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    After rain B7800 will not run?

    Tractor was working fine we had a large amount of rain since the last time i used it. The tractor will start but die in a min with a lot of black smoke leave it sit for awhile and it will start again but die in a min. It cranks fine just refuses to start. I took some of the fuel out thinking...
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    Suggest a grass collection system?

    Anyone have any suggestions on a grass collection system for the B2650 with a 60 inch deck. I would like one that is PTO driven and made to where you can empty from the driver's seat if possible. I found one from Terra King but it looks like they have been bought by agri-fab so i'm not sure...
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    B7800 FEL leak

    How hard is it to fix a leak on one of the FEL arms? It does not leak all the time it depends on the position of the arms.
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    B7800 gets hot after about a hour.

    When using the bush hog after about a hour or hour and a half the tractor gets hot. The radiator is clean and full, air filter is clean what would cause this? I think the bush hog is to much for it it's a 5 foot bush hog and i am going really slow 2,3 mph it seems to only get hot when i cut...
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    What is the cheapest kubota zero turn diesel?

    Been looking at zero turn mowers would like a diesel 60" deck or would a gas one be just as good?
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    B7800 hydraulic check?

    Where do you check the hydraulic fluid on this model? I don't have the book.
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    Is there a blue book for kubota?

    Trying to figure out what a B7800 with 576 hours is worth. Bought in 2002 new been outside since paint is faded hood has a dent, needs new front tires as they are bald, a seat, has no brakes that work. Has a front loader that needs the hoses replaced.
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    B7800 needs a new seat.

    Where can one buy aftermarket seats?
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    Dumb hydraulic questions.

    What happens if you un-hook your loader and hook up the hydraulic lines wrong? (mix the colors up) I'm assuming it would just mess up the controls of the loader. I am replacing hydraulic lines on my dads B7800 would it be the end of the world if water got in as they are exposed while i wait on...
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    PTO stuck on Rotary Mower

    Trying to fix dads B7800 it has a rhino rotary mower SE5 and the PTO shaft will not slide so i was going to remove it from the mower and clean it up with some penetrating oil, It's been giving him trouble for years. I was unable to get it to slide even pulling on it with the tractor. Could even...
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    3 pt rear blade stand?

    My dad has a bush hog rear blade but it is missing it's stand. Is there a simple one i could buy? I thought about just buying some galvanized pipe and drill holes into it for a pin but it needs a square bottom so it just don't sink into the ground.
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    hydraulic hoses replacement?

    My old man has a B7800 a lot of the hydraulic hoses are dry rotted on the front end loader one is leaking pretty bad are they very hard to replace? Does anyone know the size of them 3/8 maybe? The ones at tractor supply look like they have a different fitting and i'm not sure how much the...
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    What to use as a tow chain?

    I've been pulling up bushes with my B2650 using a chain. The chain can be a pain with it coming loose plus it's to big to fit into the tow hitch hole. I use chain hooks and they tend to come off. Would a strap do better? I'm sure you guys have lots of ideas.
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    Is there a title to a tractor?

    Just paid mine off have not gotten a title or anything just a pay off letter from kubota. If there is no title what do you do when you sell it to transfer owner ship?
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    battery terminal to loose

    On my B2650 the battery terminals or to loose even with the clamp tighten all the way. How does one fix the issue?
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    Battery for b7800?

    Anyone know what size battery a b7800 uses? I need to replace it in my dads tractor since he can no longer do it and he lives far away. Looks kinda hard to access it in the pictures I致e seen.
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    Always need to rake grass!! What is the secret to not have to?

    I can mow once a week twice a week and still could make hay with all the grass clippings. Would mulching blades work? A grass bagger seems like it would just get full in one pass. I'm using the blades that came with my kubota b2650 MMM 60" deck. Most people would say z zero turn but a guy down...
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    60 inch vs 72 MMM how much faster?

    If i have 3 acres to mow with a 60" MMM deck how much faster would a 72" be is there a easy way to figure or guess that? It takes me a hour and half to mow with the 60" but i do not mow the entire thing. Just wondering what other peoples experiences have been when moving up to a larger deck. I...
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    A decent smart phone holder?

    Looking for one to stick to my B2650 that i don't have to worry about falling off and mowing over a $1,200 phone and to keep the dust off it. I'm thinking about a arm band phone holder. I keep my phone on me just in case and to listen to music. I'm sure you guys have some crafty ideas.
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    B2650 what RPM when mowing?

    Mine is a HST and using a belly mower what RPM should you mow at? I've been at 2,300-2,500 if a little more power is needed.
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    Chute Deflector - On Or Off?

    I fixed mine so i can use it or keep it up. I have noticed in tall thick grass it makes a big difference when the grass is short not so much.
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    B2650 radiator cap stuck

    Trying to check my radiator fluid level and i can't get the radiator cap off!! You turn it it releases but will not come off. I'm scared i could brake off the radiator top since it is only plastic. Should i just force it, usually they have two tabs that hold it on maybe they are bent in to much.
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    Keeping implements outside..keep away rust?

    I've got a 3 point snowblower and kubota blade taking up space in my garage, i have been thinking about moving them outside and put a tarp around them with some straps and blocks to stop the wind from getting under it. I'm not worried about theft more so about rust and what the weather will do...
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    Anyone using costco diesel fuel?

    Just wondering your thoughts on there diesel fuel? I usually buy mine at BP but the new costco sells it.
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    B2650 BCI group size?

    Anyone know what BCI group size will fit a B2650? Looks like group 51 to me.
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    B2650 rear pto locked up?

    My rear pto located up when using for the first time since last winter by locked up I mean I engaged the rear pto then it just locked up and killed the tractor after it was spinning for a few sec. Now there is a leak around the pto not exactly sure where. I also seen a little puff of smoke from...
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    B2650 fuse types?

    So I blew a fuse hooking up some external lights and bought a box of new fuses but they are larger. I'm guessing the B2650 uses mini blade.
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    New mower blades or just sharpen them?

    Here's one of mine this one has 3 summers worth of grass cutting. I don't have a wheel grinder and i'm not sure how hard it would be to get them balanced. They are $15 each new and a cheap wheel grinder is around $50 so buying 3 blades would cover a wheel grinder plus a balance tool.
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    B2650 ROPS light mounting bracket?

    Did a search there a lot of post about adding lights to a B2650. I'm looking for some type of mount so i do not have to drill into my ROPS, i don't have any scrap laying around or anything to use. These are the lights i was going to buy. With a light bar i don't know how much you can aim it...
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    B2650 battery already bad 3 yrs old?

    Anyone else have there battery die in only 3 yrs? Mine still works but it's slow to turn over the motor. No way it will work once it get's cold. I keep a trickle charger on it in the winter.
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    Mowing with a mmm do you mow over your grass clippings?

    When i was a kid and mowed people's yards my old man always told me not to mow my grass clippings he said it takes more HP since you are re-cutting some of the grass and the mower would have a hard time. If i mow my yard clockwise i will mow my grass clippings since the discharge is on the right...
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    landpride SB1064 accessories needed?

    Landpride sells a wear bar for the SB1064 is it really needed or more for protection of the blower? Also i always read about shear pins breaking where are they located on this blower? Thanks for the help!
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    B2650 Air filter maintenance.

    I've got 120 hrs on mine and the filter is dusty do you guys wash your filter or simply blow them with compressed air? I have been using compressed air to clean off the radiator from the inside where the fan is.
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    B2650 oil change intervals?

    My book says to change the engine oil at 50, 200, 400 hours and so on. Messicks says 50, 100, 200, 300. Who is right?
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    Where can you buy land pride parts online?

    Local dealer is to far away and to $$$. Messicks is the only one i know of.
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    Land Pride SB1064 blower questions.

    Does anyone else here have this blower? If so what size bolt is on the top link it's the one meant to be used with the land pride quick hitch, i have a adjustable wrench and they really have that thing on there a socket size 1 -3/16 fits it but not very well. I don't see it listed in the parts...
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    Can you use a metric socket on a sae bolt? socket set questions.

    All my sockets sets are metric, i just picked up a land pride snow blower for my b2650 it looks like the land pride bolts/nuts are SAE since it's made in the US. I worry about striping out the heads if i use metric sockets on the land pride sure they fit but not very well. I have seen socket...
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    3 point snow blower price check.

    Talked to my local dealer and they want $2900 for a land pride sb1064 Manuel everything. Is that a fare price? I知 still more leaning towards the wood max. This is for a b2650. After tax the land pride will be over $3000.
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    Woodmaxx vs Landpride 3 pt snow blower?

    I'm looking at buying a 3 point rear snow blower for my Kubota B2650, i have found one from WoodMaxx the SB-60 PTO Snow Blower online for $2,249 or a landpride SB1064 my local dealer has the SB1064 in stock. I'm sure it will cost more just waiting to hear back from them on the price i will be...
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    B2650 Grass catcher?

    Does anyone know how much a kubota grass catcher would cost for the B2650 with a 60" mmm? There is one listed on the kubota website. I've read they are a pain to install/remove what other ways are there to rake up the grass? I've been using a cheap sears tow behind.
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    B2650 best air filter price?

    Is there any cheap place that sells the B2650 air filter that is kubota and not a knock off? It's part 6C060-99410. By the time you add shipping cost it's around $46 bucks.
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    B7800 over heating?

    Tractor will over heat if used for more than 15 min even if it's just idling. radiator is full and the radiator fan spins, screen is also clean. Any other ideas as to why it's over heating? Has around 300 hrs on it.
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    Is there a cable bury attachment?

    I don't need anything major the cable only has to be a few inches in the ground (ethernet cable). I've seen some hand made jobs but does anyone sell such a thing?
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    Good 3 point snow blower vs front mounted?

    Are the land pride 3 point snow blowers any good? I'm looking at model SB1064 for my B2650. It looks like the 3 point blowers are around $1,000 less than the front mounted. I thought the rear mount would be way less. Dealer quoted me $3,499 for a SB1064 manual chute and $4,500 for a kubota...
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    mid mount mower lift link setup B2650

    Can anyone tell me if that little flat bar that i have circled should be bloted to the frame if so which hole because it aligns up with a few? As the dealer has it installed now it will just spin around. The right side does not have it. I'm trying to get the linkage aligned to hold up the...
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    B2650 HST filter location?

    Is the HST filter located on the left side of the tractor by the rear tire? I just wanted to be sure that is where. I'm confused about the HST filter and the Hydraulic Filter locations.
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    Always need to clean up the grass after mowing?

    Anytime i mow the grass there is always piles of it laying all over the place. It does not seem to matter how tall it is, i usually cut it once a week and have to sweep it up afterwards is there a way to avoid this headache? Do i need mulching blades or something? I have a 60" kubota deck...
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    MMM wheel stuck

    Does anyone know why the middle wheel hits the bar right above it making it so it will not spin freely? It's the 60" mmm
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    No Spill Diesel Can that works?

    I have a so called No-Spill Diesel Can and it's the worst thing ever there is no air vent so you get that splashing going on and it takes forever to get anything out of it. I've been removing the hole spout part and just using a funnel but even then it splashes all over my B2650. You can buy...
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    silence the rops?

    I always use my rops up alright as they where meant to be used but they always make annoying sounds on rough ground after a few hours i get tired of it. Has anyone found a way to make them quiet? Maybe some kind of rubber wedges. I do fold mine down when i put the tractor away.