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    JD 185 service questions

    I have a new to me JD 185 hydro. I do not know the year. I was doing a full service on it today. I mistakenly put 10w30 instead of sae30 in the engine. Do you think that ll be ok? Also tried to change the trans oil. Not much came out and not much went back in. Maby a fourth of a quart. Does...
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    new jd 4020 with loader owner

    I just bought a john deere 1967 4020 with a farmhand 258 loader. I would like to have my bucket quick a tach. do you know where I can get the parts to do this? also it looks like the loader is a quick a tach loader but the legs you fold down are missing. If anyone can help me find the part...
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    parts question

    I have a hustler excell 4200 mower. It has a kubota D950 3 cyclender diesel engine. I need a silenoid for the starter. Does anyone know where I can get one? Aftermarket parts would be ok too. thanks wendelin
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    need help with questions on cat skid loader

    Probably not the right place to ask, but if anyone could point me in the right direction that would be great. OK my dads boss just bought a cat 252b2 skid loader. My question is how can you make the loader float in forwards???? He bought a mower for the skid loader and I would like to make it...
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    no headlight or horn on fx32d

    I was starting my tractor the other day. It was cold so I cycled the glowplugs a couple time back to back. Turned the key and a pop sound and nothing. no dash lights, nothing tractor was dead. Well the positive cable was loose. Tightened it and tractor starts, blinker work, guages seem to...
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    Oil & Fuel type of hydraulic/trans oil

    I think I was told to use John Deere 303 in my fx32d. I am not sure what is in their now. I changed the seal on the pto shaft. Small leak. How much oil would I need if I were to drain all the trans.hydraulic oil. thanks again wendelin
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    glowplug question for a fx32d

    I ordered glowplugs for my fx32d 4x4 tractor the other day. The problem I have ran into is that the new plugs are not like the old ones. The new one are going to be a little longer. Maybe as much as a 1/2 inch. Do you think it will be ok? Dealer said that it probably be fine. thanks wendelin
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    FX Filters

    Can someone give me the filter number for a fx62d? I have the yanmar numbers but I was wanting to get the filter locally if possible. thanks
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    JD 300 lawn tractor parts

    I just bought a john deere 300 lawn tractor and I need to find some body parts. If anyone could give me a couple of sources to find some parts it would be great. I needing one engine cover, the rear tail lights, front grill and a manual. Can the lawn tractors that donot have the tiller...
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    fx32d powersteer/hydraulic problem air locked

    I replaced the o-rings in the end of the cyclender where it was leaking. Now I can not get the front wheel to turn at all. I am thinking that it is air locked. Is their a bleader valvue on these tractors? I have tried cracking the lines and turning the steering wheel, but I just can not seem...
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    John Deere tractor information needed

    I am thinking of selling my yanmar and buying a john deere and I need a little help. I do not have the money to buy a new or newer one. So I need some info on some older jd tractors. I am think of a 950, 955 or 1040, 2040. Now I realize that I compairing apple and oranges here. Can you guy...
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    powersteering repair help needed

    I am in the process of replacing a o ring in the end of the powersteering cyclender of my fx32d. Can anyone tell me the easyest was of getting the end of the cyclender off? Where the ram comes out. I am thinking that it screws on with righthanded threds.I tried using a pipe wrench lightly...
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    fx32d starting problem

    I have a yanmar FX32D that starts hard. The other day it was about 52 degrees in my shop. The tractor turns over and white smoke comes out the exhaust. Sometime it will spit and sputter, but I have to crank on it a while before it will start. I had the battery tested awhile back and it was...
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    zetor 3340 4x4 info

    I was at an auction that had a zetor 3340 4x4 with a cab heat and air. What is this tractor worth 1995 model with about 1000 hours look to be in good condition . I did not hear it run. What is the smallest tractor zetor makes that has a cab? thanks fo rall the info wendelin
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    need help adding third hydraulic link

    I have a fx32d with a koyker 155 loader. I am wanting to add a third valve for the back of the tractor. If anyone could give me any pointers I would appreciate. I also have a couple of problems wth the tractor. I have oil on the inside of the front left rim. How would I fix this? I also have...
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    filters # needed for a yanmar fx32d

    can someone give me the filter numbers for the yanmar fx32d. oil, fuel, hydrualic and air thanks wendelin
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    filters for yanmar fx32d

    Can someone give me the oil filter, fuel filter and hydraulic filter numbers for a yanmar FX32D. Please thanks wendelin
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    FX32D ?

    About how big is this tractor? weight? hp? Is it largerthan a fx285? About what year is it? Is this a perty nice tractor? any problems with it? Are the controls comfortable to operate? thanks for any info wendelin
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    What hp is the TA270

    Can anyone tell me what the engine and the pto hp is on the iseki TA270? thanks wendelin
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    horsepower for yanmar fx255

    Can anyone tell me what the engine and pto hp of a yanmar fx255 would be? If I was looking for a 30 hp pto fx yanmar what would I be looking for as fair as the numbers on the side of the tractor? thanks wendelin
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    eBay/Craigslist iseki on ebay 3878226667

    ebay #3878226667 What do you all think? What is the difference between the 3 digit 4 digit models thanks wendelin
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    iseki 3201 and/or other info

    Can anyone tell me good or bad thing about this model 3201? Can you also tell me which iseki models have powersteering, live pto, a larger foot platform and transmition options? What are your overall though of the iseki line of tractors? What about parts? Are they just as good as yanmar...
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    yanmar FX435D

    does anyone have one of these tractors? Or own an FX series tractor? What are your overall thoughts about it? parts? Which models have powersteering? live PTO? thanks wendelin
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    2420d vs fx24d???

    Whigh is the better tractor? Any problems with the fx series?Or would their be a different model that is better for mowing and tilling. I would like around 25 pto horsepower? Where would be the best place to sell my 2420D? Why am I wanting to upgrade? I would like power steering and a...
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    ? on yanmar fx24D

    I am thinking of upgradeing my 2420D and was want some of your thoughts. I was thinking of a FX24D. Anyone got anything good or bad to say? Any type of problems with this model? parts problems? thanks for all your help wendelin
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    pole shed help

    I am in the market for a pole shed. Could any one give me information on which ones are good or bad? I live in Great Bend, ks. I was thinking of a 30x40. I would be interested in one that I would put together or a company that would put it to gether. thanks for all your great...
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    Oil & Fuel changing the fuel filter

    I started to change the fuel filter on my yanmar 2420D last weekend. I shut the fuel off and started to loosen the big nut that hold the bowel on. I thought quite a bit of fuel came out so I stoped right a way. How much fuel can I expect to come out? Is their another way to bi pass the fuel...
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    yanmar tiller oil question

    I changed oil in the gear box tonight. One quick question. When filling, just fill untill oil starts to come out of the plug in the back of the gear box? Should I drain the oil that the chain runs in? What type of service maintance should I give the tiller? I grease it alot and though about...
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    Question on oil filter and additional guages

    I installed a napa oil filter 1334 tonight on my 2420D I notices that the old oil filter was a napa 1344. The 1344 is a little longer than the 1334. Do I need to put a 1344 on right a way or can it wait untill the next oil change? Is the longer filter better? I also have been thinking of add...
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    filter number needed for 2420D please

    I tried doing a search, but did not find what I was looking for. Can someone please give me the filter part numbers for NAPA or anyother parts store of if JD would carry something that would work. I need OIL FILTER FUEL FILTER AIR FILTER HYDRAULIC FILTER thanks for your time wendelin
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    radio on my yanmar?

    Has anyone put a radio on their tractor with out a cab? Is their an outdoor radio or will any automotive radio work? I remember as a kid that on dad's JD 4320 he a a AM all weather radio. Where would I buy such a radio if they make it anymore? Or am I just wasting my time putting a radio on a...
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    skid steer

    Dose anyone know if their is a gray market skid steer out their? thanks wendelin
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    shifting question

    Is it possible to change the position of the shift lever on my 2420D so I can shift with the left hand? Also can it be shifted at high RPMs or should I idle it down when using the power shift? I bough a 5' farmpro box blade. Is farmpro a good brand to buy? Later I plain to buy a mower and a...
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    question on my 2420D

    I am having trouble getting it to shift in the creeper gear. It will shift into all the other gears just fine. Is their something that I need to do different? I noticed the key turns to the left. What does that do? It will not stay. It just springs back. Is this something to do with the thermal...
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    New yanmar owner

    Well over the weekend I bought a yanmar 2420D from Hoye tractor in Texas. I have not got the chance to play with my new toy very much. The tractor has a loader and a tiller. I am happy with Hoye. Stan was very honest and knowledgeable. If anyone can give me any pointer on how to keep my...
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    Has anyone bought a tractor from Hoye tractor???

    I have talked to Stan several times on yanmar tractors. His prices seem to be very fair. He is very informative. I just wanted to see if anyone had done business with him and what their thoughts were? thanks for your time wendelin [email protected]
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    YM 220 is it

    Is the yanmar 220 closer to the 2020d? or which other models is it close too? Was the 220 a good tractor? I seen one on ebay and just was wondering if it was a good price or if I should sick with the 2220D or maybe a 2420D. thanks wendelin
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    need help on picking out my tractor

    I am wanting to buy a 20-25 hp tractor. I really like what I have read about the yanmars. I like the 2020D model so fair. I have looded at some Isekis and they seem a little cheaper than Yanmar. Is this just me? Could you all tell me what you like, don't like, models and brands? I want a...
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    ??? on TU 205

    In my area their is a TU205 for sale. He says that it is 4x4 25hp and has power steering. It was built in 1990 with a little over a 1,000 hours on it. What is a resaonable price for it? Can anyone tell me more about these tractors? Is Iseki an ok tractor? should I stay away from it? Can I...
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    front end loader kits

    Are their kits out their that include the material to assemble a front end loader? I do not have a shop anymore, so I can not build one from start to finish, but I sill have my tools so I could put one together. Is their such a kit out their where the loader is already welded together? What...
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    ? on the ym 17xx and the 18xx model differences

    Can someone tell me what the differences are between the yanmar models 1702D{1720D} and the 1702D{1810D,1820D ect} Mainly the 17xxD and the 18xxD. Other then transmition sometimes and aroud .5hp. How are they dirrernet? Should one be picked over the other one? thanks for your help wendelin
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    Dealer ??? on yanmar tractors/??? on dealership in KS

    I am wanting to buy a small compact tractor. So fair I have liked what I have read about yanmar. I have a millon question. I was talking to a dealer in TX about becomeing a dealer in KS. [LCI equipment in Canton Tx] Would this be a good place to get tractors or dose anyone have any...