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  1. Gary Fowler

    What is a warranty worth?

    If you buy a plasma cutter/ TIG/ stick multi-process machine with 3 year warranty and it craps out after less than an hour of use and it cost you $160 to get it repaired, how much is that big 3 year warranty worth. I just got the bill back from Everlast repair shop to repair my machine which...
  2. Gary Fowler

    More pond damage shows up

    A few month ago I posted about my daughter letting my Kubota RTV 900 get into the pond because she didn't set the park brake. Well today another item showed up. The starter just stopped working, started drove 50 yards and then it wouldn't start. Took it off and it was all rusted inside and...
  3. Gary Fowler

    Harbor Freight FCAW welder

    Harbor Freight had their Titanium 125 FCAW DC inverter welder on sale for $159 so I decided to buy it. I dont need to weld thick stuff, I have stick rod for that, so the 125 works well for me. I just got thru welding up some shelf brackets I fabbed out of 3/32" thick sheet metal. The little...
  4. Gary Fowler

    Ever had something set in garage and break

    A few days ago I found the battery in my boat completely dead and wouldn't take a charge so I bought a new battery and hooked it up. I didn't check to see if it would start at that time. A day or so later, I came back to the shop where boat is stored and found a nav light burning which had ran...
  5. Gary Fowler

    New electric meters

    Anyone have the new digital RF electrical meters installed at home. The power company swapped mine out last month. The house meter didn't change much but my shop bill went from normal $50-60 per month to $110. OF course they claimed it was accurate and nothing could be done. They did say...
  6. Gary Fowler

    Fuel gauge quit working after RTV went swimming

    Earlier posted about how my RTV went for a swim in the pond and how I had to drain all the fluids. Well the fuel gauge was the only thing that didn't work, so I purchased a new one and got it installed a couple days ago. The old one was stuck on full and now the new one goes to empty when the...
  7. Gary Fowler

    Kubota RTV 900 can swim

    My daughter was using the RTV to go visit her Aunt and play some games of Scrabble. She lives just across the pond from me. About 12:30 I was awoken by my wife saying the Kubota is in the pond. After getting dressed, grabbed my B26 and went over and found the RTV setting about 10 feet from...
  8. Gary Fowler

    How to get PTO cable off L2800

    I am trying to help my widowed neighbor by fixing her tractors PTO shift cable. I got the top part off easily (well not so easily since I had to move the seatbelt to get to it) by just pulling a cotter pin. The bottom side where it fits to the PTO shifter at the transmission does not have a...
  9. Gary Fowler

    Problem with my Kawasaki 691V engine

    The last time I mowed with my Ferris with the Kawasaki 691V engine, it started surging like it was running out of gas. I found that the fuel filter was plugged. I took it off, blew it out and finished mowing. The next day I bought a new filter and installed it. It seemed to run ok then so I...
  10. Gary Fowler

    Anyone into helping neighbors

    I just finished restoring an American Bald Eagle, I guess you would call it a sculpture, made from scrap iron. It had originally been installed on my neighbors roof but the guy wires had rusted away and it had to be removed. I lay in the dirt under a big oak for a couple of years and rusted...
  11. Gary Fowler

    Kutota parts prices outrageous

    Looking at my hours and maintenance schedule, looks like I need to change hydraulic fluid in both my Kubota B26 and RTV900. I knew I didn't want to pay Kubota dealer price for the UDT oil, so I got some premium universal hydraulic oil that is stated to equal Kubota UDT for $17 per gallon. No...
  12. Gary Fowler

    LS P7010 used value

    Anyone have an idea what my LS P7010 is worth. It is a 2010 model but only has 160 hours on it. Guy supposed to come look at it today along with my motorcycle. Tractor is only used about twice a year to till up my garden spring and fall. Motorcycle is about the same or worse so no need to...
  13. Gary Fowler

    Helping neighbors

    I have several neighbors that I help whenever they need something from mowing yard to mechanic work. Since it was so nice outside today I finally got my across the road neighbor to get his car out to replace the head light on his Nissan Maxima. You have to remove the inner fender liner to...
  14. Gary Fowler

    Dangerous times even in small town

    Saturday night the wife and I along with our neighbors went out for dinner and a movie. When we came out of the movie there were several cop cars and an ambulance right in front of the theater. It seems several people were outside waiting for something (maybe a ride) when 4 guys in a white car...
  15. Gary Fowler

    TBN lost me for a while

    A few days ago my account just vanished, no log in, no password accepted. I did a search and nothing was shown for my TBN screen name. Thanks to Muhammed, I am now able to log in. Will see if it shows my previous posts now.
  16. Gary Fowler

    Home warranty issue

    We have a home warranty policy that will fix or replace just about all the appliances in the house. The over the range microwave quit working. Took 5 days to get a serviceman to come look at it (Friday). Magnatron, transformer, diode, thermostat and capacitor all had to be ordered and...
  17. Gary Fowler

    spring cleaning anyone?

    For the last several days I have been cleaning and waxing my 38.5' motor home. I have finally managed to remove all the old wax after 4 days and started putting on a new coat of Nufinish wax. Removing the old coating of a polymer floor polish wax (this was recommended by my neighbor and...
  18. Gary Fowler

    A2 milk instead of Lactose free

    For those of you who suffer from lactose intolerance, have you tried the newly advertised A2 milk instead of lactose free. No one near me carries it currently. I did fill out the form for the A2 distributor to see about getting it near me. Just wondering if it will work for me rather than the...
  19. Gary Fowler

    Mis-type and then I get voice reading off all the different forums

    I don't know what I typed but I got a voice reading off everything like is was for the blind or something. Anyone ever have this happen?
  20. Gary Fowler

    Gifts that cost you more

    Anyone ever get a gift that cost you much more than the original gift? I got a set of 3 books (Gunslinger by Steven King) for Christmas. After I started reading them, I discovered that there are 5 more in the series. Now I have to buy 5 more to finish the novel. I didn't think I would really...
  21. Gary Fowler

    .22 ammo availability and price in your area

    My neighbor said he was at the local Walmart yesterday and bought a box of 500 .22 ammo for $19 and there was no limit. That is the first I had heard about the pricing and availability being back somewhat normal. Anyone else finding the same thing.
  22. Gary Fowler

    Dodging Mr. Black

    Well it is near time to go get dressed for the second funeral in the past 2 weeks. First my brother in law died Oct. 11, now my next door neighbor Kenny passed 21st Oct. This area is fast becoming a neighborhood of widows. My wife always claims that deaths come in threes so I am just waiting...
  23. Gary Fowler

    Fruit trees blooming

    Today I noticed that my nectarine trees are blooming. I guess they think it is spring instead of fall. Anyone else notice that?
  24. Gary Fowler

    RV living

    I took my class A motorhome out for a short trip to Branson,Mo. a month or so ago and got both my windshields (both sides-it is split in the middle) cracked. I have a $500 deductible insurance policy. Allstate has put me in touch with Safelite RV solutions as a recommended repair facility...
  25. Gary Fowler

    Phase change chemical (PCC)cooling vest

    I was reading a Goldwing motorcycle forum and the administrator recommended a particular brand of the phase change cooling vests (Polar but there are many other similar brands with similar pricing). Well I had considered buying one several years ago but decided it was too expensive at the time...
  26. Gary Fowler

    Any one own a Poulan Pro power head

    I recently replaced my Poulan pro power head (I backed over the old one with my RTV) with a new one from Walmart. It came with a 12' tree trimmer attachment which works great. My problem is that the engine vibrates so bad that after a few minutes of use, my hands are tingling. Anyone else...
  27. Gary Fowler

    Got a surprise this morning

    I had not missed seeing my Peahen more that 1 day at a time when morning feeding and yet I was surprised this morning to find that she had 2 chicks with her. Not long ago my Peacock got hit by an 18 wheeler so I guess this is the last of his offspring. I got them caught up and put in a pen...
  28. Gary Fowler

    Tractor repairs are a breeze. Try working on a motorcycle to prove the point

    I do all my own maintenance if at all possible. Change fluids in my tractors, cars boat, motorcycle andrepair broken parts etc. Today I decided I would install the new air filter that I have had for over a year for my Honda Goldwing GL1500. Even with a step by step tutorial, it took me about...
  29. Gary Fowler

    Getting garden plot ready to begin planting

    I hope the early spring is not just a hope. I hooked up the tiller and tilled up my garden spot. I think I will go ahead and plant a few cold hardy things like onions and maybe some cabbage, carrots etc. We have had such warm winter, the trees are already leafed out at least peach, apple and...
  30. Gary Fowler

    Pros and cons of towing a car with a motorhome

    My neighbor claims the only way to tow a car behind a motorhome is to flat tow. I have looked at tow bars and cars that can flat tow vs just getting a tow dolly. I would like some input from folks that have done one or both types of towing and pros and cons of each. Price wise, flat towing...
  31. Gary Fowler

    How is your local weather this year compared to "normal" conditions

    Last week it was in the teens here and got a bit of snow but the last couple of days the temps have been in the 60's. We have had our share of cloudy conditions like for a week or more at a time not seeing the sun but for some reason not very much rain out of it. We should be in dead of winter...
  32. Gary Fowler

    The internet is amazing

    I really don't know what we would do without the internet today and how we got by without it. Recently I was in need of a cornering light for my 17 year old motorhome which is on a F53 Ford frame. Of course Ford doesn't stock many parts for this other than some of the engine and suspension...
  33. Gary Fowler

    Polishing weather beaten lexan headlight lens

    For years I have been polishing up yellowed and dull plastic headlight covers using Mothers Chrome wheel polish and a dry sponge. It works but takes quite a while to do. Recently while cleaning out my motorhome, I found some red and some white buffing compound and tried it out on my camper...
  34. Gary Fowler

    Which Ford diesels were problem childs

    I don't know where else this would fit but here goes. A friend wants to buy a used Ford 3/4 ton truck to pull a 25' trailer and I remember that some of the older ones especially had some issues with the Navistar engine in them. I am looking for anyone with info on reliability of the lets say...
  35. Gary Fowler

    Small snake- need ID

    Anyone familiar with this snake. Native to Arkansas I suppose although I have never seen one like this before. Caught on a glue trap in my garage. Does not appear to have any fangs so non-venomous.
  36. Gary Fowler

    Helping neighbors

    Anyone do work for neighbors like mowing yards, weed eating etc. without asking?
  37. Gary Fowler

    Generac engines on lawn mower

    My neighbor just got a nice Dixie Chopper model 2750 with 560 hours on it for a bargain price(maybe?) of $800. I was working to level the deck which was about 1.5" lower on one side when I noticed that the engine was a Generac. I don't think I ever saw a Generac motor on any mower before. All...
  38. Gary Fowler

    Starter failure on Kawasaki engine

    My Kawasaki powered mower with only 150 hours on it has a starter failure. One day it was working fine, next day not. It is 3 years old but is supposed to have a 4 year warranty. I hate to load it up and haul it to the dealer for a 15 minute repair that may take a week or more to get done. My...
  39. Gary Fowler

    Page screen jumps back to top of page at least 3 times every time a page is opened

    Isnt there something that can be done about this constant hopping up and down with the pages. It is so aggravating with having to scroll down 3-4 times at every page opening. I think this was reported a week or so ago and so for nothing seems to be happening to fix the problem.
  40. Gary Fowler

    Craftsman 6000 ZTS wont crank.

    I had to remove the "hood" in order to fix some cracked plastic. This required removing the switch wiring. When I was trying to plug it back in, I didn't notice that two of the blades were bent together so when I turned the key, it produced some smoke from under the engine where the starter...
  41. Gary Fowler

    Anyone using insulin for diabetes?

    I have been on pills for years. Doctor finally put me on insulin. I am using the Lantus Solostar pen and was wondering if anyone else uses it and if so how much dosage does it take. I started at 15 units with instructions to go up 1 unit per day till my morning blood sugar was 130 or below...
  42. Gary Fowler

    Starting a business

    This is not really tractor related although it might run into some tractor work down the line. My neighbor wants me to start up a business doing electrical fixture upgrades. This would be working with a lighting distributor (his brother) who has several contracts to upgrade business light...
  43. Gary Fowler

    Battery cable snafu

    Neighbor lady came over yesterday to get me to look at her Jeep to see why it wouldn't start. Turn the key just produced a clicking sound so we figured the battery was dead but attaching jumper cables didn't change the scenario. I told her that something was fishy since if the battery was...
  44. Gary Fowler

    Battery finally bit the dust

    Well after more than 5 years of mostly setting idle, my LS P7010 battery died. After setting unused since last fall, I went out today to crank it up so I could till up the garden. Battery was 1 volt. I got it cranked with my battery charger on engine Start and unhooked my row hippers, hooked...
  45. Gary Fowler

    Got up early this morning

    Woke at 3:30 am to go pee and immediately stepped into a couple inches of water. Water hoses to one of the bathroom faucets had burst sometime after 12am and had pretty much flooded 2 baths, 2 bedrooms, living room and much of the dining room and was headed to the other end of the house. I got...
  46. Gary Fowler

    Generator starting issues

    Recently my brother in law was trying to start up his small generator and it would start and run for just a second or two then die just like it was starving for fuel. After exhausting his abilities, he took it to a repair shop but they couldn't do anything and suggested that the compression was...
  47. Gary Fowler

    Welding exhaust pipe right off the manifold

    The header pipes off the manifold on my RV broke off on one side due to an impact with road debris. I welded it back up using oxyacetylene torch and ER70S-2 wire but the welds really didn't like to fuse with the parent metal. Since it is right off the manifold, I suspect it is a chrome alloy...
  48. Gary Fowler

    Trouble with Home LED lights

    I have two out of 19 that seem to be getting dimmer with time. In the last couple of months it seems that these two have dropped to about half of less in lumen output. They are 5 years old and calculate to have possibly as much as 31,000 hours on them as they are on at 5 am or so and not off...
  49. Gary Fowler

    Kubota B26 making a strange noise

    My B26 began making a strange screeching noise for a few minutes when it is first cranked after sitting overnight. I typically sounds like a squealing bearing but the sound is only when depressing the HST pedal. As long as I don't exceed 1200 RPM and about half of the HST pedal, it is silent...
  50. Gary Fowler

    How much to charge for backhoe work and RIG welding

    I did a bit of work for my neighbors brother who just purchased a house close by as an investment. Normally I don't charge my neighbors when I do a few minutes or an hour or so of work, but since this is on investment property and all the work I did was in beautification and cleanup, I think a...