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  1. johnk

    Thoughts on GST transmissions

    I have a 3130 gst I bought new in 2005. The only thing I did was change the fluids and it went through 1 battery.
  2. johnk

    Thoughts on GST transmissions

    2005 3130 no problems.
  3. johnk

    I beam leveler for my deer food plots

    I welded up some I beams and used a sono tube filled with concrete for weight to help level my food plots. Works good so far.
  4. johnk

    Kubota RTV-XG850

    Kubota just came out with a new gasser UTV. Reading the stats it sounds impressive with the dump box engine braking etc. Listing around 14,600. Any thoughts??
  5. johnk

    A few autumn pics

    A few autimn pics from this last weekend.
  6. johnk

    Honda pioneer 1000-3 eps

    Does anyone own one of these? I was thinking of selling my Polaris ranger 500 efi and getting one of these as a step up. I need downhill braking, and I like the load capacity of the Honda in the specs. I had many Hondas and never had a problem with them. For that matter my Polaris Rancher 500...
  7. johnk

    Cabin Snow pics

    Still quite a bit of snow on the ground for this time of year but had a great time digging out and getting ready for spring at my cabin. L3130 has never let me down...
  8. johnk

    Cut an Ash Tree Yesterday

    The Emerald ash borer is killing a lot of trees in my area so I might as well start using the wood before it's too late.. Kubota worked out well as I was a 1 man work party.
  9. johnk

    Kubota Super UDT

    I just bought 11 gallons for my scheduled Hydraulic change on my Kubota 3130 GST. I paid 102 dollars per 5 gallon bucket and 42 dollars for the hydro filter. On top of that I got a 10 percent veteran discount on the total bill which I thought was pretty neat. I always put the correct best...
  10. johnk

    Kubota Repairs

    Not to start a war on brands and such but I feel the need to mention this..... As you cruise through the other brands of tractors a lot of folks are posting about a lot more problems than Kubota owners are posting on the Kubota boards. I am a Kubota owner and glad I bought one. It seems there...
  11. johnk

    Kubota grand l 3130 battery

    I just came back from my property and had to put the charger on my poor Kubota as the battery has finally decided to weaken substantially. I want to replace the one that has been in there for seven years but I forgot to see what group or dimensions it had on it. I want to pick one up and install...
  12. johnk

    Trail groomed with box scraper

    Couple of vids of trails I did with my tractor. View from UTV. Upper Trail Video by gizmo285 | Photobucket
  13. johnk

    New Shoes

    Ordered the tires and received them in 2 days free shipping. Can't wait to put them on. I have a 2012 Polaris 500 efi and I wore out the Stock 489's. These should be a huge improvement over the stockers.
  14. johnk

    Underground elictric to Pole barn

    I am running underground 2x2x2x4 al underground cable 85 ft from my cabin to my pole barn. I am going to come out of my panel in cabin with 60 amp breaker and go to sub panel in pole barn to a 50amp breaker. I will be using a separate ground bar in the sub panel to separate neutral and ground...
  15. johnk

    Waiting patiently for its new home

    I feel your pain. I'm in the same boat....
  16. johnk

    Some good information

    While surfing the net I came across another tractor board I was never on and it was pretty informative. Just thought I'd pass it along.. Welcome to
  17. johnk

    Block Heater install

    I found a scanned copy of my instructions of how to install a freeze plug block heater. It took me about a half an hour a few years back. If anyone living in a cooold climate wondered what it entails I hope the instructions help you..
  18. johnk

    Kubota engines for sale

    Found this on CL. Interesting............Seems like a super deal. Never Used Kubota Diesel Engines (2)
  19. johnk

    Venison sticks

    Fired up the smoker and made some venison sticks. Kept me busy for the whole day. Hardest part is cleaning up after your done.
  20. johnk

    Considering Small Side By Side, Gator 550, Polaris Ranger 400/500? Any Thoughts?

    [/ATTACH]One of the best upgrades is to make a windshield for it. I bought a sheet of Lexan at Lowes for 68.00 and used 1 1/2 EMT clips to bolt it to the rollbar. Sure is nice cruising at 30 MPH on a cold day with no wind chill in your face.
  21. johnk

    Tree Id needed

    Now that I know it's hickory I'll save some for smoking and the rest for the woodburner. I dragged out cut split and stacked about 6 face cords from last Monday to Thursday. The tractor pic shows part of the 1 Hickory trunk I dragged out..
  22. johnk

    Tree Id needed

    It really didn't smell like bacon and was quite moist. Here's a hi-res of the bark. I'm thinkin pignut hickory also. Click on the pic and then click it again and it should enlarge..The 2 on top should also go hires if double clicked..
  23. johnk

    Tree Id needed

    I cut down a tree I thought was an ash but after further review I don't know what it is. It was very stringy when splitting and the heartwood was quite red. Here are some pics and see what you think.
  24. johnk

    A little birdy picture

    This guy was hanging around my cabin and scared the well out of my grandkids..
  25. johnk

    More Fawn pics

    Here are a few fawn and mama pics from the other day. The little one was doing sprints back and forth and then would cuddle under mama and take a drink. My wife and I had a great time watching the show. Pics aren't real clear because they were through my window. The little one was playing just...
  26. johnk

    Built me a new Deer Blind

    I finished this up a couple of weeks ago. It is 6ftx8ft and built on 6x6's. The bugs were biting but I got her done. Built it all out of PT wood and a metal roof. Should last till my grandkids are old enough to deer hunt. Sure better than the 3 2x4's I used to stand on .....The finishing touch...
  27. johnk

    Making trails

    A vid of my Kubota 3130 grooming my trails...The second one is climbing my 18 degree grade. Doesn't look it but veeery steep and off camber.......... DSC_0062.AVI - YouTube
  28. johnk

    Best engine braking UTV

    I was wondering in real life experiences what UTV has great downhill braking ability using the engine to slow the vehicle without using the brakes? I am in the market for a UTV and have pretty steep hills to contend with. Your opinions are appreciated. I was looking at Polaris, Yamaha, Husqvarna...
  29. johnk

    Block Htr install Instructions

    I just found a set of instructions I copied when I installed my freeze plug block htr a couple years back. If someone is planning on getting one here is how they are installed so you know in advance. Hope it helps someone................
  30. johnk

    Ariens snow blower

    I just bought an Ariens Deluxe 2 stage 28" snowblower w/ Polar Force engine at Home Depot. They were back-ordered already. I only had to wait a week and now I have it. My son bought one last year same model and he said it's a real beast and he used to work at SEARs many moons ago and sold...
  31. johnk

    Ford f-250 diesel

    Here is one all the other brand owners can critique.... Comments??? ?Mostly Stock? Ford F-250 Runs 182 MPH at Bonneville .: Articles
  32. johnk

    ID this snake

    This snake was apprx 18 inches long and I found him under a rock. I live in Western NY. Can't seem to find a match on an internet search. It looked out of the ordinary to me that's why I took the pics.............??????
  33. johnk

    And yet another tractor mishap...

    Luckily it seems he is alright...... Somerset man hurt in tractor mishap - Niagara County - The Buffalo News
  34. johnk

    Mother and Kids

    Walked by the window of my cabin. I'd say she has her hands full. I counted nine lil ones...
  35. johnk

    Abandoned newborn

    I was cutting the grass at my cabin an about 30 feet down a slope Lo and Behold I spotted some dots.. It was there for a whole day and mom didn't come back as of this morning. Hopefully she'll be back and I didn't approach and let Nature take its course.Melted my heart though.
  36. johnk

    Good Kubota info

    Some frequently asked questions on TBN answered here from Kubota. Oils, engine manufacture dates etc. For what its worth... Kubota Engine America - Compact Diesel Engines
  37. johnk

    Good Link to Kubota Questions

    Oils to use, date of engine manufacture etc. For what its worth..... Kubota Engine America - Compact Diesel Engines
  38. johnk

    Thumb Tillers at TSC

    Was up at my TSC today to buy some bolts in bulk and checked out the attachment inventory. Looks like they are gearing up for the spring because they had to have at least 8 tillers, 5 Middle Busters, a couple sub soilers and about 3 rectangular frame discs and quite a few brush cutters...
  39. johnk

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Had Enough Yet??

    I hope this is the last big snow of the season. The snow started coming in late fall and hasn't let up all winter. Enough is enough. It was fun in the beginning but now I can't wait to smell the freshly mown grass.. Anyone else feel this way??:laughing:
  40. johnk

    Snow at my Cabin

    Took a ride up to my cabin with my son to help shovel off the roof. There was quite a bit of snow up there. Couldn't make it up the driveway with my truck so my son carried the ladder and I carried the shovels. The roof had almost 4 foot of snow on it. As you can see from the roof. My son...
  41. johnk

    Mt Lion Vs Bear

    This was a one really neat vid of the struggle for survival. The end tells it all.... Have a Merry Christmas.................... The Bear - Film by Jean-Jacques Annaud
  42. johnk

    Suburb Deer

    Here are some pics I took around where I work this morning. The pics aren't the best because it's 6:45 AM and not too light. Some of these deer have to be 6-7 yrs old and yes they are Wild Whitetails. I was in Awe the last few days as to the size and amount of Incredible bucks in a small area...
  43. johnk

    ID this Critter

    I have a lot of Grey mice around my cabin but this little rascal was light brown and had a super long tail. Body size about 3 1/2 inches....I am in Western NY... Thanks.
  44. johnk

    Plow Identity Please

    I just picked up a 2 bottom plow for a great price and I think it is a Ferguson but I really don't know that much about them. It has coulters w/ grease fittings and a trailing wheel. Any help or tips would be more than welcome. Thanks..
  45. johnk

    Gill Pulverizer

    Has anyone used one of these and how good are they for smoothing and breaking up the chunks? How does the single roller fare as compared to the double roller? Is the soil ready for seed after using one of these??? I know it's no Harley Rake but is 1/4th the price. Thankd..
  46. johnk


    I finally decided to get my tires loaded with Rimguard. I called around and a New Holland Kubota dealer quoted me $725.00 for the rears which are 14.9X24's. 55 gallons per tire 110 gallons total. I called the place where i bought my tractor from and he said they take a minimum of 10% profit and...
  47. johnk

    Kioti Comments and Concerns

    I ran across this board and didn't know if you other Orange guys knew of it. I think it's a great place to leave your comments with problems and hopefully you get a reply. I hope it helps someone out...:) KIOTI - run ahead of the pack!
  48. johnk

    Ford 2009 V-10

    Does anyone on here own a Ford V-10? I just traded my 2005 5.4 in for a new Ford 350 v-10 because I couldn't stand the lack of power in my 250 when I was pulling my trailerand all around driving. I couldn't justify buying a diesel because I only had 25K on my 2005. I have been averaging between...
  49. johnk

    Todays project pulling Arborvittes...

    My son needed some tree pulled out because the deer ate the bottoms off of them. The ones to left of the pool were destined to go. After a little yanking and carrying to the curb the job was completed. About 22 Arborvittes and a pine tree... I know you like pics so here they are. Total time...
  50. johnk


    I acquired 4 I beams 6"x4"x4"x 1/4" X10 feet long and am wondering what kind of project I can make for my my 3Pt hitch or other tractor related purpose. Any ideas??? What would you use them for? I have a welder and a saw...