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  1. Rob41

    12'h x 16' w Roll up door vs panel door

    On my main barn I have the standard sliding doors but I'd like to upgrade to an electric roll up or panel type bay door and I've got a few questions. My opening is 12' h x 16' wide. 1) Is there much of a cost difference? 2) Will one hold up better to windy conditions? 3) What are the pros and...
  2. Rob41

    Log Splitter....had to pre-order for May 2022

    I got a wood stove for my barn/workshop and will likely put one in my house to cut down on winter heating too. I have plenty of free wood on my land so that's not an issue. I really don't want yet another engine to maintain so I decided to go with am electric log splitter. Most of what I've...
  3. Rob41

    Installed a rear camera and tested it tonight.

    I got a $220 Amazon special that seemed to be highly rated: It should have taken maybe 25-30 minutes to install but I ended up having to spend a fun filled 2 hours doing it. My biggest issue was finding a good keyed...
  4. Rob41

    What kind of brakes on M7040 & how hard is it to renew?

    I'm asking because I still haven't got used to the poorly designed way the emergency brake is set up on the M7040. That and the driver needs to pay attention more :P I keep driving off with it still engaged so it must be taking a toll on them. I don't even know what type of brakes they are...
  5. Rob41

    Should I buy this 1949 Allis Chalmaers C?

    I always thought most people that had vintage tractors like this either had it passed down or found one like grandpa used to have. Thinking it was just for the nostalgia. Here I am, a guy who didn't grow up on a farm and nobody in my family unless you go way back has either. I just got my first...
  6. Rob41

    Cab fan to keep fog away.....suction cup style!

    So I got this 6" suction cup fan to keep my backglass fog free while doing snow removal. I thought I'd give it a shot instead of wiring up a traditional fan that would also require making holes in my cab. And it's brought to you by the good folks at HueLiv....just like grandpa had.....not, lol...
  7. Rob41

    The M7040 got a 7' snow blower today :)

    I called the Kubota dealer and asked them if the snow blower was ready for me to pick up (they had to cut the PTO shaft_ and they said yep. Sweet, They load it on the trailer and I've finally got it home. I picked it off my trailer and started to hook everything up. Got the lifting arms set up...
  8. Rob41

    M7040 Cab full LED conversion

    Probably covered a million times but I thought I'd share what worked for me. I changed out the headlights to plug and play LED units. They seem to be very well made are a simple installation and much, much brighter than the OEM...
  9. Rob41

    Kubota M7040 with grooved R4's

    First off I have two disclaimers: 1. Only did the fronts so far.....will do the rears in a couple days. 2. My perspective is that of a first time tractor owner with zero experience.....ever on a tractor. I found a lot of R4 tire grooving info but only on tractors up to about an L series Kubota...
  10. Rob41

    Need info on rotary tiller for my specific needs

    I know there have been similar posts but I couldn't really find what I need to know. I'm new at this and tend to jump in with both feet but given the cost of attachments, I need to lean on your collective wisdom. Tractor-Kubota M7040-61 PTO hp Use-Till 400'x100' garden and about 3-4 acres of...
  11. Rob41

    Need info for a rear window wiper kit for Kubota M7040

    Hi all, As it says I'm trying to find a rear window wiper kit if they are available. I haven't been able to find anything so far and I'd like to have an idea what they should cost before I ask the dealer. My glass already has plugged holes in the back glass and all of the associated wiring and...
  12. Rob41

    Thanks for helping me get this :)

    After lurking and hopefully learning from everyone here, I finally got my first tractor today. It's a 2012 Kubota M7040 with 435 hours that's been garage kept all these years. Got the zerks greased up today, the coolant tested good, changed the wiper blade and peeled all the factory plastic...
  13. Rob41

    Need wiper blade info for M7040 please

    I googled and tried searching for references/part numbers for replacement wiper blades for the cab of my M7040 that aren't the expensive Kubota branded ones, but couldn't find anything. I'm sure there are better wiper blades out there and I'd like to replace them before I have to start snow blowing.
  14. Rob41

    Anybody have experience with a 3-pt NorTrac snow blower?

    I spent more than I had planned on my M7040 but I still need to get a rear mounted snow blower pretty soon. Something like a a Woodmax with hydraulic controls is what I want.....NorTrac is what I can more easily afford right now. I have read some accounts online of people who think they are...
  15. Rob41

    Got a 2012 M7040 for my first tractor.....couple questions

    I'm a Chief Engineer on a ship, but this is my first tractor. The M7040 has a little over 400 hours and is in excellent condition. The owner changed nothing but I'm guessing he did the basic services and maintenance. Is there anything I should give particular attention to to make sure...
  16. Rob41

    Hi all, first tractor and a few questions

    Hi everyone, I've been a lurker for about two years trying to learn as much as I can, particularly with regard to which tractor to purchase. Thank you for all the information and experience you guys have! I've had my new house on almost 40 acres for a year but I work on Navy ships so I've only...