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  1. Rustyiron

    Just for giggles

  2. Rustyiron

    Fords aluminium body

    Any feedback on the corrosion results? I haven't kept up with the calendar, but didn't they start with the F150 enough years ago to have an opinion? I'm skeptical but what's the owners responses.
  3. Rustyiron

    Diamond disc mulcher.

    Anyone running one or seen one working? I'm in a very rocky area and only mulching up to about 6". This unit operates almost like a disc type chipper in that your not using the ground to mulch against. The chips seem big but that's not a problem as my work is more of a thinning stems in a...
  4. Rustyiron

    Forks Lifting point

    I have 2 trailer loads of concrete blocks to unload tomorrow. These are the big 2'x2'x6' "keyed" retaining wall blocks and there's 26 per load. The last time I did this we just used a chain with the forks squeezed together, it was a little funky. It's built (as usual) out of what I had on hand.
  5. Rustyiron

    Ratchet rake

    Would someone please post a picture of the "teeth" for me. I didn't have any luck at their site. I'm thinking of taking a pair of them and fashion them into a trail - branch trimmer hyd operated by either a motor or a cylinder and shuttle valve. It will be slow speed and work in a cycle bar...
  6. Rustyiron

    First oil change - standing up!

    I finally put in a lift 👍 Just changed my oil on my feet making me wonder why it took so long. Previously I argued (with myself) that I'm not really a wrench turner like back when I was as a kid struggling to keep whatever piece of chit I had running. Mostly just maintenance and my fluid film...
  7. Rustyiron

    Good by to a friend

    Lost a 30 year friend that I've never met this morning. He's ridden miles and miles with me along with countless hours at work. Rest in peace Rush.
  8. Rustyiron

    Snow pusher box

    I'm building a (snow) pusher box for the 3 pt. hitch. Mostly for pulling snow away from doorways & garage doors. I run a Fisher V blade on the front of the tractor that is mounted to the frame. It's sort of a cross between a regular "box blade" and a pusher, but with a twist. I started designing...
  9. Rustyiron

    snow blower use questions

    I plow a lot. I keep close to 2 mi open on my place and do about 25 driveways & lots. All but 2 are dirt. My current method is with a frame mounted Fisher "EZ-Vee" 9'6" blade. When the banks get too big to push back or I just run out of room (woods), I'll get out the blower (8' dual auger...
  10. Rustyiron

    ATV Mounted Overhanging Limb and Brush Cutter - STOUT DESIGNS - TRAILBLAZER

    That's great! A lot of snowmobile & ATV clubs need to see this:thumbsup: and :welcome: I've seen a similar cutting action although much larger hung below a helicopter working power lines on ytube.
  11. Rustyiron

    Lowering mower hitch

    This was a simple fix to my new (used) mower. It's an 8' double spindle Bush Hog built very heavy, the trouble was for my uses mostly keeping open miles of logging trails on my land I need to be able to lift it at least as high as the tractors ground clearance, that's about 19''. I have lots of...
  12. Rustyiron

    Chevy engine whistle

    Anyone else have their 6.L gas Chev whistle (very loudly) during warm up? Our old trusty 2000 2500 Suburban developed this a few years ago and we have been just putting up with it. Our mechanic has heard of this issue and didn't have time during the trucks last visit to address it and said it...
  13. Rustyiron

    Yanmar (336d) show it!

    Just wondering if I could find my old tractor. It had a canopy I built that I'll recognize. Last known location was in MD. :drink:
  14. Rustyiron

    Dog training (shock) collar

    We have a new pup, he's been with us for 10 months, and just turned 1 year old. He's our 2nd Jack Russell terrier and is what I'd call a very good dog. We live on a large acreage in the woods and he is mostly under our control with no leash. As he grows (and learns) we've expanded his freedom...
  15. Rustyiron

    Is the "build date" in Kubota's s/n?

    I did a search (TBN) and it looks like that is not in the s/n. My tractor sat on the lot with 2 other's just like for a quite a while according to my salesman (that I had known for years) Kubota "dropped them off", and were not ordered by the dealer.:confused3: Locally the preference for that...
  16. Rustyiron

    Kinda thought that we were done.

    The weatherman say's 1'-2' with locally more for Monday into Wed. next week.:licking: He say's it's a "picture perfect 'nor easter"
  17. Rustyiron

    looking for blower chute advice

    I'm new to blowing and need some advice from veteran blower's. My problem is the cloud of snow created off the chute that virtually blinds me. I understand that the chute might be built for all types of snow, wet vs dry, but I'll never use it in wet snow, ever. My use is mostly to clean up...
  18. Rustyiron

    9540 Kub rear control for 3 pt

    I've been wanting to do this for a while. Hooking up when you can't reach the lever from the back or over the tire to adjust the 3 pt height, even with telescoping links can some times just not go well. The little yellow handle is basically clamped around part of the mechanism already there with...
  19. Rustyiron

    Tractor/ vehicle what's a good fire extinguisher?

    I'm making a mount for one on my tractor and wonder what to look for and the size (weight). I've got 4 around the house/shop ABC type and rechargable, but basically $35 home cheapo units. On the tractor & truck, I know you usually only get one shot to save things from a complete burn down...
  20. Rustyiron

    Bucket full of deer

    A friend got this nice 8 point tonight on my place just before dark tonight.:thumbsup:
  21. Rustyiron

    Converting trailer from "spoke" wheels

    What's it going to take? I have a good utility trailer that has the old spoke type drums with the open center clamp on type wheels - (like a Mobile home trailer although it's not from a m/h). There were common when I built the trailer 25 years ago, but I feel that they are not suited well for...
  22. Rustyiron

    SSQA to go on 3 point hitch

    I had this ssqa laying around from a previous project converting from JD's quick hitch to ssqa. Sold the Deere and thought that with all the ssqa "stuff" I have, it might be handy to have a rear ssqa. Forks came to mind, then a bucket for carrying tools or what ever, then I do have a couple of...
  23. Rustyiron

    Can you use "smart phone" without the internet part?

    I really don't have a need for the interweb stuck in my pocket the time and wonder, just for the music & camera abilities, will a smart phone do those things either, 1. without the internet service (I guess they call that a data plan), or 2. not connected to a carrier at all? A friend has an...
  24. Rustyiron

    Show your 1/23-24/16 snowstorm PICS!

    Since this whole thing is going to miss us here in ME, I'll provide a handy spot for all your (upcoming) snow removal pics, because I am seriously "Jonesing" for a big storm myself!:D Show us what ya got.:thumbsup:
  25. Rustyiron

    No cab snow plowing.

    This winter I obligated myself to a friend that plows a ton of local driveways, to do a portion of his "route". I've spent plenty of hours plowing on my (over a mile) roads with my open station tractor, but that was at home and on no schedule. If I got chilled I could just drive back up to the...
  26. Rustyiron

    Toyota Tacoma brakes

    Wondering if there are any Tacoma owners out there that may have had this similar condition. I just got a nice clean 2012 with 45k miles, my first Toyota. During the test drive and half the way home it had what I would call normal braking & pedal "feel". After coming off the highway on the way...
  27. Rustyiron

    Snowplow design with float & d/p.

    I've been making converted p/u truck snowplows for tractors & SS's for a while using this design that allows for float (normal) action along with down pressure. Notice the tube in tube with the welded stops on what could be called the "top link". If you can't see in the pics, you curl in the...
  28. Rustyiron

    I like it!

    Not sure where I came across this. Looks like a good time.
  29. Rustyiron

    Ford 3.5 L V-6 with elec. 6 sp.

    I can't believe I'm asking this as I swore off new vehicles, but the price of used trucks as discussed here on another thread is crazy as well. After actually thinking of calling a c/l add about a Toyota '06 with 217k on a 4 cyl and asking 8500 dollars, I went on line looking for a light F150 in...
  30. Rustyiron

    Finished the log winch with grapple

    I finally finished, ended up buying the grapple instead of making one. The "plumbing" worked out fine by using 2 diverter valves. I have 3 remotes but need 5 to avoid the diverter valves. I "split" the winch & the grapple, they will never be used at the same time. And the blade circuit got split...
  31. Rustyiron

    Wheel fell off

    Got a buddy with a 16k PJ tilt deck. He lost the right rear wheel a few months ago, and I mean he lost it while going down the road. After this incedent, he carries an battery impact and religiously checks all his lugs. Tonight he called me, and it was happening to the same wheel, well actually...
  32. Rustyiron

    Creeper gear "kit" M9540

    Anyone ever price or install one of these on a larger "M" series? I picked up a BIG snowblower and might need to slow things down a little. Of course now that I finally have a blower, it prolly wont snow.:laughing:
  33. Rustyiron

    Any hydraulic eng. designer's out there?

    I'm dreaming up a heavy slow speed sickle bar type branch trimmer that would operate like a "hybrid" sickle bar/lopper to keep my roads & trails trimmed back, I have miles of them. I'd like to operate it with a cylinder or cylinder(s) rather than a motor. Is it possible to have it "plumbed" to...
  34. Rustyiron

    Hyd. top link

    My last one was tired and blew a seal. I wanted a little longer travel and found a nice cyl. at Surplus Center that had a compact, retracted legnth with a 12" stroke and ends that would take the modifications well. Only $89 plus about $12 for the ball ends. Closed it is 24", 36" extended with my...
  35. Rustyiron

    Not able to view pics in thread

    I am unable to view BFreaky's pic's in his bix blade thread. I was able to latch his pretty amazing backhoe build and would love to see what he came up with for his rear blade. All I get it as little blue box with a question mark in it. I have tried several times over several weeks or months. No...
  36. Rustyiron

    Frame mount snowplow Kubota 9540

    I found a good deal on a Fisher 9.5 EZ Vee without the "tower". I made this frame mount so that I can use the (3) circuits for the loader to make the wings work and power the lift cylinder. This frame attachment keeps the plow close to the tractor and takes the bumps & shock off the loader arms...
  37. Rustyiron

    Built another plow with ssqa

    Finished this today. It has about 15 deg. of horizontal "swivel" built in for un even ground. The square bar that you see going from high on hitch side to low on the plow "A" frame telescopes about 6" so that the plow can either "float" as it would on a normal truck, or tilt the hitch forward to...
  38. Rustyiron

    3rd function valve with s.a cylinder

    Will the Kubota 3rd function valve work a single acting cylinder? I'm thinking of using it to run a s.a cyl. for a (frame mounted) snow plow lift cylinder.
  39. Rustyiron

    Adding rear controls for aux hyd. circuits. Kubota 9540

    After making my hydraulic log winch, I decided to make up some rear controls for the winch operation. Pretty simple and thought that they might be handy for anyone with a TNT for attaching rear implements. (moving the hitch around instead of wrestling the implement) They are kinda hard to see...
  40. Rustyiron


    I've been wanting to build something like this for a while, and too cheap to buy a "store bought" winch, so I've been fooling around with this on & off since March. I took pics all along if anyone is interested.
  41. Rustyiron

    Cool rigs

    I found this pretty neat stuff. I was led to the above link while checking this out. Project `52 DiamondT towrig/RV - The Garage Journal Board
  42. Rustyiron

    Blue screen pc

    Is it hopeless? Any of you guy's know if any thing, mostly pics & music is retrievable from a pc with the blue screen of death? I have most of it on an external "hard drive" thingy, but not all of it. I'm switchin' teams, to a Mac. Any tips?
  43. Rustyiron

    A few motor questions

    JJ - CJONE Got a TRW/Ross MAB06003 A4. All that I have been able to find out about it is it seems to be obsolete. What could you direct me to on the net to find out it's specs. and if it need it, is it rebuildable? I think that it is a gearotor motor. Once before I found a site that had...
  44. Rustyiron

    Flat face hyd. coupling "pressure release" tool

    Threw these together during shop time with all the recent snow. It seems lately that all my hyd. attachments are needing me to "crack a line" to release about a tsp. of fluid to connect them. Very frustrating, and yes I know how to release the pressure before you disconnect. I'm convinced that...
  45. Rustyiron

    My brother say's I'm pimpin out my tractor! (CANOPY)

    It's been on my build list for a while, then a buddy gave me an old hood off of a 60's D-6 dozer. I cut it in half legnth wise, had a sheet of 1/8" bent up for the center section, then the ideas started coming. First it was lights, then it was more lights & flashers, then a radio, then a fan, a...
  46. Rustyiron

    TSC paint

    Any tips on using (or thinning) the TSC paint. It seems that the thickness of the paint varies with different colors. From pretty decent brushing to very "heavy" brushing leaving brush marks that do not flow out drying. The project I am working on now would be better to spray, I am by no means a...
  47. Rustyiron

    Any structural engineer here?

    I just got some 37' bar joist, enough for a 48' wide shed. I'd like to have 3 - 16' openings (posts) at the front wall, and the back wall could have 8' post spacing. I'm thinking a low pitch roof, around 3/12 so it will be holding the snow. The snow load here is 100 psf, and the roof will be the...
  48. Rustyiron

    8' Trailer type mower converted to 3pt.

    Well I've been beating up this old 8' Mohawk mower for many years, and it has proven it self worthy of a new life. My needs (and property) have changed and I decided to convert it to a 3pt hookup from the trailed type that is has been. I needed the manuverability & to be able to raise it high...
  49. Rustyiron

    Pump ID

    I was rooting through some old crates of my stuff and found a few pumps, yes I am a self admitted scrounger and have a hard time saying no to free. This is a Eaton pump with a number on it that is no help so far (5082188) It appears to be either rebuilt or unused. As you can see, it's pretty...
  50. Rustyiron

    Anyone ever "de-tuned" a Cummins 5.9 for mileage?

    I'm to the point where I'm looking for a vehicle that gets (REALLY GETS) 25-30 mpg. I have never owned a car other than my fun car (74 Caddy El Dorado conv.) Been thinking Suburu of Volvo xc70, and used, (4-6 years old). Now I don't really see myself in a real "car" and some years ago I saw a...