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  1. Yogi05

    Labour To Replace Foton Cab

    In May, an historic wind storm blew through my area. It doesn't match the devastation of a tornado, but it was like nothing I've ever seen before. I ended up with $37K damage to my roof but I am still better off than people who lost whole outbuildings/barns etc. Insurance covers my house. What...
  2. Yogi05

    Help With a JD Gator Mod Please

    I have one of these. It's a 2006 if I remember right. No idea what model. It's used at a facility I manage so it's not my personal machine. It has the starter button on the gas pedal, and whenever you stop the engine shuts off by design. I'd like to change that so it has a regular...
  3. Yogi05

    Cool Or Creepy Things Found In The Bush Or On Your Property

    Thought there might be some stories to tell and pics to show. I don't have a picture but here's my first contribution. Deer hunting. Standing on the edge of a sort of meadow I see something under a juniper bush not far away. I take a look and it stopped me in my tracks. Under the bush there...
  4. Yogi05

    Wiring Problem(s)

    2008 Foton TB504 Tractor has factory cab so switches etc. are not exposed directly to weather. Front work lights and headlights work intermittently. Left side signal and hazards not at all. Right side signal and hazards work but the relay buzzes unless you press it in firmly. I have been...