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  1. RDrancher

    Algae in a Bunch of Diesel - Opinions Wanted

    First, to be clear I know it's not really an algae, but that's what everyone calls it so that's what I'll use to describe the problem. The background story is that I purchased a dump truck with full fuel tanks that developed filter clogging issues right off the bat. I figured it might be algae...
  2. RDrancher

    Trailer Brake Help

    My flatbed is in the shop so I need to tow my GN with my old F350. All lights work but the trailer brakes will not activate either with the slider or pedal. GN connected to the flatbed truck and brakes work. F350's Prodigy controller show no connection to the GN. Brakes work fine when the F350...
  3. RDrancher

    Craigslist Scams

    I know we've had discussions on this before, but saw this today. 2010 New Holland Powertach Skid. The ad location is Plano, Texas but the phone number is Miami. If it's real, somebody better buy it quick! There was also a "perfect condition", low hour Bobcat mini-excavator (335 I think) on there...
  4. RDrancher

    Laser Receiver Mount Help

    I'm going to weld up a removable laser receiver mast for my CTL similar to this. Mine will differ slightly since I will be welding the bracket to the back of the bucket. There's a complete description of what's needed here SKID STEER BUCKET MOUNTING. Basically it's a 1.5" square tube for the...
  5. RDrancher

    Case TR320 Low Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics Problem

    This problem is regarding my Case CTL. When running a brush cutter or Harley rake, any input using the machine main hydraulics cuts power to the attachment. This includes the left joystick (directional control) and the right joystick (loader functions). This problem seems to get worse the...
  6. RDrancher

    Exciting Afternoon...FIRE!

    My wife and I were sitting on the couch today, enjoying a lazy afternoon and waiting for the Belmont Stakes to start. My wife said that she smelled smoke and watched outside to check it out. She saw flames and smoke coming from the front of a rental mobile home that sits back in the trees behind...
  7. RDrancher

    The Ultimate TLB?

    TLB standing for Truck/Loader/Backhoe that is. Check this out unimog #6 463551 see tractor C&C Equipment 812-336-2894 - YouTube. Be sure to watch the guy fold the backhoe out of the way at the end...too cool. There are complete specs for it in this for sale listing. Man, I'd love to own this...
  8. RDrancher

    Tarnished Paint Help

    The previous owner of my CASE compact track loader ran a oilfield pressure washing business. They used some sort of chemical in the mix that has left a tarnish on my machine. I've been able to get some areas shiny again with fine steel wool, but it's a very slow process and I'm not the patient...
  9. RDrancher

    B.F Avery Photos

    I snapped a few photos of this tractor today at the local fuel and eat. Anyone know what year and model this is?
  10. RDrancher

    Tracked Mulcher

    I was cruising photos today and came across this one. Anybody know what it is?
  11. RDrancher

    150 Acres of Burnt Up Oak

    I was talking to one of my customers today and he mentioned a problem with his other property. A fire raged through and basically burnt up all of the trees. From the sound of it, the majority are pretty good size oaks. This being a little out of my ballpark, I thought I'd ask you guys for ideas...
  12. RDrancher

    VW Extreme!

    Thought you folks may enjoy this. Volkswagen turned its Amarok pickup into a glacier-climbing monster truck and it痴 the best thing at the Winter Olympics (VIDEO, PHOTOS) | Equipment World | Construction Equipment, News and Information | Heavy Construction Equipment Not much Volkswagen under it...
  13. RDrancher

    My New 4in1 Bucket Came In!

    Thought I'd share some pics of the 4in1 bucket I purchased from High Rock Skid Steer Attachments - High Rock Skid Steer Attachments. It's an 80". Of course, at 1025# it's way too much for my tractor, but just right for my T320. It's much beefier than the Bradco or Bobcat versions and a whole...
  14. RDrancher

    Interesting Grader / Cutting Edge

    Check out this cheese grater cutting edge. Easygrader - YouTube I'm not sure...but I think the operator is saying something about his big blue tractor. :D Wish I could understand what he's saying. The cutting edge doesn't look very stout, so I'm interested in the theory behind it's use. Sifting?
  15. RDrancher

    DK55 Question

    I was out looking for a part today and checked out a DK55 while I was waiting for the parts guy. Nice spacious cab, strong looking loader and beefy 3 pt. So for those that have one...what do you like and what don't you like?
  16. RDrancher

    Loader Control Problem

    The un-curl function on my TC35D started acting up yesterday and by this afternoon it was pretty much gone. If I lay the bucket flat on the ground and try to backdrag or push, the bucket starts to curl by itself. If I stand the cutting edge straight up and down and push down on the loader arm...
  17. RDrancher

    The things you see....

    And I worry about running legal. :rolleyes: Note the trailer license plate on the hoe. With just the hoe bucket holding it on the trailer (no chains :eek:), he headed out to the highway and down the road. There are a couple more photos of these wizards on my photo thread.
  18. RDrancher

    Classic Heavy Duty Work Trucks

    I don't know if this has been posted before, but check out this guy's fleet of classic work trucks Our Fleet | Litzenburger Landscape
  19. RDrancher

    TC35D Forward Creep

    The tractor started out with creep in both directions. Roller is cleaned and lightly lubed. Greasable fittings are all greased. I marked the concentric nut and began adjustments. 1. Started very small adjustments counterclockwise and got the reverse creep to stop, then kept on going in that...
  20. RDrancher

    Another TC35D No Start...Fuel?

    I posted yesterday in an ignition thread, but that didn't fix it so I'll do the complete rundown here. 1. Yesterday, engine quit running. Shift to neutral and it fires right back up, but dies within a few feet. This repeats a few more times. Initially it seemed like a fuel problem, so I changed...
  21. RDrancher

    Red Circled Exclamation Mark?

    When trying to upload photos this evening from my computer I get a red circle with an exclamation point on the right side and no files will load. Anyone know whats up with this?
  22. RDrancher

    TC35D 4WD Noise

    I'm hearing a light clunking sound when going from forward to reverse in 4wd. Sometimes the clunk stays around if I back up quite a bit. Messing around with it this morning it did do a pretty loud bang one time then went away. If I take it out of 4wd the clunk goes away. A near as I can tell the...
  23. RDrancher

    What Wires Did I Cross?

    Long story short. I ripped out the trailer wiring on a stump with my F350. This happened to be the same day that I was rewiring my gooseneck trailer. I hooked up the wiring back on the truck to the 6-way plug the way I thought it was supposed to go and then rewired the trailer and new 6-way...
  24. RDrancher

    RDrancher's Photo Thread

    Thought I'd start sharing photos from some of my jobs and some personal stuff.
  25. RDrancher

    The Little Blue Tractor That Could

    Not all, but most of the threads in the NH section of TBN are posted in regards to problems with our tractors and how to go about getting them fixed and back to work. We're not alone, it's the same for all of the other brand-specific sections too. So I thought...why not share all of the good...
  26. RDrancher

    Building a CUT / Skip Loader

    Hello folks. I'd like to have ya'll help me with a future build. Not sure whether this should be posted in the BUYING/PRICING/COMPARING, BUILD-IT YOURSELF, HYDRAULICS or what, so I put it here. A little background. Long before skid steers were the norm I grew up operating skip loaders, or...
  27. RDrancher

    Briggs & Stratton Help

    This happened a few months ago but I've been too busy to mess with it. Now I'd like to get it running again. The Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 14 hp on my concrete saw has always fired right up, even after sitting for months, but that's not the case now. The saw was purchased new in 1995 and was...
  28. RDrancher

    Intermitent electircal malfunction?

    Three times in the last week my tach has been dead on start-up, then starts working and stays that way all day. Yesterday the temp gauge quit working about two hours into a job, then started working a couple hours later. Any ideas?
  29. RDrancher

    Thought you folks my enjoy these pics

    Worked across the street from a pretty interesting collection yesterday. The property owner is an excavation and contract mowing contractor, third generation. All of the equipment and trucks are still there. I didn't have much time to look around, but shot a couple photos of his "yard art."
  30. RDrancher

    Where are all the laborers?

    Finding any consistent help has been a problem for me ever since I moved here to Texas. I had a list of twenty or more guys that I could call to work at the drop of a hat, but I don't have those contacts here. I won't pick up illegals off the corner and even though I don't need someone every day...
  31. RDrancher

    TC35D Dead

    This morning I went out to unload from the trailer. One clunk out of the starter then nothing. No dash lights, no solenoid clicking, no relays buzzing...nothing. I just replaced the battery so I thought maybe the alt wasn't functioning. Hooked up to the Super Duty but still nothing. I had a...
  32. RDrancher

    Canopy Question

    The canopy I have right now is metal and pretty heavy. I seem to get one or two jobs a week involving grading under a carport. Last summer I got three of those jobs in one week and ended up not bothering with the canopy at all. I'm looking at getting a canopy that's light and easy to handle...
  33. RDrancher

    Has your business picked up this year?

    A large percentage of my work involves gravel driveways, landscape grading and resolving drainage issues. We do a few concrete jobs as well. With such a mild winter, work began to pickup in December and I've just gotten busier with each week since. There's over a month's worth of jobs on the...
  34. RDrancher

    TC35D 3-Point Bounce

    So I've had this bounce and bleed-down thing going for several months. It seems to be getting a little worse now. The bounce is present anytime the 3-point is positioned from just off the ground to full height. I swear I can feel it in the loader when doing small adjustments like sliding the...
  35. RDrancher

    TC35D Final Drive Leak & More

    Today, on the second day of a 1,200 cubic yard landscape grading job I noticed a small leak around the final drive housing. I checked the tightness of all the bolts but within an hour it was a total mess. I couldn't really tell where the leak was coming from with all of the select fill dirt...
  36. RDrancher

    So how many things can you do incorrectly in an hour?

    Apparently quite a few. We all make mistakes and some of us (me) need to learn by making those mistakes. Maybe we can learn a few things NOT to do from this poor guys experience. This morning I was sitting in front of the picture window enjoying a hot cup-o-joe. A truck towing a new trailer...
  37. RDrancher

    Massey ROW Tractor

    I saw this ROW tractor the other day and though I'd share it with you Massey folks.
  38. RDrancher

    I'm Just a Little Ticked Off!

    I keep a briefcase in my truck that contains manuals for my TC35D, 16LA loader, Bush Hog shredder, and sales literature for my business. Yesterday while at Speed Zone in Dallas for a birthday someone jimmied open the rear sliding window and took the briefcase, probably thinking that it was a...
  39. RDrancher

    Bush Hog Mod?

    Over the years my Bush Hog SQ720 has really taken a beating. I mow quite a few rough properties that no one else will mow and have even done some tree clearing with it. It will flat out mow down trees up to 3" with the heavy duty blades. With all of this abuse the welds on the tailwheel frame...
  40. RDrancher

    The show must go on!

    So what do you do when your loader joystick breaks off on the job? Improvise of course! :D
  41. RDrancher

    TC35 Fuel Leak

    I developed a fuel leak at the pump on my job on Saturday. It looks to be coming from the hold-downs with pentagon-headed bolts. I have a tractor job on Monday, so I checked that everything is tight, and everything is. Couldn't really check the pentagon bolts since I didn't want to booger them...
  42. RDrancher

    Early Bird Catches Worm!

    So I'm looking through the farm & ranch for-sale section of craigslist this morning about 6 am, with plans to pick up a new grading scraper for my business and the first listing says "Ford 9N tractor and 5 implements, needs to go today! - $1,500 (Wills Point Texas). HOLD THE BUS!!! Three hours...
  43. RDrancher

    Greetings from Texas

    New member here from Sanger, Texas. I have a New Holland TC35D that gets used on a daily basis for gravel driveways, light grading and general construction use.