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    Pallet Forks for Kubota B7610

    I am looking to get pallet forks for my Kubota B7610 with a LA352 loader. The good people over at EA (where I am a very satisfied customer) have recommended the Construction Attachments 42" Compact Pallet Forks (the EA forks will not fit my loader). I have considered going the quick attach...
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    Boom Lock

    According to the manual for my 4675 BH, "The boom lock should not be used when the unit is stored or parked." It goes on to say that the safest procedure to use with the least amount of load on the BH components is to lower the boom and allow the bucket to rest on the ground. I prefer to keep...
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    Dragging Logs With BH Attached

    I am looking to clean up the area around a large maple at the boundry of my lawn and woods. There are several meduim sized downed trees and branches (less than 4" in diameter) that I would like to drag out and dispose of. My question: Is there somewhere in the back of my tractor (Kubota 7610)...
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    Bug Repellant/Spray

    I know it's kind of a strange question, but can anyone suggest a good bug repellant/spray? Many of you live in areas with major mosquito and other bug pests and I figured I could get some advice. I need to bring my own repellant with me to the La/Mississippi area. Thanks, Bonehead
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    Being Deployed To Katrina Relief Area

    We received word yesterday that we would be able to be deployed (on a volunteer basis) to the hurricane relief effort starting Sept 26. The Department of Emergency Management (DEM) in my county is putting together what they call "strike teams" made up of firefighters, police officers, city...
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    It Bee That Time of Year Again

    My neighbor up the street was clearing some brush with his Kubota when he discovered a yellow jacket hive at the base of an old stump. He was lucky and got away without being stung, which is more than I can say for this poor woman in Arizona. Bee Sting If you are allergic, have your epi-pens...
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    Backhoe Backhoe Techniques Question

    OK, I've tried searching for the answer to this question to avoid being embarassed by my poor BH technique but I found none so here goes: Many times when I need to use my BH, I am required to park my tractor somewhat farther from where I will be digging than what would be optimum. Digging with...
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    An Early Happy 4th to All of You

    Here's hoping all of you have a happy and healthy 4th of July. We are indeed lucky to have the freedoms we enjoy, not the least of which is driving our tractors (see photo). Enjoy the holiday and see you at the BBQ. Bonehead
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    Help! Broken Grease Zerk in FEL

    I was greasing my FEL (LA352) when the grease gun got stuck on the zerk. After some twisting I got it loose but ended up breaking the zerk off in half. After a trip to the auto parts store for more zerks and a set of easy outs, I tried to get the broken half of the zerk out but have been...
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    What NOT to DO With Used Hydrolic Fluid

    See attached link. Don't do this at home
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    Does This Happen to Anyone Else?

    I know I'm a rookie tractor operator, but there are a couple of things that routinely happen to me on my tractor and I just gotta know if other people are as lame as I am. 1. When I mount my tractor from the left side (hey, no crude remarks!), more times than not my hand or hip will hit the...
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    Stump Removal vs Stump Grinding

    I have a double stump from a Grand Fir tree in the middle of my lawn (see photo). Each stump is approx 2 feet in diameter. I would like to remove this eyesore with my BH, but I dont want to rip a huge hole in my lawn. I think that I would have to dig a large hole to get this baby out. One...
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    Diesel Fuel Can

    I have searched past posts and the internet to the best of my ability and have not been able to determine if fuel cans containing diesel are required to be <font color="yellow"> yellow </font>. Does anyone know the answer to this (possibly) dumb question? Bonehead
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    Proper Technique for Chaining Tree to FEL?

    I've done a search and read some posts on how to lift sections of a tree using bucket hooks and a chain. I know to keep the load as low as possible during transport but what is the best way to attach the chain to the tree and bucket hooks? I remember reading one post that said to use only the...
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    How Many Hours on a "New" Tractor?

    How Many Hours on a \"New\" Tractor? My B7610 was just delivered yesterday and in the excitement of the moment I never checked the hour meter until after the delivery man left. When I did, it showed over 13 hours. Is this excessive for a new tractor? How many hours was on your new tractor...
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    I Am Now A True Member

    Until now I have been a member here in words only. After todays delivery, I am now a true member. I believe it is the custom (or is that ritual), to show pictures of the tractor being delivered. As you all can understand, I am a bit emotional right now, but nontheless I would like to thank...
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    Sent PMs

    I have sent several PMs but do not have any listed on my home under the "PMs sent" link. I know many of them have been sent as the other members have replied. I'm not sure if my last 2 PMs were sent however. Am I missing something? Thanks, Bonehead
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    Chains for Lifting Objests With FEL

    I will be needing to buy some chain to use with the FEL and bucket hooks to move downed trees, etc. around my property. The following questions come to mind: 1. What size (5/16", 3/8") and length chain would you recommend? 2. Are hooks necessary for the chain or will the bucket hooks be...
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    Price Check JD Price: Website vs Dealer

    I need some guidance from those of you with experience pricing a JD compact tractor. Were the dealer's quotes comparable to the price suggested on the website in the "configure your tractor" mode? I am quite a distance from the nearest JD compact tractor dealer (the local dealer only sells...
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    Two Quotes on a B7610

    I know it might sound as though I am kissing up, but after spending many hours reading (and posting) to TBN, I have the utmost respect for your opinions. That being said, I would like to know what you all think I should do after getting the following quotes from two dealers: Dealer A...
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    Where Do You Store Your Tractor?

    I have been eyeing my shed (actually part of my garage) as a place to store my as yet to be purchased tractor. After determining that it would fit in all 3 dimentions I realized that those dimensions did not include the FEL. Add to that a BH and the shed is no longer a viable alternative (much...
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    Toothbar Price

    I have read many posts praising the Markham toothbar. With shipping, it looks like it would cost around $250 or so from what I understand. When I was pricing a Kubota B7610, I was quoted $400 (installed) for a toothbar from the dealer. Does this seem a bit high? Does the quality between...
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    B7610 Height

    Can someone out there tell me what the maximum vertical height (with ROPS folded preferably) is of a B7610? I am trying to figure out if it would fit into the shed portion of my garage and the spec pamphlet does not give this dimention. Also what is the max height with the BH connected to the...
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    Price Check What Do You Think About This B7610 Price?

    O.K., I finally made the trek across the water to the Kubota dealer and this is what he quoted me: B7610HSD-F with LA352 FEL $13,900 Bucket tooth bar $400 48" Bush Hog Box scraper $500 Total with Washington tax $16,102 If I want the 4672 backhoe with subframe, that...
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    What Attachments Do I Need?

    O.K., I'm going to bare my ignorance here so if some of you want to rip me on this, I am ready. I am trying to determine what attachments I will need for a Kubota 7610 (or comparable size tractor) with the following tasks in mind. I had assumed that a FEL and backhoe were necessary but I...
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    CUT to Remove Berry Bushes

    Can anyone give me some advice on the best implement(s) to remove berry bushes? Anyone who lives in the pacific northwest knows that blackberry, salmonberry, etc. berry bushes can be a real bugger to remove as they grow back every spring unless you take out the root system. I know that an...