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    Everything Attachments 6% OFF

    Hey guys, in case you haven't heard, take 6% off by entering coupon code 6x6 at checkout. We VERY rarely have discounts, so take advantage of this one through Monday, August 15th at Travis
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    EA COUPON thru July 4th!! #Merica

    We almost never have any discounts/coupons/sales, but heeeere we go! Travis
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    WICKED Toothbar will Transform Your Bucket

    Wicked Toothbar has been on the market for about 1.5 years now, and because of the bucket strengthening and enhancing design, it has accumulated over 200 reviews on our website to back up this thread's title. When you're purchasing something that's 100% composed of metal, you should know what...
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    Everything Attachments Wait Time

    Hey guys, I am very excited to announce that EA Attachments have NEVER shipped so fast. Many attachments are shipping the same day as the order is placed. Historically, the wait time for our products has been quite ugly and we've hated it as much as those having to wait grueling amounts of...
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    Wicked TOOTH BAR for Tractor Buckets!!!!

    A Wicked Toothbar has been on the back burner for wayyyy too long. We've had many requests...well, basically customers begging us to put a Wicked spin on a tooth bar. You know, make the meanest, strongest, most premium and capable tooth bar on the Planet. The time is now!! * Custom built...
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    American Dream

    I hope everyone recognizes EA as the most transparent and approachable company with the best customer service in the industry. If not, please try us! The dream is alive and the struggle is real. Our dedication to designing, creating, and providing you with the best tractor attachments money...
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    True 3rd Function Kit for Deere 120R Loader?

    This is Awesome News, guys! The Custom 3rd function hydraulic kit we offer is now available for new 1 Series John Deere tractors with the 120R loader. This means you don't have to settle for a diverter kit and will allow you to run your grapple like the big boys! It is the highly reviewed(250+...
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    Exciting News at Everything Attachments!!

    I composed the following this morning for my Everything Attachments Group and will extend it to the TBN Community! Travis What's Up at EA? First of all, HAPPY SPRING!! 🌼 We're having one heck of a run. Support from the EA Group is AMAZING!!! Many of you guys recommend us and tag me in other...
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    Add an inexpensive loader to BX 2350/2360/2660/2370/2670

    We just installed this loader on Rick's BX2370 Kubota tractor and I decided to take some pics and add it to the website with a quite attractive price, which includes free shipping to a business or freight terminal within 1,000 miles of Newton, NC. These BX tractors come "loader ready" from the...
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    Kubota L2501,L3301,L3901 Grapple Gallery

    When us guys are proud of something, we take pics and show it off. EA is VERY fortunate to have so many proud customers showing off our products. Here's the magic 1-2 punch which makes our Wicked Grapples the BEST, most popular and photographed grapples on the market: The lightweight...
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    72" EA Brush Cutter*Check Your Shaft*

    A few months ago, EA made some staff changes in the final assembly department, which apparently resulted in some 72" rotary cutters going out with the wrong length PTO shafts. If you have a 72" EA brush cutter, please check the COLLAPSED OVERALL length of the shaft. If it is 46" overall, the...
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    If you do not see, please ignore

    I've been looking at Wicked Grapples lately. They are regarded as the best grapple on any shade of tractor.
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    Utility Tractor Grapple Dream

    Greetings TBN tractor lovin gurus and those from the outside looking in! I feel like I've neglected you guys because my phone frequently keeps my mind from wandering over this way. I do want to share some exciting news from the EA World...VERY exciting IMO because grapples are totally my...
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    Which WICKED Grapple? A Guide.

    Which Wicked Grapple? There really is no easy answer, so I came up with this "guide" to choosing the best grapple. Feel free to add your Wicked thoughts. Descriptive photos for certain tasks will also be helpful. We can use this as a resource for new grapple shoppers! Travis First!! Whatever...
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    New WICKED one..Grapple, that is!!

    I always keep you guys informed early and often when it comes to new builds. This is another VERY special one unlike anything else on the market. Our Ultra Light Wicked 55 rake style grapple, which is ideal for subcompact and small compact tractors under 40hp, has been out for about a year...
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    Working EA Pine Straw Rake!

    An action video of the EA Pine Needle Rake is something we've never made, but I found this one on YouTube earlier. It's on a TURBO John Deere 1025R of all things. :eek: Check it out. Travis
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    Subcompact Grapple Action!!

    First thing yesterday morning, Ted told me he was going out to the factory for a little testing of our new EA Wicked Grapple Rake. My first thought was....Video Time!!! Nate packed up the cameras, made the ~5 mile trek to the factory, gathered up Peanut and they were filming in no time. This...
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    WICKED Grapple Rake for SMALL Tractors

    Check out this little grapple. 48" with a BX pin on mount. 54" with skid steer & JD quick attach. These will be GREAT for small tractors like the B/BX Kubota, 1025R John Deere, 2xxx serie JD and similar. Let us know what you think. More to come.... Travis Click for full size images:
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    Land Pride

    For those who didn't see this in the Attachments forum: Long story short... We have some Land Pride product to move. The attached spread sheet shows List Price & Selling Price. Contact me by PM, call 866-581-5818, or at [email protected] for a shipping quote. Keep in mind...
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    Long story short... We have some Land Pride product to move. The attached spread sheet shows List Price & Selling Price. Contact me by PM, call 866-581-5818, or at [email protected] for a shipping quote. Keep in mind.... We get EXCELLENT freight rates because of the high...
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    Mini Skid Steer Wicked Grapple!!

    Anyone mini skid steer owners out there?? If so, we have a Wicked Grapple for you! Customers have requested for a while, so now we're delivering an awesome product built from high grade steel at a reasonable price. The new Mini Wicked Grapple has a lot in common with our 50" Wicked Grapple for...
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    Demand for a PT Grapple??

    I'll admit, I do not know much about these cool little machines, but we had a customer that demanded one of our 50" Wicked Grapples for his Power Trac PT425. We obliged and are in the process of building it. I have a couple questions... 1. Do most/all power tracs share the same triangular...
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    New EA Land Plane(LPGS)

    Here's a sneak peek at the new Land Shark land leveler with ripper shanks, which will be offered in 48", 60" and 72" widths. It is made in our factory and outfitted with US Made cutting edges and ripper shanks. This one isn't as robust as our current models, which have fully welded, category...
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    BX Universal Quick Attach(SSQA)

    We really like it!! It makes switching out attachments a breeze and only weighs 60 pounds! Coming soon to Pics of the quick attach with our EA 50" Wicked Grapple installed:
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    Best Box Blade for BX & Subcompact Tractors

    Many subcompact tractor attachments leave a lot to be desired. Subcompact tractors, like the Kubota BX, do not necessarily require special attachments... You can hook up and get by with many category 1 implements designed for larger tractors, but they're just not IDEAL. If an attachment...
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    Land Shark Hydraulic Landscape Rake

    Here's a sneak peek at our heaviest duty rake yet. The rake hasn't made it to the website yet, but we usually give you guys the first look at our new products. The 84" rake shown is configured with a hydraulically adjustable, center mounted gauge wheel as well as hydraulic angle and...
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    New Creating a Garden Video Series

    Follow along with Ted and Peanut as they transform some grass covered land at Ted's house into a nice garden plot with some of the nicest attachments on the market! First, I'll share some info on the tractors they'll be using. Kubota BX2670 subcompact with R4 tires and LA243 front end loader...
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    Fixing our BX Post Hole Digger

    For years, we've been making our 3pt. EA Post Hole Diggers for tractors ranging from subcompacts up to larger utility sized machines. The EA Compact PHD was designed to work with small tractors like the B & BX Kubotas. It has worked. It gets the job done and allows enough clearance for you to...
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    NEW Land Shark Landscape Rake

    Here's a sneak peek of our new landscape rake. What do you think?
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    Kubota BX Post Hole Digger

    Has anyone had a problem with the toplink end of their Land Pride post hole digger boom bottoming out on the BX toplink bracket assembly? Notice how close it is in the picture(inside the red box). The lift is partially lowered because the auger is in the ground.....
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    a WICKED GRAPPLE photo thread

    A FUN PHOTO THREAD where current owners show off their tractors with Wicked Grapples. I have taken and gathered many Wicked Grapple photos posted by customers on TBN and the EA Facebook page since 2012. Why not share and discuss them? If you have a Wicked Grapple, post many pics as often as...
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    Can a Grapple Tear Down the HOUSE??

    Ummmm. .... The answer appears to be YES..... Here's the story: "Now I'm not very big on praise, as I have the bar set pretty high when it comes to my expectations of items I purchase. When I was in the market for some kind of grapple bucket for my new Kubota L4701 I did my research and came...
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    A Few Moments with Ted concerning

    In this video, Ted sits down to openly share some details about Everything Attachments. He talks about the past and present, along with plans for the future of our business including the new Land Shark line. None of Ted's videos are rehearsed, including this one, so everything he says is...
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    Grapple for Subcompact like the JD 1025R & Kubota B/BX

    We have received a lot of positive feedback from customers with subcompact tractors who have purchased our EA 50" Wicked Grapple. If you have a subcompact tractor, give our lightweight grapple a serious look. There's nothing else on the market like a Wicked Grapple. The capability of your...
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    What would keep your Grapple out of the FIRE?

    The debate of JIC fittings vs. pipe thread fittings has been discussed a few times. We use pipe fittings on all of our Wicked Grapples because they are much stronger and more accessible for customers to buy should a breakdown or mishap occur. I stumbled across this youtube video that Eric...
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    There's about to be a New Shark in the Waters!!!

    One of the main goals of our business here at Everything Attachments is to offer products packed with more value than our customers can find at the local dealer. We achieve this by using superior designs, modern tools in our factory and the best US materials that can be found. We are...
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    Calling all EA Faithful Customers!!!

    We've been shipping steel across the USA and beyond for years in the shape and form of High Quality Tractor & Skid Steer Attachments. It's high time we make a recognizable, visual name for ourselves, don't you think? Coming Soon, many products made in the Everything Attachments factory will...
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    Site Wide Coupon Code for 1 Week Only!

    Merry Christmas from Everything Attachments!! Enter coupon code "Christmas 2015" and receive 5% OFF your entire order. Offer valid now thru Thursday, December 10th 2015. *can not be combined with any other offer
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    20% OFF and Free Shipping on all Snow Chains by EverythingAttachments For the month of December, you can enter promotional code "DECEMBER" and save 20% on all tractor snow chains!! Free ground shipping within the Continental US. Heavier chains will need to ship to a staffed business or freight terminal for free...
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    Blake Shelton and his Tractor to the Rescue!

    Blake pulled some guys out of the mud with his JD tractor. I shared the story here: Blake Shelton Rescues Stranded Teens Too bad he didn't have a Wicked Grapple on his John Deere! :laughing: Travis
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    This Thing Rocks....Clamps, Digs, Pulls, Pries, Lifts, & Carries!!!

    The New Intimidator by Danuser is an extremely versatile and innovative tool for numerous applications. For Rocks, Boulders, Bushes, Saplings, Trees, Posts, Stumps and more. This thing will get it done!!! Weighing in at 630 pounds, it comes equipped with a skid steer quick attach, hoses and...
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    Attempted Grapple Destruction

    Before you watch the video, keep in mind..... It's cheaper for us to tear up a grapple and scratch a new tractor than it is to fix multiple, untested grapples after delivery. Ted's brother is a Kubota Dealer so we buy them at cost and then we'll sell them as "Only used on Sunday by...
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    Kubota TV Commercial Surprise

    One of our customers from Fairbanks, Alaska told me that they filmed a portion of this TV ad at his farm. Check it out and you'll see our Everything Attachments Wicked Grapple on his L4600.
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    WICKED Utility Grapple!!!

    Who wants to carry a few hundred pounds of dead weight around, making your tractor feel sluggish and less agile for nothing?? Installing an 800-1000 pound grapple on a large compact or utility tractor under 80hp just doesn't make sense. The perfect grapple for those tractors was needed, so now...
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    Very Proud of our Box Blades!!

    We are VERY proud to say that ALL of the Cutting Edges and Ripper Shanks that we use are Made in the USA! What other mfg. that can say that for EVERY single model offered? We hope that you always consider us when shopping for attachments!! Travis
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    I was torn between starting a new thread for this new grapple OR just mixing it into the compact Wicked Grapple thread. Finally, I decided on a new thread for this NEW ANIMAL!!!! I'll start by describe the Wicked Utility Grapple since I can't post any photos. :confused2: I do have some...
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    OUR NEW TRACTOR was just delivered!!! Check it out!

    The truck just pulled in. Kubota L6060 ready for testing and showing off our attachments!! :cool2: Hopefully the first video will be the newest version of our Wicked Root Grapple with the bigger cylinders and wider opening! Travis
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    Testing the ETA BRUSH CUTTER with a TL90

    We recently acquired a new to us New Holland TL90 and turned the PTO horsepower up to over 100. This week, it started earning it's keep by putting our 72" Everything Attachments Brush Cutter to the test. This Premium, Rounded Deck Rotary Cutter features a 75 HP slip clutch protected gearbox...
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    Turning up the fuel on a diesel turbo charged tractor New Holland TL-90

    I posted this on the attachments forum where most members know us, but wanted to post it here for those that don't look over there. We add some serious horsepower to a New Holland TL-90 tractor quickly and for free.
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    Turning up the fuel on a diesel turbo charged tractor New Holland TL-90

    We add some serious horsepower to a New Holland TL-90 tractor quickly and for free. Here's the uncut, non rehearsed video: