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    Farmall/International gurus

    Posted this in the owning/operating forum but should have posted here. A friend has an International 2424 low boy and something has gone wrong in the distributor, in that the shaft no longer rotates when the engine is cranked. There isn't much room between the distributor and the hydraulic pump...
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    Farmall/ International gurus

    A friend has an International 2424 low boy and the distributor drive no longer rotates as the engine cranks. Anyone have some info on what the issue may be. There isn't much room between the distributor and the hydraulic pump, so am unsure if the distributor can be removed without first removing...
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    Caroni TL 1500 belts

    I have a Caroni TL 1500 flail mower and both belts are junk. I don't believe I have more than 8 to 10 hours on the thing. Are there better belts available for this mower; I see no sense replacing with belts from Caroni
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    1231 loader valve boot

    I have an '04 3054xs with a 1231 loader. The protective boot on the control valve is ripped and the dealer seems unable to find a replacement for it. It's rectangular in shape and measures 3 inches by 2 inches inside and is 4 inches tall. I know there are bunch of 3054's around so someone must...
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    Backhoe boom cylinder removal

    I have an '04 Kioti LK3054xs TLB that has an internal leak in the boom cylinder(no external leak, but boom settles fairly quickly). Yes, I'm sure the leak is in the cylinder itself as I disconnected the lines and the boom continues to settle. Is there an approved (read easy) way of removing the...
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    Ford 4000 gas, hydraulic level check

    A friend recently picked up a 4000 gas Ford, year unknown, and can't figure out where to check hydraulic fluid level. Can anyone help???
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    Stock trailer wheels

    I've a friend looking to buy 4 new wheels for his stock trailer, as the originals have rotted away; I can't remember the manufacturer's name. For all intents and purposes, they are the same 6 bolt pattern as a GM 4 wheel drive pickup, but have a larger center hole. Years ago I had a Toyota Land...
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    4200 16" rear wheels

    I've a friend who has a JD 4200 with loaded turf rears; calcium of course, and the wheels are rotting off it. Where is the best deal on 16" rear wheels other than OEM/dealer, or is there such a thing as a good price on JD stuff?
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    2305 won't start

    Neighbor has a 4 yr old 2305 and it won't start. He said he backed it into his garage, pulled the throttle back to idle it for a minute and it died and would not refire. He changed the fuel filter, which was kind of nasty, but it still won't start; turns over fine, but no fire and or no smoke...
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    Restoring a 961 row crop

    A friend is restoring a 961 Ford and we can't find a usable paint code for the tin. Can anyone provide that info? The engine and chassis has been sand blasted and painted the appropriate red with Valspar enamel from TSC, but he's trying to obtain a paint code that can be (converted) to...
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    Caution! Blizzard sno-blowers

    A friend recently bought a used(ever so slightly) B48 blower from a local widow. The first time he used it, the bolt that fixes the fan to the gear box output shaft, backed out, allowing the fan to move towards the auger. Once it got out far enough, one of the blades caught on the chute baffle...
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    hydraulic cover plate? 960 Ford

    I'm looking for a plate (cover) for a '55 960 Ford row crop.I'm not at all sure that is the proper name for this piece, but it's located just below the driver's pan(seat) on the top right side of the case, just above the draft control lever. There is a leaky hydraulic valve in that position now...
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    International 2424

    A friend just purchased a model 2424 International used on a golf course. I'm hoping to assist in gathering any information anyone may have about this unit. It's a 4 speed hi/lo transmission, live PTO, 4 cylinder gas engine. I was able to determine the manufacture date of somewhere between...
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    Where's The UTV

    It's the end of June, already; where's the promised Kioti UTV :confused: My old Kawasaki Mule is a little "long-in-the-tooth" and I might just be interested in replaceing her :rolleyes:
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    3054 work lights

    Can anyone tell me where I might purchase replacement bulbs for the front and rear work lights that came on the 3054xs machines? The bulbs themselves are nothing special(12v 35watt push ins), but are permanently mounted in a "fixture", which prevents simply changing out the bulb; the whole thing...
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    WalMart & Mobil 1

    A sign at the local WM states, "Limited quantities of Mobil 1 oils available through April 2009". Looks like WM will no longer carry Mobil 1; going to have to go with some other synthetic, as I won't pay the long dollar they get for the stuff at other outlets :mad:
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    Oil & Fuel 3054 oil filter

    I've noticed after a long shutdown,(couple days), my oil would show a little over full; I purposely leave it about an 1/8 inch under the full mark.Finally got a chance to speak with the dealer and mechanic about it and as I suspected, no anti-drainback valve in the Kioti filter(NOT GOOD).So I...
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    Blizzard sno-blowers

    I posted in the Kioti forum questioning if anyone had experience with this brand. Got no response, so am casting a wider net: anyone out there with any experience with Blizzard sno-blowers? I've an opening to buy a B74 blower, 1 year old, used by a home owner, and only slightly abused:p Given...
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    3-Point Hitch 3pt snowblower

    I have an opportunity to purchase a 1 year old Blizzard (B74) snowblower for $2,000; owner says he paid $2800 for it last year? I've two questions: 1) I've not heard of them; any good-bad info on them 2) They recommend 30 to 45 horsepower( I assume PTO hp) but my 3054 has 24.5 PTO hp; problem...
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    LK3054 cab?

    Does anyone know of a cab manufacturer who builds one for a newer(2004) Kioti LK3054 TLB which has the 4 post ROP'S. It doesn't matter whether its hard side or canvass;just need to get out of the weather this coming winter
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    BH Buckets

    9" bh buckets on back-order;again or still?:mad: I find it difficult to believe they are selling THAT many "teaspoons". To be fair, my dealer had a 12" in stock, which I originally took home but after further consideration decided the 9" would work better for me. I don't know if the BIG 3 has...