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    Baby John does a road trip

    I guess this could have gone in Seat Time or Photos but this section seemed most appropriate. Baby John got to do another favor for a friend today, but a very sad one. Their dog Jack is in the final stages of cancer, still hanging in there but his quality of life is waning and they know his time...
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    Back door, about an hour ago ...

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    Baby John helps out a neighbor

    Got a call this morning, my neighbors up the canyon were having flushing issues, needed their septic pumped and would it be possible for Baby John to help dig it up? You betcha! These folks are in their 80s with various ailments and in no shape to wield shovels. They kinda knew were it was and...
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    Automatic garage door opener

    Demonstrated with a motorcycle but with little adjustment could apply to any vehicle, including ones tractor.
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    Want ...

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    Why men don't vacuum ...

    Dummy - now you've flooded it. :rolleyes:
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    The Good Wife

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    I put his butt to work!

    Our good friend, Michelle, who works for Best Friends Animal Society is visiting and will be transporting this little senior rescue to his new home in Florida. They're spending the weekend here at the Haphazard Homestead before heading out to catch a plane at 0-Dark-Thirty tomorrow morning. I...
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    Your camping outfit is suddenly invalid -

    You've never wanted a trailer more than right now. [VIDEO]
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    Words fail me ...

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    Congress in session

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    Gun violence, solved!

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    I'm so jealous of this guy!

    50's vintage crawler: John Deere Crawler 1.0 - Wranglerstar - YouTube
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    I don't have a welder -

    Who wants to build me one of these? Pleeeeeeze? :dance1: Invention for chopping firewood. [VIDEO]
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    Lizzy the photochick

    Steady Feathers: LG G2 - The most extreme camera ever "Chicken" - YouTube
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    Just another day on the trackhoe

    Friend of mine on a job a few years back. Better him than me - :eek:
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    A bit of ancient history

    Sorting through some old boxes & found this little gem, dated June, 1957. I turned 10 that month. Oy ... how time flies.
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    Pivot Pin won't take grease

    JD 3120 TLB w/447 backhoe. The pivot pin between the boom & stick wouldn't take grease. Baby John is new to me and the first few times I greased her I missed that zerk as it's pretty well hidden. Found it last time and it wouldn't take grease (pneumatic grease gun). Replaced the zerk and it...
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    Tell me what laser level to buy

    OK, I'm done with flapping around marking contours with this home-made A-frame. I mean, it works great but it's taking forever and I need to get some stuff done before the next ice age. :rolleyes: Anyone with experience or advice about a brand or model or are they all the same, given a general...
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    WTH is this thing?

    Weirdness found under a tree by our driveway. Some kind of skeleton I'm guessing, but can't for the life of me figure out what it was holding up. Photographed on a 1" grid. Got it: empty nail gun strip, well-seasoned by several winters. So old it feels just like bone. Gawd, I'm stupid...
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    Can't do thumbnails!

    I have some pictures I want to share without annoying our non-broadband folks. I HAVE read Grrr's sticky (over & over, even printed it out) but can't get Photobucket to post a thumbnail, only a link. I copy the "IMG thumb" box, right click on my post, click paste, but all it does is show the...
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    @##$% rattlesnake ...

    Hanging out in my rock wall. Can't get a clean shot because of the rocks & he won't lay his head out on the flat where we can chop it. Pretty stinkin' inconsiderate if you ask me. :mad: Ya think a blast with a fire extinguisher would chill him sufficiently so he could be hooked out &...
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    Gate Etiquette

    Not safe for work or children but pretty danged funny. How to be a Rancher: Proper Gate Techniques(!) - YouTube
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    In Russia, bridges are for wimps

    Clever Ruskies Crossing the river in Russia with excavators
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    Workin' on my tan today ...

    Anybody needs me, I'll be in the lower hayfield, 'K?
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    Why we SHOOT deer

    A friend just posted this on FB: Why we shoot deer in the wild: I had this idea that I could rope a deer, put it in a stall, feed it up on corn for a couple of weeks, then kill it and eat it. The first step in this adventure was getting a deer. I figured that, since they congregate at my...
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    Old Iron

    Rdrancher recently commented on loving 'old iron'. Boy, howdy, so do I and it made me think about all the cool old stuff I see around here. I've decided to start snapping pictures as I drive around my area. I'll add more as I upload to photobucket; here's the first. (I don't know how to do...
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    Who remembers Mr. Natural?

    :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
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    Tractors are handy, ain't they?

    Finally got some snow, if you want to call it that. Instead of our usual fluffy powder, this stuff is wet, heavy and slippery as greased owl chit - more like white mud. :mad: Anyway, someone (who may or may not have been me) got a little careless backing the F150 up our steep hill to the house...
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    I sooooo want to ride in this engine!

    Just a train clearing the snow off the tracks. [VIDEO]
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    Curley, Larry & Moe unload the track loader

    Oy. Just ... oy. cat 953 track loader unloaded in a snap - YouTube
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    eHydro question

    So, I'm no rookie with diesel engines but all my experience is from trucking where you pretty much mash it to the floor, catch the next gear and commence to mashing some more. I've never had an automatic tranny behind a diesel and mashing the eHydro doesn't seem to do a whole helluva lot. Can...
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    I suppose it's functional ...

    but this critter takes 'fugly' to a whole new level:
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    Dogs again: this time 'Bark Ops'

    :laughing: Bark Ops - YouTube
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    Flumoxed about Float

    I'll preface by admitting my gift for overlooking the obvious and generally low intelligence level in order to save y'all having to point those out. :laughing: Baby John: JD 3120 TLB (2005 model). We're having a swell time getting used to each other. Little backhoe runs flawlessly and the...
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    This is just so stinkin' cool -

    No tractors involved, but a nifty little Jeep and a guy having WAY too much fun. Ian is a gun junkie who lives off-grid in the AZ high desert. Scroll down to the video where he mounts a Browning 1919 on his roll bar. I seriously want one. :thumbsup: Cool Extras
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    Just rediscovered this one -

    - and posted it in the Vintage section but decided to post it here too 'cause I think it's cool. Taken on the family farm in 1945, my mother in the seat.
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    What year, what model - anyone?

    With apologies for picture quality, this is the best scan I could get. The snapshot is from 1945, the woman is my mother. Any idea about the tractor?
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    Not really tractor related -

    - although I was greasing Little John when I looked up and saw this guy (gal?) on our hill. This rock formation often has some critter or the other perched on top; hawks or squirrels in summer, eagles in the colder months. This one was a redtail.
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    I was going to move some gravel today -

    - oh well, maybe later. :laughing: I do 'seat time' - Sid does 'bucket time', it's his new favorite napping spot. Goats :rolleyes:.
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    You might be a redneck if ...

    OK, fess up. Which one of you guys is this?
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    3120 Tachometer question

    So, how big a pain-in-the-arse is replacing the tach cable on a 3120? Or is that even my problem - The tach will only register up to 1100. Up until then it seems to be pretty acurate but over that I've been just playing by ear, as it were, bumping the throttle until it feels & works right...
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    Howdy from Utah

    Hey everybody, Thanks, Muhammad, for the nice welcome! Last week I brought home a little JD 3120 TLB, a Baby Deere for our steep, rocky, tight homestead. I have a good friend with a CAT 420 to do the heavy lifting, but that critter gets in its own way more often than not on our hillside. Enter...