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  1. sodamo

    MT125 Quote

    Got a quote from our new LS dealer. Basically I’m looking for the 125/ R4, mid mount mower, FEL with quick attach. Only FEL hydraulics. Seems very high to me, especially the base/subtotal prices. Was thinking bottom line more like 19-20K total, around 16k subtotal. Comments?
  2. sodamo

    Mid Mount Mower

    Wife is hinting that she’d like to replace her Craftsman 54” mower with something like the MT125. I think she wants your own FEL to play with. 🤙 Her mowing area is about 6 acres of reclaimed pasture, quite rough in places, not particularly level with slopes and swales. I often mow it with my...
  3. sodamo

    Scag ZCat throwing belt

    As title says, SCAG ZCat, with 36in deck is throwing the deck belt. Nothing I see as obvious. Basically will throw within minutes of starting to mow. I thought I might have heard something of a click just prior to this last time. Grass was dry, going downslope, grass neither very tall or dense...
  4. sodamo

    Pallet fork time

    Got a delivery of lumber and some sheet goods from Lowes yesterday. Today had to unbundle and get the sheet goods into the tractorshed. Love my pallet forks and talented wife who was a major help
  5. sodamo

    Tires R1 to R4

    Wife finally gave it to me today. She has had it with the way the R1 tires chew up the property. I have to agree. Especially this time of year the ground is soft from rainy season. Simply driving from point A to point B leaves a tracts. To be honest, I think they even spin easier (more often)...
  6. sodamo

    Cottage Carport

    I’m drawing up my future carport for my cottage. More than parking cars, the intent is capture rainwater for catchment storage. You can see the 3k gal tank in pic. Roof will be 26 gauge corrugated steel on 2x4 rafters, no underlay, .5-12 slope. Prefer 8’ headroom on entry, 7ft in rear allowing...
  7. sodamo

    Adding fuse panel

    Anyone added another fuse panel to an LS, especially XR4100? As part of my sunshade plan, I will be adding front& rear cameras and monitor, internet antenna, uSB charging port, fan, maybe lights. Near as I can tell there is only one spare/unused cicuit in current fuse box. Seems the cab modules...
  8. sodamo

    Cutting corrugated roofing

    Have the opportunity to get some 29 gauge galvalume roofing panels for my carport project. Challenge is the panels are 12ft and I’m planning on 26 ft , meaning I would need to cut 4 panels 3 times resulting in 16 3ft sections. What would be best way to make such cuts resulting in nice clean...
  9. sodamo

    CK30 no longer in a box

    Back in 2005 I started a thread CK30 in a box, which involved shipping my brand new CK30 to Hawaii. So much has transpired since then, much had been documented here on TBN. What an impressive tool, helper in building our house. A few bumps along the way were posted as well. It is with very...
  10. sodamo

    Building my sunshade

    Would really like a sunshade for my new LS XR4140H. Would be easy to have cab envy, but I don’t have to move snow and most of my tractor time the temps are in 70’s, rarely hitting 81°F. If I had a cab, that might mean I’d have to mow in the rain, but the fields are to slippery when wet. That...
  11. sodamo

    Minor hydraulic leak

    So this leak has been bugging me a few months on my CK 30Hst Mostly just drops, but more when backhoe was engaged. As you can see, looks like some distortion. More exactly a protected location. Was a bit concerned how much fluid I’d lose taking apart, but quite minor, few tablespoons at...
  12. sodamo


    As picture shows, I busted the Guide Lever plastic on my CK30HST. Have replacement on order from MIE, but I don’t know if it comes with decals. At this point, assuming not. Any suggestions how to remove and reapply the old ones? Would be happy just to get the major sections, doesn’t have to be...
  13. sodamo

    Name for this?

    What is the perforated metal used in the bonnet/grill of many tractors. Same stuff seems to be in my LS, was in my Case DX and I need to repair/replace a small piece on front on my Kioti. Here is a side panel of same
  14. sodamo

    Not a cup holder

    Borrowing from neverfailyou in another thread. My Non cup holders. 6 in x 4 in pvc U Bolt - 1x1 alum angle (1 1/2x 1 maybe better Conduit clamp straightened. All painted black Mounted Hook for...
  15. sodamo

    Cup Holder

    Really enjoying my XR4140H, however it doesn’t have a cup holder. What solutions have been tried?
  16. sodamo

    LS Corporate

    Below is a copy of an email and sent to LS that I wrote over 3 weeks ago. I do believe I have allowed allowed adequate time for a response, or at least an acknowledgement. NOTHING “I am a very new LS XR4140H owner. So new I haven’t taken delivery yet. No complaints about my small, fairly new...
  17. sodamo

    LS Email

    Anyone wit the LS USA Hq email address? Sent inquiry from website no response. Of course with those one never knows.
  18. sodamo

    3-Point Hitch XR4140 Top n Tilt

    Any know cylinder lengths for TNT for XR4140? I plan to to reuse TnT from my Kioti: Top cylinder is 16 inches, 21 inches closed pin center to pin center. Tilt cylinder is 8.5 inches 15 inches from pin center to middle hole.
  19. sodamo

    Price Check 2016 XR4140H

    Just got quote from local dealer $25625 plus tax. Brochure standard w/ FEL and R1 Ag tires. This is new, in warehouse. Are there any differences between 2016 vs 2019? I suspect this price is high to some, living in middle of Pacific ocean on an island does that. Should I decide to order I would...
  20. sodamo

    Tires Ag vs Industrial tires

    Looking at XR4140H. I’ve only run R4 industrial tires on both my Kioti CK30 and Case DX35, so was leaning that way. The available LS comes with Ag tires with no apparent, easy trade out. This is a small dealer. Anyone with experience that can give me some insight on the Ag tires. I am concerned...
  21. sodamo

    CK30 overheating

    Yup, overheating. Fan belt quite worn, replaced with Napa A41 Replaced thermostat with one from O’Reillys. I drilled a weep hole in flange area. Was a hair smaller diameter but right temp. Great fit. Cut my own gasket. Ran it about an hour and needle steady between the dots.
  22. sodamo

    Ck30 Hydraulic filter assembly

    Well, not good. Managed to break the hydraulic filter assembly on my CK30. Anyone replace before? T2195-38111 seems to be the part number. Also any ideas on possible bypass in order to get tractor in a more workable place?
  23. sodamo

    Backhoe Backhoe Control Valve

    KB2375 Control valve Nimco CV-556 (I think) Anyone know of a replacement for this valve? Or a description of what to look for in a replacement.
  24. sodamo

    DX 35 wont start

    Not a successful day with my tractor, Case DX35 So when I went to start it, the starter clicked, just like a low battery. Tried jumping, but no luck. Put the charger on overnight even though battery showed 12.5 vdc. Today all I got was a single click. Cleaned and tightened the posts and...
  25. sodamo

    Generator water pump

    Perhaps not the most correct forum, but I have a 24kw generator, built in Phoenix from mostly Chinese components. The engine is a Yangdong YSD490ZLD diesel. The water pump went bad. At this point, the dealer, Affordable Generators in Phoenix has not been helpful with a replacement, saying not...
  26. sodamo

    Off grid Generator Imbalance

    While not a tractor topic, I consider TBN to be a superb brain trust. Last year in a feeble attempt to improve my offgrid setup (10kw PV, 3 MX60s, 4 FX3048, x240, Mate3), I decided to upgrade my generator. Old Genset : 24kw, New Holland Shanghai diesel engine, Monicom control panel, 25 gal...
  27. sodamo

    Solar Pool heater

    Pool is L shaped, about 39k gallons. Not looking to do a major heat, but my thinking is if I can achieve maybe 3 degrees or so above air temp then ought to be pleasant. Not being in postcard Hawaii, our daytime temps average in 70's. Yearly low, a rare 59 and high of 81. Want to hook a solar...
  28. sodamo

    Emergency alert systems for individuals

    Looking for feedback on this. MIL will be 84 in 2 weeks, lives alone, small town in NJ, closest relative about half hour away, not close to any of her neighbors. Very adamant that she is NOT moving no matter what all her kids say. Has the usual array of aging issues, diabetes, blood pressure...
  29. sodamo

    Workshop Expansion

    When I designed the house, I reasoned a 24x42 garage would be ample - 8 ft on the house end for a bathroom, pantry, and laundry, the next 24 ft would be a double garage space for 2 vehicles, leaving me with 10x24 for my workshop. Now the fact that I had never had neither a garage nor workshop...
  30. sodamo

    Backhoe removal

    My neighbor recently bought a L35 with a BT900 backhoe. Any hints on removal? He needs to mount his recently acquired Deere 25a flail Thanks David Sent from my iPad using TractorByNet
  31. sodamo

    How do you use your phone camera

    Didn't want to steal from JDGreens thread, but it did give me an idea. Personally, since getting my 1st iPhone I've taken thousands of pics. Wife takes a bunch on her iPhone as well. Most any projects gets at least a few shots, even more if I want to document for some reason. Unbelievable to...
  32. sodamo

    Sad Day

    Brought her home when just 5 weeks old, the runt and last of her litter to leave - way too soon. She lived a great life. Got to travel a bit. Terrific Mom to 6 youngins. A number of companions along the way, but none that ever replaced her Jack, who passed way too young. She took to...
  33. sodamo

    Backfilling rake

    Whenever I backfill with my bucket I have a tendency to leave "bucket divots" :( not much better using the backhoe. Back a few years ago when building our house, I welded a quick attach frame to a 3pt quick hitch in order to use my extended boom pole as a lift from my FEL, worked very well and...
  34. sodamo

    Electrical Run - ground wire question

    In the process of taking my cottage off is standalone solar PV electric and hooking in to my main system at the house. You can see the trench work here: I am running approx 375 ft of #2 copper from my main...
  35. sodamo

    Stuck Dozer - Help

    I have a neighbor that bought a used dozer a couple months ago. It is a Cat, but built for the navy, single ram 4 way on front. Forget the number, but neighbor says it is about size of a D7. It is tall! He hired a couple of experienced guys to do some clearing with it while he was on the...
  36. sodamo

    KB 2375 trench

    I mentioned in my thread concerning the control valve that I would post pics of my trench work, so here goes The project is to connect the electrical from my cottage to the main house. Rough measure is about 375 feet of wire. I will bury two, 2 inch conduits in about 300 feet of trench. Only...
  37. sodamo

    KB2375 control valve

    After not using my backhoe for the past year, this week I was ready to start a major trenching project. Finally, got the hoe mounted and about the 3rd attempt to scoop some dirt all H broke loose - hydraulic fluid. Appears that some sort of plastic/nylon piece broke in the Boom portion of the...
  38. sodamo

    CK30 Ignition switch replacement

    Been a number of threads on this topic, some I've even contributed. Today I FINALLY replaced my switch. The replacement has a newer part number so I'm hopeful it is an improved version. The main point I want to make is how EASY this is to do. Not even a 5 minute job. Perhaps most difficulty was...
  39. sodamo

    TBN on iPad 2

    Just awesome. Even better than on iPhone4
  40. sodamo

    Don't take your tractor...

    Can't shovel it like your snow either, but it's what we got :thumbsup: USGS pics TV video
  41. sodamo

    Neutralizing cigarette smoke

    The thread title is my goal. My Dad was a lifelong heavy smoker, it's contributing factor noted on his death certificate. Anyway, after his passing we were fortunate in that we inherited a number of items, nick-nacks, etc that we'd like to display in our home in honor of my parents. These...
  42. sodamo

    The grass is greener...

    Reading some posts, I get the impression some of my fellow TBNers mayhaps be at their limit with shoveling, blading, blowing, or otherwise dealing with the seasonal white stuff. Been about 5 1/2 weeks since my knee replacement and time to get back on the tractor. Mowed for about 3 hours today...
  43. sodamo

    Knee replacement

    Wasn't sure but maybe this belonged under Customization :) Tentatively scheduled for 4th of Jan for a partial knee replacement in Honolulu. It will be the British model- has a bearing, but I don't know about a zerk LOL Any comments and words of wisdom from those who have gone before me...
  44. sodamo

    New Seat

    Got tired of the "wet sponge" effect due to the cracked vinyl, ehh leatherette, of the original seat. Replaced it with this one with armrests. I like it. :thumbsup:
  45. sodamo

    Just another "tool box"

    Over the years I read with considerable interest (and some envy) the great tool box solutions posted as I've never been real happy with the minuscule offering on my Kioti CK30. While it's really nice to have tools for the tractor readily available, I find that I also need some for another...
  46. sodamo

    TnT - it works

    After 8.06 inches of rain this weekend, effectively canceling any work :laughing:, today the sun came out, I got my rake hooked up and the driveway dressed - before and after shots. At this point, I'm spoiled, hydraulic links are the way to go. Thanks again to MtnViewRanch for building my HSL.
  47. sodamo

    Only in...

    So I'm at a small pot luck get together this afternoon. A rather eclectic collection of folk where not everyone knows everyone, but at a common friend's house. So as a small group are sitting around talking about what we are about. Mark talks about all the dirt he's moving with his recently...
  48. sodamo

    Tractor News DX35

    Headed out to look at a 2007 DX35, 330 hrs, LX116 loader, 1 yo Woods BB60x cutter - $15K. Comments?
  49. sodamo

    Depreciated value BX2350

    Getting a quote from local dealer on a BX2350 w 60" MMM, LA243 Loader. This is supposedly "new" but been in stock a couple of years. Of course I want to find out what year it is and how many hours on it. If it is 2 or 3 years old, how much should I depreciate it's value? What might be a ballpark...
  50. sodamo


    I come on bended knee, seeking the wisdom of my fellow TBNers: Looking at a BX23 with LA210 Loader, & BT600 backhoe. It's a 2005, 317 hours and only used with loader/backhoe digging trenched and dirt moving, no mower. Asking price is $11,000 I'm looking for a smallish tractor for my wife to...