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  1. thclimer

    Does a 3ph land plane need to have adjustable blades?

    Pretty sure they are referring to a "Land Plane" or sometimes called a "Road Grader" Here is one that has adjustable blade depth. I have just added a wooden spacer / shim under the replaceable ware skid plate on each side which accomplish the same thing.
  2. thclimer

    Does a 3ph land plane need to have adjustable blades?

    I have placed a 1" thick board between the skid plates and the sides which essentially raises the blades about an inch as mine are not adjustable and I wanted the blades to dig in less. If you want the blades to be even less aggressive just use a thicker spacer of wood between the skid plates...
  3. thclimer

    Bleeding the 'Bota

    Oh my, sure sounds like that poor starter was hot!
  4. thclimer

    Bull thistles

    There are only 2 Bull Thistle plants on our 51 acres that I know of. While most of our property is forest there are many open areas but I guess around here there is just so much other competition with "green stuff" that something like a thistle just can't compete.
  5. thclimer

    2004 B7610 will not start

    Glad to hear you found the problem. Mice can sure do damage! From the pictures it looks like there is enough wire to splice/solder and tape/insulate each wire back together to still use the connector, I hope so anyway. Otherwise I'd be looking to use individual bullet connectors to replace...
  6. thclimer

    Google CHROME installed without my consent.

    If this is correct you have to use DDG a very specific way for it to keep your privacy:
  7. thclimer

    California Targets Private Property With Latest Water Well Fees, Charges: Report

    I lived about 70 miles east of LA about 25 years ago and was amazed at how careless everyone was with water. When I was lived in southern California between April and October there was typically no rain so the only vegetation that was green was water by people and people were watering what I...
  8. thclimer

    Honda TRX400FW Starting issue baffling me.

    Thanks for letting us know and glad to hear your back in business!
  9. thclimer

    TC29D Fuel Tank has trash in it

    Obviously removing the the tank would be the best option, but I'm sure you already know that. Can you access the bottom discharge port and try to remove the hose and possibly use a small wire to push up through the discharge hole to help fish out the crud?
  10. thclimer

    4707 with SCR warning light?

    It will be interesting to learn what the issue is, keep us posted.
  11. thclimer

    GC1720 engine problewm

    Thanks so much for letting us know your back up and running.
  12. thclimer

    GC1720 engine problewm

    When you bled the fuel lines did it seem like there was any air coming out? You said you performed the bleeding procedure 2 times. Did you notice any improvement at all?
  13. thclimer

    GC1720 engine problewm

    Are you sure you got all the air out of the fuel lines? What procedure/sequence did you follow for bleeding the lines to the injectors? Where were the O-rings located that you replaced?
  14. thclimer

    GC1720 engine problewm

    Can you help us out a little and state specifically what were the routine maintenance activities that you performed?
  15. thclimer

    Latest grab by auto manufactures

    We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.
  16. thclimer

    Latest grab by auto manufactures

    True, but this could just be the beginning of many features becoming a monthly fee. I also heard in Europe that Mercedes could turn on/off their 4-wheel steering assist on some vehicles if you did not pay the monthly fee for it. How about turning your radio off or turning off the inside...
  17. thclimer

    Latest grab by auto manufactures

    I thought I remember Toyota got so much backlash they canned the subscription requirement for remote start and other features they were thinking about. I hope the same happens to GM and Subaru, buyers should take their money elsewhere. If another manufactures offers these features without a...
  18. thclimer

    Won’t start

    If your engine is similar to others, there is probaly air still in the lines feeding your injectors. Did your bleeding procedure tell you to loosen the supply line one at a time to each injector, then turn over the engine until fuel begins to squirt out, then tighten that line and do it to...
  19. thclimer

    This Bank is KILLING Me….

    This was my first thought as well, unless the bank is 1,000 feet long I'd bet what is pictured could be mowed with self-propelled 22" wide walk behind mower in about 20 minutes or less. The next best solution is 10 gallons of Roundup once a year...... LOL.
  20. thclimer

    TC40 glow plug issue

    I hope theses will help with your issue.
  21. thclimer

    no start, no crank Workmaster 25

    Its always nice to hear what the issue was, glad you are back up and running, thanks for the update. Sometimes its always the simple things and it sounds like your PTO linkages might need some lubrication.
  22. thclimer

    Where does this carriage bolt belong?

    I'm sure you tried but from the pictures the end of the connection doesn't look too out of round and that a clamp on or near it would seal with the flexibility of a hose. Looking on Messicks it looks to be a about a $900 radiator. Do you have any radiator repair shops around you? It might be...
  23. thclimer

    TC33D throttle friction adjust?

    You can gain access to the nut to tighten it up by removing the panel in front of your right foot. I've had to tighten my twice, but its been a few years since I last did it.
  24. thclimer

    Starting Problems - 2005 New Holland TC35A

    Oh my 103 is way too hot, I know what you mean about not being able to tolerate the heat as you age, its happened to me also. I would be very surprised if the starting circuit modification does not solve your consistent starting issue.
  25. thclimer

    Starting Problems - 2005 New Holland TC35A

    I can understand being intimidated by the electrical mod. Is there anyone who you know that could help you in person do the modification? If I was within an hours drive I'd be there tomorrow to help you.
  26. thclimer

    Rotary Cutter Driveshaft failure. Your suggestions.

    Wow that thing is a beast! I'm guessing it has a slip clutch? It looks like you got good use out of your old cutter. This new one will last you a very long time, the old ones life is limited so what would you do when its not worth repairing which is probably not too far off and the batwing...
  27. thclimer

    Rotary Cutter Driveshaft failure. Your suggestions.

    The premises is if adjusted properly the clutch will protect the implement no matter how big the tractor is, just like a shear pin will break when the force it is designed to is applied. I prefer shear pins even though they can sometimes be difficult to replace trying to line up the holes in...
  28. thclimer

    Rotary Cutter Driveshaft failure. Your suggestions.

    Here is a short video describing the basic principles of adjustment, every manufacture may have a slightly different procedure:
  29. thclimer

    Rotary Cutter Driveshaft failure. Your suggestions.

    I'm amazed how robust your gear box is! The failure could have been much more expensive if it was your gear box that failed. Slip clutches have the advantage because you don't have the trouble associated with replacing a shear pin, but when they don't work (rusted, out of adjustment) they...
  30. thclimer

    4707 3 Point adjustment issues

    While the 3 point connections on your 4707 are a different design than the 1735M in the link below I too would be concerned about an implement flopping around. I'd definitely be confirming with your Massey dealer about not connecting the sway bars before you proceed...
  31. thclimer

    Kioti CK30 won't start

    After what Thomas has listed I'd be doing a quick check of all the fuses you can find. When was the last time it ran and what were you doing with it?
  32. thclimer

    My new Massey Fergusson 4707 is here!!!!

    Welcome to owning a Massey. While I use my 1736 for mostly blowing snow from our 1,300' long driveway with its front blower it has been trouble free ever since it arrived 7 almost years ago. I'm sure you will enjoy your 4707.
  33. thclimer

    FedEx Delivery Manager® Privacy Notice

    Yep, if you think you are getting something for free, like tracking your packages with updates sent to your email or cell phone.... you would be totally wrong! All this internet stuff like searches and visiting WEB sites comes with a price, your information is being gathered. Good luck...
  34. thclimer

    Cutting up white oak tree

    White oak is used for wood working and its dried for that purpose. Most of the wood working saws use a carbide cutter so maybe a carbide chain for your saw would work better. They are more expensive but if they last longer it might be worth the price difference?
  35. thclimer

    Things to do at Watkins Glenn?

    If you think the tolls are bad in NY look up what it will cost you in PA without a E-Zpass on their toll roads. I'm pretty sure in New York its 30% more but in PA its double or more so what would cost you $12 with a E-Zpass will cost $24+ without an E-Zpass. If you are going to drive on...
  36. thclimer

    TC 33d shut down when rear/neutral safety switch wires yanked. Reconnect-no start, rear pto light on.

    Nice success! Thanks for letting us know. Sometimes it can be very difficult to look at a fuse to see if it is still good, the meter definitely confirms it!
  37. thclimer

    TC 33d shut down when rear/neutral safety switch wires yanked. Reconnect-no start, rear pto light on.

    It does, but I'm pretty sure the one that is definitely stopping him and the issue that is making the PTO light come on is either his Mid or Rear PTO switches. Maybe his Mid PTO wires became disconnected as well.
  38. thclimer

    TC 33d shut down when rear/neutral safety switch wires yanked. Reconnect-no start, rear pto light on.

    I think it is fuse #1 if I'm reading the manual correctly, but maybe there are variations throughout the years that have them labeled differently and honestly its not that difficult to check them all with a meter.
  39. thclimer

    TC 33d shut down when rear/neutral safety switch wires yanked. Reconnect-no start, rear pto light on.

    If your PTO light is on your tractor will never turn over that is a safety feature. The PTO Safety Start Relay has not been made and without it closing there will be no power supplied to your starter. While you reconnected the wires there could be a break in them somewhere that you can not see...
  40. thclimer

    TC 33d shut down when rear/neutral safety switch wires yanked. Reconnect-no start, rear pto light on.

    The attached file shows the locations of the relays. If I'm understanding you, it sounds like the relay you are hearing a click from is #5 (PTO Safety Relay).
  41. thclimer

    TC 33d shut down when rear/neutral safety switch wires yanked. Reconnect-no start, rear pto light on.

    The 2 reasons that I can think made your tractor shut off are: 1) Loss of electrical power to the fuel solenoid, i.e. the key turned off, a wire going to the fuel solenoid was cut, a fuse blew that interrupted the circuit (however you said you checked all the fuses, it would be fuse #1) . 2)...
  42. thclimer

    TC 33d shut down when rear/neutral safety switch wires yanked. Reconnect-no start, rear pto light on.

    Attached is the wiring schematic for your tractor. If the PTO light is on when you turn the key the tractor will not start because it thinks your PTO is engaged. The PTO Safety Start Relay is preventing the starter from being engaged. I'd first look at what is causing this, try moving the...
  43. thclimer

    Honda TRX400FW Starting issue baffling me.

    A battery can have surface charge which remains for a hour or so after charging that can lead one to believe it still good, that's what I suspect you measured as 13.3 volts. While checking the voltage of a battery is a indication of its state of charge the true test is a load test which is what...
  44. thclimer

    Not so quick coupling (stuck)

    I missed that, I've never heard of an issue with separating the coupling, maybe a serious burr somewhere?? Ya time to replace if that's the issue.
  45. thclimer

    Not so quick coupling (stuck)

    Generally what is occurring is the temperature has increased since the time when you disconnected the implement. This can be the actual air temperature or that the implement is being exposed to the sun thus heating up the hydraulic fluid making it expand. The expansion can be to the point...
  46. thclimer

    TICKS: bad this year?

    Cold weather (-15 F) will not kill ticks, I'm not sure even -40 F/C would have any significant effect on them. Sawyer's and other companies make a spray containing Permethrin which you spray your clothing with then let it dry and it can be washed many times and still be effective at killing...
  47. thclimer

    Starting Problems - 2005 New Holland TC35A

    Attached is the electrical schematic to help you understand the components of the starting circuit. Additionally, refer to post #47 on this link as it described a common issue with starting circuit and a solution of installing a relay to provide a direct power source to the stating rely which...
  48. thclimer

    Kubota L3710 runs for 20 minutes then won't run at speed or at all.

    Looks like your effort payed off!! It certainly could have been a number of different things, but I'd guessing bad fuel that junked up your filter. Glad to hear she is running back like she used to.