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    Scary, life threatening, mistake

    Not me this time. Drove about an hour from home with son-in-law to pick up a tiller and box blade he had purchased. Just like his tractor he bought them sight unseen over the Internet from a dealer in Tennessee. While he was inside settling the bill I helped the guy loading the equipment and...
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    Lights, no lights, lights

    I have a 2014 Ford F150 with trailer package. The lights on my tandem axle trailer are not working correctly. I have been hooking it up and pulling it out of it's parking spot. Then I will kill the motor and go check the lights. The truck lights stay on for about a minute after the engine is...
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    Escalating Construction Costs

    Family was here today eating lunch after church. Once the hooligans finished and left the table to destroy the house. Well, the grandkids went out to sunroom to play, argue, and fight. Just a normal Sunday. And really, they are good, polite, considerate kids who just like to talk loud argue and...
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    Transferring Wealth to the Next Generation

    What is the best way to transfer wealth to the next generation? My parents came from nothing, both lost their fathers at a very young age and grew up rough. Worked hard all their lives and left a respectable estate worth more than they would have ever believed. My in-laws did the same. F-I-L...
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    If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?

    If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money? I'm not talking about the huge 300-400 million dollar ones. But a smaller payout of one million cash in the bank after taxes. What would you do with the money? A new tractor? A new truck? A new home? A dream vacation/cruise? Would you...
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    I need a pocket screwdriver!

    I nearly always have a pair of 6" Channel Lock pliers in my pocket. Lately I find that I also need a screwdriver. I need something that folds like a two bladed pocket knife with a Phillips head on one end and a slotted head on the other. Think of a Case pocket knife with the blades replaced with...
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    Sold my mother's farm, tractor, etc. today.

    I found out something today. If you want to sell property, have an auction. Sisters and I were hoping to get $5000/acre for 63 acres and $100000 for the house and 4 acres. Holy Guacamole !! We got nearly double that. This auctioneer knew what he was doing. He advertised everywhere. Heck...
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    Insurance and the Tornado, the second disaster!

    Gonna be short and sweet on this one. Nearly all the churches destroyed in Mayfield were greatly under insured. Massively under insured. My sister's 100+ year old church building was destroyed in the tornado. It was insured for around $7 million. First estimates to rebuild were north of $30...
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    Mayfield, seven months after tornado

    Hopefully this will be my last update on the tornado aftermath. It has been delayed because of other events. 1) Old PC crashed and I let daughter talk me into getting an iMac. So far so good but it has taken a little while to get used to. 2) Getting my mother's place ready to auction next...
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    Best Product to Seal a Block Basement Wall.

    We are preparing a sixty year old house to sell. The basement walls are of concrete blocks. After a heavy rain they seep a small amount of water thru some cracks and thru the blocks themselves. What is the best paint on product to seal the walls and what do I use to seal cracks?
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    Mayfield/West KY/West TN bad weather again.

    Conditions are predicted to be close to Dec 10th. Town still not recovered from the last one!
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    Charities, good and bad from a disaster area.

    First off let me say that I did not receive any damage in the tornado. One sister had about $100,000 worth but her house was still standing. She is shocked at how much the total has come out to be. And that is with hordes of volunteers descending on her property to do cleanup at no cost to her...
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    Broke a pair of safety glasses today! While I was wearing them!

    Yes, I was hanging on to a TV antenna tower with one hand, holding one of those four tine hoe like garden tools with a five foot handle trying to pull aluminum siding out from under the eaves of the 100-year old house my youngest is redoing. (Long sentence, stay silent grammar Nazis) Several...
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    Huge NEST in the attic, would fill half pickup bed!

    I had to go up into my attic Saturday to do a minor bit of rewiring. Entrance is by one of those folding ladders in the garage. I went up the ladder, turned left, and (painfully) crawled halfway across attic to do my job. On the way back I happened to shine the flashlight at the other end of the...
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    I have owned my last 2 wheel drive pickup

    Got stuck in the yard of the 100+ year old house my youngest is redoing. Wife and I were supposed to load aluminum siding that had come off the house to take to a recycling place. Truck is a 2014 Ford F150 with the towing package. I love it for driving, towing, and hauling stuff. But it can get...
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    An American company that stands behind it's products!

    As we were cleaning out my mother's house, she passed in October 2021, I found a Zippo lighter that I believe was given to my dad at his retirement in 1980. It did not work, the wheel spun freely and I could not get a new flint to make contact. I sent the lighter off to the Zippo company and...
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    Burn barrel got me, emergency hair cut!

    I sit here at 6:45 waiting to go to an 8:05 emergency haircut appointment I made yesterday afternoon. Well, I finally got the appointment made after the lady that cuts my hair stopped laughing. If you read my post from a little while ago about the vents in my new burn barrels and how well they...
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    Automatic whole house generator systems.

    We have decided to have a whole house generator installed. The automatic kind that comes on when the power goes off. So I have called the Generac dealer about 3.5 miles from our house. It will be a month before they can come out for a consultation and between six and eight months before I can...
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    Burn Barrel that works

    A few years ago somebody on this forum from Australia or Tasmania posted on how to set up a burn barrel properly. I had always cut horizontal slots around the bottom of mine and hoped for the best. So I got a couple barrels last year and following posted instructions I cut six vertical slots...
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    Western Kentucky the past 24 hours!

    The picture says it all.
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    Phone call from deceased mother

    About an hour ago my wife got a text from my deceased mother's number. The text said, "I thought I would give you my new number". She freaked for a minute. Thirty minutes later she got a phone call from the same number. It was from a friend of hers that had changed cell phone services and had...
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    15-Year old pistol champion

    Was walking thru a store in Paducah yesterday when I met a friend and his granddaughter. He introduced her as the Kentucky State Pistol Champion. She is 15 years old. He showed some videos of her hitting a playing card EDGEWISE on the first shot at 50-feet. I couldn't see one edgewise at fifty...
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    Finally got power after tornado.

    I live in Mayfield, KY. Has anything been on news about this disaster?
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    Ordered a Seecamp last night.

    I have wanted one of these for years after looking at a used one at a gun store. BUT the price was too high for a used one, if it could be found, and they had a three year backorder on the new ones. I don't remember what the price was for that used one back in the early 2000's but it was higher...
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    How not to bushhog !!

    Finished mowing 24 acres of CRP ground at one farm and moved seven miles to the next 18 acres to be mowed. The west boundary of this farm is Clarks River and the bottom ground floods about every four years and can easily get out of control if not mowed yearly. My brother in law mowed it last...
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    Need tool to put tubing on nipple

    The mechanics at a factory I worked at had a tool they used to put rubber hose/tubing on a nipple. It looked like a set of pliers with clamps on the jaws. I needed one today to repair a leak on a 12-volt sprayer. Worked on it an hour and finally got hose on to where I could clamp it. Sprayed 1/8...
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    My soccer debut at 67-years of age.

    I played keeper, or in other words, goalie. I only allowed four goals. We were playing 8 and 9 year old girls who had already been practicing for an hour in 90+ degree heat. It was parents against the team and the parents were one short so I got drafted. They ran circles around us. I would run...
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    Never had pain like this before!!

    It all started when I ordered these new paring knives from Smokey Mountain Knife Works. They are Victorinox knives, made in Switzerland, and they are SHARP!! So I got one that I added on an order to get free shipping and we liked it so well that I ordered three more, one the with a serrated...
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    Need info on Land Pride and Bushhog brand mowers.

    A little late to post this as I will be buying today or tomorrow. I need a medium duty rotary mower. It is down to a Land Pride RDR 1872 or a Bushhog 216. Both are medium duty 2" capacity rating. Both are the same price. The major difference is that the deck is 2-1/2" taller on the Bushhog and...
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    How to seal red cedar

    Last Friday we cut down a red cedar tree behind my deceased father-in-law's house. I saved several properly sized limbs and want to make coasters from them. These will go to my wife, sister-in-law, and both daughters. What do I use and how do I seal them. Right not the bare wood is sticky with...
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    Lowes Kobalt 40-v chainsaw

    I used my Lowes Kobalt 40-volt chainsaw yesterday for a pretty good while. I cut down one crepe myrtle with five trunks more than 5" and trimmed two more of limbs/trunks as big or bigger. I walked around the two acre yard trimming and cutting for a couple hours. The little saw is light enough I...
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    Bush Hog light duty or Titan light duty

    Gotta get a new rotary cutter. Will be mounted on an old 55-hp Ford 4600. Our 40+ year old Ford mower died last fall, I think I finally killed it. The Titan light duty, 1" to 1-1/2" capacity, shear pin, cutter is $1700. The Bush Hog light duty mower, 1" to 1-1/2" capacity, slip clutch, is...
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    Why I quit hating soccer.....besides the soccer moms!

    Until a couple years ago I thought soccer was the most boring game ever. Then I had a couple grandkids start playing. One is now eight and on a 'traveling team'. Holy guacamole!! Those little girls play rough. Elbowing, tripping, shoving, whatever they can get away with. Looks more like hockey...
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    Tested new smoke detectors.

    I recently replaced all the smoke detectors in the house. I was prompted to do this when one started beeping and as I changed the battery I noticed that it was a couple of years out of date. So I ordered new Kiddee wireless connected smoke detectors. Granddaughter #2 helped me change them out...
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    76.8% Return on 401K

    Wife and daughter got their quarterly papers for their 401Ks last week. Both made a return of 76.8%. I had split both their investments between two funds. They are both Kentucky teachers. I couldn't believe it so I went back and looked at their charts and sure enough the market, and their funds...
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    This could have been bad.

    Brought my little Kioti home from father-in-law's place yesterday and changed from the tiller to the mower. It is a 5' Howse that has served well though it has been well used and abused. If my little tractor can push it over that mower will chop it up. Got it on the trailer with the mower up and...
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    Firearms Training Schools

    Thinking about enrolling myself and my two sons-in-law in one of these firearms training schools for a few classes. Pistol for all three and spouses. Rifle for the two s-i-ls, and shotgun for me. Short two day classes is all I want. Might make a two week trip out west next summer and this would...
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    Advice to new grandparents !!

    Always, always, ALWAYS, LOCK THE BATHROOM DOOR !! It you've been there you know what I mean. Just saying. RSKY
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    Another dang skunk !!!!

    Went out to feed the chickens this morning and the neighbor lady yelled that there was a skunk by the lawnmower building. By the time I walked around to look it had torn some of the fiberglass loose and got underneath the floor. I could smell it inside the building and all around. It was not...
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    Tiller stops every two minutes

    I have a Troy Bilt tiller that has never given me a problem that I didn't cause with neglect or stupidity. BUT now it is doing something weird. The Briggs and Stratton engine cranks, and I till for about 1-1/2 to 2 minutes and the engine sputters and dies. I let it sit for about a minute, put...
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    A three year old, a leaf blower, and chickens. Not good.

    Had to help give the three year old grandson a haircut today. The last time he screamed bloody murder. So this time he was bribed. He sat in granddaddy's (me) lap, his mom did the clipping, and his dad blew the hair away with a leaf blower. If we did this he said he would not cry. Now at the...
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    Cordless chainsaw, hedge trimmer recommendations?

    Anybody have any experience with the Kobalt 40-v chainsaw or hedge trimmers? I already have a Stihl gas powered but occasionally need to cut one fallen limb apart or drive to a neighbors and cut one limb for them. It seems that the little Kobalt would be ideal for that, No gas to mix. No cords...
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    Battery powered trimmer recommendations?

    I am looking for a battery powered trimmer for my 72-year old sister. She is a farm lady that is very active and tough as nails. But she just cannot start her gas powered trimmers any more. Looking at Kobalt (Lowes), Stihl, DeWalt, etc.. She already has the Kobalt 40-v leaf blower and two...
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    My 95-year old mother won the Publisher's Clearing House

    My 95-year old mother won the Publisher's Clearing House (PHC) grand prize yesterday. The guy who called her said he would be at her house in about two hours with her prize. She is still pretty sharp so she called my oldest sister on her cellphone while the guy was talking to her on her...
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    Food Shortage this Fall

    Will there be a food shortage in the US and Canada this fall/winter? Will the Corona Virus cause problems with the farms, with harvesting table crops, with processing facilities, with the delivery systems, or with the retail systems? Me and my family are putting out one large and two small...
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    Garden Seed

    I found out last week that I am putting out three gardens instead of one. Both daughters want one. So I spent the weekend inventorying my seed supply and looking online for seeds. Apparently everybody on quarantine has the same idea. Some online seed sellers are not taking orders for a few...
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    The Most Important Thing, 18-second video

    Eighteen seconds of very good advice. "This 18 seconds is probably the best single piece of advice I’ve heard about" - YouTube
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    New Underwear Problem

    The embarrassment has gone away and I can now tell the story. We were planning a vacation to central Florida. Actually the third of four grands was getting her four-year old Disney trip. Beware of starting expensive family traditions when you only have one grand cause you may end up with more...
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    Pictures of Dog Bite Scars where child hurt

    Gonna try this one more time. The bite closest to the knee is the one that nearly killed her. The bite went under the knee where there is a vein or artery that was exposed. I am no medical person so I don't know which one. All we know is that the surgeon said it was very close to being opened...
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    Last post on Dog Bite Girl

    Well, that didn't work. Tried to post the mother's Facebook report without any of the info about us and it DID NOT WORK. So I cannot put a picture of the terrible scars on the young lady's leg. So I will summarize. The last scab fell off the scars last night. No scabs had appeared until last...