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  1. 8N Ren

    Help with 12 volt wiring on ford 640

    This might help a bit, it says Farmall but it's all the same components. Depending on the coil your using you may not need that resistor.
  2. 8N Ren

    wood stoves

    Friday was install day, the Wife and I couldn't be happier with our choice, the living room finally looks complete. Thanks to everyone who participated in this thread.
  3. 8N Ren

    New Well

    Got some landscaping in the front finished off, here's the wishing well cover I had mentioned, kudos goes to my FIL for this one. Still need to add a small bucket and rope, just for looks.
  4. 8N Ren

    New Well

    We got everything running early yesterday afternoon, the 2 man crew we had out were the same guys that did our septic system when we built back in 2010. They hit frost about 3 feet down lol. The spot we drilled was really really close to the lines for the old well, I'm talking like less then a...
  5. 8N Ren

    New Well

    The wife and I got a little sick and tired of running out of water, 5 times since we moved in at the end of December 2011. Our old well is 27ft deep with a concrete casing at the bottom and a 15ft long 30 inch diameter culvert pipe stuck in the middle of the casing that travels up to the...
  6. 8N Ren

    Never thought I see the day 22 lr. ammo.

    Haha yup I just finally bought my first center fire rifle on Saturday. I've been shooting for 17-18 years but it was mostly shotguns and. 22LR bit of a shortage here too depending where you go. Here's a pic of my new shooter. Savage model 25 Walking Varminter . 223
  7. 8N Ren

    New Mower Recommendations

    Hey folks, I'm in the market for a new push mower this year, as my old one bit the dust last fall. Our wants are, around 22" cutting width, has to be self propelled, with perhaps electric start. I'd like to be able to have the option of side discharge and rear bag collection for when we mow in...
  8. 8N Ren

    wood stoves

    Got some quotes the other day, wow there are some big time price differences. What do you think , what are some of you using? Jotul F500 $3331.00 Recency 2400M with brushed nickel accents $3391.00 Enerzone Solutions 3.4 $1894 Install,double wall chimney and blower is extra so you can tack on...
  9. 8N Ren

    8N Leveling Box

    I was going to rebuild the one i had which totally wore out but due to the cost of parts it was cheaper to just replace it with new. The problem I'm having is that now the backside of the cranking handle rides on my axle trumpet. I like to have an aggressive forward tilt on my rear blade so I...
  10. 8N Ren

    Son of a......

    Well that's just great. I was clearing a 3 ft drift at the end of my driveway yesterday in the frigid cold with strong winds. I get about halfway done plowing and my rear tire gives out! The belts separated, cut the tube and calcium was pouring out. ARRGH! now I've got a nice ridge of snow...
  11. 8N Ren


    New guy here thought I'd say hi. It amazes me at what some people on here can do, build etc. Thanks for posting your stuff everyone.