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  1. mjw357

    Help removing front gear case

    Working on replacing gear case seal, have removed snap ring above bottom bevel gear. Doesnt seem to want to come off, have tried rubber mallet and small hammer on block of wood. Anything else to remove or just go to bigger hammer? On a B3200.
  2. mjw357

    Where does this hose go?

    On my truck, not tractor. 2016 F-350 DRW. Attached to rear axle, appears to be a vent. There’s a clip that looks like it should attach somewhere, and a fitting on the end. Anyone?
  3. mjw357

    Anyone use GPS app for spraying/planting/spreading?

    Looking for a simple GPS app for smartphone or tablet that allows you to set a swath, then records your path around the field so you can keep track of where you’ve been. Suggestions?
  4. mjw357

    Buying Advice Interested in IH 966 - questions

    Considering looking at one of these, 9600 hrs, looks clean and cared for. Anything in particular to look for that should be a deal breaker?
  5. mjw357

    B3200 axle pivot leak

    Noticed this today, looks like it has been leaking for a while. Seems to be leaking at the joint here (arrow) Is this a DIY fix? I’m fairly handy.
  6. mjw357

    Building FEL hay spear, have a question

    For those of you who use these regularly to move rounds or large squares, how important is having some rollback angle? The way my loader works, the attachment point is pretty much vertical at full rollback when the bucket is on the ground.
  7. mjw357

    ROPS mounting lights - need info

    Anyone know what thread size is for these locations on ROPS on B3200?
  8. mjw357

    Used Vicon Spreader

    I may be going to look at a used Vicon pendulum-type spreader to purchase. Never seen one up close, anything in particular I need to look at?
  9. mjw357

    Brakes dragging on B3200 ?

    Got the tractor out tonight to do some mowing. I kept getting the feeling that something wasn't quite right. Felt like something was dragging, or had a low tire. I noticed that it didn't quite 'coast' as smoothly as it normally does, just felt heavy. The pedals both seem to return fully when...
  10. mjw357

    Anyone experienced with plastic welding (repairs)?

    Trash day, one of my cans has big crack. These are Toter cans, heavy PE not cheapies. Harbor Freight sells a welder for under $50, thought it might be fun to play around with. Anyone try anything like this?
  11. mjw357

    Rural King Cat 1 quick hitch vs. Pat's

    Anyone have any experience with this quick hitch? Category 1 Quick Hitch 14116 by Speeco Inc for $119.99 in Misc. Equipment - 3 Point Utility Equipment - 3 Point Equipment & Accessories - Agriculture : Rural King After a neighbor recommended it, wife brought one home. Put it on the...
  12. mjw357

    anyone use chicken litter pellets?

    saw an ad on CL, says the composition is 5-3-2. Says 'very high source of nitrogen'. I read that composition as 5% nitrogen, 3% phosphorous and 2% potassium. So I'd need to apply a ton/acre to get 100#/acre N. Anyone know the cost?
  13. mjw357

    trenching utilities to barn

    Hi, built new horse barn last year, now we are wanting to get water/electric out there. About 150' from house to barn. I am thinking about renting trencher and putting water line, direct bury electric and conduit for video/cat5 in the same trench. Planning on digging down 4' and putting water...
  14. mjw357

    Ford 4x4 question: LOCKED or AUTO ?

    '16 F-350. As far as what position to put the front hubs in. What's the difference? might seem a stupid question to some, but the owners manual does a poor job of explaining :reading: :confused: . Primarily on-road hauling or towing with occasional trips across soft/muddy fields. So it's in 4x2...
  15. mjw357

    What size wrenches for loader hose fittings?

    On my Kubota loader, where the lines transition from rigid lines to the couplers, what sizes of wrenches do I need? I think the bigger of the two is 22mm, what's the other? Bigger wrenches like this are pricey, not looking to buy a whole set right now.
  16. mjw357

    finish mower vs. sickle bar

    I have B3200 that I want to use to keep about 15 acres of horse pasture mowed. Want to keep it cut no shorter than 6", and no taller than a foot or so. Any big advantage of one type of mower over the other? How big of a mower can I go? Land is very flat. Manual says 72" on finish and 5' on...
  17. mjw357

    ETA box blade good match for my tractor?

    Considering buying ETA-60XDBB-30-70 box blade to use with my B3200. Web site says blade weighs 455#. I have borrowed a friends 60" King Kutter blade before and it worked well. Thoughts? Opinions? thanks
  18. mjw357

    Cub Cadet LTX1050VT not charging

    Wife went to start tractor this afternoon, no go. Checked battery, 11.8v or something. Jumped it to start, 10.something across terminals. So the ignition/headlights are pulling it even lower while running, obviously not getting anything from the charging circuit. New battery as of last...
  19. mjw357

    Need help with selecting new horse trailer tires

    I need to replace all four tires on my gooseneck horse trailer due to age, and a blister appearing on one sidewall while on a trip this past weekend. Currently has LT235/85R16 tires on it. Looking at all the various tire websites is starting to give me a headache, and there also seems to be some...
  20. mjw357

    Want to convert surge to electric, what do I need?

    20' Ridgeline cargo trailer, has 12"x2" drums with 6 x 5-1/4" bolt pattern. Drums have Dexter on the outside, look to be in good shape. How do I know what electric brake kits will fit? As far as bolting the new backing plates up to the axles? The builders plate is just a sticker really, and...
  21. mjw357

    chainsaw flooding - where to start with troubleshooting

    Homelite U10560A chainsaw, cut down a couple of trees, then saw just quit. Fuel filter broke off fuel line inside tank, rotted lines. Replace the fuel lines. Now saw won't start. Checked for spark, gapped plug that's OK. Cylinder is flooded no doubt, pulled cord with plug out and lots of fuel...
  22. mjw357

    Need to build drain around hay shed, looking for input

    Have a 24'x30' pole barn we use as a hay shed, on fairly flat ground. When the ground is saturated sometimes water starts running inside making for a muddy floor. A fellow I work with had the good idea to place a trench drain around the perimeter. Just something about a foot deep, place 4"...
  23. mjw357

    Ryobi trimmer starts, dies like out of fuel

    I noticed recently that the fuel filter (I guess that's what it is) has came off the end of the fuel pickup line. So I took the tank off, pulled the lines out. The fuel pickup line is very soft, like it's rotted near the end, I've cut off some but when I try to feed it back into the hole in the...
  24. mjw357

    Can anyone ID this wheel weight?

    Found this when cleaning up a brush pile on my property. Has '6818 DA' cast into the back of it. What little paint that is left looks to be MF or IH red.
  25. mjw357

    B3200 oil drain plug

    Am I seeing things, or are there two drain plugs on the oil pan? Drawing in the manual is not very good.
  26. mjw357

    Oil & Fuel Trans/Hydraulic Oil confusion

    B3200 just hit 50 HR mark. Per manual, need to change engine oil/filter, trans. filter and hydraulic oil filter. But chart shows that transmission fluid not due till 400 HR. Manual shows procedure to change trans oil filter includes pulling drain plugs. So, either: 1) The manual is wrong, and...
  27. mjw357

    Oil filter cross reference?

    For a B & S V-twin, filter is BS-696854. Tired of paying $16 for these things, anyone have a recommended substitute?
  28. mjw357

    New Member Hello

    Hi all, just joined. Figured I have browsed and lurked long enough.