...
  32. Rustyiron

    LEATHERMAN tools

    Like Deereslayer said, it's the pliers that will hook you. I like the smaller leatherman with the clip vs a sheath.
  33. Rustyiron

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    I think that we're getting you really nice day today! 👍 Nice loads.
  34. Rustyiron

    Trailer won’t dump!

    Your Dad knew what you were told in the 3rd post and corrected the problem. I'm not scorching you but..... I'm glad you're back in business. 👍
  35. Rustyiron

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Not sure if I'm wasting my time or not, but this was a big pine that's been standing dead for years. (over 15) I've been scared to drop it with it's massive top but was very curious about possibly some unique wood in the center. Well the top 1/3 of the tree snapped off about a year ago and the...
  36. Rustyiron

    Ssqa snowplow conversion advice needed

    Swing the "A" frame all the way in either direction, then measure the cylinder mounting holes on both the sides (one side long & the other short). This will tell you your cylinder retracted and extended (stroke) dimensions. Don't be concerned about finding the exact dimension, just don't use one...
  37. Rustyiron

    Can a propane tank be repurposed?

    5 pages and this will be just as if not more convenient?
  38. Rustyiron

    Can a propane tank be repurposed?

    1 gallon pump up sprayer is about 10 bucks at HD. Much lighter and takes very little pumping. I've also added a valve stem to this type of tank before if you absolutely don't want to pump. Just be prepared to walk back to the shop to refill it.
  39. Rustyiron

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Just don't forget that and you'll be fine. The same holds true for all tractors at some point, so don't have any buyer's remorse.👍 Straight line pulls until you have 20 hours of winch time observing every reaction to the tractor, winch and log. It's a job that understanding the loads and...
  40. Rustyiron

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Food for the sawmill building
  41. Rustyiron

    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    So far so good, but it's only just under 1200 hours. Still a baby hopefully. I bought it @ just over 1000 hr. I'm tickled, especially for $4500 for the machine and fuel tank. 👍
  42. Rustyiron

    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    This past Sunday, calm summer day, a little on the hot side and the power goes "out". The utility has been doing a great job over the past few years tree trimming so it must be a car/pole/stupid driver situation. Got another 4 hours on the generator (just for the freezers) ....and someone did...
  43. Rustyiron

    Rotary Cutter Driveshaft failure. Your suggestions.

    Did I miss your introduction of this new machine?
  44. Rustyiron

    Rotary Cutter Driveshaft failure. Your suggestions.

    Eddie do you have 3 pairs of remotes on the back? Consider this before you make the decision for the b/w.👍 But it's only money. 😆
  45. Rustyiron

    DIY Root Ripper

    I was going to mention the same, then I put it together that between his accent and the front 3pt. that he probably wasn't in the US. This made me wonder if they also get a more robust loader? I'm under the impression that there's many more smaller working farms around the world depending on...
  46. Rustyiron

    Made some feed hay using Krone baler-short square bales.

    It's amazing how much different bailing equipment is out there and how much it costs. I imagine that it's the same everywhere that the small squares are king in terms of price to the producer for the least amount of hay, but there's no such thing as a couple of young boys hanging around willing...
  47. Rustyiron

    DIY Root Ripper

    Sure am envious of his front 3 point. Why the manufacturers don't make it an option here is beyond me.
  48. Rustyiron

    Made some feed hay using Krone baler-short square bales.

    I bet you're customers will love them for storage reasons, and you should see an advantage hauling them. Do you sell by the ton or bale? I'd almost think that it would be a "wash" by not hauling air space back from the field and during delivery. 👍