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  1. dex3361

    Which MIG wire is the best.

    All right guys. I have stick welded for years but just recently bought a Longevity Arcmate 205P. I was using Radnor .o35 wire ER706-6, and it seemed to pop and spater a lot. I was welding on clean metal that had been ground brite. Is there a premium MIG wire that I should be using? Also I tried...
  2. dex3361

    My dog my tractor buddy was laid to rest today.

    My Jack Russel Terrier has ended his reign over the little patch of ground here in WV. He was 13 or 14 years old and had a lot of life left in him. Tough to lose such a loyal companion. He was the kind of dog you would wish on a kid when they are about 7 years old. If you were out and about he...
  3. dex3361

    Do you have the Harbor Freight 15KW PTO Generator? What do you think?

    After the dust has settled from the widespread storm related power outage I am thinking of adding a PTO generator to the fleet. The best deal for the dollar appears to be the HF 15KW PTO generator. My questions to the TBN Brain-trust are: Do you have one or have experience with one? What are...
  4. dex3361


    We were hit hard and I made a run around the property at least as far as I could get.
  5. dex3361

    BX1500 first repair to be made to the deck.

    I was about half way through mowing and I heard a noise a sound and felt a vibration. I stopped and did a once over and found a spindle nut loose and the bearings were shot. I put in and order for bearings and seals so I guess it is time to do my first BX1500 repair. The tractor is a 2005 model...
  6. dex3361

    Longevity Arcmate 205P Mig/Stick welder

    I took advantage of the Longevity monthly special for the lucky TBN member who e-mailed after they post the special. I decided on the ArcMate 205P | IGBT 200AMP PULSE MIG WELDER WITH SPOOL GUN CAPABILITY AND 160AMP STICK WELDER. Does anybody have any experience with this particular unit...
  7. dex3361

    What size Rear Finish Mower for a 37 PTO HP

    I know the rule of thumb is 5 HP per foot but my BX1500 only has 15HP at the engine and I run a 54" belly mower on it. Are finish mowers less of a load? I am thinking of getting a rear finish mower for the L4400 and I would like to go as wide as possible possibly 96". I have never used a rear...
  8. dex3361

    Going downhill with a Kubota L4400 HST Video

    I made a couple of poor quality tractor videos of using my tractor while I was hauling firewood back to the wood lot. I had my old camera and decided to video a trip downhill and then another back uphill. I couldnt figure out how to load a video here on TBN so I just put a link to the video on...
  9. dex3361

    ECHO 330T anybody have or use one?

    I ordered an ECHO CS330-T top handle saw. I liked the looks of it and I have a few apple trees and about 40 acres of brush to whittle around on. I have a larger saw (Sindawa 488) that I use for firewood. Just wanted the thoughts of others that may have one or used one.
  10. dex3361

    Merry CHRISTmas to all.

    Merry CHRISTmas to all. I hope everybody has a great CHRISTmas HOLYday.
  11. dex3361

    I have been dreading this day for 20 years

    Tomorrow my beautiful little baby girl is getting married. I will be a mess. This horrible guy is taking her away. Well maybe he's not horrible but he is taking her away. I have enjoyed raising her. She is always the one to challenge every rule you make. So tomorrow at about 1pm EDT pray for...
  12. dex3361

    SNAKES ALIVE. Can you ID these snakes?

    Here are some snake pics from this evening. Test your snake ID skills and guess what they are.
  13. dex3361

    Which Landscape Rake for rocks and why?

    Looking to get a Landscape rake to clean up the rocks of various sizes out of loose soil of a few projects and I want a rake that will angle. I have a L4400 HST and I use a 7 foot BB so I thought I would get a 7 foot landscape rake. Here is a pic of the current project from a barn demolition...
  14. dex3361

    Weed eater which one is low vibration and light weight?

    My wife is asking for a gasoline weed eater. So like a good husband who hates to run a weed eater I am looking for one that will be a joy for her to operate.:) She has tried using my brush cutters and would only use it for a few minutes and complain of the vibration hurting her. I was thinking...
  15. dex3361

    Kubota L4400 Bent Front End Loader Dump Cylinder UHOH

    Well I have done it now I was using the grapple to extricate small stumps and caught the rake as I was backing up and bent the Dump cylinder on the right side. I got online and have been searching for replacement cylinders and it seem as though they are and odd size. The tractor is a Kubota...
  16. dex3361

    Barn Razing: cleaning up the past

    I have this old dairy barn that is and has been way beyond repair. The fellow that built it used what he had available at the time to build it. He poured the concrete for the foundation, floor and the wall bases with rock and sand from the creek and even field stone. This made the concrete very...
  17. dex3361

    My mother was attacked by a dog yesterday.

    My mother was attacked by a dog and just so happen I had my camera. Oh the carnage. Nothing can bring on a smile like a child or a puppy. :D Merry CHRISTmas
  18. dex3361

    What CHRISTmasmas means to me.

    I wanted to wish all of the folks on TBN a Merry CHRISTmas. For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counseller, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6
  19. dex3361

    Generator Diesel Fuel Consumption and Rules of Thumb with questions.

    I had to do some research for a large group of diesel generators sized from 6.5KW all the way up to 1200KW(1.2 Megawatt). Part of the research involved calculating the potential fuel consumption of the units. We all know that the fuel usage will vary with the load and that leaves an infinite...
  20. dex3361

    What is that smell yuck. I hate this job.

    Been having problems with the septic system. I moved into the house in 87 and had installed a correctly installed system when I built the house. It has a 1000 gallon tank that I had pumped out about 2 years ago. It seems as though the leach be will no longer take the amount of water that we are...
  21. dex3361

    Vintage Tractor Pics From WV State Fair

    My darling daughter and her boyfriend went to the WV state fair and they saw tractors and she thought of her dad and took pics. I love my daughter. Her are a few for your enjoyment.
  22. dex3361

    Copper Head in the water

    I was brush cutting today because I always seem to see a copper head or two around this time of year. I guess they come down close to the water to dine. I saw this one stretched out in the water as I was going by on the tractor. This one was about +or- 27" long. He even posed for a pic.
  23. dex3361

    L3700SU compared to B3300SU Pics

    In case someone is in the market I saw a L3700SU and a B3300SU sitting side by side perfect for some pictures.
  24. dex3361

    Are there any issues with Gator Blades on a BX1500 with a 54" deck ?

    I have read about the Gator Blades and I wonder if they rob any of the power. I have a BX1500 and a 54" deck and it does good on the factory blades. Has anybody used them on the BX1500 with a 54" deck and if so what are your thoughts? Thanks
  25. dex3361

    Dirt Moving Worked on the slope with the FEL

    Worked the L4400 on the slopes with the FEL I had posted a while back about the Sub Soiler(SS) on the FEL and I posted some pics of the hill side that I loosened up early in the winter. Spring is when I can do alot of dirt work without stressing the machine because the soil is loose. The...
  26. dex3361

    Weak FEL on L4400 with Anbo grapple lifting rocks? With Pics

    Worked the L4400 with Anbo grapple lifting rocks today. I was working with the L4400 today and I was warned about the weak FEL. Here is a few pics cause I know that you all like pics. The L4400 is a great hillside tractor. I have the rear R1s set to the widest setting. In the first pic I am...
  27. dex3361

    Kentucky Turtle Man, are you sure he's not from WV

    A buddy of mine sent this to me. I thought this was great. This guy is crazy(for catching these snapping turtles). Kentucky Turtle Man
  28. dex3361

    BX1500 Question for the the Kubota braintrust.

    I have a Kubota BX1500 and I was going through the maintenance and I could not find a grease fitting for the front axle pivot point. Does anybody know where it is? Is there even a grease fitting? I have looked and I cant find one.
  29. dex3361

    What is holding this building up?

    What is holding this building up? I thought I would post this for a laugh. Could this be a helium filled building? Could it be attached with a sky hook? no wait I know its been photo shopped? You decide.
  30. dex3361

    Grapple Grapple question, how are your Hyd Quick Connects mounted on the FEL.

    I bought a used grapple and I currently have it set up to operate off of the rear remote. I havent seen a good mounting system for the front Hydraulic quick connects on the FEL(pioneer type). I am presently connecting them and strapping it down with a bungee cord and this is not what I think is...
  31. dex3361

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Grapples make lousey snow plows oh well.

    I know it is a goofy thead title. But hey I was out in the cold to long today. Neighbor down the road had a few trees damaged in the snow storm we had before Christmas and I went to give him a hand. Here is the tree before starting. This tree is some type of cedar that is about 45 years old.
  32. dex3361

    Kubota L4400 Bucket level indicator. Do you have one?

    I was researching the Kubota Parts manual and looking at options and found the Bucket level indicator option and decided to order one up and do an install. I will post pics later today or tomorrow.
  33. dex3361

    Have you checked your RPM's today?

    I ran across something today while I was doing the break in on a small diesel generator. To adjust the frequency you have to precisely adjust the RPM's. While I had the equipment available I thought I would check the PTO RPM's on the L4400 HST to see how accurate the speed is well I found out my...
  34. dex3361

    Small diesel generators

    I have been running the 18 year old Generac (bottom of the line 4000w gas generator) generator. I wonder if any of my fellow TBNers have any experience with the Aurora Diesel generators. I have been using the 4KW thats running since it was new for backup power. We had the heavy wet snow that hit...
  35. dex3361

    How many hours on your hst transmission no matter who made it.

    I see a lot of "How many hours" threads and it may have already been asked but here goes anyway. How many hours do you have on your tractor that has a Hydro Static Transmission (HST). It doesn't matter what brand it is I am just curious about age survival. If you have a HST tractor that had a...
  36. dex3361

    Grapple Anbo Grapple anybody know about these?

    I just got a new to me (used) Anbo grapple. I was going to build one but run across this deal and needed to use it now. Its a GRM 66" and I would describe it as a grapple rake. I will post some pics later today. Any info would be appreciated.
  37. dex3361

    Worked the kubota a litttle today

    Helped the neighbor cut a couple trees down. Here are a few pics. The trees looked much bigger on the ground.
  38. dex3361

    Where can I find ready made bushings?

    I am getting ready to make a grapple for my FEL and the only issue in my way is what to use for bushings on the pivot points? I know I could use something like black pipe but I would think it would be to soft. I do not have a lathe so I want to stay with what I can make work by purchasing the...
  39. dex3361

    Have you tried the HF metal cutting Circ Saw?

    I picked up the Harbor Freight Metal Cutting Circ Saw #8897 and it does a great job. I hope they come out with a 14 Chop saw style with this blade and RPM. I cut some 1/4" mild steel plate at a rate of 6" in about 40 seconds and even tried some 3/4" and at a rate of 6" in about 120 seconds. I...
  40. dex3361

    Box Scraper Box blade weighting, do you add weight?

    I have a 7 foot BB on my L4400 Hst and I have found that if I am doing any aggressive work it needs weight to heelp it into the ground even with the ripper shanks. Do any of many members add weight to their BB or am I alone here. I added a 8" Box Tube off of my old tractor onto the BB to use as...
  41. dex3361

    Sub soiler on a FEL

    I was working today in the garage on a few projects like a Skid Steer Quick Detach By # point hitch and I think it turned out ok. I will have to await till it warms up to paint it though. I tried out a sub soiler that I adapted to go on in the forward direction. I am going to use the sub soiler...
  42. dex3361

    Front End Loader Pressure check

    My friend has a L4400HST and was questioning the FEL lift ability. The first pic the location of pressure relief block. The second pic is the hex head that holds the pressure relief spring and adjustment shims.
  43. dex3361


    I can' leave my tractor alone for a minute if it not the wife or my son the dog jumps on it and everybody knows that dogs are lousy tractor operators. I included a picture of the rock that the dog dug up (nobody told him how weak a LA701A FEL is) so anyway there will be no kibbles for him this...
  44. dex3361

    Pics form the L4400HST work today

    I have been working the L4400HST a little, while off from Cristmas. I had to do it eventually but it still makes you want to pot a little I was pushing over some dead trees and on caused anothe to fall and it dinged my hood. oh well I am glad it was the hood and not my head. I have been working...
  45. dex3361

    Is a tooth bar a good add on?

    I have a question to all of the seasoned FEL equiped tractorowners out there. I have run smaller utility tractors (35-45 HP range) for about 20 years but the L4400 is the first one with a FEL. ere is the question, does a tooth bar really help a great deal when using the FEL? If so, what are the...
  46. dex3361

    New L4400-1 HST arriving later today

    This is my first time on TBN though I have been reading the posts for a few months. I have ordered a L4400HST from Brady Barlow. I also am receiving a BX1500 54"MMM used at the same time. I appreciate all of the info and advice that floats around in the forum.