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    E-Max 22 G idles to fast

    My tractor is about 5 years old and has always idled at over 1000 RPM but lately the idle speed is increasing. No issues with linkages and such but now idling at over 1300 RPM. Is there a way to adjust the idle?
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    Loader F. E. L. for a YM186

    Hello I am looking for a front loader for my tractor. If I find one I will be selling my factory front dozer blade. I am in mid western pa. and hope to find something within a reasonable distance.
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    Price Check T5C drive pedal spring

    I have owned my T5C for 8 years and only use it for projects around the place and some jobs for people I know. In the 8 years I have had 2 drive pedal centering springs go bad. A few years ago I purchased 2 thru Terramite and had over $40 in the 2 replacements. Since I am using the last one at...
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    Reviews on Ditch Witch XT 855 & XT 1600

    I really like the concept Ditch Witch has on the XT machines, but have seen poor reviews on the 855. I would like to hear from some that have used the 1600 model and if anyone has had better success with the 855. I am thinking of adding to my fleet and don't need to make a poor choice.
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    YM186D front dozer blade mounting

    I bought this older tractor with low hours on and was pleased with the results. This little tractor is an awesome work horse. The front blade pusher assembly has a mounting point at back that is also used to brace the three point hitch. I am missing what attaches these points to the tractor. It...