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    Err 06 on a 3520

    This resolved my issue and I thought I would write this up for the community. I have a model year 2005 JD 3520 that was displaying an Err 06 when moving in either forward or reverse. The 3520 Operator's Manual says that this is a "MFWD Speed error caused by "No signal at MFWD speed input and...
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    Butterweed (Senecio glabellus) eradication

    Howdy Folks, Does anyone have any experience to share in the eradication of Butterweed (Senecio glabellus)? We have this growing in our pasture here in Central Texas, and we understand that it can be toxic to horses and livestock. Photo of it below. Any and all suggestions are appreciated...
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    John Deere 3D Series Compact Utility Tractors

    Interesting new units for 2019: NEW John Deere 3D Series Compact Utility Tractors at Washington Tractor - YouTube 3 Series Compact Tractors | 325D | John Deere US 3 Series Compact Tractors | 335D | John Deere US 3 Series Compact Tractors | 343D | John Deere US New Tractor From John...
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    Anyone mow at night/in the dark?

    Hi Folks, I was thinking about the possibility of mowing at night here in Texas as the summer heat approaches quickly. Any feedback, opinion, hints and tips, encouragement, discouragement from folks that currently mow at night? To help brighten the night, was thinking about upgrading the...
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    Feedback Request: 4-wheel steering units X394 and X584

    Hi Folks, I'm interested in the 4-wheel steering units like the 2016 model year X394 and X584 and would like to hear the good and the bad about these from folks that actually have experience with them. Would also be good to know how the new 54-inch Accel deck performs, and what the all-wheel...
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    FYI: Fuel usage with a 3520 and a MX5

    FYI to the community in case anyone is interested. My JD 3520 uses approx. 1 gallon of fuel per hour running the MX5 shredder while cutting medium to heavy density 1'-2' native grass (and native weeds) here in Central Texas. I also average about 1 acre per hour shredding this grass on mostly...
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    HU625HWT string trimmer/mower

    Anyone have any feedback on this unit? Any info on how it compares to the DR Power trimmer/mower units? The Husqvarna looks like it could be made by DR Power. Thanks!
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    MX6 and 3520

    Hi Folks, Is anyone using the MX6 on a 3520? If yes, what are your experiences? Much thanks!
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    Tongue weight measurement

    Hi Folks, Wanted to get your opinion on the importance of measuring tongue weight. Is it common practice to actually measure the tongue weight with a scale for each load you haul, or do you just eyeball-it? For perspective, the scenario is a relatively small truck (2013 Tacoma v6 w/tow...
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    Rotary tillers: "C" blades vs "L" blades and soil hard pan

    Hi Folks, Anyone have any experience or thoughts on the benefits/drawbacks of "C" blades vs "L" blades in rotary tillers in terms of impacts on creating a soil hard pan below the max tillage depth? It would seem to me that the "L" blades would be more prone to create a hard pan since the...
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    Very slow loader bucket curl on a 3520 with 300X

    Hi Folks, I need to consult with the collective wisdom of the TBN community on an issue I'm having with my 2005 JD 3520 with 527 hours and a 300X loader on it. The issue is that the loader bucket is curling very (extremely) slow now. It is very slow in both curling up and curling down, and I...
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    Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network

    TBN folks may find this organization interesting and informative. CoCoRaHS - Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network What is CoCoRaHS?? CoCoRaHS is an acronym for the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network. CoCoRaHS is a unique, non-profit, community-based network of...
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    Where to buy forage (tillage) radish seed?

    Can anyone recommend a seed company that sells forage (tillage) radish seed retail? I only need small quantities of seed: around 5 lbs. to experiment with. Thanks! - Spindifferent
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    2 or 3 shank chisel plow and tractor HP

    Howdy Folks, I have a Deere 3520 tractor rated at 37 engine HP with R4's, and I'm wondering if it can effectively control a 2 or 3 shank chisel plow to an 8 to 10 inch depth. My soil has never been plowed, and is a clay loam to clay texture with few to no rocks or roots. I'd like to use a...