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    Pictures not showing

    I've been on here for years and post and view pictures. A couple months ago (just guessing) I found that I can no longer see most images. I just get the little black box with an X. I can see images that are photobucket images, but not the normal images. I also went to upload some images...
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    Sprinkler system for large park type area

    I bet we have some sprinkler experts here. I've installed a few systems, so I know the basics. But we have decided to do a larger area now and this is a big pump, so I am beyond my area of expertise. We have a 200 GPM 15 HP pump that is set up with VFD for a constant pressure system. It...
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    Would you pay extra to have hauling included for "free"?

    As a dealer, we clearly tell folks that the factory warranty does not include hauling the tractor nor onsite service calls. It covers parts and labor, but the customer must get the tractor to our shop, or pay us to haul it. If you think about it, most items you purchase are this way. But this...
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    Bobcat to discontinue Tractors?

    Is this fresh news? I just read it this morning, but I don't follow the Bobcat brand closely. The good thing is that Bobcat will surely continue to support the tractors for a while, and Kioti should always be there for parts if needed. Industry News - Bobcat Discontinues OEM Tractor Agreement...
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    3616 Cab model - First look

    Here is the new 3616 Mahindra cab model. Built in Japan by Mitsubishi, loader lifts 1600 lbs. It's a very nice compact unit. Available this fall in limited numbers until they get production really ramped up. Available in shuttle or HST.
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    New Holland to switch to Korean manufacturer?

    I heard through what appears to be a reputable source that NH was dropping most all of their Japanese manufactured (Shibaura) tractors in favor of a lower priced Korean manufacturer. Seems like a big change, since they have been with Shibaura for years and years, and it is a good tractor. Any...
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    Massey 1145 crankshaft needed

    We took in trade a Massey 1145 with a busted crankshaft. I believe this is an Iseki built tractor. Massey no longer can get a crankshaft. Any ideas on where to get one? If we can't we may part it out, too bad as it is a fairly nice machine. Has anyone just repowered one with a different engine...
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    Mahindra wins Japanese Quality Award

    Just amongst us Mahindra fans, isn't this cool? It shows that Mahindra is serious about quality, not just quantity. The article also goes on to say that Mahindra predicts to be #1 in tractor sales worldwide by 2009. It's a tall order, but they might just do it! Rural Lifestyle Dealer | Web Test
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    Made in India MF Compacts

    I just saw this on Equipment Dealer website. It's probably not news to you Massey fans, but it was news to me. I sell Mahindra, so I have no issues with Indian built machines, they provide a solid tractor for less money. Lessiter Publications - Farm Equipment
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    Definition of Pickup - heads-up

    In California, a pickup is no longer a pickup if the GVWR tag is 11,500 or greater. Even if it is registered as a pickup and has the original pickup bed. This has some interesting ramifications. CVC 471. A "pickup truck" is a motor truck with a manufacturer's gross vehicle weight rating of...
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    2415HST TLB

    Here are some pictures of a 2415HST with the new 1710B hoe.
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    IH 674 gears broken

    We took a IH 674 orchard model in trade recently that has some chipped/broken gears, and perhaps a bent shaft, in the transmission. Anybody on the left coast parting one out? The sheetmetal on ours is straight and the diesel engine runs great, so I'd like to fix it if possible. One of the gears...
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    Massey 205-4, Hino built? Loader?

    I have a customer that owns an early eighties MF 205-4. 2-cylinder, appears to have Hinomoto origins. He'd like me to install a Koyker loader. Any suggestions on a mount kit for a MF or Hino that Koyker already builds that might fit? If not, we will fabricate one from a starter kit, but I'd hate...
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    3215 is amazing

    Our church has a 5 acre lot that really needed mowing. It has been a super rainy spring, so the grass/weeds were 18" tall at minimum and hood high in some areas. As a member of the church and also a tractor dealer, we often will run a used tractor or two down and do the initial couple of...
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    Hinomoto N239

    I am looking for a Koyker loader mount that fits or is close for this N239 4wd model. Some of these Hino's were close to the Duetz Allis 5220, some were a lot like Massey's, but I'm not sure on this one. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,
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    Going to India to visit Mahindra

    We are travelling to India, leaving tomorrow, for 10 days to visit the Mahindra facilities as a part of a group of dealers from the USA. Part of the time will be at the Mahindra plant, and much of it will be seeing the sites of India, the Taj Mahal, etc. I'll have my digital camera handy. We...
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    Scat Trak it a good machine?

    I'm looking to buy a skid steer here in Northern California for a few projects I have, namely moving a big pile of topsoil, some sand, gravel, etc. I used to own a Bobcat 753 and I am looking for something along those lines again. I will resell it in a couple of months when the project is...
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    E350 oil filter???

    Can anyone supply me with an oil filter number for Wix, Napa, Baldwin or similar for the E350. Thanks in advance.
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    Backoes for the 15 series have arrived....

    We just received our first shipment of backhoes for the 15 series Mahindra's. Very nice. They dig 7'10", weigh 1150lbs, and mount on a real nice subframe. We mounted a 2710 on a 2015 and a 3710 on a 2615 today. The specs are the same for the 2710 or the 3710. They are essentially the same...
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    Canopy Best Canopy for Mahindra?

    I am looking for suggestions on canopies or sunshades for Mahindras. What brand do you have on your Mahindra? If you are a dealer, what brand do you sell and why? Has anyone put a canopy on their 15 series yet? Thanks,
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    YM1802D Clutch housing broken

    I need a clutch housing for a Yanmar YM1802D or 2002D. I have a customer that cracked his...BIG crack. If any of you are parting out such a tractor or know of someone who is, please let me know. Meanwhile, put a subframe under the tractor if you want to run a backhoe and a loader on one of...
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    Is this a Ford 4000 TLB?

    I just took in trade a nice older TLB. I don't know much about these older Fords, so I could use some help. I looked at "The Vintage Ford Tractor Resource" on the web to try to decipher the model/VIN number, but I still wasn't able to figure it out. The numbers stamped on the pad behind and...
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    Komatsu D20P-7 remote hydraulics

    We have a D20P-7 on which we would like to install a rear remote hydraulic set-up. We will be pulling a wheel-disc and need the remotes for that. Does anyone have experience tying into the hydraulic system on one of these? Mounting a valve and the remotes will be easy, but we are wondering...
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    Branson 3510 with TnT and remote

    We just mounted this top and tilt with remote on a 3510 before delivering this TLB to a customer. It's best to never use a tractor equipped with TnT unless you are ready to buy the option. Very cool.
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    MF1240 Water Pump...Iseki similar?

    I have an Iseki TA275F, which is very similar to a Massey 1240/1250, and the water pump is leaking. I do not know if they share the same pump. I am posting a picture of the pump. If am owner of a 1240/1250 could give me an opinion regarding the smiliarity or lack thereof, it would be appreciated.
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    Iseki TA275D with a Factory Cab

    I just got in a TA275 4x4 with a factory cab. Since it does not have A/C and it gets real hot here in California, I am going to remove the cab. If any of you cooler climate guys have a need for it, email me and we can discuss details. I thought I'd Ebay it, but want to give you guys an...
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    World Ag Expo

    If you are on or near the West Coast, don't miss the World Ag Expo in Tulare, CA on February 11-13. This is the biggest farm show in the world. Over 1400 exhibits. We will be at the Branson booth at M-50. Stop by and say hi. World Ag Expo Home Page
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    World Ag Expo

    If you are on or near the West Coast, don't miss the World Ag Expo in Tulare, CA on February 11-13. World Ag Expo home page This is the biggest farm show in the world. Over 1400 exhibits. We will be at the Branson booth at M-50. Stop by and say hi.
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    TU180F air filter

    Has anyone cross-referenced a TU180F air filter element? It is different than the TA's, TL's and the 4-digit TU's that I have seen. It has a built on lid, it is about 9 5/8" long and the lid is about 5" in diameter, with the element itself having an OD of about 3.25". I looked through my...