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  1. mjw357

    Lost lead lens on signal light

    Interesting, mine fit rather snug. Beats $30 at the dealer for the same thing.
  2. mjw357

    Lost lead lens on signal light

    I found replacement lenses at TSC, fit perfect...
  3. mjw357

    Ford 1700 Safety Switch and Other Parts repair (Detent Springs)

    It appears that the board has a ground to sheetmetal connection with the screw on the left.
  4. mjw357

    Leinbach ?'s and opinions

    Seems like an easy repair for welding shop?
  5. mjw357

    Yoke removal from post hole digger gearbox.

    Make sure any roll pins or retainers are out. Hold yoke with one hand, take air chisel to shaft in center of yoke, it should just about float off of there.
  6. mjw357

    Oil and filters for your BX.

    I only use Kubota filters, I am very fortunate to have a dealer 15 minutes away. I use rotella diesel oil, any quality diesel oil that meets spec is fine, just keep it changed that’s more important than brand.
  7. mjw357

    Tl 100a AC

    A/C could be undercharged, causing icing on the evaporator.
  8. mjw357

    Grinding noise in mid gear only- B3200

    Did you just spin one wheel? The other wheel would just spin opposite thru the differential. Have a helper spin the other so that both wheels are spinning the same direction so it turns the driveline.
  9. mjw357

    Grinding noise in mid gear only- B3200

    My 3200 has always had a small ‘surge’ when I first ask it to move, just the nature of the hydraulics. It is amplified in high range. The clicking could be a number of things, putting the rear of the tractor up on stands and turning the rear wheels by hand (engine off of course) with the L-M-H...
  10. mjw357

    Park brake wont come on

    Park brake needs to be on to start? To me beeping while exiting the machine would be to tell you to set brake. Interesting that it cranks though?
  11. mjw357

    JCB 1400B Dash Light Question

    Looks like oil pressure warning light. Should go out within a couple seconds of starting. If not there’s a problem.
  12. mjw357

    Joystick switch

    Check out Digikey or Mouser electronics, thousands of options. Most products have spec sheets with dimensions etc.
  13. mjw357

    16 acres and a hobby farm what tractor?

    Not really related so much to the tractor discussion, but it will take two horses about 10 days to two weeks to consume a large round. Unless you have a covered feeder of some type you will have a lot of waste.
  14. mjw357

    Kubota M62 TLB Front Axle Oil Level?

    In the absence of any marks, I would say if there is oil on the stick you are fine. It’s not that critical.
  15. mjw357

    IH model 100 manure spreader

    Bought mine used, has had a rough life. I would like to replace the steel with 0.125 aluminum sheet. We keep it clean and store it empty in the barn. Prior owner took the covers off because he said it kept throwing the chain. Turns out the chain was on the wrong side of the idler roller. Fixed...
  16. mjw357

    IH model 100 manure spreader

    Have this same spreader. The metal side panels are rusted out along the bottom where they meet the angle iron.
  17. mjw357

    have a 743 bobcat with a kubota desiel engine that is acting up

    Could be cold weather fuel issue as mentioned above, also check fuel vent in cap. After it dies on you, loosen the fuel cap slowly and listen for sucking sound.
  18. mjw357

    Help removing front gear case

    That is correct, probably had to strike it 100 times with that 4# shot hammer, and it came off very gradually.
  19. mjw357

    Help removing front gear case

    Got the axle case all tore down, time to clean everything up. No metal chunks, everything turns smooth with no slop.
  20. mjw357

    Help removing front gear case

    That’s what it took, lots of blows with this.
  21. mjw357

    Help removing front gear case

    So I got a peek at the wsm and that bottom snap ring is the only thing preventing the two cases from separating. The top seal is two parts, that may be what is holding it together. I guess I need to get brave and give it a couple whacks with a bigger hammer. Thanks to all that replied.
  22. mjw357

    Help removing front gear case

    Here’s the underside of the axle case, no plug there.
  23. mjw357

    Help removing front gear case

    I have a local dealer, I may see if one of the mechanics can confirm. Or I may have to bite the bullet and buy the $90 WSM.
  24. mjw357

    Help removing front gear case

    I will take one when I get home, I think it is just smooth under there, no plug or anything.
  25. mjw357

    Help removing front gear case

    It is a B3200HSD, trying to separate axle case and bevel gear to replace seal 020 I think it is, where wheel pivots to steer.
  26. mjw357

    Help removing front gear case

    Thanks for the reply rScotty, I’ve looked at all the parts diagrams and it seems that the bottom snap ring should release it. I cannot for the life of me find a video or thread of someone doing this repair on a B3xxx series tractor. All sorts of BX/L/M, and older B7xxx series tractors. I dont...
  27. mjw357

    Help removing front gear case

    Working on replacing gear case seal, have removed snap ring above bottom bevel gear. Doesnt seem to want to come off, have tried rubber mallet and small hammer on block of wood. Anything else to remove or just go to bigger hammer? On a B3200.
  28. mjw357

    Changing coolant yearly or lack thereof.

    Maybe I don’t understand how to read that tester, but looks to me like it’s good to -40? If they were all floating it would be ‘unsafe’?
  29. mjw357

    Where does this hose go?

    On my truck, not tractor. 2016 F-350 DRW. Attached to rear axle, appears to be a vent. There’s a clip that looks like it should attach somewhere, and a fitting on the end. Anyone?
  30. mjw357

    Can any identify these forks

    Considering the CUT equivalent for Kubota costs around $1200 if you can find it, you did great. And you can add spears to that frame if you ever get into hay.
  31. mjw357

    Getting hay started this week

    12 acres cut and tedded wednesday, pretty thick this year. Update: 500 squares and 46 rounds in the barn, good for the next year.
  32. mjw357

    BX Attachment Rentals?

    My local Kubota dealer will rent most things (tillers, seeders, phd etc). Something like a rear blade or landscape rake you might be better off trying to buy used for decent price and sell when you don’t need it anymore.
  33. mjw357

    How long can cylinder rods remain exposed to the elements before they should be coated with something?

    My Kubota manual says to coat the exposed rods with grease for extended storage.
  34. mjw357

    Anyone use GPS app for spraying/planting/spreading?

    Thanks for the discussion guys. The foam marker idea I have kicked around before. On mu small open station tractor, I though about just buying a cheap can of foam type shaving cream and leaving a shot on the ground so I can see where I left off before a turn.
  35. mjw357

    Anyone use GPS app for spraying/planting/spreading?

    Looking for a simple GPS app for smartphone or tablet that allows you to set a swath, then records your path around the field so you can keep track of where you’ve been. Suggestions?
  36. mjw357

    Vicon (now Kubota) Pendulum Spreaders

    I got lucky and picked up a used Vicon PS 203 for $150, put another $150 in parts in it, works great. I use it exclusively for spreading clover and grass seeds.
  37. mjw357

    I need help replacing an “old style” PTO button

    Do a web search for ‘PTO yoke pin repair’ , part kits are out there, how to videos too.
  38. mjw357

    Buying Advice Interested in IH 966 - questions

    Considering looking at one of these, 9600 hrs, looks clean and cared for. Anything in particular to look for that should be a deal breaker?
  39. mjw357

    B3200 axle pivot leak

    Noticed this today, looks like it has been leaking for a while. Seems to be leaking at the joint here (arrow) Is this a DIY fix? I’m fairly handy.
  40. mjw357

    B2601/LA434 Quick Coupler Leaking

    The loader connection on my B3200 was leaking from new. was leaking at this joint on one or more connections. The dealer had used something the consistency of chewed bubble as a sealant. Cleaned and reassembled with teflon pipe dope, no more leak.
  41. mjw357

    What Battery?

    Replaced my original battery on my B3200 last summer with a Kubota-branded battery. Got about nine years out of it. Guy at the parts counter said the originals last so long because they are made overseas and have more lead in them or something. It was about the same price as Interstate equivalent.
  42. mjw357

    Loader B3200 Loader mounting bolt torque

    I will look in my manuals tonight to see if that info is in there. From the loader manual.
  43. mjw357

    Building FEL hay spear, have a question

    The final product, we have some neighbors interested in some round bales, so hopefully I will put it to work this weekend.
  44. mjw357

    Building FEL hay spear, have a question

    And one picking up a bale.
  45. mjw357

    Building FEL hay spear, have a question

    A few up-close pics.
  46. mjw357

    Building FEL hay spear, have a question

    Way up over my head.
  47. mjw357

    Building FEL hay spear, have a question

    A couple of pics showing the dump and rollback.
  48. mjw357

    Building FEL hay spear, have a question

    Here it is on the loader.
  49. mjw357

    Building FEL hay spear, have a question

    It’s first job was to carry the bucket back to the barn.