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  1. flusher

    What is the lowest CG / Widest Stance Tractor?

    Here's a photo of my 1964 MF135 diesel that's been lowered and equipped with 16" diameter rear rims and 18" wide tires. The front axle spindles were shortened to keep the tractor level. The axle height above ground is 16" and the track width is 84" to the outside rear tire walls. The squat ratio...
  2. flusher

    What was the best dog you've had?

    Old English Sheepdog---Heidi
  3. flusher

    Why are people in Indianapolis going postal.

    It's just a statistical fluke. In a population of 330 million, if one in a million is a psycopathic mass murder, then there are 330 of these creatures among us. Indianapolis is just unfortunate to have several of them. They don't necessarily have to be distributed evenly across the country.
  4. flusher

    8' pull-type disk behind L5460, possible?

    I pull this 8 ft wheel disc with my Mahindra 5525. It's a 14-ft wide disc cut down to 8 ft. Good luck
  5. flusher

    Disc Harrow Disc Harrow or Foward Tiller new field with rock & root after passing with Box Blade

    Re: Disc Harrow or Foward Tiller new field with rock & root after passing with Box Bl Add more weight to your disk. I added about 400 pounds of extra weight to my 7-ft wide offset disc using concrete in plastic buckets. Good luck
  6. flusher

    Rivet setting on a sickle bar mower

    I use nuts and bolts to repair my Massey Ferguson 31 sicklebar mower. Tractor Supply has them. Grain farmers use them to repair the long sicklebars on their combines. Rivets are a thing of the past. Good luck
  7. flusher

    Tiller Anybody use a disc harrow AND a tiller

    I'd use a middle buster to break up the compacted soil down to 6-8 inches. It will be slow going with that little 24 hp Boomer. But it's only 2 acres so you'll get the job done eventually. Here's how I did soil prep for the landscaping around my new house in 2005. Used a Kubota B7510 HST with a...
  8. flusher

    Let's talk driveway material. Just under 1/2 mile long.

    I had my 20 ft wide x 330 ft long driveway installed in 2005 with three 2" thick lifts of crusher run with watering and rolling each lift. No problems at all. Only maintenance was spraying the weeds along the edges. Good luck
  9. flusher

    How To Mow Farther Toward Treeline

    You can find pre-owned 9-foot sicklebar mowers readily. Here's a used 9-ft Massey Ferguson sicklebar on my 2008 Mahindra 5525. Paid $250 for the mower and replaced the sickle sections and guards for about $150. I prefer a belt driven sicklebar over the other kind with the wooden drive bar...
  10. flusher

    Gazebo/ Judge's Stand

    Here's a gazebo I built about 10 years ago. I poured concrete footings with embedded Simpson post brackets for 4x6 lumber. Good luck
  11. flusher

    Pulling off set disc with 60hp Massey?

    I could pull an old 7-ft Towner offset disc with my 2008 Mahindra 5525 (55 hp engine, 45 hp pto, ? hp drawbar). I added about 480 lb of concrete weight to get it to work in pretty dry soil. Good luck
  12. flusher

    Age old question; which tractor for steep hills

    You're right. Dave has set up Mahindra's and Branson's for work on steep slopes. Dave sold me a new 2008 Mahindra 5525 in standard configuration with large ag rear wheels. However, my 1965 Massey Ferguson 135 diesel is rigged up for use in the local olive orchards and on slopes. The rears are...
  13. flusher

    Adding a slipper clutch to a Betstco Flail Mower?

    I installed a slip clutch on my Kubota B7510HST to handle a 4-ft Yanmar 1200 rototiller. Had to shorten the PTO shaft and use longer lower arms on the 3 point hitch to get it fitted. Borrowed those arms from my 1964 MF135 diesel. Good luck
  14. flusher

    Tractor Suggestions for Florida Orange Grove

    I bought this 1964 MF135 diesel tractor from an olive grower. He lowered it with those large rear wheels (16" diameter rims, 18" wide tread) and shorted the front axle spindles to keep the tractor level. Used it to disc, mow and spray his 15 acre orchard. A low cost solution to your problem...
  15. flusher

    Slope...What is safe V2.0.

    You can increase the track width with spacers to improve stability on those slopes. And use the widest rear tires you can find. Here's my 1964 MF135 diesel that has rears with 16" rims and 18" tread width. This tractor was lowered to work in the orchard. The front spindles were shortened to...
  16. flusher

    Oiliver Superior Grain Drill

    Here are a few photos of a Minneapolis Moline P3-6 grain drill I refurbished about 10 years ago. Bought two of these from a neighbor for $250. Both were restored. Parked one on my front lawn. It's 10 ft wide, 20 drops, single disc openers. I calibrated the feed mechanism by jacking up the...
  17. flusher

    Stability of the B series vs the L series?????

    Little CUTs can be tippy. My Kubota B7510HST almost rolled when the right front wheel dropped down into a wheel rut while using the 4-ft wide FEL to move some loose dirt. I replaced that tractor with a much larger one, a Mahindra 5525 with a 6-ft wide FEL and never had any tipping problems...
  18. flusher

    Disc Harrow Can I buy a big disc harrow and reduce by removing blades

    Sure you can. I modified a 12-ft wide wheel disc to about 9-ft wide by removing the two outer discs on each axle. Good luck
  19. flusher

    What do YOU use to cut metal roof panels?

    I used a 4.5" angle grinder with cutoff blades to cut the metal panels for my equipment shed. Good luck
  20. flusher

    Need to come up with a "crane" to lift trusses

    I used my Mahindra 5525 and the FEL to handle that job for the shed I built for my equipment. Good luck
  21. flusher

    John Deere model B

    It's not running. It's been "stored" out in the weather. The tires are rotted. It looks like crap. Conclusion: it's worth scrap price at best. So $450 is reasonable. About 10 years ago I bought a B for $1700. It was running, had reasonably good rubber, was stored indoors, had the Power-Trol...
  22. flusher

    JD Van Blunt Grain Drill Depth Questions

    That's right. You also use that method to calibrate the grain drill feed rate (lbs/acre). Or you can jack up the drill so the wheels turn freely, put a weighed amount of grain in the seed box and count the number of turns of the wheel needed to empty the box. The width of the drill and the...
  23. flusher

    Barn sticker shock. WOW!

    $30 per sq ft. That's exactly what I paid in June 2005 for a 1000 sq ft metal shop building 24 x 42 ft, 12 ft walls, two 10x10 ft rollup doors, one man door, one window, concrete floor (6" thick, 4000 psi concrete, #4 rebar on 24" centers). $23 per sq ft x 1.30 inflation factor = $30 sq ft in...
  24. flusher

    My disc harrow needs to gain some weight

    I use 5 gal plastic pails filled with concrete (~110 lb each) with a length of galvanized fence post to make handling easier. Good luck
  25. flusher

    Amazed !

    Yeah, you need big equipment to do big time farming. My neighbor grows hay on 50 acres and uses this Steiger Super Wildcat and a 20-ft wide disc to do primary tillage. It has a 150+hp Cat diesel engine.
  26. flusher

    Mowing Sickle Bar Mower - needs?

    Here's a photo of my Allis Chalmers 80T 7-ft sicklebar mower that has an hydraulic lift and is PTO-driven. "T" means it's a trailed or towed mower that's attached to the drawbar, not to the 3-point hitch. Paid $125 for it, towed it home, and fixed it up (new belt, new blades). I have triple rear...
  27. flusher

    Did you build or buy your tractor shed/garage

    Both. I parked my tractors in a shed I built, in my shop and under my carport. The shop was contracted out. I poured the concrete foundation for the carport and had it installed as part of the purchase price. Good luck
  28. flusher

    Buying Advice I am looking for the "most" stable CUT for my hillside avocado orchard

    Since you're looking for a used tractor for orchard use, here's my 1964 MF-135 diesel tractor that the previous owner had modified to work in his olive orchard. He replaced the usual tall rear wheels with wide wheels 18" diameter tread on 16" diameter rims and shortened the front axle spindles...
  29. flusher

    Certified Metal Carport - Anyone Have One???

    Here's my carport. 20 x 36 ft x 10 ft tall sides. It had to be designed for 70 mph horizontal winds minimum. I think the weight of the concrete foundation would handle the uplift forces from maybe 120 mph horizontal winds. Good luck
  30. flusher

    Loafing Shed Build: Day One and Two

    I built one of those sheds in 2010. It's 20 x 28 ft with 12 ft front height and 11 ft rear height. Metal sides and roof. Good luck
  31. flusher

    House Build

    Here's how the stem walls were poured for the foundation of my manufactured home in 2005. The contractor used an trailer mounted concrete pump. Worked like a charm. Took about 2 hours to make the pour. Good luck
  32. flusher

    40 Acres, Steep!, 1 Mile Road; Need Advice

    Buy whatever tractor you figure is right for you and then make a simple modification for work on steep slopes. You can trick out your tractor with a set of rear wheel spacers and two extra wheels to make a dually tractor that has a wider stance for added stability on the slopes. Or you can...
  33. flusher

    Stories of how you came about your property

    I bought my 10-acre ranch in Jan 2005 outside Corning, CA, about 120 miles North of Sacramento and 1.5 miles West of I5. It was the 55th property I looked at from Amador County southeast of Sacramento to Red Bluff about 20 miles North of Corning. Prior to finding what I wanted, my search took...
  34. flusher

    About to order RK55, question on rear remotes

    Yep. $249 is a great price for that extra remote. I ordered my new 2008 Mahindra 5525 with triple rear remotes. Cost: $750 installed. It was a dealer designed system. Good luck
  35. flusher

    4710 compact tractor adding a hydraulic remote

    It would be cheaper to get the remotes as part of the tractor purchase rather than buying them later and installing them yourself. You need a minimum of two rear hydraulic remote circuits, three is better. When I bought my new 2008 Mahindra 5525 tractor, I got triple rear remotes installed for...
  36. flusher

    More weight for my disc harrow

    I strap four 5 gallon plastic buckets filled with concrete to my offset disk. About 110 lb per bucket. Good luck
  37. flusher

    Hydraulic Remotes...Again!

    Here are a few photos of the triple rear remotes I had the dealer install on my new 2008 Mahindra 5525 when I bought it. Dealer's design. $750. The connection to the power beyond (PB) port on the side of the FEL joystick block . The output (return) line from the triple remote valve block...
  38. flusher

    Loaded Tire Removal and Reinstallation

    Get a chain hoist and do the job safely. Don't rely on yourself and a buddy to handle that kind of weight. I bought my hoist from Harbor Freight for $500. If you can't afford proper equipment or don't have floor space to do the job safely, drain the tires. Good luck and be careful out there.
  39. flusher

    Rear Blade L3400 rear remotes

    Right on. The markup that some dealers slap on rear remotes is obscene. When I bought my new 2008 Mahindra 5525 I had the dealer install triple rear remotes. His design. $750. Good luck
  40. flusher

    Adding rear remotes and/or 3rd function

    Here's the rear remote layout on my 2008 Mahindra 5525. Three remotes get high pressure from the power beyond port on the FEL valve. The low pressure return from the remotes valve cluster is teed into the low pressure line from the FEL valve. The remotes are a dealer design that were part of...
  41. flusher

    My (hopefully) Modern Shop Build

    Here's my manufactured home. 1800 sq ft, 3BR, 2BA on a permanent foundation. Installed in 2005 on my 10 acre ranch.
  42. flusher

    Another slope application question

    Or when eyeballing tractors for purchase, use the height of the rear axle centerline divided by width measured to the outside of the rear tires to get comparative data. That ratio should be 0.25 or less for stability. For example, my 1964 MF135 diesel has a 0.24 ratio with those 18.4 x 16 inch...
  43. flusher

    Sidehills with a cab vs without

    I'd get rear tires like the one on my 1964 MF135 diesel---18.4 x 16 (16" dia rims) and load them with whatever fluid is appropriate for your winter climate. Good luck and be careful out there.
  44. flusher

    When does abandoned equipment become "yard art"?

    Over the years I've parked several pieces of really old equipment in my front yard. I don't put rusted junk there. I prefer to fix it up and get it looking close to original. In the case of the two Minneapolis Moline grain drills, I restored both of them and used one for planting and the...
  45. flusher

    Old sickle mower

    How to you plan to rig up the engine/speed reducer on your pull behind sicklebar? For reference here's my Allis Chalmers 80T seven-foot sicklebar. It doesn't seem like a big job to retrofit this type of mower for ATV use. Good luck
  46. flusher

    1 or 2 rear remotes

    I had triple rear remotes installed on my 2008 Mahindra 5525 when I bought it new. Dealer's design. $750. A bargain price compared to some others that I've seen. Good luck
  47. flusher

    Can my M7060 pull this disc sufficiently?

    Sure. Your 70 hp tractor will handle that ancient 7-ft tandem disc (4 axles in an "X" configuration) with no problem. I plow my 7 acre hayfield with a 7-ft offset disc (2 axles in a "V" configuration) using my 55 hp Mahindra 5525. To get that disc to work anywhere near decent, I needed to add...
  48. flusher

    MF 135 Identification help

    The S/N tag on my 1964 MF135 diesel is located on the right side of the battery tray. You have to remove the air filter housing to see it. Good luck
  49. flusher

    Wrong tool for the job

    The right way to do that job is chain saw first, then shovel/maul/axe, and THEN the tractor. Like this: That's my 1964 MF135 diesel doing the final step. Good luck
  50. flusher

    What is the most stable tractor for hilly terrain?

    Check out the Case IH JX series straddle tractors JX Straddle Tractors | Case IH They're called "straddle" because you sit lower on the tractor with your legs straddling the transmission. My 1964 MF135 diesel is a classic straddle tractor with a low center of gravity for maximum stability...