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  1. cdaigle430

    Oil & Fuel GC1715 Blowing hydraulic fluid

    to me. it looks like you have some air in your sump which is giving you a misleading level in the glass level indicator. How many quarts did you add? I would try removing at least a half a quart...then purge the air by raising and lowering the loader and curling the bucket 10 times, same with...
  2. cdaigle430

    New Tractor Brand Looks Promising-Summit

    I love some if their standard features.
  3. cdaigle430


    Thanks Everyone
  4. cdaigle430


    The BH is mounted but yes I do see where it goes. Was wondering if that side of the turmbuckle also had a nut like the topside of the turnbuckle does. I noticed the ones they sell at The Tractor Supply store do not.
  5. cdaigle430

    What have you done with/to your GC Series 2300, 2400, 1700 Tractor TODAY

    I would never circumvent a safety item especially on a tractor. I have a snowblower and i will gladly live with the pto safety switch any day. There should be a disclaimer for all posts of this at your own risk, life, limb, relative, pet.etc.
  6. cdaigle430

    Yesterday. Would you buy and EV?

    No, and I have a better reason to than most because I already have a 7kw upgradeable to a 10kw solar system on my house. It would mean I get my fuel for free. A couple if months ago I bought a brand new car but it wasnt an EV. It is a 2022 Subaru Outback turbos. It will be...
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    Found this in my yard but I know its from my GC2410. Is this end supposed to have a nut? It just came off by itself.
  8. cdaigle430

    Picked up a GC2300 fixer-upper. :D :D

    Nice, I wouldnt worry about the paint just rust.
  9. cdaigle430

    Safety doesn't care if your forgetful

    it wasnt the pin that hit me on the head it was the ROP. Man thats heavy-I did not go to the hospital because it was a small lump, no bleeding . I didnt get a headache either. So far so good I think.
  10. cdaigle430

    Safety doesn't care if your forgetful

    Hello, Hope all is well with everyone. Wanted to share a misshap I recently had with my tractor. Took the tractor out of storage last week. Had it in the shed with a trickle charger and the ROPS up. To get it out I had to fold the ROPS but I dropped one of the pins behind the BH and couldn't...
  11. cdaigle430

    Foods you ate growing up that most folks don't eat today

    I am French Canadian-Ancestor's on my fathers side are from Nova Scotia.
  12. cdaigle430

    Amazingly accurate but inexpensive inclinometer

    Download free app on you smart phone
  13. cdaigle430

    Foods you ate growing up that most folks don't eat today

    Pickled Pigs Feet Ployes Cretons Peanutbutter and fluffernutter sandwitches strawberries and creme
  14. cdaigle430

    HST question on a GC1723EB

    This is normal, hard on the knee until it hits broken in.
  15. cdaigle430

    Anyone use a HF plate compactor?

    I have had the 6.5 HP HF Plate Compacter for 6 years. Bought it with a discount and coupon at the store for 500. Works great, never had a problem except everyone wants to borrow it. Right now its at my dads house and I need to get it for some projects of my own. So far I used it for paver...
  16. cdaigle430

    Is sub compact big enough?

    As a MF GC2410 owner for 12 years and I would recomend going with a compact or subcompact tractor with bigger drive train and bigger tires for handling 18 acres. While the MF GC1705 will get it done, the question is cost of tractor vs cost of your time. In other words a 72 inch brush hog will...
  17. cdaigle430

    Oil & Fuel grr fuel leak GC2400

    Got home from my Brazil trip after 90 plus days and the first thing I did(not kidding either) was check on my GC2410. Sure enough I see now that there is a small fuel leak in the same spot.
  18. cdaigle430

    i fell bad, dislocated LEFT shoulder ... completely immobilized, probably months

    Last week my dad had a second heart attack and ended up in the hospital. My mom was so worked up about it she had a bad fall, ruptured her gallbladder and also diagnosed with multiple spine fractures. No my dad has to wear a pacemaker and my mom had her gallbladder removed and will wear a back...
  19. cdaigle430

    What have you done with/to your GC Series 2300, 2400, 1700 Tractor TODAY

    I am in Cuiaba Brazil and its not warm its hot-95f today.
  20. cdaigle430

    What have you done with/to your GC Series 2300, 2400, 1700 Tractor TODAY

    I miss my GC, havent seen it in three months. My neigbor is using his subcompact John Deer to clean out my driveway while Im away.
  21. cdaigle430

    Massey in Brazil-Tour?

    Yes its summer-Carnival time. Its so hot here today 95f and yes after three months I cant wait to get back to Maine. I had a little fender bender with my rental car and a city taxi in Canoas when I visited the Massey plant. He was going three times the speed limit when we hit. Was a bad day...
  22. cdaigle430

    Massey in Brazil-Tour?

    Just returned from Canoas but they weren't taking tours due to the pandemic. Sorry...
  23. cdaigle430

    PTO snowblower?

    Cant comment on the blade but I have the 60 inch Woodmaxx on 1n 18.7 HP rear PTO. It does pretty well on this but I would recommend the bigger tractor. I have the electric auger, and deflector as well as add on LED lights. The neck thing does get some getting used to-I tried the mirrors but...
  24. cdaigle430

    Big Cars are killing Americans

    I would rather hit a deer (and I have several times) with an SUV than a Smart Car-just saying:)
  25. cdaigle430

    Big Cars are killing Americans

    Some good points but I think your wrong in saying its due to larger vehicles. I have seen elderly and children run over far too often by compact cars...much more so than large SUVs and cars. Technology can help, we have all kinds of sensors and cameras now. Some of the bigger pickup trucks and...
  26. cdaigle430

    Massey in Brazil-Tour?

    Here is a video of the plant sorry its in Portuguese(not my video)...
  27. cdaigle430

    Massey in Brazil-Tour?

    I think I talked with you a while back when I last visited the plant, they also make them in Mogi das Cruzes (Brazil). The kits go to different places in the US and world, but they do export the whole tractor to various places. I can only say what I saw with my own eyes that the Canoas plant is...
  28. cdaigle430

    What's your weather today?

    34 c today here (93f) and its the rainy season-Mato Grosso Brazl. Yes I am from Maine.
  29. cdaigle430

    Massey in Brazil-Tour?

    I still hope to be able to tour the place-sometimes Americans can get vip status for these tours.
  30. cdaigle430

    Massey in Brazil-Tour?

    I am currently in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso will be going further south soon. I tried PATS QH but found the extension too much of a pain in the but. On my snowblower I would have to get a new PTO Shaft so I returned it.
  31. cdaigle430

    Massey in Brazil-Tour?

    Keep in mind they manufacture and sell tractors in kits-they are assembled in the US or wherever else they are sold to.
  32. cdaigle430

    Massey in Brazil-Tour?

    Out of the frying pan and into the oven...its in the 90s where I am now with near 100% humidity (rainy season) Im almost wishing I was back in Maine-almost. Next month we are going further south not too far from Argentina-temps are muchhhh better-I hope.
  33. cdaigle430

    Andrew Camarata

    Andrew has week rocks.
  34. cdaigle430

    Massey in Brazil-Tour?

    Dang-well, no tour for me :( Friggin pandemic! MF Canoas Visitor’s Experience Tour Thanks you for your interest on getting a Canoas Visitor’s Experience Tour. As your health and safety is our top priority, our factory is at the moment not opened for any visits due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  35. cdaigle430

    Massey in Brazil-Tour?

    I will be near the Massey Plant in Canoas, Rio Grande Do Sul-Brazil in a few weeks. I am going to try and tour the plant and vlog some of it if they let me. I just want to show you that Brazil manufacturing is as good here as in Italy or Germany. I remember some saying they didnt think Brazil...
  36. cdaigle430

    Invasion Of The Marijuana Growers

    I do use CBD products for anxiety, it does work but it could be the fragrance and not the CBD oil in it (Placebo) If its medicinal properties work so well why cant the synthesize it like they do aspirin from willow tree? I think with all the information I have now-its a marketing gimmik but...
  37. cdaigle430

    Woodmaxx vs Landpride 3 pt snow blower?

    I have the Woodmaxx 60 inch and I run it using my GC2410 with 19HP at the PTO. It does way 695 pounds-the more the better on a rear snowblower. It does not go up unless you raise your a arms:) It comes with some heavy duty adjustable shoes. I love this snowblower, if I could do it all over...
  38. cdaigle430

    Please answer without comment

  39. cdaigle430

    Invasion Of The Marijuana Growers

    I hate anything to do with this weed. To use valuable land to grow the junk which should be considered and invasive species is so wasteful. I have smoked. and consumed its garbage-like eating junkfood.
  40. cdaigle430

    why so many jeeps now on road?

    Jeep is not made by Dodge, but both are part of same parent company. I have owned 4 generations of Jeep and put over 150,000 miles on all of them except the one I drive now (have about 10,000 miles to go before I get there.) I have never lost a transmission, transfer case or engine on any of...
  41. cdaigle430

    why so many jeeps now on road?

    I have a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, 140,000 miles. Owned it since almost new, been in one minor front end fender bender. Still runs like new, had front struts replaced, front axle seal and bushing replaced, front drive shaft U joints replaced and other than normal maintenance still...
  42. cdaigle430

    Any idea what's causing these circles in my gravel driveway?

    I think its a mudhole where the water collected and it sunk while it drainied in these two spots.
  43. cdaigle430

    Exploding tractor battery!

    Had one blow up in my face when I was a kid....I didnt know any better but my stupid father should have. He was in the loader trying to start it after a boost and I was the one clamping the jumper cables. Apparently there was alot of gas....and BOOM. Acid all over me, my face and clothes not...
  44. cdaigle430

    Cheap FEL cylinders keep bending

    Isnt that the point? It looks like those suggesting the missing 4 bar link will not only offer more stability but it will shorten the cylinder travel length. I tend to agree that bucket was not designed for this type tractor-it was designed for a skid steer. This setup offers way to much...
  45. cdaigle430

    Well today I learned 5 things about post hole augers

    I got my PHD four years ago:)
  46. cdaigle430

    Pocket Gopher Control

    Have-a-Heart traps its their name brand. I got mine at Tractor Supply Store.
  47. cdaigle430

    Rear wheel spacers

    I know its a bit tight but if you tuck in the chains using bungee cords or rope you do not need spacers. I use chains and I have a 60 inch woodmaxx blower..never needed front chains. Chains are not recommended for steering wheels on almost any vehicle even when they are powered. If you break...
  48. cdaigle430

    Paint quality

    Mine is doing ok only because its always parked inside and i used to wax it with Mothers. But no-most tractors are not painted with good quality paint-that includes implements. My box blade which is powder coated included-however, they will still outlast me.
  49. cdaigle430

    Is AB-1346 The Beginning To The End Of The GARDEN TRACTOR?

    Its simple, bring back the horses! Oh I forgot, they fart....... Ok, how about we all go back to the 1800s? Oh I forgot-they used coal.....Oh man I give up.