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  1. sweettractors

    Cultipacker wood bearings and end Grease caps available now
  2. sweettractors

    What does a "frozen" order mean?

    We ordered a loader for a John Deere 3032 in November 2017 and was told it would be here in Feb. Of course it is not here March 24th and now they are saying the order is in the frozen status. I have been in the business for 41 years and that is a new one on me? Ken Sweet
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    What is your preference when shopping at a dealership?

    Had you rather have the salesman come out to assist while you are looking or go inside to get one when you have had a chance to look around a while? Ken Sweet
  4. sweettractors

    We are now making Cultipacker Wood Bearings

    We have been making these for several year for our own use in Cultipackers that we rebuild. They Octagon shaped and fit most cultipackers with axle diameter of 1.75. They are 3 1/2 long. $49.95 each with free shipping. Ken Sweet
  5. sweettractors

    Looking for a Loader for a JD 3203

    I just bought a JD 3203 and I am in search of a used loader or reasonably priced new loader for it. So far all I can find is a new John Deere loader at $4800 and mid Feb 2018 delivery. Any insight on where to find a better deal? Ken Sweet
  6. sweettractors

    Taking care of the Livestock this winter in Comfort

    I used to dread feeding my cattle in the winter. Feeding on a open station tractor was sometimes in weather that was sometime freezing and sometimes wet. Now with a cab tractor, I enjoy the feeding chore and in addition, I can take more time and do a much better job while checking on the animals...
  7. sweettractors

    John Deere 2350 Power Steering Cylinder Repair question

    I got the internal steel retaining ring off the shaft with no problem. Replaced the seals and am now reassembling. Is there a trick to getting that steel ring back on the shaft? Ken Sweet
  8. sweettractors

    Cultipacker End of Axle Grease Caps Available now

    We now have 2 styles of grease caps for the older cultipackers. Ken Sweet New End Grease Cap for your Cultipacker, Dunham, McCormick,Chattanooga & More | eBay New End Grease Cap for your Cultipacker, Dunham, McCormick,Chattanooga & More | eBay
  9. sweettractors

    Need advise on wiring a OD Grinder

    I have bought a new to me Cylindrical/OD Grinder. It was previously used in a industrial setting on 3 phase 220 volt. Here is where I need advise. It has 4 3 phase electric motors and I want to use a phase converter to run all 4. Is that going to be possible or even feasible? Ken Sweet
  10. sweettractors

    How to hold a Template when using a Pantagraph (duplicator)

    I have just about finished building a Plasma duplicator table for my plasma cutter and am looking for something to adhere a template piece to the steel table surface. I have tried double sided tape and Velcro without success. I do have some double sided upholstery tape ordered to try. Any...
  11. sweettractors

    Best 3/4" plasma cutter for under 2K??

    Looking for one that I can plug into my existing 220 50 amp service that I use for a welder. Probably need auto pilot and it needs to cut 3/4 to 1 inch occasionally. Any suggestions appreciated. Ken Sweet
  12. sweettractors

    Sickle Bar We still have a few used sickle mowers left

    Current inventory is: 7 John Deere 350's with 6 and 7 ft Bars 7 Massey Ferguson mixture of 6 and 7 ft Bars (pitman and beltdrive) 3 John Deere #9 and 39"s 1 Dearborn 3 New Holland 450 and 451's 4 International 100 and 1300's 2 Case #10's 1 Oliver beltdrive 1 Ford 501 1 International pitman Also...
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    Need help and the Contact Us link is dead

    I am not getting email notices when threads that I have commented on have follow up posts. The Contact us link is also dead as of 12-15-14. Any help appreciated. Ken Sweet
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    Anyone pre-paying 2015 farm expenses for tax reasons?

    Pretty common practice around here is to lock in a good price and pre-pay before inevitable price increases take effect. Everything from fertilizer and lime to baler twine. What goes on in your neck of the woods? Ken Sweet
  15. sweettractors

    Anyone on here from the Caribbean counties?

    Out of curiosity, I was wondering what type of implements and farming practices are common in your climate. Ken Sweet
  16. sweettractors

    Seeders Just In, Truax 5.5 Ft No Till Drill

    Used 5 5 ft Truax Model FLX II 88 No Till Drill Can SHIP $1 85 Loaded Mile | eBay . Ken Sweet
  17. sweettractors

    Can you run a 40 hp Rated gearbox on a 55 hp Tractor?

    If a attachment has a gearbox rated at 40 hp, can it be ran safely on a 55 hp tractor if the slip clutch is adjusted properly? Ken Sweet
  18. sweettractors

    Shipping New and Used Implements CHEAP is what we do.

    On our website We offer the entire lower 48 free shipping to a truck terminal or a non farm commercial business near you and for $50 extra we can deliver to the farm. You will notice that our free shipping is divided into 4 zones. By pricing our products this way, we...
  19. sweettractors

    Everyone know what this implement is used for?

    My cattle love mine!! Ken Sweet
  20. sweettractors

    Nevada and Utah may hold large oil and gas reserves

    Chainman Shale - Chainman Shale Map - Nevada Oil & Gas Will the government owning that land over these reserves keep them from being developed? Ken Sweet
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    Amazon, Would you buy farm implements there?

    Just curious, what the TBN member mindset would be on making farm equipment purchases on Amazon. Ken Sweet
  22. sweettractors

    What is this Wood Splitter worth? I could watch this all day. Ken Sweet
  23. sweettractors

    What is the Environmental Impact of Burning Wood?

    To keep it simple, if I burn 100 pounds of wood in my stove, what happens to each of those 100 pounds? Ken Sweet
  24. sweettractors

    Kubota getting into the Hay Equipment Business?

    I saw in a trade magazine today that Kubota will be selling Disc mowers, Rotary rakes and Hay tedders. Anyone know who will be the manufacturer? Ken Sweet
  25. sweettractors

    3500 Dodge diesel under water. Any Hope for revival?

    To make a long story short I got my 97 Dodge 3500 stuck on the road to the river sandbar. Before I could get it out, a flash flood upstream now has it under water. The truck only has 67K miles on it. Anyone have any ideas to save the truck? Ken Sweet
  26. sweettractors

    I bet these trucks would not meet emission standards. Now, this really looks like fun to me! Ken Sweet
  27. sweettractors

    Can Anyone Help with Outlook Express Problem

    I can open my messages in the inbox, however, when I try to reply or forward or create a new message, I get this message: "There was a error opening this message, An error has occurred". If I try to open my address book, I get this message: "The address book failed to load. Outlook Express is...
  28. sweettractors

    Anyone know of a 9-10 Ft Discbine or Moco

    We are looking for a late model 9 ft to 11 ft discbine or moco? Preferably within 200 miles of central Kentucky. Ken Sweet
  29. sweettractors

    You meet the nicest People on TBN

    I had mentioned on a earlier thread about 22 ammo being almost impossible to find and that my 11 year old Grand Daughter was just now showing a interest in shooting. A kind and thoughtful fellow TBN'er sent me a PM and said he would be glad to share what he had at cost $19 for a brick of 22's +...
  30. sweettractors

    Which Comes first, Corn Planter Plates or Seed Corn?

    Here is the way planting corn works for us: First you buy your seed corn, then you match plates to your seed corn size. Usually, the seed corn seller has the most common brand plates for what he is selling. Here in Ky, we buy or borrow the plates from the seller of the seed corn. How does this...
  31. sweettractors

    Need help Identifying the 3 point setup on a Ford 861

    I am putting a picture up for a friend. I understand this is not the normal setup for the 3 point hitch and rockshaft for this series tractor. Can Soundguy or anyone say if this 3 point is original to that 861 Ford tractor? Ken Sweet
  32. sweettractors

    Freedom Munitions (Official) Facebook press release

    This press release on the status of guns and ammo availability from "Freedom Munitions". Ken Sweet Freedom Munitions (Official) キ 8,961 like this 7 hours ago キ This is a society preparing for war. Doug Ross has several important info updates about the status of the gun industry currently...
  33. sweettractors

    This tool has me stumped!

    Used 2 Shank Hiller Row Maker Digger with Wings Can SHIP Fast Inexpensive | eBay I know what it does to the soil, but why? Ken Sweet
  34. sweettractors

    Snowblower Blowout Prices on all Buhler/Farmking Snowblowers (In Stock)

    We are in the process of liquidating ALL our Buhler/Farmking Snowblowers. This is a one time offer and prices are good while supplies last. First come first served. Here is what we have today (2-7-13) and when they are gone, we will not restock. We are Too far south! One new Y500 inch priced at...
  35. sweettractors

    Would you be caught dead on this John Deere Tractor?

    A neighbor sent this pic to me today. You guys have probably already seen it. Ken Sweet
  36. sweettractors

    Where to buy Massey/Agco parts online?

    I use the as a "guest user" for reference numbers and parts breakdowns, however, I can't find new Massey/Agco parts priced on line. Any guidance out there? Ken Sweet
  37. sweettractors

    Plow a 2 acre food plot in 5 minutes?

    Speed plowing laholm Ford - YouTube After watching this video, I think it can be done. Ken Sweet
  38. sweettractors

    Buhler/Farmking Snowblowers in Stock, Ready to Ship

    Today we have the New 3 Point hitch 50 inch for $1995 + shipping, the 60 inch at $2195 + shipping and the 72 inch for $2995 + shipping. Prices good while stock qtys. lasts. If you need a spec sheet or Freightquote, Email me at [email protected] or call Toll Free 1-866-528-3323 . Ken Sweet
  39. sweettractors

    Could a Aussie tell us how your Government confiscated your guns?

    My understanding is that they only got the handguns. Took them out in the ocean and dumped them into the water. Did they get registered and non registered guns? Did they show up at your house and demand them? Did they pay market value for them? Just curious for now. Ken Sweet
  40. sweettractors

    Outrage after NY paper publishes names of gun permit holders

    Outrage after NY paper publishes names of gun permit holders - CBS News The above link takes you to the article. IMHO, This is has got to be the most stupid thing a news media outlet has ever done. Ken Sweet
  41. sweettractors

    A "run" on .223 Ammo online.

    Just for the heck of it, I typed in ".223 ammo" in Google search yesterday and the top few online sellers were sold out of most of the .223 ammo. I did not check clips or rifles stock. Ken Sweet
  42. sweettractors

    Would you buy a Roto tiller with Forward and Reverse rotation?

    We have the Tarter Tillers in the 48" at $1595, The 60" at $1695 and the 72" at $1795 + shipping. These tillers feature, reversible tine rotation, gear drive, slip clutch drive line, Tine scroll diameter approx 16", From tip of tine to center driveshaft is 7 inches, In new ground 4" cutting...
  43. sweettractors

    Looks like we dodged 1 Bullit on Internet Sales Tax

    We still need to be vigilant about what is going on in the US congress. Video link below explains what happened. Ken Sweet
  44. sweettractors

    Using a Transplanter for Stem type plants or Seeds

    If the people riding the transplanter have the plants kept to them all day, This old 2 row "Holland" machine will easily put tobacco or veggies in at the rate of 2-3 acres per day with 16-24 inch plant spacing in the row and 36-40 inches between rows. These 2 row units usually are seen with one...
  45. sweettractors

    Muddin in Canmer, Ky

    Just down the road from the Shipping Facility of Sweet Farm Equipment LLC in Canmer, Ky is a great Muddin spot on Green River. Got hills, trails, rivers, springs and creeks. Ken Sweet
  46. sweettractors

    Have you guys seen this tractor video? Unbelievable!!

    Need to watch this video! One word, "Awesome"!! | Facebook Ken Sweet
  47. sweettractors

    Need to source Hyd pump 18 GPM Capacity at 3000 PSI

    A friend has asked if I would help him source a new hydraulic motor to power a tractor 3 point hitch round hay bale unroller. Needs to be direct drive and have good low rpm torque to start the roll turning. 18 GPM capacity at 3000 PSI maximum. Where is a good place to start looking? Thanks, Ken...
  48. sweettractors

    Dollar Store Going up in My Home Town. Pop 150

    We lost our bank, post office and 2 of our country grocery stores, but, we are gaining a Dollar Store in Canmer, Ky. Ken Sweet
  49. sweettractors

    Are You a Redneck or just the opposite?

    Just wondering who is willing to proclaim that they are a redneck and proud of it or, are you on the opposite end of the spectrum and willing to proclaim that and own it? Ken Sweet
  50. sweettractors

    Is there a "correct" way to remove a light bulb?

    For 26 yrs, I have replaced light bulbs in our present home when they go bad. Then 1 day this summer we had a lady come over and help with some odd jobs in the house. She twisted off 3 bulb bases in the sockets in one day. All I can figure out that caused this, is, that I put inward pressure on...