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    Tips/ Tricks to remove broken wood fence posts

    Hey folks, I'm looking for any Tips/ Tricks to remove broken wood fence posts. We have several posts on our 5 acres that have seen better days. Most are broken at ground level. They are 2' in the ground and NOT set in concrete. The ground is topsoil, then clay/river rock, so I would prefer not...
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    B2150 got a grill guard

    Since I got my grapple I've had several close calls with branches that did not want to play nice. And 1 that remove a piece of the engine surround. So, its grill guard time. I made this from some things I had laying around, All but the expanded steel. I cut and bent the pipe then welded the...
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    TerrAnovA tiller Model 125 Type W

    Can anyone tell me any info about this tiller? It was made in Italy. But that is all I know about it.
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    Chainsaw Caddy (carrier)

    There are a great bunch of threads and posts on this subject here, but I like to try my own thing. This is my version of a home made chainsaw carrier. It is made from PCV pipe I molded in the shape I wanted. Mounted with all-thread I bent and covered with tubing to prevent vibrations. The start...
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    Belt driven tiller for riding lawn mower. Home made.

    Not sure if anyone is interested in this or not. But thought I would throw this out there. I made this tiller in 2014. At the time I could not find anything like it. We had a decent size garden 40'x50'. It took a lot of time and effort to walk around behind a tiller, so I got creative. It is...
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    EA 55 Inch Wicked Root Rake Grapple For Kubota B2150

    I want to say a special thanks to Travis @EverythingAttachments for all his help to make this happen! The B2150 is not a big tractor by any means. So adding a grapple to it meant it had to be as little weight possible, but I wanted one with durability too. Adding a Quick attach system with the...
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    Kubota B2150 HSD 3rd function valve installed

    First I want to say I knew little to nothing about hydraulics when I got this tractor. Back story; We had a wind storm last Dec. and several trees and limbs came down at our property as well as at my Mom's place. I'm not a young buck anymore, and our kids are out of the house now. So how do I...
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    Kubota B2150 hard to start.

    I'm new to diesels over all, and now I have 2. My 2150 seems to be harder to start recently. I first noticed it when it was cold out, and figured that was why. But now that it is warm again(40-60°F) it is still starting hard. By hard I mean long crank times. It has a manual glow plug system when...
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    New light for the B2150

    The LR flasher light was missing from the tractor when I got it. So the search was on for OEM old style light. I looked on Kubota web site for reference #s for the light, but most were "replaced by...". I picked up one of the "replaced by" lights and it was not even close to the original. So the...
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    Newbie from Wa state.

    Hi all. Glad to be a part of the forum. Tractor; I recently acquired a Kubota B2150 HSD 4Wd tractor with a LA350a FEL and several implements from the original owner who bought it new off the lot. The tractor only has 830ish hours on it. Not much at all considering it is a 1993~94. It was very...