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  1. nybirdman

    Finally bought a CUT

    Congrats on the new rig;lots of us have purchased too small to start. I went from 32 HP to 44 HP and wishing for 70 HP.
  2. nybirdman

    New ATV's (this case Yamaha Kodiak)

    I have a 2021 700 Kodiak and a 2016 Viking;both machines have been very good.They are my third and fourth new Yamahas.I have owned Honda,Suzuki,Kawasaki also;good luck with all.
  3. nybirdman

    Latest grab by auto manufactures

    Another example
  4. nybirdman

    Stump bucket on worksaver

    Had a stump bucket for a very short time on a 7K tractor;about useless I.M.H.O;quickly sold it to a fellow with a skid steer.
  5. nybirdman

    Can all tractors flip over easy?

    We have owned 8N and 9N's,easy to get hurt on one;gear drive and have to push in clutch.Got rid of them and went to HST tractors which are much safer,IMHO and have roll bars. We had a neighbor killed on one trying to pull out a stuck pick-up loaded with wood.Flipped over backwards and pinned...
  6. nybirdman

    Latest grab by auto manufactures

    Do some more research before purchasing.I talked to the Subaru dealership,it will be on all their models,I would assume GM will do the same. Note;I retired from GM(UAW) and follow all the auto news.I have a 2017 and 2018 GM both with (non-active) OnStar and the remote and heated seats...
  7. nybirdman

    Latest grab by auto manufactures Just one of many
  8. nybirdman

    Latest grab by auto manufactures

    That is how is Used to be,changeing for the worse.You will lose it all in the 2023 models;if you don't pay. I have owned 30+ GM vehicles and maybe my last.
  9. nybirdman

    Latest grab by auto manufactures

    That's it :1500 dollars for the First three years and then you pay more to keep it.They used to give you Onstar for a couple months hoping that you will renew. Recently talked to a Subaru dealer and they are doing the same,just tacking it on the MSRP;again for three years then you pay...
  10. nybirdman

    Latest grab by auto manufactures

    Just read GM,Subaru and others now are going to have a mandatory subscription for;heated seats,remote start ect.Can you imagine!Unreal.In GM's case you are forced to purchase OnStar,no choice rolled into the price. I was considering a trade,this may be enough for me(and a lot of others) not...
  11. nybirdman

    No Kubota loaders?

    Happened to reach a salesman when I called for parts;asked about inventory and he said he had a few 50 HP tractors but no loaders(FELs) for them and didn't know when they would be available.Like everything else;hard to come by.
  12. nybirdman

    HST repair again?

    Have a L4240 HSTC with 1300 hours;one year ago, it developed the dreaded HST leak(bad seal) in transmission.Had it repaired(tractor must be split by the local dealer)six weeks down.Used it yesterday and appears it's gone again;small leak about a drop a minute. I have only put about 75 hours on...
  13. nybirdman

    tank sprayer suggestions?

    I have a Fimco ,12' boom for my Atv works well but you must wear protection(Roundup type of spray) 15 gal.tank.Pumps are replaceable should be rinsed after use of glyphosate. Your case ,I would purchase one for the three point and go with a 25 gallon.
  14. nybirdman

    Smoothing land - How to start over.

    Tiller will just bounce off hard ground,box blade with scarifiers.
  15. nybirdman

    Snow plow on FEL

    Depends on how big the plow is:L2250 is fairly small so no bigger than six ft.? I have had one for ten years(8') on a larger L4240 (7K) with no problems;third function for the angle.As long as the plow has a trip it will not hurt the FEL.
  16. nybirdman

    Kubota L3710 Oil and Hydraulic Filter Recommendations?

    Cheaper(yes) as effective (I don't want to try).As often as the normal home-owner type would change fluids and filters;why risk it.
  17. nybirdman

    Handy little pump

    I didn't realize the price had gone up that much;purchased about six montha ago for $35 or so.Just find it handy.
  18. nybirdman

    Handy little pump
  19. nybirdman

    Starter problems

    Just went thru the same on a friend's L4740,after a new(2) starters it was a bad ground.
  20. nybirdman

    Attachment pricing

    It's a seller market for sure;can't get any products to sell;tractors ,cars ,trucks ,boats,atv ect.And they all are making a "lot of money"because of it. I.E. GM has raised the price of new trucks $5K in 2022 and still can sell every one they build( most are sold before they hit the lot)...
  21. nybirdman

    6x6 treated posts in ground

    We built a pole barn three years ago and another this year;Home Depot sells a 6x6"(plastic) post protector at about $33.00 ea.;that is what we used+a concrete pad under post.We are in Northern NY so get a deep frost. Years ago I tried cementing in post and it was a big mistake.
  22. nybirdman

    Looking for front blade to plate attach ideas/designs

    It may be easier to find an old truck plow;7' is really not wide enough for your tractor.I was a welder/fabricator by trade and wouldn't try to fab an old rear blade. I.E. build it as short as possible.Mine works but is a little long(old truck plow($150.00).
  23. nybirdman

    My Chicken Coop Build (The Fluffy Butt Hut)

    Looks good;from someone who has raised birds for 35+years;put an Electric fence up around it(mine is 120v with a dusk and dawn timer).Keeps the nite "critters" away but safe for kids and dogs during the day.
  24. nybirdman

    This year's Hatch

    We hatch about 1k pheasant every year(our 19th) ,a few bobwhite and chukar.This year's hatch is going pretty well,about 600 hatched so far;maybe 65%.We keep breeder birds and purchased 720 eggs from a hatchery in Pa. We bought eggs the last two years to get a jump on our weather(cold and wet...
  25. nybirdman

    Most useful implements?

    Most used would be one of our bush-hogs(1k+ hours on our old Bush-Hog branded and about half that on the LandPride).Handiest is the Greed Machine's Thumb on the bucket. I have lots of attachments but most see limited(seasonal) use.
  26. nybirdman

    2016 l6060hstc fuel gauge accurate??

    I fill mine when 1/2 empty,not taking a chance on running out.5 gallons seems to fill it;11 gallon tank.I burn about 1.5 gal./hr @ pto speed on my L4240.
  27. nybirdman

    To Chicken or not to Chicken?

    I have had birds for close to forty years;my father before that.Like any hobby,if you break even you are doing well.
  28. nybirdman

    Gravity Farm Diesel Tank, is it worth getting one.

    Also depends where you live;fill up with summer fuel then it turns cold?We have two similar sized(slightly bigger) I would bet we don't burn 100 gallons a year.Food plot prep,bush-hogging and snow removal.
  29. nybirdman

    Top Link Jam Nut

    Depends what's on the three point;tiller is a lot of vibration,rear blade the same,box blade not so much.I usually tighten with a wrench.
  30. nybirdman

    Rake grapple able to pull brush out of the ground?

    The buck-thorn that we have is very tough and deep rooted.I had about ten acres cleared with a SS and FECON head(this after ten years numerous tractors and bush-hogs).That worked well,we now maintain with the tractors. After clearing;we plowed up and put into food plots.
  31. nybirdman

    Tractor Safety Lesson Number ??? With Details.

    Glad he is going to be o.k.,we used to have a 8N and9N,almost got hurt a number of times.Someone must have changed the start from factory.
  32. nybirdman

    6ft Rotory Tiller not getting job done

    On new ground;brush-hog,spray,PLOW then till.
  33. nybirdman

    How to price?

    There is no "blue book" for tractors as far as I know;look up similar on,equiptment ect.Attachments maybe 50-60% of new if in good shape. Used prices are up right now. Just type in your model for sale in google search.Varys somewhat for areas.
  34. nybirdman

    Brush Grapple on a L3710 the pins
  35. nybirdman

    Brush Grapple on a L3710

    Kubota factory loaders are in kilos;so 2.2x the number on the loader.
  36. nybirdman

    Brush Grapple on a L3710

    Normal steel pipe is schedule 40,schedule 80 is heavy and stronger. I would check lift capacity of your load(assume about 1200lb) so you want a lighter grapple;I would assume.Don't know any advantage to two cylinders. I have moved a lot of brush and logs with a single cylinder.
  37. nybirdman

    Bush Hog Slip Clutch Adjustment

    I do mine every spring;you did it correctly.
  38. nybirdman

    The End of Great great grandpas old barn

    We are doing the same exact thing;old barn was built in 1885.We hope to save about 1/2 of it.This one is 30x60'.Building a new pole barn 30x40'.
  39. nybirdman

    Dewalt 20 volt to 18 volt adapter.

    Bought an adpaper;found the 18v drill drains the 20v pretty quickly but better than buying 18v batteries.
  40. nybirdman

    L40 vs l60 Grand L

    I owned a L3130 HSt and currently an L4240 both have been good;the older 50;s series is suppose to be good also.Don't over-look the smaller "L"series ,we have two in the family.
  41. nybirdman

    Is this Good Price?-Kubota Grand L3560 Limited Edition

    That a nice machine for sure and a decent price;depends what kind of hay(size) they do make small square balers.Lift capacity may be light for large rounds.
  42. nybirdman

    clamp on pallet forks (& no qd) - vs qd bucket + qd forks on kl4030/ck2610

    With the clamp on type you can bend your bucket;I purchased a new set of 2k/42" SSQA for $600.
  43. nybirdman

    Battery powered chainsaw

    The newer Lithium batteries are not affected by the cold,the old nicads are.Oddly you are not supposed to store them fully charged.
  44. nybirdman

    Battery powered chainsaw

    After a lot of research I purchased a Echo 58volt chainsaw;later a string trimmer.A little heavy but works very well for me.I don't cut fire-wood any-more just clean ups.Lots of power and 16" bar.
  45. nybirdman

    Anyone have a Curtis Cab for their CK?

    My son has one a JD at work;noisy and no air conditioning.No way near a factory cab.A friend put one on a L7800 Kubota,same thing. Need to take the doors off in summer.
  46. nybirdman

    Using a forestry mulcher along with Garlon herbicide for Buckthorn control

    I had 10 acres or so cleared(buckthorn) with a SS and Fecon head;expensive but it worked great.We didn't spray but worked up and put in food plots.Mow in the spring. Saved any "good" trees.
  47. nybirdman

    Grapples for Bx23s, or thumb?

    I have had a Green's Machine Thumb for ten years or so;that with a tooth-bar make a decent "poor man's grapple".Doesn't open as far as a full grapple but weighs less.Best thing I ever purchased for my tractor.Still need the third function(I also use mine for a snow-plow).
  48. nybirdman

    How do you pronounce project as in "a building project"?

    Living in upstate NY ,I have been accused of being Canadian a few times;nothing wrong with the way they speak.It also varies from providence to providence;East to West. Grew up just a mile from the border and listened to Canadian T.V.and radio.When things were better we use to run over for...
  49. nybirdman

    What is the most important things to look for when buying a tractor?

    And ,how long the dealer has been in business.My Kubota dealer is great and is in the third generation as a dealer.Have seen a lot of start-up and failures locally.
  50. nybirdman

    Why would an L3901 feel weaker than a 2003 L3301?

    Definitely use the Kubota branded fluids and add the John Deere hydraulic dye(so you can see it).