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  1. smstonypoint

    Why women live longer than men illustrated ....

    Why women live longer than men illustrated .... in 6 seconds.:) Twitter Steve
  2. smstonypoint

    Giant Hogweed

    There have been two recent threads dealing with the eradication of Japanese knotweed. I've been battling that pest, along with two other invasive plant species -- Chinese privet and multiflora rose. I've just read about giant hogweed spreading in the US. It makes those invasive plant species...
  3. smstonypoint

    Deere sues AGCO

    From Deere Legal Battle Highlights Race for $24 Billion Farm Tech Market - Bloomberg This should be a gold mine for ag. engineers serving as expert witnesses.:) Steve
  4. smstonypoint

    Is this supposed to happen?

    I recently typed in invest in another thread and a link to a bitcoin site was automatically inserted. Is this supposed to happen? Steve Edit Now typing in the "b" word inserts a link.:shocked:
  5. smstonypoint

    Blame Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Justin Bieber and now this outrage. Enough is enough.:) From Blame Canada! - Marginal REVOLUTION. Steve
  6. smstonypoint

    Must-have items for those who raise chickens.

    File under "Markets in Everything.":) From Search results for: diaper Steve
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    One Piece at a Time?

    I read about the missing trucks (Ram truck heist investigated as possible inside job) and immediately thought of Johnny Cash.:) Steve
  8. smstonypoint

    Can someone please "splain" this to me?

    Mark Perry is one of my favorite bloggers. Most of the time when I link to one of his posts, I get this: 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable. The link works. :confused3: Steve
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    Goats do the darnedest things.

    Here's the story -- Dramatic Goat Rescue Operation For A Pair Stuck On A Beam Under A Bridge : Goats and Soda : NPR. Steve
  10. smstonypoint

    Tractor Model with the Longest Production Run?

    I was checking the specs of the Farmall M at Farmall M tractor information and noticed that model was in production from 1939 to 1954. Just curious. What other models, if any, had longer production runs? Steve
  11. smstonypoint

    I never met the man, but ....

    I would have enjoyed having him as a friend. Here's his obituary (Geisen Funeral Homes - Mobile Edition). Steve
  12. smstonypoint

    TBN slow loading?

    Is it just me? Other sites that I visit are loading much faster. Steve Addendum Never mind. Things now seem to be back to normal.
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    Do we have anything like this in the US?

    Twitter Steve
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    "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night .....

    stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds." But wild turkeys? That's another story. :) Aggressive wild turkeys in Rocky River interfere with mail delivery | Steve
  15. smstonypoint

    Happy Festivus, 2017

    Today (12/23) is the day. Steve
  16. smstonypoint

    For Dog Lovers -- Puppy in the Manger

    The story is here: Dog groomer recreates Nativity scene using pooches -- and a puppy in the manger | Fox News. Steve
  17. smstonypoint

    Mystery Tractor?

    This week I saw a large (I'm guessing 100HP+) yellow tractor applying dairy lagoon waste to a field via a three-axle tanker trailer. The tractor style reminded me of current NH Tx models and I thought I spotted a NH logo on the hood. However, I don't see any yellow tractors at Agricultural &...
  18. smstonypoint

    Millennial Job Interview

    This is simultaneously a funny and a scary video. A Millennial job interview on Vimeo Someone commented that this is really a "Generation Z Interview." Steve
  19. smstonypoint

    World Toilet Day

    From Urine for a treat. It’s World Toilet Day today Don't overdo your celebration. . Steve
  20. smstonypoint

    Death by Chainsaw

    I have read about chainsaw-related fatalities, but I have never read about either of these fatality categories: Man kills himself with chainsaw after attacking his wife with an ax, police say | Fox News Pennsylvania man dies day after chainsaw malfunction | Fox News Is there any way that a...
  21. smstonypoint

    TSC 15% Discount for Veterans on Saturday (11/11)

    Veteran's Day | Tractor Supply Co. See Veterans Day Deals and Discounts for Veterans | for additional deals/discounts. Steve
  22. smstonypoint

    $230,000 for a Heifer!!! Holy Cow!!!

    Oh my! Steve PS The narrator is confused when it comes to the cows and the bulls.;)
  23. smstonypoint

    Spam Epidemic

    There has been a recent rash of spam offering live-streaming of various sporting events. It seems to me that reinstalling the feature that prevents the posting of links until the member has five or more posts would be in order. The feature could be removed when this spam outbreak subsides. Steve
  24. smstonypoint

    Barbed Wire -- A Brief History

    An interesting item from Tim Harford: 'The devil's rope': How barbed wire changed America - BBC News. As a bonus, there's a brief discussion of John Locke versus Jean-Jacques Rousseau on property rights. Steve
  25. smstonypoint

    A Wooly Ride

    I feel a bit sheepish about posting this story, but hare goes.;) WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) It was a woolly ride, but three wild rabbits managed to escape rising floodwaters in New Zealand by clambering aboard sheep and surfing to safety on their backs. Hop on! Wild rabbits surf on sheep...
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    Database error redux?

    It looks like the database error has returned.
  27. smstonypoint

    Database error redux?

    It looks like the database error has returned and I can't cancel the double post.
  28. smstonypoint

    Database Errors Again?

    A month or so ago (maybe longer), TBN suffered problems that affected posting. I think I am seeing symptoms of a similar problem. The system acted strange when I tried to post a reply and I got a "database error" or something similar when I posted. The post did show up in the thread but does...
  29. smstonypoint

    ID this Getaway Tractor

    OMAHA, Neb >Police chased after a man who was fleeing on a tractor Wednesday morning. Officers said the pursuit started at a Walmart near 180th and Center streets around 12:30 a.m. Authorities said the man was driving around the parking lot screaming for a sandwich and some water. Police said...
  30. smstonypoint

    TSC July 4th Military Discount

    I'm not sure whether this is new for TSC on the 4th, but tomorrow they are giving a 15% discount to active and former military members: Military Discount | Tractor Supply Co.. I'll be off to replenish my Lab's supply of Blue Buffalo Chicken and Brown Rice.:) Steve PS -- They did give a...
  31. smstonypoint

    First Tomato of the Season

    Today, I had my first homegrown tomato, a Cherokee Purple, compliments of my neighbor. It looks like he is going to have a bumper crop of Cherokee Purples, Jeremiah Johnsons, and Mortgage Lifters. I mow part of his property with my rotary cutter and he keeps me well supplied with tomatoes...
  32. smstonypoint

    Running Hog Wild

    Story and video at Hogs escape, run free on interstate after semi overturns - CBS News. Steve
  33. smstonypoint

    A Question for Sailors

    I have been reading about the collision of the USS Fitzgerald and a container ship off the coast of Japan: Freighter Was On Autopilot When It Hit US Destroyer. I served in the USCG from 1965-69, and was a quartermaster aboard a 180' buoy tender from 1966-67. The buoy tender was equipped with...
  34. smstonypoint

    Narrow row corn

    Based on my windshield surveys of this year's corn crop, narrow row planting is dominating in my area (western Iredell County, NC). My surveys are of a limited scope, with the most of the land being owned or leased by a few large-scale farmers. Are you seeing much of a switch to narrow rows...
  35. smstonypoint


    I keep seeing online ads for Wikibuy. Does anyone have experience with same? Steve
  36. smstonypoint

    What the Fork?

    Let this be a lesson to us all --when you come to a fork in the road, don't try to use it as a weapon.:) Here's Mo's mugshot. Steve
  37. smstonypoint

    Your Bee Sting Score?

    I've been lucky, my high score (that I can remember) is only a 5.3. How about you?:) From The worst place to be stung by a bee - Business Insider Steve
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    TBN slow this morning (4/18)?

    Is it just me? TBN is slow, but the other sites I have visited this morning are loading at normal speed. Steve
  39. smstonypoint


    I am in the market for a new laptop and I am considering a Chromebook. There are numerous models to choose from -- Find Yours – Google Chromebooks. Thanks in advance for advice on models to consider or to avoid. Steve
  40. smstonypoint

    A Sylvan Curiousity

    I have seen trees "ingest" barbed wire and spikes, but this is a new one for me -- a black cherry "ingesting" the limb of an Eastern red cedar. For scale, the cedar limb is about 1" in diameter and is about 7' off the ground. Has anyone seen anything similar? Steve
  41. smstonypoint

    Firewood Storage as Art

    I have seen several TBN threads in which members have posted photos of their firewood storage methods. However, I haven't seen anything like the care these folks take in storing firewood:2 People Who Turned Piling Logs Into An Art Form. Here are two of my favorite examples: Steve
  42. smstonypoint

    Pipeline Redux

    It looks like some of us in the Southeast are going to have worry about gasoline outages again: Colonial Pipeline fire kills 1 person, bringing threat of gas price spike - Nov. 1, 216 Steve
  43. smstonypoint

    Cats versus Dogs -- We got a man down!

    There have been several TBN threads initiated by members who were having disagreements with their neighbors about pets. I don't recall any of those disagreements ending in attempted murder.:eek: "The victim and suspect were acquainted as the result of a reported history of problems involving...
  44. smstonypoint

    The Dizzying Grandeur of 21st-Century Agriculture

    See The Dizzying Grandeur of 21st-Century Agriculture - The New York Times for some amazing photos and video of commercial agriculture. Here's an example from Greenleaf, Wisconsin -- "Newborn females arrive from local dairies and spend their first 180 days at Calf Source -- first in one of...
  45. smstonypoint

    Is a self-driving tractor in your future?

    Here's an interesting article about technological progress in commercial agriculture:Tractor for Modern Farm Features Everything But the Farmer - Bloomberg Steve
  46. smstonypoint

    Self-driving Cars (and Trucks)

    Two interesting articles: 1. a listing of the different players in the future self-driving car market -- A list of all the companies making self-driving cars, and when they're hitting streets | Circa News - Learn. Think. Do., and 2. coverage of Uber's development of self-driving commercial...
  47. smstonypoint

    Why Women Live Longer Than Men

  48. smstonypoint

    Dead Racoons?

    I just discovered two dead raccoons on my farm in NC-- they were within 50 feet of each other on a trail adjacent to a neighbor's corn field. Both appeared to be well nourished and showed no obvious signs of external injuries. My immediate concern is that they were rabid, but the local...
  49. smstonypoint

    Korean attack on TBN

    I have seen (and reported) several messages this morning that are in Korean. "Baccarat" shows up in the two messages that I submitted to Google Translate, so I guess they are spam for gambling websites. I think this guy is the perpetrator.;) Steve