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  1. Sberry

    Old John Deere hyd connectors.

    I have my 70s connectors and want to make a set of adapters for the newer style. Didnt I see a ready made set for this at the farm store?
  2. Sberry

    Bar oil quality

    How much difference is there in the quality of bar oil?
  3. Sberry

    Todays job

    I been on my feet a month and was rainging. I hsve other work to do but needed to absolutely hsve a sgort day standing up. I finally turned the lights up to knock s little piece off this before it turned in to a junk collector. 2nd or third of these, i wanna get it in the paint booth.
  4. Sberry

    Buckley Old Engine show

    It starts Thursday. I should have posted here earlier but forgot about it and was canceloled last year but is back on. I work in the shuttle crew.
  5. Sberry

    Green paint

    I thought I had pics of the overall and will get a couple later. Rusted wheels was the main thing it came in for. Got some other things, anyone know where to score the amber light?
  6. Sberry


    This is another little saga but something I want deliberately doing was shoving the end of the work table under to set tools on. I need a shelf on one of the fixtures yet. I could walk under the front end without ducking but it's the same as the arms all the way up. It's kind of a natural...
  7. Sberry

    Real construction

    They rigging up schemes to "save" water.
  8. Sberry

    Plant pots

    Only June 10, just getting started with the growing season.
  9. Sberry

    Dont know why i didnt

    I looked at this back and forth. It's to raise and lower a spray boom. I want happy with a cumalong and just never got around to a good way after we simply added a hook when we build it so I use my cherry picker. It worked and seemed to get past till we need it again and need to pull up to the...
  10. Sberry

    Log splitter.

    Why is/did my log splitter start foaming the oil and blowing out the breather? Got to be getting air in the suction?
  11. Sberry

    Pressure washer

    I put together a unit from scraps in a refer truck, it has super insulated body and keep it in the storage during winter and calc it cost about 15 or 20$ to heat. Keeps it out of the way and there is another pump to the right of the door runs at 50+ gpm for a fire hose. 500 gallons of water on...
  12. Sberry

    Trans speed in low?

    How close is a common older automatic 3 speed trans to 540? Was thinking of taking a 3 pt 2 stage blower and putting old car engine trans on it to clip on a wheel loafer bucket. Run a couple control cables in to the cab.
  13. Sberry

    Should I post shop pics?

    You guys would need to pester me as I have a short attn span and dont follow along very well.
  14. Sberry

    Hydraulic brain bubble

    I don't work on hyd a lot and my understanding is minimal but on a loader with 2 cylinders they are T together. How about on a swivel, like on a plow blade do we simply T double acting cylinders together, in to one and out to the other to get them to swivel? 1' Tractor Rear Blade,Allied...
  15. Sberry

    Spline drive bits

    On the Roosa Master pump there is a bolt to be removed that is spline drive, 6 sided thing. A 1/4 hex fits in it but it looks like a square cut spline. What tool is this?
  16. Sberry

    Cutting grate, bench

    Just a cutting box on the end of the bench and a chop saw stand.
  17. Sberry

    310B crowd cylinder

    Does anyone have assembly and tightening instructions for the packing on this cylinder? I assume there is a tightening spec for the outside packing?
  18. Sberry

    Green pictures

    I was just looking thru a file and decided to post some green pics.
  19. Sberry

    3020 steering issue, turns right

    I do have a manual but its quite tedious. The steering turns right on its own on occasion. The whole thing, the tractor is old and a bit wonky but everything else works, the 3 pt settles some and chatters on start up. I figure its something worked its way loose in the steering box.
  20. Sberry

    Tire change out

    Finally got the stuff together to roll my own. I can clean and repair so much better than the tire guy. My Bud Lar soldered up an adapter from old valve stem parts and I actually had the pump, never really occurred to me to do tires. I should have done this a long time ago.
  21. Sberry

    Steamer in a truck

    I miss not having a portable so I collected up some junk to put in this insulated body.
  22. Sberry

    Terex 7221AA loader

    I am interested in this loader, it starts and runs but the guy thinks its low on trans fluid. Says its pink and heard some of these take Dextron vs trans/hyd fluid. Has a 371 Det in it and was wondering if someone has one or is familiar with them? Wouldn't mind buying or finding a service...