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  1. Kschwennsen

    Need help with purchase of weight distribution hitch

    The Trutrack can be backed up without unhooking it and I believe the Straight line can as well.
  2. Kschwennsen

    Need help with purchase of weight distribution hitch

    Ok, I'm a design engineer for *towing company* and I developed the *WD* system so I'm a little bias on weight distribution hitches. In my opinion round bars and trunnions are fine either or as long as you are looking for just WD. They're "cheap" and they get the load on the front of the tow...
  3. Kschwennsen

    Wooden Fence Posts

    I like that but I have a receiver tube on my mask. I think I would just mount one of those pounders (or capped tube) with a hinge to a shank and pin it into the receiver tube. Great idea though, I love it and will be doing it!!!
  4. Kschwennsen

    Plows versus tillers?

    I have a 6' tiller that will chew up a 75'x25' garden in the matter of minutes. the only problem I have is I can't seem to tame the weeds. My soil is rather sandy but I've broken fresh ground with little time lost.
  5. Kschwennsen

    24 inch forks?

    I feel your pain. I don't have a grapple (would love one but don't have the extra hydraulics) but I have home made fork mast with 42" forks that works for how much I need it. I load mine up with a few logs but I find they want to roll off or they aren't centered on the forks. you must be...
  6. Kschwennsen

    Propane Tank Back Blade Build

    I really like it, it looks great! The only thing I may have done differently is add some back ribbing and a bolt on blade to the bottom for wear resistance. In the future you could always add a weight holder if you needed/wanted to add some down pressure. I have 6 big suitcase weights on mine...
  7. Kschwennsen

    Will this hold or crack over time? Do more passes?

    build a bucket.
  8. Kschwennsen

    Will this hold or crack over time? Do more passes?

    Weld prep is important and by not notching your plates you really reduced your weld root. At this point, you can add more passes (I would go with "1" as well) but it wont be as strong. I would build up to a 3/4" weld as any more wont help. Lastly, once you have it mounted to whatever...
  9. Kschwennsen

    Who want to chat about plasma cutters?

    I have a Hypertherm 45XP on my 4'x8' waterbed table. The plasma is very dependable and compact but the table is always giving me issues (Bulltear) I've cut 3/8" plate with it and it can cut 11ga at 100ipm. clean cuts and consumables last but I have a few filters to keep lines dry.
  10. Kschwennsen

    How Hard Can a Tractor Pull?

    get a pallet fork under it and pry up, roll it if you can from there. I've rolled 4,000 lb rocks with my tractor.
  11. Kschwennsen

    Bending Metal?? Looking for some advice

    long heavy pipe, slide it over it and pry it if possible. otherwise use your FEL with a fork mast and pry down on it. Heating it might take the temper out and make it weaker. Harbor Freight shop press last resort?
  12. Kschwennsen

    Ripping roots with a tractor?

    take a tine off of your pallet forks push in and tip back. That's what I've done with mine. Thinking about making a ripper tooth that mounts on the fork mast.
  13. Kschwennsen

    Beware of Catalytic Converter Thefts

    Ha, any would be thieves of my catalytic converter will have a rude awakening. Mines empty!
  14. Kschwennsen

    Separate Nails from Wood Ash

    I don't do a lot of fires anymore but when we had the old wood stove and burned pallets night and day in there. I just tossed the boards in with nails and clean it out by the wheel borrow when it was full. never messed with sorting as the nails got hot enough that the temper was out of the...
  15. Kschwennsen

    How big of a rock/boulder can a 60 HP tractor push on relatively flat dirt?

    with mine I was able to lift a set of concrete stairs on one end and drag them up the road and into the woods. your 3 point can lift more than your FEL and draging 1/2 the weight makes it easier. My tractor is 41hp and I would say I could drag a 3000lb rock. Also, if you're not moving them...
  16. Kschwennsen

    Am I nutz?

    I like it! put baffles inside, have it roll directly (like a regular roller) on the ground and have doors that open to dump it out. Have it mounted to your lift arms so you can back up to whatever you want to pour. I might have to do that! I have some plastic drums...
  17. Kschwennsen

    Land Plane/Leveler

    I've been toying with making a land plane but I want to design one that slides onto the FEL forks so I can use it and my father can use it with his Skid steer.
  18. Kschwennsen

    How would you fall this?

    cut from the top down on the trunk by the root ball slowly and let the tree settle as it's cut. Don't put your head over the saw when finishing the cut.
  19. Kschwennsen

    feeling stumped--advice needed

    just make big piles, wildlife will love it.
  20. Kschwennsen

    How to use all of this sawdust?

    make a sawdust stove, heat some water, and make electricity. $$$
  21. Kschwennsen

    What Is Wrong With People Who Don't Trim Their Zipties?

    just cut them long and at an angle. I use alot of electric fence wire and tape. I have zip tied my work lights and extra tool box on my JDs though...
  22. Kschwennsen

    Compressor for a shop

    I like my 80 gal dewalt compressor. It runs my plasma table well and anything else I request of it. I have it plumbed to a filter board that can do dry or oiled air. I like the pex ideas I've been seeing, I will be going that route to plumb the metal and wood shops though. Thanks guys!
  23. Kschwennsen

    What Insane/Crazy Price did You Pay Today?

    Ace is my last resort, if I need it now and even then I try to avoid. That is if they are freaking open! They close at 5 in town and at noon on Saturday. Useless for a store in my mind.
  24. Kschwennsen


    old car hood! Ha ha ha!!
  25. Kschwennsen

    What is the dumbest thing you have done with your equipment ?

    hauled a 35' telephone pole in a 12' trailer. Just a bit of trailer sway, but I made it home.
  26. Kschwennsen

    Material costs rising- what would you buy now to hedge inflation

    I think concrete work is still reasonably priced, you could get some of that done while waiting for lumber to go down a bit more. Me personally, I would be building a pole shed house if I were building now.
  27. Kschwennsen

    Need to move an 800+ pound concrete slab.

    I've had to do this with alot bigger and I just wrap a chain around the best I can, lift with the 3point and drag. then use a big bar to sin it as needed.
  28. Kschwennsen

    Trailer Purchasing Advise

    Yeah, no hard feelings here. I'm just really passionate about towing and trailers. I lovem'! I understand Beezz27 points and I can respect that, like your point, I only have 3 BP trailers because that's what everyone has but I'd love to get a gooseneck. They aren't hard to install either...
  29. Kschwennsen

    Trailer Purchasing Advise

    Also, some WDs you need to disconnect when backing up and most only go up to 10K lbs.
  30. Kschwennsen

    Trailer Purchasing Advise

    Ok when I said safer, I mean better weight distribution on the tow vehicle and trailer with better and stronger attachments to the center of the frame of the truck, typically with 9/16"-5/8" fasteners with a hitch on top of the frame. A receiver hitch mounts to the bottom and/or sides of the...
  31. Kschwennsen

    Trailer Purchasing Advise

    it's safer, more secure, and better on the truck. It would be worth looking into at least.
  32. Kschwennsen

    Trailer Purchasing Advise

    Actually your pivot is over your rear tires on your truck so technically you can turn them as tight as your truck can turn, with the trailer tire staying in spot. Watch a good truck driver spin a trailer in spot, they will have the truck perpendicular to the trailer.
  33. Kschwennsen

    Trailer Purchasing Advise

    As an engineer in the towing industry for almost 20 yrs, I would try to find a gooseneck if possible. The trailer I have is nice (tri axle flat bed bumper tow) but any time you load the trailer, you're taking weight off of the front steers and loading it onto the rear. WDs help but add more...
  34. Kschwennsen

    Grapple Sway my grapple decision. Homestead/CTA

    I don't have one but I would look at the 2 cylinder as it can grab more irregular shapes. I personally would just build one to make it how I want it but I think my tractor only has 2 hydraulic controls in the front and no rearward hydraulics. I could be wrong though, but I would love to have a...
  35. Kschwennsen

    Shed for lawn tractor, nailed to dirt hillside

    all the work your putting in, you could have just made 4 posts or poured a concrete block up by the top and cantilevered over angled supports. Looks good what you have, just alot of work banging those rods in.
  36. Kschwennsen

    Cognitive bias....

    I'll run ideas through my head for hours or days if need be to figure it out. One of the reasons I like the CAD softwares I use. I can model it up to flesh out an idea, move it around and look at it from different angles and change it if needed. I like to see what else is out in the market...
  37. Kschwennsen

    Removing a frame cross member for dump hoist.

    Working in the towing market, I know any modification to the vehicle frame voids warranty and makes the owner liable so adding the hyrdo lift is clearly changing the frame and how it's loaded. Structurally that cross member is needed and at least should be replaced with something as strong or...
  38. Kschwennsen

    Not a good time to buy a car or Autotrader are where I go when looking for a different vehicle. it's worth the drive to save some cash and make sure you talk to the person selling and ask alot of questions before the drive. I would never buy new unless I had so much cash I didn't know what to do with it. Always...
  39. Kschwennsen

    Welding Hooks to a front end loader

    never needed hooks on my bucket, I use my forks for that kind of work. Tweak your bucket bad enough it can mess up your FEL.
  40. Kschwennsen

    Swollen Ford Lug nuts

    all else fails, nut splitter.
  41. Kschwennsen

    Tires condition

    That advise sounds expensive.
  42. Kschwennsen

    Can I just pour cement in ballast box and add water.

    those little tractors, I'd just find a couple suitcase weights and forget the box. save the box for tools and such. I use an old walk behind fork lift weight to keep my back end planted. So heavy I need to lift the front to get the 3 point to lift it higher.
  43. Kschwennsen

    How far and high can I throw snow?

    Heated driveway would work too. When we had the 100" year I just piled all along the driveway and pushed the tops over with the bucket when I needed more room. Just plan ahead and clear away way more than you need to and see how the winter progresses. Use forks to break up hard packed.
  44. Kschwennsen

    Steering wheel knob placement

    What's wrong with just palming the wheel? I've got hydro and at most I ever need to do is use my index finger next to a spoke in the wheel.
  45. Kschwennsen

    Don't be this guy

    peanut containers (for fasteners), cool glass containers, wood of any kind, metal I can cut something out of or cut up to make something, drywall, foam/insulation, nails and screws, copper/brass bits, rocks, cinder blocks, bricks, plants. Wow! I am that guy.
  46. Kschwennsen

    Adding radiator overflow tank

    sounds like a fun rat rod project! Make the catch container out of an old booze bottle to add character.
  47. Kschwennsen

    Best grapple for a cutover?

    I agree! If you want it cleaned up a bit, push the piles together some but they are great for wild birds and rabbits. I have a couple piles I end up just adding to them year round and like MossRoad says, they just decay and go into the ground. They just stay the same size as they rot as fast...
  48. Kschwennsen

    Any way to weld the thin metal on tractors and attachments?

    Well, you rolled it over, so there is that. I should think a bit of surface prep on the tractor parts with appropriate gap with the heat down low, you should be able to weld it. Good luck!
  49. Kschwennsen

    Owner Dissatisfied With Deere Wants To Switch To Kubota

    I just wonder if perhaps the tie rod ends aren't tight on the rod and over the +20 hours it has loosened up causeing the one wheel to tip in. Just wondering but if that's the case it should be reletivly quick to fix it.