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    6.0vs6.6, 6.2vs7.3, 6.4 Hemi

    I believe (if my memory is right) that the EPA made deletes illegal when DPF came out around 2012. Anything older could have the delete done.
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    6.0vs6.6, 6.2vs7.3, 6.4 Hemi

    Depends on where you live and what year the truck is.
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    Best Chainsaw Sharpener under $300

    I use the Ez-Lap diamond sharpener $11.90 at their website or $15.90 at Amazon Lets me sharpen on the bar in the field. I've used their 12V chainsaw sharpening kit for more...
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    Anyone Ever DIY Homemade Vanilla Extract?

    I'm on my 2nd batch of home made. First batch was made with cheapest vodka I could find, came out ok after one year after two years is much better. I used 6 beans (slit lengthwise) to 16 oz. This batch is same ratio but with Jim Beam Bourbon. Made 8 bottles. Used beer bottles that have a rubber...
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    Ads covering up the place.

    I'm using Privacy Badger and it blocked 3 trackers om this page, and Ad Blocker Ultimate which blocked 50, correction 68, ads and counting. Oh I'm logged in and I run Firefox on a W10 laptop.
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    Tires for 2016 Kubota BX25D

    Make sure you ask for 'Whole Goods" pricing. The salesman at my dealer had NO clue, I had to insist before he would even look. Not my place to teach a salesman how to do his job.
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    6.0vs6.6, 6.2vs7.3, 6.4 Hemi

    Unless you've done deletes. Then they're good to go.
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    Can a propane tank be repurposed?

    The wall thickness of my SCUBA tanks (rated 2000#) is much thicker than a 20# propane tank and are pressure tested to 3000# every 5 years
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    Upgrading From the Dewalt 18V Platform

    Add Milwaukee to that list.
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    What trailer should I get for Kubota Tractor, and what should I pay?

    Several contractors near me told me to get white oak boards and after a year pour used engine oil on them, then wait a week before using. Local sawmill said the same thing and claimed I'd be looking at years and years of use before I'd need to think about replacement.
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    Would a zero turn be faster than a B2601?

    ZTR has a much lower ROPS. Possibly because it's lower ti the ground?
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    Would a zero turn be faster than a B2601?

    I've noticed that I much mow slower with the tractor than I do with a ZTR.
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    And yet another log splitter build

    I found this Wolf style wood splitter build - . This Polish guy is an amazing fabricator. The only problem is that it's visual only, with only a few closed captions. Watch for everything he makes:
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    Rear Blade Adjustment Preferences

    bgr, In your 7th paragraph ‘If you have gauge wheels’ you solved my biggest headache, I fight speed bumps every spring. With my back blade, every time the front tires go over the top of the ridge the blade lifts up creating a new ridge. The gauge wheels will shave the tops and fill the valleys...
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    Wood working clamps

    Have you thought about using a biscuit joiner?
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    Need a waterproof clock for dash on open station

    Do you know what the HD in Harley Davidson stands for? (a Hundred Dollars):)
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    Need a waterproof clock for dash on open station

    Clocks on motorcycles are waterproof and vibration resistant, but pricey, especially Harley ones. 😁
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    Chipper Advice on PTO Chipper

    I have a Nova Tractor BX-52 that I bought in '21. I'm very disappointed with it, but it might be just my expectations. Plus’s” 1) Has a 143 lb rotor thats balanced for both 540 RPM and 1,000 RPM 2) Has a 5" by 10" cutting area 3) Its easy to get access to the rotor to change knives or to clean...
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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    My roofer used lead boots on my metal roof. He said that the rubber ones have a 20-30 yr life span, while lead is just about forever.
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    2021 L4060 HSTC Limited Edition Tilt and Trim Help!

    His stuff is that good and he is that knowledgeable. Having said that RjCorazza, Bavarian and Citydude are right the factory stuff fits and looks better.
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    Need a nice battery powered walk behind mower?

    I bought a used Black and Decker 36V 20" mower. Had pretty much shot batteries. Found a Utube showing how to replace the 3, 4amp lead/acid batteries with 3 Ryobi lithium 18V batteries from ebay. bought 3, 7 amp chineseium ones for $15 ea. works great.
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    Postage paid return envelopes

    Yes it is supposed to be self supporting, how ever congress required the USPS to fully pre-fund all future retirement debt even for new employees and do it as they are hired. NO other business in the country, not even congress does this. Oh and congress is supposed to pay for all their own...
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    Postage paid return envelopes

    It's like 'the man' & japody says, what they missed is that they also have an annual bookkeeping fee. The per piece fee is based on avg weight of all BRM envelopes, packages get charged by weight. Retired PM
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    Bucket Cutting edge added

    How many bowed down buckets have you seen? Neighbor has a 10 year old TLB and boy is his bucket bent, told me he wishes hr had added one. I paid $150 for the cutting edge for my BX-2370 3 or 4 years ago, silly dealer tried to convince me I could just buy a new bucket for >$200 and then replace...
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    New 2021 Kubota BX2380 w/MMM & FEL- first impressions and any problems/issues....

    A little bit of info about the loader, I tried to put a 3rd function kit from Summit, on my LA344 loader. Kubota increased the size of the torque tube to 3 1/4" so I had to buy a U-bolt from a muffler shop.
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    By pass of seat safety switch - pro's & con's

    Must be graphic to bring it home to the (idiots) I mean people out there.
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    Radiator plastic repair

    Most auto body shops can do plastic welding. I'd check with one brfor paying that kind of money.
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    Building a custom home - HVAC options - could use a bit of help please!

    One reason for a gas backup is it can be run on a small gen set when power fails. I guess it depends on how much you trust the power company to quickly restore power in the winter. My 8kw gen set can run my gas furnaces, condensing gas water heater, LED TV, lights (all LED), and our fridge and...
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    chain performace

    Like RandyT said everything is semi chisel safety chain. Randy would you give the the name of your local dealer? If necessary Effingham isn't THAT far away.
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    Stability question-wheel spacers

    Because of my 60" deck width and how wide my tires are 2" is as wide as I could go. I have about 1" clearance, I don't think I would want to go any wider.
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    Stability question-wheel spacers

    I put 2" spacers on my BX2370. Before when I mowed my side hills with the belly mower I had to do it on a diagonal and a few times I felt a wheel lift. Now I can go straight across and it doesn't feel tippy at all. I have also bought some dumbbell weights to use as wheal weights, used weights...
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    quick attach for a bx2360 question

    You can find the parts on e-bay search for 'skid steer quick attach' As of right now (1016-22 @ 20:45) prices run from $88 to $325. Might look at for ideas. Skid Steer Quick Tach Attach Conversion Adapter Bobtach Latch Box Plate Weld On | eBay
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    Rear remotes/hydraulics on BX25

    If you go with FitRite and you think you might want to put a 3rd function on the loader, talk to Brian and let him know he might be able to save you some money if you use his kit.
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    And yet another log splitter build

    Get a hold of Brian from FitRite Hydraulics. He's a sponsor and if he can't set you up with a flow restrictor he might tell you where to get one. A lot of people here have used him for top n tilt kits for the 3 pt hitch. There's not much about hydraulics that he doesn't know.
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    Building a custom home - HVAC options - could use a bit of help please!

    I'd like to add to what Milkman 636 said. About 4 years ago we put in new HVAC systems in the house (Carrier) and when I brought up installing electro static air cleaners the dealer (Crystal City Heating) asked me why? He told me about a UV air purification option that kills viruses and sold for...
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    Building a custom home - HVAC options - could use a bit of help please!

    What ever system you decide on remember that energy costs NEVER go down and this is a lo-o-o-ng term investment. Over the years you can (will) replace the equipment for a reasionable cost. The equipment is designed to be replaced, if there is access and space to do so. On the other side of the...
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    chain performace

    Does anybody have a lead on where I can get full chisel chain? I can't find any in the St Louis area.
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    Under Decking Roofing Concerns

    Yes, I would but the lower pitch will only help when we had to wash out the acorn hulls the squirrels left us. The lower pitch lets the slower water speed float things out.
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    Under Decking Roofing Concerns

    ~50 years ago my Dad had the same problem. 16 X 40 foot deck with 2X8X8 joists supported in the middle, we attached 1X3X8' stringers starting 2" down at the house side and ended at the far side ~3 from the end of the deck, which is too steep. We should have made it the same pitch as waste water...
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    How would you [safely] take down this tree?

    And a quarter stick of C-4 as a kicker at the base of one f the support trees. :))
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    Chainsaw Caddy (carrier)

    Just Googled PVC+hydrogen chloride gas. All most of the search results were from questionable sources. I know that Google is a VERY shallow info pool and it showed. I also looked into the (M)SDS for PVC pipe and found information about HCL gas and found that seems to happen when PCV is burned...
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    *Sold* Bearcat 70554 (SC 5540) Chipper/Shredder

    Wish I would have seen this sooner. Just bought a made in china chipper, should be delivered this week.
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    PTO chipper

    I've never had my own chipper, so I'm new to this stuff. Don't you have to remove the blades to sharpen them? If you remove the blades, how do you know what gap to leave? I guess I'll find out.
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    PTO chipper

    I will definitely keep an eye on the edge. I don't have any idea at this time how big of a PITA it will be to adjust the clearance though. I watched a video on an arborist web site that claimed a 39 degree angle on the blades was better and lasted longer. Any body have any experience with this?
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    How to build a rigid metal frame to resist twist?

    Since this is going to be a structural assembly you might want to check out some of the boat building sites for what glue they use, or some of the web sites for home built aircraft on glues.
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    PTO chipper

    I hope so too. Either way I'll let every one know. I'd seen stuff about the Farmers Helper chipper and was going to get that one. But I'm slow to spend that much money with out a lot of research (about a year), then found this. Took a lot of searching to find reviews, seemed like more were...
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    PTO chipper

    Just ordered a Nova Tractor BX52 chipper (Nova Tractor BX52 wood chipper) and a extra set of knives. $1600 for the chipper and $20 for each extra knife total $1680.00. It came with free shipping. So for a extra $100 I got a heaver rotor, balanced for use at 1000 rpm (540 recommended) with a...
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    BX7326 Rear Aux. Kit (install)

    I took a 1/4" drive tall (long) thin wall socket and cut a groove in one side as wide as one face in the socket. your only tightening to a few foot pounds so the socket stayed good. You could also use a wrench for hydraulics and grind it to the wall thickness you need, but I thought that was too...
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    Poison Ivy

    Boy Scout leaders in my area have been using Benadyrl GEL for lots of years (30+). It MUST BE the GEL none of the others work. It’s got an antihistamine to reduce the reaction to the poison ivy and something to dry out the blisters. DON’T get it on a cut. We get to summer camp on Sunday, a boy...