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  1. botayota

    RTV - X1100C

    Hey guys I'm going to seal the deal on my X1000C order tomorrow with the BOSS RTV V-Plow, what options would you recommend for the V-Plow? Here's a list I found on the BOSS website, wasn't sure if the SMARTHITCH option is really necessary? thanks.
  2. botayota

    RTV - X1100C

    And here's a radio on Amazon that also might work out...
  3. botayota

    RTV - X1100C

    The adapters are here, just cut of the female end, cheaper, but not sure if shipping would push up the price.
  4. botayota

    RTV - X1100C

    good too know, I'll see where I end up, thanks
  5. botayota

    Kubota UTV...starting phase

    Thanks for your replies, I got luck today my local dealer just got in a brand new Orange X1000C, took it for a spin, really enjoyable ride. I am familiar with the shifting since my L3240 shifts similarly, a little stiff, but nothing that is a big issue. Dealer recommended I go with the...
  6. botayota

    RTV - X1100C

    Well I got lucky today, went to my local Kubota dealer and they just got in a brand new X1000C, I was able to take it for a ride, and spoke with the dealer guy about different issues I've read on here... tought shifting etc. Really liked the ride of the X1000C, and now I know why the shifting...
  7. botayota

    RTV - X1100C

    Hi Swampy6, I'm over in NH, I'm about to put an order in for a RTV-X1100C I'm trying to decide what options I should add at build, definitely want a V plow similar to yours, what model is that BOSS plow? I probably going to need chains here in the winter. What options did you have installed at...
  8. botayota

    Kubota UTV...starting phase

    Hi, I about to pull the trigger on a RTVX1100C I'm going thru the build you Kubota and all those accessories...yikes, is there any place I can find a good explanation of each option with accesories? To start what tires are the best especially if I plan to install CHains in the winter? Thanks, BY
  9. botayota

    Kubota UTV...starting phase

    I'm in the starting phase of looking at the kubota UTVs, I will use it for clearing snow, plowing, sanding etc. for my 700 foot driveway, and yard work on my 10 acre property. Would most likely want a enclosed cab with heat. I have a couple good Kubota dealers close by that I'll be visiting...
  10. botayota

    Kubota UTV...starting phase

    I'm in the starting phase of looking at the Kubota UTVs, I will use it for clearing snow, plowing, sanding etc. for my 700 foot driveway, and yard work on my 10 acre property. Would most likely want a enclosed cab with heat. I have a couple good Kubota dealers close by that I'll be visiting...
  11. botayota

    Pat;s Easy CAT 1...broken spring...?

    Hi, I ordered the Pat's Easy Change System from Rural King back in May, well I opened the box to install last week and one of the springs was broken. I contacted Greenwell and they quickly sent me 2 springs and all the other hardware I need to replace the broken here's my...
  12. botayota

    3-Point Hitch L3240 3 point hitch ... looking at Pat's Quick Hitch.

    I for some reason keep bending the Comp-stablizer bar on my 3 point hitch. I have the Backhoe bracket mounted and I'm thinking this bracket must limit the play of the stabilizer bars, and if I'm not careful and the stabilzer gets hung up the Comp-stablilizer part bends. Possibly this is meant...
  13. botayota

    Pallet forks

    I am looking for a set of pallet forks for my L3240, any recommendations on company/brands? Anyone here have experience with ? I have the quick attach on my loader. Thanks, BY
  14. botayota

    Landscape rake or box blade .. if I had to buy just one attachment ?

    I have a 600 foot hard-pack/gravel driveway that I need to start maintaining. I need to reshape the driveway, loosen up the material. Clean up the edges, pulling in hard-pack/gravel that is off the driveway, and then possibly add new gravel/hard-pack material. If I have to buy just one of...
  15. botayota

    MK Martin SB68 3pt snowblower

    Took delivery today of a SB68, here's some photos, new for the 2011 models are the dish skid shoes, looking foreward to trying this snowblower out sometime this winter. :D...
  16. botayota

    T1570 purchase ?

    Hi, I have a chance to buy a low hours T1570 locally, but unfortunately there are no implements/accessories available, other than the standard mid mount mower deck. We are looking for a riding mower to do close to trees, and around the house, where I don't take the L3240. We really want a rider...
  17. botayota

    L3240 snow blower ?

    Looking for options for a snow blower for my L3240, I have a 600 foot gravel packed driveway to clear. Let me know what works for you ...? Tnxs ... BY
  18. botayota

    Snow blower for my L3240

    Looking for options on snow blowers for my Kubota L3240, I have a 600 foot gravel packed driveway to clear. Botayota
  19. botayota

    Snow Attachments Snow blower recomendation ?

    Probably too late too get a snow blower attachment for my Kubota L3240 for this year, but starting to look for reccomendations on the various units ? Front mounte, rear mounter ...etc ? Show me what you use, and let me know how it works for much snow do you typically throw ? Thanks, BY
  20. botayota

    3pt Sand thrower ?

    Anyone use a sand thrower on their 3 point hitch ? Wondering how the unit tractorsupply sells would do for throwing sand...I think it's a King Kutter ? Any reccomendations ? Cheers, BY
  21. botayota

    Storage outdoors

    I ususally store my equipment inside the barn or garage, but I am running out of floor space, so I am planning on putting my Brush Hog outdoors and leaving it there. I have some wood pallets so will be setting it on those, and I also will put a couple of tarps over it. Any other ideas for...
  22. botayota

    L3240 floor matt ?

    Has anyone here removed their rubber floor matt on a Grand L? If so how difficult is it to remove & reinstall? I was checking under my matt and notice alot of dirt under there, so would eventually like to remove it and power wash the deck then reinstall
  23. botayota

    Floor matt to catch fluids

    Anyone here use a floor matt under their tractor? When greasing, lubricating, or refeuling? Any reccomendations ?
  24. botayota

    BH & lower links ?

    After I removed my BH in July I attached the lower links for the 3 point hitch to run the bush hog. I now need to move the BH into my barn for the winter. Do the lower links have to be removed to have the BH attached?
  25. botayota

    Chains Winter is coming...L3240 Tire Chains

    Anyone here run tire chains on their Bota especially in the winter? Looking for some reccomendations? Thoughts,ideas. From what I understand probably shouldn't have chains on all four guy told me only use front chains, while some preferr rear. This winter I'll be using my tractor...
  26. botayota

    Bolt sizes Metric?

    Looking to find out if most of the bolt sizes on Kubota tractors are metric or US? Not sure if it explains this in the manual?
  27. botayota

    attachs for L3240

    What is everyone using for a Tiller, and grapple for their Kubotas? next two attachments will be a Tiller then a grapple.
  28. botayota

    L3240 Refueling alarm?

    Reading in the operators manual page 83, says that if you have the key switch in the on position when you start refueling a buzzer will sounds intermittenly, and has the tank gets close to full the buzzer starts sounding continously. I tried this today, and did not hear any buzzers. Has anyone...
  29. botayota

    3pt hitch adjustments L3240 ?

    Well I've never used a 3pt hitch, today after I removed my BH90, I was able to install all of the top/lower links, and telescoping stablizers properly, tomorrow I'll atempt to hook up my 1st implement a Brushog SQ60. Can anyone here lend some experience info that will help me get all of these...
  30. botayota

    L3240 BH rear hydraulic cables...?

    After taking my BH90 off of my L3240 today, I couldn't quite figure how to stow/adjust the rear BH hoses so they don't get in the way of the 3pt hitch, or get kinked. Anyone here lend some experience on this, and or pictures how you fold these hoses so they don't get caught up in the 3pt hitch...
  31. botayota

    Chain for my FEL bucket?

    Where could I buy some chains for my Loader bucket? Also what minimum sized chain should I buy? Tnxs, BY;)
  32. botayota

    EP Moly Grease, where do you buy yours?

    L3240 manual mentions use EP molybenum grease for the fittings, but where do you find such a grease? BY
  33. botayota

    L3240 Engine RPM postition

    This being my 1st tractor, I'm a little unsure of where the engine rpm setting should be versus AutoHST, Autothrottle settings? The only hint of any RPM setting the manual states is at startup use 1/2 the maximum RPM. After that where should the RPM be kept? With the various setting...
  34. botayota

    LA724 Loader float position

    Can somewhere here expain the float position on the there a method to use the float position? The manual certainly doesn't explain this with much detail....especailly for a newbie:o I've gotten the loader into the float position, but the tractor still seems to want to ride up...
  35. botayota

    Hardpac driveway implements?

    What implements are usefull to maintain a hardpack Gravel driveway? Towards the top of my driveway by the rode I've had alot of washout lately from heavy rains, and I'll need to put some new material down and regrade. Thanks, BY
  36. botayota

    l3240 grease fittings

    Looking to find out if all the grease fittings on the L3240, FEL, and BH are all the same size, or different? Some I noticed are angled while otheres are straight fittings. What sizes are common to Kubota? Thanks, BY
  37. botayota

    L3240HST Cruise lever vs HST Pedal

    With HST transmission, Can someone explain to me why if I have Autothrottle on the engine revs up more when using the HST peddle versus using the Cruise control lever? Thanks, BY
  38. botayota

    36x36 Barn Building

    Planing on building a barn this summer, 36' x 36' 10 foot high ceiling 1st floor. Truss roof construction, Concrete floor. Looking for some ideas for doors. My thought is 10 foot wide sliding barn doors front and back. 8 foot garage door left of barn door only in the front. Anybody here...