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    2015 3032e

    Going tomorrow to look at a used 2015 JD 3032E for my son to use on his property. I currently have a JD 770, and have been happy with it. It has been reliable and trouble free. My question is; Is the 3032 a good tractor, or is this model prone to having issues? Thoughts???? Thanks
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    Help with tractor upgrade.

    Currently and for the last 12years, I have been maintaining my 70 ac.(mix of fields and woods) with my second hand JD 770,4wheel drive and FEL. I do my food plots with a 5'disc and a 4'tiller, maintain my garden, and fence work with PHD. Have a 3pt seeder, bottom plow and hiller. Once in a...
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    JD 770 with 70FEL leak

    One of the cylinders on my FEL drips a little whenever I crank it up. Do I have to rebuild the seal in the cylinder(JD wants $70 for the kit) or can I just change out the outer ( looks like a cr seal) seal? Thanks
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    Source for JD FEL cylinder rebuild kit

    Have a John Deere 770 with a 70 FEL. One of the cylinders is dripping a bit,so I am in need of a rebuild kit. Any recommendations? Thanks
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    Leaking front tire

    My front tire (3yrs old) on my 770 is leaking in one small spot on the bead(rim). What is the best method to deal with this? Some sort of leak stop or just put a tube in it and be done with it? Thanks
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    B 6200 blowing smoke and dripping oil from pipe breather

    Have a buddy with an older B6200,15hp tractor. He is loosing about 2 quarts of oil from the breather in less than 10hrs of operation. Also blowing a lot of smoke from the breather.No noticeable loss of power. What is going on here? Fixes? Thanks
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    Austin Texas

    My daughter and son in law will be moving to Austin this summer. So, we are looking for a rural get away within an hour drive. Maybe 50 to 100ac. Any thoughts or suggestions on where to start?
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    solar power

    Thinking that I might want to take advantage of my states 80% tax credit on solar power,can anyone suggest a supplier for a 2kw off grid package for a do it yourself install? Thanks
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    Help to get blades off Buhler finish mower

    Just got a used Buhler Y550r finish mower and can't get the blades off for sharpening. Are the bolts right hand or left hand thread? May put a little heat on them and let them soak. Ideas? Thanks
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    Posthole Digger Post Hole Digger Cart

    Got tired of having to take the PHD apart every time I wanted to attach to my tractor,so I made this cart.It has wheels on it so you just roll it to the tractor and drop in the pins, connect the drive shaft and it's ready to dig.
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    Rotary Cutter Bush hog slip clutch adjustment

    I have a 4' Clipper 400 bush hog with a protective slip clutch on the pto shaft. Can anyone tell me the proper way to adjust the tension on the disc plate? This has been sitting up a while, and just want to make sure it will function properly. Thanks,Kenny
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    I am building a weekend getaway on my 60ac. in Mississippi. Any lumber left on the ground (or on the slab) will usually have one or more Black Widows under it.These things give me the creeps! How can I control these spiders and keep them out of my house? Thanks for the advise.
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    Need plans for PHD stand/cart

    Purchased a PHD for my tractor and would like to build some sort of stand/cart for storage.When not used,I could roll it off to a corner of my building,out of the way.Has anyone made something like this? Give me some ideas. Thanks
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    Temp.gauge help.

    I have a 1998 JD 770 tractor and looks like the temp. gauge is not working. Can someone explain how it works and what is the best way to troubleshoot it.Broken wire,gauge, sensor,fuse? Any ideas? Thanks, Kenny
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    770 bushhog?

    Would a late model 770 w/std trans.4wd, pull a 5' bush hog? What is the lift cap. on the FEL? Thanks, Kenny
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    Need help on price/4410 w/FEL

    I need advice on the value of a JD 4410,03-04,650 hrs.420QD FEL with E-Hydro.Ag tires75% small crack in one of the fenders.The seller just ordered a new seat because someone stole the original. No leaks, but looks to have been stored outside. The bucket is not beat up,but needs some paint. The...
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    Price Check Price check on L3130

    Give me a ball park fair value for a 2004 L3130, 2wd,250hrs,turf tires and a LA513 loader,hst? trans.Kept under roof in really good cond. Any ideas? THANKS