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    Post Driver for SA324/424

    Has anyone used a post driver (three-point mounted) on a SA324 or SA424? If so, which model did you use, and did it work? Thanks, I'm looking to put in many wooden fence posts around 5-6" diameter.
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    Rubber hose replacement schedule

    Another thing in the SA series manual that got my attention was the statement that hydraulic hoses, fuel hoses, power steering hoses, radiator hoses, and air intake hoses should be replaced every 2 years. What a needy tractor. Does anyone do this?
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    Warm up and cool down - SA series

    The SA321/324/424 manual says to warm the engine for at least 5 minutes after start, before driving or using the implements. Longer than 5 minutes when it is cold. In one place it says to do this at 2000-2400 rpm. In another place it says to do it at half the rated rpm. Half the rated rpm...
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    LS motor for MT230/235/240

    Can anyone give me an idea how the LS L3C19 motor (on the MT230, 235, and 240) compares with the Yanmar and Mitsubishi motors in reliability and reputation. Thank you, I only realized today that LS makes their own motor for these tractors, and for many of the larger ones. Also, how do they get...
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    Price variations in new Yanmar compacts

    Hello, I'm new to the forum. After a year of looking for a used tractor, I'm in the market for a new one. I'm surprised at the price variation in Yanmar compacts from dealer to dealer. For example, quotes for a new YT235 range from $22k+ to $28k+. I'll let you guess which quote was from my...