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  1. jinman

    Sad news

    Sadly, my wife's father passed away yesterday. He had a very weak heart and finally could no longer maintain. He passed just after noon yesterday, with my wife, her mother, and me with him when he passed. The doctor's said they had done all they could do for him. It was a peaceful, but sad...
  2. jinman

    Wearing a sleep apnea mask?

    So Bird, are you sleeping with a mask on your face these days? How did your tests turn out? Is sleep apnea an issue? For your sake, I hope not. I hate sleeping with an oxygen tube under my nose. I can't imagine that biggrer mask.
  3. jinman


    My youngest daughter sent me a copy of the document showing my granddaughter is 3 out of 373 in ranking for her 9th grade class. I am super proud of Katie's performance. She is truly a little whiz and excels at everything she does. We are so lucky to be blessed with her. She is something...
  4. jinman

    My New Holland LB75B starts every time

    I suppose this thread could be considered just braggin', but my LB75B TLB is such a great starting machine that I have to brag on it a bit. It seems that if I let it set for a month or two, it will still crank and start every time. Sometimes it will take a bit longer to start because I think...
  5. jinman

    Help me advise neighbor

    I need some expert JD advice. My neighbor just signed a deal on a John Deere 3038e tractor with 305 loader. I asked him if the loader had the Universal Skid-Steer quick-tach adapter and found out it came with the JD quick-tach adapter. I suggested that he contact his dealer and find out what it...
  6. jinman

    Handy little door closer

    Do you have doors in your house that are constantly left open when they should be closed? I have a door that goes down to my heated basement that is constantly left ajar. The heat from the basement just rises right up and makes the basement cold. I found a very inexpensive door closer ($18.80)...
  7. jinman

    My local newspaper is a big disappointment

    I'm not sure this link will work, but here is a link to the newspaper story that prompted me to write a letter to the editor. I just felt insulted that at Christmas time they would give front page coverage and another whole page to this criminal who deserves to be exactly where he is. My letter...
  8. jinman

    Rock salt on my concrete driveway

    Oh boy! With the early December ice storm, I used rock salt to melt a walking path down my driveway. Now, the surface is all pocked and chips are coming up. I am shocked to see online info that salt and concrete don't mix if the concrete is not finished with the right compound. Live and learn, I...
  9. jinman

    Wacky gift boxes (a.k.a. very nice ones)

    I have a neighbor who spares no expense for his grandkids. One year, he ordered 20 hooded jackets and got a double order of 40.:confused2: He called the seller and they said they had no record of a double shipment and he should just keep the merchandise. His credit card was never charged for the...
  10. jinman

    I'm gonna miss Nelson

    We've had lots of people in this country who led civil rights movements and were successful. Martin Luther King is certainly one of the greatest, but Nelson Mandela was in the majority race in South Africa and yet was subject to oppression that sent him to jail for 27 years. While countries and...
  11. jinman

    SAAMI Video - Better than MythBusters

    A friend sent me a very interesting link to a video made especially for firefighters by the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturer's Institute. SAAMI video for firefighters I cannot tell you how many stories I've heard told as truth that this video debunks. Well meaning people sometimes...
  12. jinman

    Dez Bryant. . . not a good analyst

    Ol' Dez seems to have a talent for making a butt of himself. Even though he may have meant well, he only succeeded in causing his teammates to be angry at him instead of the opponent. On the local news, you can hear him telling Tony Romo that they are the "best" in the NFL.:rolleyes: C'mon Dez...
  13. jinman

    It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Big Ed. . . SPLATT!

    Holy cow! For a county named Wise, we sure come up with some kooky people. Here's a guy from Bridgeport, Texas who is going to try and jump the Snake River Canyon where Evel Knievel failed. Right now, this fellow weighs in at a svelte 280 lb. Give the guy some credit though. He's successfully...
  14. jinman

    County-wide garage sale

    This Saturday, Sept 14th, my county is having a county-wide garage sale. The local Wise County Messenger newspaper placed a full-page ad about the sale with maps of the city of Decatur, TX where there are lots of sales and also a county map showing locations of other sales in smaller towns. They...
  15. jinman

    Bee smart, don't run off a bridge with a bee in your shorts

    Which do you think hurt more? Getting a bee sting or falling off a bridge?:rolleyes: I've had wasps fly down my shirt and sting me repeatedly while on a motorcycle. You just stay calm and get off the road and stop. This guy obviously over-reacted.:eek: A Paradise man was injured Tuesday...
  16. jinman

    About 1 in 100 breast cancer cases are men

    We don't think much about it, but there is also a high instance of breast cancer in men. Several weeks ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy on August 20th. I was discharged from the hospital on August 24th and had my stitches removed yesterday afternoon at my...
  17. jinman

    Come to Texas and drive with this lady on the road

    Unbelievable!!! How many more people will she hurt, and how much more property destroyed before they take her license? Driving through a loophole.
  18. jinman

    G1800 transmission had me baffled

    The last few times I operated my G1800, I noticed it was very very s-l-o-w in reverse. I even reached down with my hand and pulled back on the treadle to see if I could make it back up faster, but no. I've been really baffled even more because it runs great in forward and seems very strong...
  19. jinman

    Please keep deputy James Boyd in your prayers

    The story has now become national news. A very dear friend of my wife called yesterday at noon to say that her son, Montague County Deputy James Boyd had been shot while making a traffic stop in Bowie, Tx. Since that time, it is learned that his assailant was the same man who killed the Colorado...
  20. jinman

    Forget greasing the squeaky wheel. . .

    . . . and fix that squeaky floor. PLEASE!!! :irked: I have to admit that a lot of questionable things were done when my house was built, and that I didn't know enough to demand different. Being a multi-story split level house, I have lots of floors that aren't on a slab. When they put down the...
  21. jinman

    Golf Cart Batteries - Gotta Love 'em

    A couple of years ago, I bought my brother a used golf cart for his birthday. It's a 2007 model Yamaha YDRE 48 vdc cart. It worked well until a couple of months ago and then just quit. He isn't very technically inclined and so I figured the battery terminals were just dirty based on what I'd...
  22. jinman

    Christmas Sale Alert

    If you are thinking of making a last minute Christmas list or getting a gift for a DIYer, here's a good buy from Big Sky Tools on a great little Hitachi air compressor. I bought one and it's a heavy duty little performer. It's comes with a quick connect already installed, ready for your hose and...
  23. jinman

    My Stihl 021 is 'stringing' me along

    I had not used my Stihl 021, 16" chainsaw in about two years. Recently, I gassed it up, put on a new chain, added chain/bar oil, choked it and pulled the starter. After about 6 pulls, it sputtered to life and then roared. It runs perfectly.:thumbsup: I have several trees piled up in a nice neat...
  24. jinman

    I shudder to think. . .

    . . . what would happen if I hadn't noticed something layin' on top of the fresh pile of dirt.:eek: Okay, that's not much of a hint. How about this? Do you like wearing gloves when operating machinery? When it's cold, I can tolerate them, but the tactile feedback of joysticks, buttons to press...
  25. jinman

    Lightin' up a Jack-o-lantern

    When you have leftover fireworks, a Jack-o-lantern, and a grandson, you have the ingredients for a tiny bit of fun.:D
  26. jinman

    Rotary Cutter Abuse - Expert Level

    I won't go to counseling, but I'm an admitted abuser of my rotary cutter.:eek::ashamed: Even in the best of situations, using a rotary cutter at my place is gonna be borderline abuse. I have so many rocks, trees/stumps, and uneven ground that things are gonna slam up against unmovable objects on...
  27. jinman

    Tractor Supply Deer Corn Sale

    Today, I went into our local TSC in Bowie, Tx and found that they have this deer corn brand - 40 lb on sale for $7.99 instead of the normal $8.99 price. The online ad says $8.49, but the store had a notice that the sale at the reduced price begins today and runs for a week or two. I forgot to...
  28. jinman

    Remember the old Reconditioned Sales website?

    It's now and still offering some real bargains on quality reconded tools; especially Hitachi. I just purchased a reconditioned Hitachi EC89 compressor for $79 plus $15 delivery. It was here two days after ordering by standard shipping. Yesterday, I finally got around to removing...
  29. jinman

    Continuing LA145 high maintenance issues

    160 hours and I have to replace my fuel tank. This morning while mowing, I noticed a strong smell of fuel/gasoline. I stopped the mower and checked the engine for leaks and looked at the hoses and filter closely. Everything was fine, so I just figured it was vapor leaking out of the gas cap due...
  30. jinman

    Chasing a head-scratcher on my LB75B

    One of the things I find extremely convenient on my LB75B TLB is the Transmission Disconnect switches on the joystick and gear-shift lever. Pressing that button and shifting gears is so easy. When using the loader, approaching my dump trailer or the pile and pressing the button on the joystick...
  31. jinman

    Seeing spots in front of my eyes

    My grandson caught a 3'+ speckled kingsnake this morning. It was up next to the house beside a flowerbed and crawled into the flowerbed to hide. He fished it out with one of those long pickup tools. Here are a few photos.
  32. jinman

    Somebody "borrowed" my tractor

    I went out today to do some more dirt work on my dam and found that my compact tractor (NH TC45D) had been used while I was gone for 6 hours yesterday afternoon.:mad: The first thing that caught my eye was my dump trailer raised just 6" up. Next, the key was in the ignition of my tractor and I...
  33. jinman

    Oil Change Surprise - New Holland TLB

    I own a New Holland LB75.B TLB with a 95 hp turbo-charged Iveco engine. The Operator's Manual calls for an engine oil and filter change every 500 hours. The engine holds three gallons of oil and the filter a quart, So that works out to a bit over 3 gallons with filter change. I purchased the...
  34. jinman

    eBay/Craigslist This could be a real deal

    Here's a Ford Jubilee for sale that is priced right. This ad was first placed for a "1958 Ford Jubilee," but somebody must have corrected the owner and he changed the ad. I see no reason to think that this is a scam and could be a good buy for somebody close-by the DFW area. I'm tempted, but...
  35. jinman

    Nagging hydraulic leak

    I've had great luck with the hydraulics on my 2000 model TC45D and had no problems until recently. Last year, I had my hydraulic pump seals replaced on my tractor and all went back together nicely except for one pinched o-ring I had to replace at the diverter valve. About 3 months ago, I...
  36. jinman

    Here's one that's probably pretty cheap

    Ford 600 with boom auger. Maybe a Belltec prototype.:laughing:
  37. jinman

    Grandson beats me at fishing

    Even though I had some very good bites, my luck at catching fish ran out this weekend and my grandson caught all the fish. They aren't large, but he was thrilled. The crappie and bass are starting to bite in our lake with the warm temperatures.
  38. jinman

    Thread posting "Submit" seems to hang

    When I post to a thread lately and hit "Submit," there is a long delay with a progress bar appearing. Sometimes it delays for a minute or more before the reply is posted and I'm returned to the forum. I've tried in Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome on my desktop and on my laptop. They all seem to...
  39. jinman

    My first great-grandchild . . .

    . . . is a boy! Hudson Luke was born yesterday at 1:30 PM. Mom, Dad, and Hudson are doing fine. He was a whopping 20" long and weighed 8 lb 14 oz.:D
  40. jinman

    Bye Bye Squirrel

    Got problems with squirrels? Have an old clay pigeon thrower laying around? Problem solved!!!:thumbsup::laughing: ByeByeSquirrel.wmv - YouTube
  41. jinman

    Do you find petrified wood?

    I'm always finding chunks of petrified wood on my property. The largest I've found is about 1/2 the size of a loaf of bread. I've found many pieces between 4" to 6" long and up to 2" in diameter. I could pick up several pieces each time I take a walk or do any tractor work. Yesterday, my...
  42. jinman

    Two young bucks at my feeder

    First one and then the other appears. The 9-pointer is a nice rack. BTW- Turn on sound. The video is from a Stealthcam I gave to my grandson for Christmas. Two Young Bucks in Sunset, TX - YouTube
  43. jinman

    Grandparents being a PITA

    ;) This is a grandparent on grandparent rant.:laughing: Last September, we had our 11-yo grandson come to live with us. He's somewhat ADHD, but not so much that he acts out because of it. He is just very busy and can't concentrate for long on things like math problems. If you can look over his...
  44. jinman

    Redneck Diplomacy

    Perhaps we are using the wrong weapons to win wars. Here's the Red Army Choir singing Sweet Home Alabama in English with the Leningrad Cowboys. Get yourself a nice shot of Stoli and enjoy. Sweet Home Alabama
  45. jinman

    Diesel Engine Maximum RPM

    For those of you with diesel engines in the 90 to 110 HP range, I'm wondering what the maximum no-load RPMs of your engines might be. It's a rainy day and I'm entertaining myself by reading some engine specifications for my LB75.B w/95 HP turbocharged 4-cyl IVECO engine. I was surprised to see...
  46. jinman

    Grandson on TLB

    We now have our 11 yo grandson living with us. In the past, he was a problem in school, but we've been working to improve his behavior and performance. For each success, there is praise and some kind of reward for doing good. So far, his math and science skills have taken a huge turn toward...
  47. jinman

    Get Ready Texas - AG sales tax exempt cert

    Things are about to get a bit tougher for people claiming Ag Sales Tax Exemption in our state. When I recently went to buy some tractor parts, my dealer's parts counter people gave me a form to fill out for the new ag/timber number requirement that begins on January 1, 2012. If you don't have...
  48. jinman

    SMC Plant closing in Sioux Falls, SD

    I just saw this linked AP story via Yahoo!. It means 85 people out of work as the factory will close. SMC manufactures backhoes and loaders. Here is a link to the Alamo-SMC website.
  49. jinman

    LB75B Brake Master Cylinders Leaking

    My LB75B has dual brake cylinders (also called pumps), and recently they started leaking. I have no idea what the previous owner used for brake fluid, but I bought and use only NH brake mineral oil. I suppose the previous owner could have put DOT3 fluid in the reservoir. If so, this is probably...
  50. jinman

    After the Rain: Columbus Day Discoveries

    I don't know that our drought is ended, but we are 5-1/4" closer to normal rainfall. The rain was yesterday, but I waited until this morning to do a tour mostly because I wanted to reduce rutting and slinging mud all over our Kawasaki Mule. I first checked on our ponds and lake. The pond has...