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  1. smstonypoint

    Mowing with a mmm do you mow over your grass clippings?

    I have a similar device from Bad Boy that I use on my ZTR, mainly for mulching leaves in the fall. Money well spent. Steve
  2. smstonypoint

    Crossbow herbicide Vs. Rural King "Crossroad" herbicide

    Identical active ingredients (and less expensive): From Crossbow label: Steve
  3. smstonypoint

    Why women live longer than men illustrated ....

    Why women live longer than men illustrated .... in 6 seconds.:) Twitter Steve
  4. smstonypoint

    Weed & brush spraying

    Using a wick rope applicator with undiluted 41% glyphosate or diluted 25-50% would be more practical.:) Let the ivy leaf out and then use the applicator. Hand Wick Applicator 2 Of Rope Surface | Agri Supply 25219 Steve
  5. smstonypoint

    Florida man runs for his life as neighbor chases him in tractor

    So, we have armchair jurists speculating about the culpability of the tractor driver, not unlike "pallet theorists" speculating about the purpose of "pallets in fields." Per Sherlock Holmes: "It is a capital mistake to theorize in advance of the facts." What do we know about the scene of...
  6. smstonypoint

    Florida man runs for his life as neighbor chases him in tractor

    Here's the mugshot of the tractor driver from 72-year-old Florida man charged after allegedly chasing man with tractor - Orlando Sentinel. "Howell Lamar Morris, 72, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on June 19, 2018 in St. Johns County, Florida. (St. Johns County...
  7. smstonypoint

    Giant Hogweed

    There have been two recent threads dealing with the eradication of Japanese knotweed. I've been battling that pest, along with two other invasive plant species -- Chinese privet and multiflora rose. I've just read about giant hogweed spreading in the US. It makes those invasive plant species...
  8. smstonypoint

    Silo Art

    Well, I get to see the Peachoid when I travel between SC and NC on I-85.:) Steve
  9. smstonypoint

    Deere sues AGCO

    From Deere Legal Battle Highlights Race for $24 Billion Farm Tech Market - Bloomberg This should be a gold mine for ag. engineers serving as expert witnesses.:) Steve
  10. smstonypoint

    When does abandoned equipment become "yard art"?

    This isn't it, but I haven't seen an upright piano repurposed as a flower planter in the front yard of a home in Seneca SC. Steve
  11. smstonypoint

    Are rural king tractors yanmars?

    An interesting question. List of oldest companies in the United States - Wikipedia contains a list of US companies with roots that date back hundreds of years, but alas, no tractor companies. ;) Even companies with production histories can produce "duds" now and then. Steve
  12. smstonypoint

    Is this supposed to happen?

    Is this what you want to see? Steve
  13. smstonypoint

    Is this supposed to happen?

    When it comes to the topic of this thread, I am at the origin in this graph of the Dunning-Kruger effect -- I have no expertise in the topic and I know it. Steve
  14. smstonypoint

    Is this supposed to happen?

    So, is the Chromebook system causing the problem? Steve
  15. smstonypoint

    Is this supposed to happen?

    It did for me.:) If it makes any difference, I am using Chrome on a Chromebook. Steve
  16. smstonypoint

    Sprayer Setup

    I'm in SC now and my sprayer is in NC. I just used a couple of u-bolts to attach (vertically) a 3-foot or so length of PVC pipe to the sprayer frame. I did attach a cap to the bottom of the pipe to prevent losing the sprayer tip on the outside chance that it could come loose. Steve PS My...
  17. smstonypoint

    Is this supposed to happen?

    I recently typed in invest in another thread and a link to a bitcoin site was automatically inserted. Is this supposed to happen? Steve Edit Now typing in the "b" word inserts a link.:shocked:
  18. smstonypoint

    Dwight Clark passing

    Remain calm. Economists have studied the issue -- it's called the "compensating wage differential" issue. Compensating differential - Wikipedia Steve
  19. smstonypoint

    Dwight Clark passing

    And he played at Clemson. While there he was involved with a Clemson coed, Shawn Weatherly, who went on to win the Miss Universe contest.* If I ever knew this, I had forgotten it. Former San Francisco 49ers great Dwight Clark dies at 61 after battling ALS Steve * How can I remember such...
  20. smstonypoint

    Oil & Fuel Tractor Use of Red Dyed Fuel on Public Roads

    What if they pay income and sales taxes? They are helping to pay for roads. In Washington in FY2014, only 54.2% of state and local road spending was covered by tolls, user fees, and user taxes. How Are Your State’s Roads Funded? - Tax Foundation Steve
  21. smstonypoint

    Oil & Fuel Tractor Use of Red Dyed Fuel on Public Roads

    Debunking the Myth That Because of the Gas Tax, Only Drivers Pay for Roads - CityLab Electric vehicles don't pay fuel taxes, but some states charge flat annual fees for those vehicles. Steve
  22. smstonypoint

    Blame Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    To be fair about it, they did take Johnny Manziel off our hands, at least for the time being.:) Steve EDIT It's strange -- I can't remember where I put my keys 15 minutes ago, but I just remembered seeing a photo of "the Biebs" and "Johnny Football" a couple of years ago.:eek:
  23. smstonypoint

    Blame Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Justin Bieber and now this outrage. Enough is enough.:) From Blame Canada! - Marginal REVOLUTION. Steve
  24. smstonypoint

    There's nothing like a good thunderstorm to cool down a hot June day

    Just curious. Based on a previous thread, I believe what a "June bug" is differs across regions. In my area, a "June bug" is a Cotinis nitida according to Wikipedia: Do you have the same "June bugs" in Maine? I haven't seen any so far this year in NC. Steve :
  25. smstonypoint

    Can anyone explain airfare rates?

    This is an example of potential hidden city ticketing for those seeking the lowest fare for a direct flight to Philadelphia. From Airline booking ploys - Wikipedia Regarding how airlines price their tickets, here's an article that illustrates how simple it really is.:rolleyes...
  26. smstonypoint

    Hay yield

    Many (most?) land-grant universities offer soil- and other-testing services for nominal fees, and in some cases the soil tests are free to instate residents. Here's a listing of the testing services offered by Clemson -- I suspect other land-grants offer similar services. Steve
  27. smstonypoint

    Hay yield

    And the removal rates (and needed replenishment rates to maintain yields) of NPK and other nutrients depend on the forage -- Steve
  28. smstonypoint

    Oil & Fuel Tractor Use of Red Dyed Fuel on Public Roads

    Apparently the "25 mile" limit is national in scope -- What is the Fine for Running Off Road Diesel Steve
  29. smstonypoint

    What is this?

    You have raised serious questions that merit the attention of TBN's "scientific" and "not-so scientific" communities. Economists talk about "that which is seen" and "that which is unseen." We have "that which is seen" -- these so-called "reinforcing trusses" -- items that have a "numeral 1...
  30. smstonypoint

    Oil & Fuel Tractor Use of Red Dyed Fuel on Public Roads

    This reminds me of George "Possum" Jones. George Jones & His Notorious Riding Lawnmower | Saving Country Music Steve
  31. smstonypoint

    photo test

    A color code? How do you know there aren't other explanations? The OP may be "hany.":) Steve
  32. smstonypoint

    photo test

    More like this.:) Steve
  33. smstonypoint

    Weird things happen when editing a post.

    The above is a passage that I have copied and pasted from another site -- Bonus Quotation of the Day... - Cafe Hayek Rather than leaving the text as is or manually correcting the text, I have started making a screenshot of the passage I want to quote and then inserting the screenshot as an...
  34. smstonypoint

    Must-have items for those who raise chickens.

    File under "Markets in Everything.":) From Search results for: diaper Steve
  35. smstonypoint

    let's discuss the best way to mow a field...

    Here are some estimated efficiency factors for various implements from You could achieve 100% efficiency if you were mowing a single swath exactly the width of your mower around the circumference of a field under...
  36. smstonypoint

    let's discuss the best way to mow a field...

    This subject came up several years ago. As I recall, at least one TBN member used something akin to a Zamboni pattern. Another member said he started in the center of a field and mowed outwards. I speculate that the most efficient mowing pattern depends on the field's geometry and that the...
  37. smstonypoint

    One Piece at a Time?

    I read about the missing trucks (Ram truck heist investigated as possible inside job) and immediately thought of Johnny Cash.:) Steve
  38. smstonypoint

    Plastic Pallets Uses

    You could use two of them to construct an inverted-V structure in your field.:) Steve
  39. smstonypoint

    What farm task do kids today know nothing about.

    This is from the UK, but I suspect similar results would hold for the US. YouGov | Two thirds of children don’t know what a floppy disk is Steve
  40. smstonypoint

    What farm task do kids today know nothing about.

    My apology in advance. Chicken Ranch??:) Steve
  41. smstonypoint

    Probably not the best forum for this...

    Not quite -- It's the first item that shows up. If your scroll down you will find plenty of "sensationalized studies." Steve
  42. smstonypoint

    What farm task do kids today know nothing about.

    :laughing: Wherein I channel John Dennis::) Steve
  43. smstonypoint

    I'm a &*%# idiot...

    Just curious. What engine do you have? I have a Kawasaki 850V on my ZTR. It has a device similar to this for draining oil. I can open the drain using a screwdriver in a slot on the "nut." I route a short length of garden hose from the outlet to a pan. Steve
  44. smstonypoint

    Can someone please "splain" this to me?

    Mark Perry is one of my favorite bloggers. Most of the time when I link to one of his posts, I get this: 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable. The link works. :confused3: Steve
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    This REALLY ticked me off when I lived in NY

    South Carolina has an Upstate -- I have a residence there. Steve
  46. smstonypoint

    Help Identifying A Piece of Vintage Equipment

    I think it's IHC. Steve
  47. smstonypoint

    Goats do the darnedest things.

    Here's the story -- Dramatic Goat Rescue Operation For A Pair Stuck On A Beam Under A Bridge : Goats and Soda : NPR. Steve
  48. smstonypoint

    Agriculture as a college major?

    This thread came to mind when I read the following item. Janitorial Studies in South Korea, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty Steve