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  1. kneedeep

    Anyone servicing a 4540/4550 or any Mahindra Owners feel free to chime in...

    Might have been worth the $800 to have the dealer do all of that??
  2. kneedeep

    Mahindra 8560 Cab Roof Removal

    Got a pic of what’s in there? What did you find?
  3. kneedeep

    Lets see your best tractor pictures

    Crowder, MS
  4. kneedeep

    Tracked vs tires on Mahindra?

    I don’t think a 85P has enough butt to roll tracks and a heavy 3 pt attachment.
  5. kneedeep

    Pressure washer

    Anyone use a electric pressure washer for cleaning equipment? I don’t want another motor to maintain for the occasional need to wash tractor, equipment, truck, etc? Nothing heavy to clean, just greasy tractor & equipment parts. Any recommended brands to purchase or avoid?
  6. kneedeep

    Mahindra 8560 Cab Roof Removal

    Did the roof come off?
  7. kneedeep

    Mahindra side by side

    Mahindra UTV were discontinued, the mini Jeep is next to go. Lots of cheap stuff being built for budget minded buyers
  8. kneedeep

    Hydraulic limb saw project.

    I like my LimbSaw to trim high branches but it will get in a bind if not careful
  9. kneedeep

    picked up a cultivator don't know the make

    Maybe old JD
  10. kneedeep

    Steering wheel knob placement

    I put one at 3 o’clock and other @ 9 o’clock. Keeps left hand steering in a comfortable position as right operates attached implemen.
  11. kneedeep

    Tractor growing prior to purchase, M6060 or MX6000

    You will regret not buying more hp
  12. kneedeep

    Mahindra 8560 Cab Roof Removal

    Is there access thru the fresh air filter on each side? Maybe a bolt holding it on?
  13. kneedeep

    Bad alternator? (4110)

    Check belt for slippage? Battery may be bad or a bad cell. Rebuild alternator
  14. kneedeep

    Help identifying old attachment

    It is a cultivator with lots of adjustment points. Are there any stamping or numbers on it.??
  15. kneedeep

    Jiffy Hitch System

    Anybody use the Euro QH that uses the ball on implement lift pins? I bought PAT weld on and they work but not as well as I expected.
  16. kneedeep

    Attach Additional Shanks to this 2 Row Planter?

    Should be able to get a JD or IH cutdown to 2rows for $500/row on CL.
  17. kneedeep

    Bradco Stabilizer Cylinder - Need advice

    Cut the ends off and weld on to the best similar cylinder you can find with the same stroke.
  18. kneedeep

    Mahindra 4110 will not fire

    Fuel, air & compression- at least one of these ain’t happening!
  19. kneedeep

    Front End Loader coming off in the middle of working.

    Pictures will help diagnose your issue.
  20. kneedeep

    Mahindra 8560 Cab Roof Removal

    Can you post a picture? May I ask why you need the roof off?
  21. kneedeep

    Smallest Tractor with Two Seats

    I have a 8560 Mahindra, not enough room for a buddy seat. Dove bucket jammed against door would work for small child?
  22. kneedeep

    Price Check I am looking at a used Mahindra 4500 2wd

    The $4200 tractor needed injectors and probably a fuel pump. The rest seem to be avg $11K, if it runs and doesn’t have obvious issues, offer $10K? All he can say is “no”.
  23. kneedeep

    Insurance for tractors.

    Ask your agent for a Marine policy and give them tractor serial number, they should write a separate policy and send to finance co.
  24. kneedeep

    Tractor Supply doesn't have plow bolts

    I order things like that from Shoup. The have good stock on smalls and ship quickly. Great customer service.
  25. kneedeep

    Chain/Drag Harrow

    Always heard drag harrows was poor mans fertilizer spreader
  26. kneedeep

    Setting an offset disc

    Use a 4' level to adjust hitch height in the field and then dont change it.
  27. kneedeep

    Swisher 44" towable rough cut mower

    Would a utility yractor w 5' mower go where a 4 wheeler/mower can go?
  28. kneedeep

    no till drill's

    A drawn planter needs more room to turn around. A weighted 4x4 utility tractor will pull more than it will carry. Transporting planters can be challenging.
  29. kneedeep

    AC to DC stick welder conversion

    Mine is AC/DC Thunderbolt
  30. kneedeep

    Love At First Sight

    Local Dealer? BTW- Without pictures, it didn't happen!
  31. kneedeep

    Creek Crossing with Soft Banks

    more rock
  32. kneedeep

    Creek Crossing with Soft Banks

    More rock
  33. kneedeep

    How to Sharpen a Posthole Digger

    buy new points
  34. kneedeep

    Shows featuring compact tractors?

    none, shows are not happening
  35. kneedeep

    Price Check Mahindra

    Now, getalong with your tractoring!
  36. kneedeep

    Used Value vs Age

    so..... What is your question?
  37. kneedeep

    Price Check Mahindra

    If it is what you want, get the interest free financing on that price and enjoy!
  38. kneedeep

    Help on 3-point seeder / spreader, newbie

    Try this instead of the wheel agitator. Never had any issues with grinding or breaking seed...
  39. kneedeep

    Why am I destroying tail wheel forks?????

    Use a big chain with big clevis for toplink. Adjust it to cut level with tailwheel carrying the mower and lift arms supporting the front. You can still lift it when needed, no more smashing tailwheel.
  40. kneedeep

    Problem with Getting Mahindra Parts

    Lots of parts are not available due to world outbreak of corona. Not just Mahindra, but all dealers are experiencing backorder issues.
  41. kneedeep

    3 point sprayer help

    Tie the chain around drawbar to hold pump while on.
  42. kneedeep

    Single Cylinder Plumbing Issue

    Thanks, I do have 2 remotes (wish I had 3rd) Just double checking if this is worth doing.
  43. kneedeep

    Single Cylinder Plumbing Issue

    Can I eliminate the tee, extend the single hose to second remote and it operate properly- power up, gravity down? JD tractors with closed systems will work this way. Will open system work??
  44. kneedeep

    Single Cylinder Plumbing Issue

    I have a 8560 Mahindra with a open hydraulic system. JD 7200 planter uses a single hose cylinder to operate the Row Markers when the planter lift cylinder is activated. The supply to both cylinders is from one remote with 2 hoses to operate the double hose lift cylinder. One line tees off to the...
  45. kneedeep

    How much can a compact tractor backhoe lift?

    They are made for digging, FEL does the lifting!
  46. kneedeep

    Ls backhoe on a mahindra

    I dont think Mahindra (or any other mfg) will warranty a tractor with a BH cobbled on it. 3 pt backhoes are tough on the linkage. A subframe mount that fits the tractor is best option. BTW- I put a BH on the 3510 several years ago and the subframe was $1k plus backhoe cost. Dont regret it at...
  47. kneedeep

    Good deal on JD grain drill?

    If it is not frozen up and can be used even gingerly, $700 is a fair price. $500 would be buddy deal!
  48. kneedeep

    Mahindra 5570 FWD hub loose

    Maybe a parts breakdown will show how it comes apart??
  49. kneedeep

    Modifying a tandem disk

    Put small blades on the end gangs to just cover the trench left from rear gangs.
  50. kneedeep

    Tractor mounted tree cutter/saws

    I have that saw. works good for trimming high limbs so tractor can get closer to trees. If blade sticks, reverse flow will get it out. use like a chainsaw.