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    Woods BH7500 - Boom cylinder Restrictor question

    Hi All, Is there a way to tell if the hose connection to the lower section of the boom cylinder on my Woods BH7500 backhoe has the stock O-Ring Base (ORB) to JIC connector WITH the 3/32" (0.094") restrictor installed without having to take the hose and adapter off and looking down its barrel...
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    Woods BH7500 Leaking Oil When Tractor Running, Without Moving any SCVs

    Hi All, I recently picked up a Woods BH7500 3 point hoe. It had only one previous owner, who left it outside it's whole life, and not used in the past 5-6 years. I know some of the hoses are more than sun checked and weathered, so replacements are on the list. No cylinders leak at all - yay...
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    Pat's Easy Change 3 point it ok to use?

    Hi All! I can't find info anywhere regarding... should my Pat's Easy Change hooks be used with a newly acquired, older Woods Groundbreaker backhoe? I'm thinking it'll be OK, but...the backhoe will be set further back 4" by this, and I don't want to overtorque the Pat's system, or put 4" more...
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    Tooliom Welder, And Odd Ways To Provide A Cord to Adapt to 240V

    Has anyone had experience, yea or nay, with Tooliom Chinesium welders? I just picked one up based on some decent recommendations from Amazon/YouTube. The crazy thing is, while it internally switches from its built-in 120V household plug's current to 240V once its plugged in, the adapter cord...
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    Rotary Cutter Bush Hog BH6 vs. Rhino RH6

    I am searching for a gearbox output shaft seal for my 2018 Bush Hog BH6 Rotary Cutter. It appears the Rhino RH6 (don't know what years this one was made) keeps coming up as having the same gearbox/part number: 00786214. Then I look at photos of each cutter and they look identical. Was Bush Hog...