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  1. bazman82

    Anyone with airboss tires on their tractors?

    I was looking at backhoes for sale and came across a Case 580K loader with airboss tires on the front. They looked neat so I had to look it up and see what it was about. Not sure if this is the only website as I literally just looked and figured I would ask here...
  2. bazman82

    Footing for horse arena, done!

    Finally got our outdoor horse arena footing done! We used concrete sand from the closest quarry that had it and had it listed as used in horse arenas. 260 tons total came in yesterday and I took the day off to spread it around as it was delivered. Have just a small pile left over and it is...
  3. bazman82

    Magnetic mounting hardware for round baler control box?

    Anyone happen to have a line on where to find some magnetic hardware for a control box? The round baler I just got (Gehl 2580) didn't have a bracket with it for the control box. It has a plate on the back of the control box that looks like it would slide into a frame but that is it. I'll post of...
  4. bazman82

    Outdoor horse arena footing?

    We just finished having a nice clay platform base put in. We needed to raise the area where wanted to put our arena by at least 10 inches. We did have an idea of footing based off another outdoor riding arena that is close by (Lockport, NY). So I called up LaFarge quarry here in Lockport and...
  5. bazman82

    Buddy seat help

    I have been trying to keep an eye out for some sort of buddy seat. Since they don't have anything for my specific model tractor, any ideas on what you guys would use to mount a buddy seat? Here are some photos of what I have to work with space wise.
  6. bazman82

    Box Blade

    I have been dragging my feet on this for way to long and finally pulled the trigger today. Just ordered an EA box blade. I went with the 96" 60-125hp extreme blade with lockable floating tailgate. I spent the extra for their viper teeth as I know I have some big rocks in the ground and car parts...
  7. bazman82

    Trailer Coupler issue, any tips or tricks?

    I am having an issue getting this trailer couplers' hinged jaw to move freely. The spring is good but isnt strong enough to push the jaw open. Has anyone had an issue with this style coupler and getting it to move? I had used penetrating oil all over the front of the coupler and on the under...
  8. bazman82

    TR3 rake or Box blade

    I have been looking for a good heavy box scraper. EA is 6 months out on their build times for their heavy duty models and Gannon is quite a bit more money for theirs. I saw a video for the TR3 rake and those looks like a pretty nice attachment. I've inquired about the 10' one they have but...
  9. bazman82

    3 point hitch rippers

    I was thinking of bidding on a pretty heavy duty 3 point hitch ripper at a local auction. Looks like something that would be on a dozer from the pictures. Anyone have any issues using one through hard clay and rocks? My main use would be to use it to rip up a rocky/clay area (3-5" size rocks)...
  10. bazman82

    Considering a newer (to me) round baler, any advice?

    Finally in the stage of looking for a round baler to replace my Gehl 1460. Right now, these 2 balers have my attention: and...
  11. bazman82

    looking for a replacement round baler

    I'm thinking of looking for a replacement for my Gehl 1460. I only just started looking so I hope its not too close to spring time that itll affect the pricing...I would like to stay under 7k if I can and from just the little bit of looking today it might be doable. So far, the NH644 has caught...
  12. bazman82

    Rear remote/port question?

    So, I am starting to have an issue with one of my lever control for my rear remote that I have my grapple hooked into. The lever itself is fine but it seems the valve going into the control that the lever pulls in and out is "loose". Thats the only term I can use to describe it. It seems like...
  13. bazman82

    hay tarp suggestions?

    Hey guys, I'm using more round bales for horses now and I'll be needing to pick up some tarps to cover them. I do single rows stacked on tires (the farm used to be an old junkyard). I would like to buy just a few in 30' lengths but unsure if 8oz tarps would be heavy enough or too much. Right...
  14. bazman82

    joystick control valve question

    Is swapping out a joystick loader control to a 3 lever loader control as simple as disconnecting the hoses and reconnecting the hoses in the proper spots??? For some reason, whenever I think out this I always think, there is a supply hose to the valve, then the different valves to the different...
  15. bazman82

    Hydraulic Pump

    It's time I tackle the hydraulic pump on my Farmtrac 795dtc. I am not getting the rated psi on my pump (2600). It maxes out at 2000 before dropping back down. I've narrowed the issue down to the pump because it seems like its leaking and I assume its leaking when I hit 2000psi. I can see the...
  16. bazman82

    Solar Panels on poss. unpermitted structure question

    So, I have been looking into the idea of getting solar panels installed. My biggest concern is that inspectors need to come out for permits and final inspection process from what I gather. While the house and 1 possibly 2 outbuildings are actually permitted, the section of roofing that we...
  17. bazman82

    thermo-start issues

    So I am having an issue with the new (to me) tractor not starting in the cold weather. When the preheating light is on, I am getting power to the thermo-start (using a 12v light tester) but nothing is heating up during the 20-30 seconds that it is on before shutting off. There is electro valve...
  18. bazman82

    Truck and Horse trailer questions

    Since the site is very sparse in active members it seems it would be best to ask here. We are not quite in the market yet for a new truck but we have been exploring options to upgrade our current 4 horse trailer (2003 Keifer Genesis x440) weekender package. It consists only of...
  19. bazman82

    Hydraulic pressure question

    So I got a pressure gauge hooked up and I am testing the pressure on my ports on the farmtrac 785dtc. It is rated for 2500psi in the manual. The gauge reads 2100psi at PTO speed and with the lever still holding the pressure drops. I did some adjusting with the valve and after dropping it to 1500...
  20. bazman82

    New (to me) tractor experience so far.

    So as many may have seen already, I purchased a Farmtrac 785DTC a few weeks back. It is a 2005 model year according to the info on the engine plate. It was a considerable jump from my 1980's SAME Mercury 75. The experience in riding and driving the FT is so much smoother and nicer than the...
  21. bazman82

    SSQA lever and pin question

    Since this is my first ssqa I've dealt with, I am having an issue with the lever and pin not staying in the "up" position for when I need to hook up to something or unhook something. I am not sure if I just need to tighten up a nut or if I need to replace any of the parts of the mechanism. I...
  22. bazman82

    How big of a tine grapple should I consider?

    I am looking at a few tine grapples with the dual grapple. Should I be concerned about weight? I have a lifting capacity of 3800lbs at the pivot point on my loader and some of these grapples are close to 1300lbs in weight. I would be moving mostly manure with it and occasionally brush and trees...
  23. bazman82

    looking for 12v fan for rops that can stay mounted in the rain

    So I am looking for a decent 12v waterproof fan to mount to the side of my ROPS. I don't want to do the downdraft option that I have been finding and I have been having a hard time finding a fan that I can mount that I can leave on all summer long. Any ideas would be appreciated!
  24. bazman82

    worth the buy? Going to look at this machine. Opinions on price? The Sundowner tractor place that has the website for farmtrac parts does not stock parts for this machine and the lady I talked with said they do not order parts for...
  25. bazman82

    looking for a new loader for my older tractor

    So I am looking into the option of upgrading my current loader on my Same Mercury 75 (centurion 75) special 4wd. I have a KMW D-600 loader that was made for a Kubota M7500 Dt according to the manual KMW emailed me. I would like something with more lifting capacity and I started to send out some...
  26. bazman82

    mahindra 6530

    Anything to be worried about with a Mahindra 6530 4wd ( ) ? I have a dealer that is 45 minutes away and he said parts take a few days because they come from Texas but that's about it. I assume...
  27. bazman82

    buying online

    How many of you guys have (or know of someone that has) bought a low hour used tractor online from a dealership without seeing it in person? I see quite a few, what look to be decent buys for my price range (est. shipping included) compared to what I have available locally but are 400+ miles...
  28. bazman82

    new holland or case ih ?

    So, I am back again comparing a 2011 Case IH 75C and a 2012 New Holland TD5050. The case has been mainly used for cleaning manure and has 4364 hours on it. The New Holland is...
  29. bazman82

    Possible weak loader or just too much weight?

    So I think I may have a minor issue with my loader/hydraulics or maybe I am just asking too much of my loader. I feel for the size of my tractor that the loader is a bit on the weaker side. I have a 5' bucket and itll lift just fine when picking up stone or dirt etc etc. Heaping buckets at that...
  30. bazman82

    Any info on a Case IH 885 before looking?

    Is there anything I should be looking for specifically on a 1988 Case IH 885 4wd with loader? I'm thinking of going to look at one tomorrow and they have it listed at 11000. I have been told that the...
  31. bazman82

    Need help with loader model

    I am trying to figure out which model my loader is and was wonder if there was any help out there. I have pictures attached (not the best) and the tags in the 1 photo are just warning labels. I haven't found any other markers on it. From just a quick search I believe it to be a Deutz-Allis brand...
  32. bazman82

    SSQA question

    Has anyone tried out this SSQA universal set up? Optional “Bolt-On” Brackets - 83345 combined with item# 832660 (need to scroll down it is towards the bottom) Attachments Using Quick Attach System I would like to switch over to a SSQA system with my older tractor.
  33. bazman82

    Good buy or no?

    Sorry for the new thread but I'll get to the point I was hoping to make in my original post. Would this be a good buy? Kubota m74 - farm & garden - by owner - sale
  34. bazman82

    Looking at buying a Kubota M7040

    Hi - I am possibly considering a Kubota M7040 for sale. Looks in good shape, loader, 4wd, open station with canopy and asking 18500. 3200 hours on the machine as the ad states. I would be mainly using it for making hay, other small odd jobs and sometimes where I would need 2 4wd tractors(I deal...
  35. bazman82

    SAME Mercury 75 (centurion 75)

    Hi all - First post here so hopefully I can get some feedback. I am looking for some used parts for a SAME Mercury 75, or centurion 75. Its the same machine but I was having better luck finding information under the centurion name. Mainly I am looking for a new exhaust set up. It was going under...