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  1. RadarTech

    Battery powered sprayer

    It's been forever since I've been on TBN.... But thought I'd throw out this question Who has a good 20-30 gallon sprayer with a wand and options with good range and can be mounted in the bucket or on my atvor Utv? Thoughts?
  2. RadarTech

    Bought a new one!!!

    Brought a new tool home..... I'm detail thoughts and ideas about it over the next couple weeks.. Polaris ranger 900xps LE RT
  3. RadarTech


    We seem to have a mass spammer running around.... He has posted at least 6 threads with the subject m1911 and at least 4 as M16.... All have a link in them to who only knows where..... Can we dump him?
  4. RadarTech

    Loader quick release connector

    hey folks, Been a little while since I was posting.. but I have a small issue... I burst a hydraulic hose yesterday on the loader. It is the white marked hose, the bottom one on the LA463 loader. I believe it to be the curl return. anyway.. In the haste to get back up and finish the job I was...
  5. RadarTech

    US Memorial Day-- Memories by Members

    Folks, It is no secret that I am a Marine. As highlighted by my MOTM writeup I try to participate in many Veteran activites. As we all know, there are plans for events all over the country. I encourage you to make time to participate, or even to just be there to show support. I thought it...
  6. RadarTech

    Maybe----Moving from a bota to a Kioti?

    Ok folks, I spent some time on a Kioti this weekend and liked it.. It was a gear but still I think it does better than my larger bota.. It was a CK27... What do yall think? L3400 down to a CK27??
  7. RadarTech

    Loader Hydraulic issues, ideas?- L3400-LA463

    hey folks, I have a problem with my FEL and it is impacted the whole tractor as it is an HST. The loader starts with only very slow lift and lower function and that impacts forward and reverse movement. After researching here, I found the ideas here: FEL Wont Dump. - So I...
  8. RadarTech

    Geotextile fabric or Railroad ballast?

    hey guys, Got some questions about this stuff... We live in the mountains of Western NC. Our driveway is challenging to say the least.. In a couple of weeks, we are getting it rebuilt and shortened to a new route. So I thought we would add geo to the base and not use railroad ballast this...
  9. RadarTech


    Guys, I am about to buy a small spreader.. ATV size-- Buyers Products ATV Feeder Spreader, 12-1/2 gal. - 1119844 | Tractor Supply Company Purpose is to spread salt etc for winter road work at home instead of attempting to drive the tractor when it is a little icy... UM-- I don't like that...
  10. RadarTech

    Weird issue on the droid....

    Ok folks, I have a weird one to share.... On the did app, version 1.1.20 A few times I have been reading a thread and the avatars do not match the users.. I saw bird on another user and dcyrilc on another user.... It has happened at least 3 times so I thought I would say something... The most...
  11. RadarTech

    Is there a way..

    I just noticed a feature on another forum that appears to use the same software.. So is it possible to subscribe to a thread without posting to it? I see both pros and cons. Is this possible? Thanks, J
  12. RadarTech

    Box scraper add on

    Folks, I saw this in another thread... I really like the way he did that ball mount... now I have 5x8 utility trailer and often I need to move it around... in the past I...
  13. RadarTech

    Bank mower..

    Folks, for 2 years I have been playing with the idea of making some kind of mower for the banks on the property... BUT I have not.. Somewhere, and I don't think it was here... I saw a Compact tractor version of the boom mower that DOT uses... There is a really old thread here (2003) but it...
  14. RadarTech

    Halt or I will Mocha you!

    I was checking out the morning news and found this: Store manager throws hot coffee in intruder's face - Yahoo! News Short story-- Robber came at a store manager with a hammer and the store manager "assaulted" him with a hot coffee... Just watch this one for the crazy legal stuff... anyway---...
  15. RadarTech

    email notices weird delay?

    hi, thought I would pass this along... this evening I had some really weird delays in the email updates for a subscribed thread... One thread I had posted replies to, I got the email about an update to that thread over an hour after I had already replied to the part of the thread I was replying...
  16. RadarTech

    Turkey Infestation... and new grass???

    :mad::confused2: Well, My back yard has suffered from the heat and other issues and I decided to just replant it all... so I bought (2) 40 lb bags of grass seed, hay bales and went to town.. Spread a few areas on the drive and then the back yard.. Well 3 days later I got home from work and I...
  17. RadarTech

    378 years of family farming!!!

    After 378 years, NH family farm goes up for sale - Yahoo! News DOVER, N.H. In 1632, John Tuttle arrived from England to a settlement near the Maine-New Hampshire border, using a small land grant from King Charles I to start a farm. Eleven generations and 378 years later, his field-weary...
  18. RadarTech

    A final resting place----

    Folks, Many of you know I am a former Marine.. I have helped in several projects and often think back to to my time with great pride... As the fellow Marines on the forum know... and likely many others.. Once a Marine Always a Marine... Well tonight I got an email with a link in it.. and...
  19. RadarTech


    Folks, There is a thread we all need you to look at.... Please vote... Thanks, J
  20. RadarTech

    Texas Legend Returns

    The Buzz Log - Chupacabra Sighting Times Two - Yahoo! Buzz Chupacabra - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia So who will say they have one in their barn??? J
  21. RadarTech

    You want to read this- trust me--- :)

    Step right up, yes siry bob, young lad-- there is a new contest on TBN.. It is all about the thing us tractor owners hate to have.. but we want your pictures!! That's it.. we want to see the yard you have in it's worst shape.. Absolutely uncut,unkept, and full of weeds in need of sacrifice...
  22. RadarTech

    Copperhead found!

    well folks, over the last 2 months I have found a few copperheads around the property but NONE near the house.. The first 2 were on the ATV trail.. killed them with the tractor bucket.. Got lucky one was on a rock and I cut it to pieces! and the other was nearby and tried to strike the...
  23. RadarTech

    Not on TBN, and not on the tractor-- what do you do?

    ya know as we wind down the 2 Million post contest and need a topic to carry us forward.... I thought about this.... What do you do with your time for hobbies etc? Discounting time with kids, grandkids and the significant other--- what do you do for fun?? tell us some stories!!! I'll...
  24. RadarTech

    The Tractor cave...

    After some thought and planning it is finally coming about.... The Tractor cave... So far I have 3 of the walls nearly drywalled. The new garage door is here.. I have the ceiling joists are almost ready to go up.... Lots of pics to follow and descriptions will be interlaced... the first 3...
  25. RadarTech

    Tires how long did your factory tires last????

    folks, If you listen to a few folks on here... (they can come forward themselves) I am experiencing tractor withdrawal... looking at the worn tires.. asking about new air filters. and now just wanting to know how long those factory tires last... This is almost funny because I saw a thread...
  26. RadarTech

    2,000,000th post posting rules..

    Ok after much consideration and consternation along with the thoughts, telepathy and other strange feelings from several users who shall remain TEGGED and in Crylics I post for your consideration special rules to go into effect immediately in order for certain parties to win that truly...
  27. RadarTech

    new model-- Tructor?

    Found this on the web today-- Thought yall might find it interesting.... Tructor | More than a Tractor, More than a Truck J
  28. RadarTech

    Really? the tractor x-files..

    ok, for months and months I have been reading these little known tractor facts. Some of these I SWEAR came from this VERY web site.. I'll post a few and yall decide: Tractors are fun to use, but never let your spouse or SO know this. It is very important for all tractor owners to keep this a...
  29. RadarTech

    Kudzoo--- your favorite plant...

    well folks not sure about this, but I was out on the front porch this evening and looked down and saw KUDZOO.. and lots of it.. The front is not level enough for me to get the tractor out there... BUT I want to kill that Kudzoo... What do yall use? any and all ideas welcome.. and the really...
  30. RadarTech

    Tires Where do you buy yours?

    Well folks, I just had the thread about air filters, and as I think about the rest of the tractor..... The 2 front tires are fairly worn.. alot more than the rears.... and it is MY FAULT.... The reason it is my fault is because I leave it in 4 wheel drive on my driveway... Even though part of...
  31. RadarTech

    Air Filters??

    Folks, I am in a quandry.. Coming up on the 300 hour mark and I've run my tractor in alot of dust and dirt. I have blown it out 3 times (100, 200 hours, and 250-- oil changes just did it) The book says to replace once per year or after 6 cleanings... When I went to Messicks website to check...
  32. RadarTech

    being a good neighbor--

    Well as some of you know, I am SUPPOSED to be under dr's orders to 1. Stay off the tractor 2. no strenuous work 3. no exercise 4. no heavy lifting 5. rest and relax and take the meds.. hmm... got a call from a neighbor (82 yo grandmother) about another neighbor that has a badly washed...
  33. RadarTech

    TEG-- the rust bucket photo selection

    Folks, after many posts and a good ribbing or 10.. One of our fellow TBNers has admitted to being an old rust bucket.. But I am unsure if he is the one in the picture he posted.. I post that pic here for your perusal! and the original post is here: long time reader new typer - Page 2 -...
  34. RadarTech

    Roy Jackson, TANSTAAFL ???

    Roy, I saw the incredible need to start a new thread to help us improve the post count.. and I have to ask... what is a TANSTAAFL ? I saw that in your signature and I just can't resist!!!! Later, J
  35. RadarTech

    Should we do a 2 Million timeline countdown?

    ya I was wondering if we should do a timeline countdown? IE 11:35 EST 6/12 there were 1,987,007 posts and say add a reply to this periodically? whatcha think? J
  36. RadarTech

    hmm--- interesting news-- yall behave!!

    Folks, I am not sure if this should be posted or not.. But a web link to the strangest laws in the country... I?m Under Arrest for What? Fifty Bizarre U.S. Laws - DivineCaroline I am wondering why there is not some tractor law that makes no sense on there! anyway-- moderators if I am off the...
  37. RadarTech

    Loader Interesting use of loader

    DUI suspect carried from field in tractor bucket - Yahoo! News GLENVILLE, Pa. Police said a Maryland man was so drunk after driving into a central Pennsylvania field that a farmer had to carry the handcuffed suspect out in the bucket of his tractor. Southwestern Regional police Chief Greg Bean...
  38. RadarTech

    Loader Zerk -- err is it full?

    Ok.. I have to admit, when I greased the loaded last weekend it just would not go into the lower right hand pin on the loader... so after checking the grease gun, removing the zerk, testing that, swapping the fitting with the one above it, and pushing grease thru it I am confounded... My next...
  39. RadarTech

    Poll threads?

    hey just thought about this after reading a stinky subject about a poll for who has septic tanks etc... Not real sure if it can be done or not.. But a couple of the other forums I am a member of allows for members to post poll threads.. IE how many of you use ag tires with chains? YES NO...
  40. RadarTech


    hey folks, I just got this froma friend and thought I would share.. Harbor Freight Coupon Thread - Forums for the moderators.. I don't think this is a bad thing.. but if it is.. please adjust accordingly.. This was way too cool!!!! J
  41. RadarTech

    The rodenator----

    Folks, Got this from a friend and just had to share. Probrably has been posted before.. as I remember many people talking about putting propane or gas in the ground. But this is a commercial product. and there is a cool video... Pest Control - Moles, Gophers, Burrowing Rodents @ Rodenator...
  42. RadarTech

    Tires new tires.... L3400

    hey folks, Well it says in the owners manual and we say on here time and again... To always pull out of 4x4 mode when on paved roads or hard pack.. with all my on and off road, steep roads and loader work... I just don't do it... So after a recent thread from captbluewater, and all the snow...
  43. RadarTech

    user bio.. question

    Muhammad, I am a member of a few forums. and on one I recently joined it asked me about military service.. When I put in that I was US Marine Veteran-- It added the Marine Eagle, Globe and Anchor emblem on the left side right under my handle on every message I replied to etc.. I thought it was...
  44. RadarTech

    Lime-- mud relief? or urban legand?

    Folks, Sometimes I see and hear stuff that is either such a great idea that I can't believe it, or is such a pile of stuff someone needs to be done things to..... Well today, I heard from someone who came to the house to do some work that a few bags of lime would dry up the muddy patch on my...
  45. RadarTech

    A cab on the cheap? Interesting find...

    For the last year I have been looking at all the GREAT fab up jobs many of you have been doing. Many times I have googled and looked for cabs for my bota, and just could not see spending the $$$ for one with my short winter.. and then I found this: Soft-Sided Cab for 30 HP NorTrac Tractors |...
  46. RadarTech

    Trailer for an L3400

    hi folks, Well I am thinking about buying a trailer for the 3400.. and I really don't expect to pull it much.. But the coming year may see the construction of another house and I don't think I am going to leave the tractor there.... Looking around I found : Buy & Sell New & Used Trailers 6 FT...
  47. RadarTech

    firewood question..

    Ok-- I gotta ask-- We have 30 logs or so of POPLAR out in the yard... All are nicely stacked and vary in length from 8 to 15 feet with a diameter of 10-20 inches..I would estimate at least 2 or 3 cords of wood is out there..... We have burnt most of the oak we cut down when we built the...
  48. RadarTech

    here ye here ye-- It's time again........

    ok--- did I get your attention.. Can you believe it? NC/TN line to get up to 3 inches of snow tonight... WOW!! I think it's time to get ready for a tough winter in the SE.... Got 5 gallons of fuel in my spare can and a full tank on the tractor... Put my last winter treatment in the the tank...
  49. RadarTech

    Chainsaw selection... ideas?

    hey folks, I am looking for some advice on a new/used chainsaw... having been a member here for some time.. and getting some great help. where else would I go for some tractor/field questions? ok so here we go... We recently got nailed with more than 10 inches of rain over 2 days... I...
  50. RadarTech

    yellow jackets safe nest disposal?

    hey folks, well today marks a first for me.. I was clearing some brush and widening an old road and BAM BAM yellow jackets got me.. kinda funny, on the right forearm right by bucket control.. NAH they could not have known...... Since I am not allergic and it was only 2-- a little peroxide and I...