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  1. Zebrafive

    H240 loader, leveling indicator issue

    Oops, I missed the "H" on H240. I was thinking the older JD 240 loader, my bad :whistle: :whistle: :eek:
  2. Zebrafive

    H240 loader, leveling indicator issue

    Get the tube style.
  3. Zebrafive

    Buying Advice Considering an early 70's 830

    Range is: I II R If it has Park it is above II I never tried double clutching I had the "I" directly above the "R", but when posting it get moved to above the "II". GRRR!
  4. Zebrafive

    Deere 5500 Clutch Adjustment / Service Manual

    Clutch adjustment depends on which transmission you have. Collar shift and TSS (same procedure to adjust) OR Reverser different procedure to adjust). Post your transmission type.
  5. Zebrafive

    Replacing wheel on gator after flat

    I made a bolt as you describe for the rear wheels on my JD 2030. It has 16-9-28 tires. I got a bolt that fit and made sure it was not threaded all the way. I wanted a smooth surface to slide the wheel. I cut off the head and used a grinder to add a taper, then a hacksaw to make a slot for...
  6. Zebrafive

    Buying Advice Considering an early 70's 830

    Yes, non-synchronized. I normally only use 8th to "road" the tractor. I never use 7th. 6th is the highest I use on my property, usually moving place to place. 4th is highest I use to brush hog. Range II does not get much use (at least for me) Diesel engines have a lot of torque, they can and...
  7. Zebrafive

    Buying Advice Considering an early 70's 830

    The transmission requires complete stop to shift gears (1-4) when in range I (2-8) when in Range II. Reverse only gives gears 1-4. You must stop also to shift ranges (I & II) or to reverse. The PTO is tied to the clutch. It has a two stage clutch. Push clutch pedal part way in and transmission...
  8. Zebrafive

    Change shifter boots on 1970 820 3 cyl

    The ones on my JD 2030 screw on/off. I replaced them just to make the tractor look better.
  9. Zebrafive

    Change shifter boots on 1970 820 3 cyl

    IIRC the JD ones are screwed on. Check if new ones are available
  10. Zebrafive

    Are special tools needed to replace a clutch on a compact tractor?

    I am not familiar with your tractor. Does it have a wet or dry clutch? If a dry clutch, you will need a line up tool, but I have successfully "eye balled" the alignment.
  11. Zebrafive

    Change shifter boots on 1970 820 3 cyl

    Try warming the knobs up with a heat gun.
  12. Zebrafive

    Deere 62c deck anti-blowout kit... what's it for and should I get it?

    I added the JD kit to my 62C deck. Works, but I am not using Gator blades. I also felt the kit would reinforce the leading edge of the deck.
  13. Zebrafive

    Fuel Line Protection

    There are spots on the fuel lines of my JD 6415 that have the split loom for protection against abrasion. You buy for a lot less than JD sells it for, and indifferent materials. I would pick whatever is the most wear resistant
  14. Zebrafive

    fuel leak.

    I had to replace all the hoses (fuel lines) on my JD 6415. They started to leak at the fittings where the clamps were. Not enough line to cut them shorter. I used Gates Baricade hose. It comes in both high, and low-pressure versions. High is for fuel injected cars/trucks. I used low.
  15. Zebrafive

    1972 john deere 820 open center

    I somehow kinked that same brake line on my JD 2030. Probably snagged or hit something. I ordered a new line from JD. It came prebent with flare nuts installed. Fit perfect.
  16. Zebrafive

    John Deere 6430 4wd light flashing

    Are you getting any trouble codes? Doe hitting the brake pedals change the status of the MFWD light?
  17. Zebrafive

    WR Long Install Need Brush Guard

    "Rivet Nuts" might allow you to mount the bracket where you want to on your torque tube of your loader. I am not sure what your grill guard issue is, but I would one.
  18. Zebrafive

    John Deere 1020 died while driving

    Put range and gear levers in neutral, and see if it cranks. I am guessing the transmission is not the problem. They are pretty simple/bullet proof.
  19. Zebrafive

    Grapple Grabbed / Grabbing a Grapple

    My grapple stays on my JD 2030 almost 100% of the time. It has to come off to remove the loader, which I do when I brush hog. I have a JD 245 loader. I've tried removing the loader with the grapple on. That does not work well to remove the loader or reinstall the loader. I found I have to switch...
  20. Zebrafive

    JD 5105 Repair Thread

    I also use an engine crane/cherry picker when I remove the loader brackets from my JD 2030. Been there several times to split the tractor. You split a much bigger tractor! I've split my 2030 at least three times. One of the lines to the Independent PTO (PTO clutch) broke. Replace clutch...
  21. Zebrafive

    4310 flywheel speed sensor missing?

    The only thing I could find in the JD parts catalog is the flywheel sensor connector was not used after serial number 234501
  22. Zebrafive

    JD 5105 Repair Thread

    I also use an engine crane/cherry picker when I remove the loader brackets from my JD 2030. Been there several times to split the tractor.
  23. Zebrafive

    JD 5105 Repair Thread

    Did the tractor catch fire? Or did the battery explode? What are ViseGrip "C" clamps for in the second picture? I probably would have hooked the tow strap lower, not on the front guard. It does look like a fun, but expensive project.
  24. Zebrafive

    JD 2630 brakes

    I agree, start by freeing the pedals. After sitting unused for five years, I would change all fluids, filters, and clean the sump screen.
  25. Zebrafive

    JD 4310 hydraulics question

    It could be a coupler not properly coupled. Uncouple, then recouple, and see if that helps.
  26. Zebrafive

    Loader Joystick Grip

    Nice fix, good thing you did not need the buttons,
  27. Zebrafive

    JD2150 Rear Remote Speed

    I concur with TxJim's first suggestion, the setting of the flow on the SCV is turned down.
  28. Zebrafive

    JD 1020 Gas - what's the trick for installing the tach cable to the gage??

    Does the inner cable show any signs of being broken? It sounds too short. Have you made sure the engine end of the outer cable is properly installed?
  29. Zebrafive

    Remove ROPS

    If you are not willing to trim the trees, I would mow around them, then finish up with something else that will fit under them or not mow under them at all.
  30. Zebrafive

    2155 brakes engage

    It might be the check valve that is for each brake line at the brake valve. Parts key 16, 17, & 18. Check for contamination holding check valve open. Defective seat key 16, or weak/broken spring key 18
  31. Zebrafive

    Hydraulic hose and fitting questions

    You should be able to find the bend radius for hoses in their specs. I will assume 2 wire hose to be stiffer and have larger bend radius. The only drawback to reusable fittings I see is the cost. I like the being able to change the hose length you would get doing it yourself. Sometimes 3/4"...
  32. Zebrafive

    Mule 610 started blowing white smoke

    I know guys that go to Marinas just to buy ethanol free fuel. In my state pump gas can contain up to 10% ethanol without disclosing on the pump :mad: I also know guys that buy "canned" pre mix fuel for their two stroke equipment. Cheaper in the long run they tell me.
  33. Zebrafive

    JD 5101E Open Station won’t light up dash or spin over.

    Harder to start when cold out?
  34. Zebrafive

    What were they farming?

    Rye was my guess too. Farmer told me price for rye is low, so he sprayed it then about a week later no-tilled soybeans into the field.
  35. Zebrafive

    JD 5101E Open Station won’t light up dash or spin over.

    I wonder if an inline fuse could be put in the cold start sensor wiring harness so when the sensor fails, and the inline fuse blows the tractor still starts. Same way it starts when the sensor is unplugged.
  36. Zebrafive

    Locking fuel tank cap for 4052 tractor

    Very sad what some people will do. I had to leave my truck for repair overnight. The shop has a fenced outside lot for overnight vehicles. They made me sign a "not responsible for vehicle contents theft or damage". I told them I left my truck unlocked. Don't lock it when you are finished. I'd...
  37. Zebrafive

    Extension hoses to relocate hydraulic ports?

    I also "T"ed my loader third function lines to the rear and installed quick couplers, just incase they are needed.
  38. Zebrafive

    JD 93A backhoe control valve leak in odd place

    Do you know the manufacture of the valve? They may have website or Tech help available.
  39. Zebrafive

    Mule 610 started blowing white smoke

    Thanks for the update. Sounds like both fuel pump and carb were at fault
  40. Zebrafive

    JD 93A backhoe control valve leak in odd place

    JD parts catalog shows a check valve in that location. I can't tell how it is retained in the valve body from the drawing
  41. Zebrafive

    JD 2320 steering cylinder

    JD dealers can also check stock of JD dealers nationwide. I wanted some discontinued parts, my local dealer found another JD that had them in stock. I called that dealer that had the parts I wanted, paid by CC and had the parts shipped to me.
  42. Zebrafive

    JD 2320 steering cylinder

    JD parts shows it's available to order
  43. Zebrafive

    Would You Loan It Out?

    I am not in NJ. My state requires paper work to transfer handguns, not rifles or shotguns. This was probably 45 to 50 years ago. I learned my lesson. It was a friend of friend, not a guy I knew. Same guy screwed over my friends parents after the rifle incident.
  44. Zebrafive

    Locking fuel tank cap for 4052 tractor

    Better to have the thieves remove the cap to steal fuel than the alternative. Thieves have been drilling/punching holes in fuel tanks to steal fuel from vehicles. Letting what they can't take go on the ground. Years ago, a friend had an elevated gas storage tank. The nozzle padlocked to the...
  45. Zebrafive

    300 lawn runs 20 mins then backfires and dies

    I had a JD 300 lawn tractor that would quit after about 2 hours. Mine it was the exhaust valve would stick open when hot. IIRC later models got a sodium filled exhaust valve to cure that problem. My lawn took longer than 2 hours to mow, so I traded it in for newer model.
  46. Zebrafive


    I agree with TxJim, do not to replace the bushings (key 20) in the transmission case. R&R of these bushings can cause the transmission case to be damaged = more expensive problem.
  47. Zebrafive

    1992 john deere 425

    My JD 285 had the plastic cam gear fail. It was when starting the engine (engine failed to start). Mine lost 7 teeth in row on the plastic cam gear, so the cam was no longer rotating when I cranked the engine. IIRC these engines are ones the valves do not hit the pistons.
  48. Zebrafive

    Would You Loan It Out?

    Avenger thanks for coming back with an update. I've been on the receiving end of bad borrowers too. I guess that's how we learn. Over 30 years ago, I loaned a friend of friend a rifle to deer hunt. I was worried, but it was not a high $$ rifle, more of beater truck gun. It came back same as it...
  49. Zebrafive

    Would You Loan It Out?

    I hope you also changed you locks.
  50. Zebrafive

    Would You Loan It Out?

    When my Mom's new house, a manufactured house, (came in two halves) was delivered and set on the basement. She was required to have a bulldozer on site to pull the crane (not off road crane) around and serve as an anchor for the crane. The bulldozer operator charged for the hours he was there...