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    Horse power vs tiller width

    You will likely run out of traction before you run out of PTO horse power, depending on tractor speed, soil type and depth of tillage. Weight is your friend with tilling. :)
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    Looking for Experiences/Thoughts/Opinions on JD X380 and similar X series tractors

    That unit has a very solid K58 transaxle and the super-tough Accel deck so you should have a lifetime of excellent performance. I upgraded from a Husqvarna to a X584 with the 54-inch Accel deck several years ago and there is a world of difference between those units. Very satisfied with the...
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    JD Parts costs?

    I'm just happy that I can still obtain parts for my 17-year-old JD 3520. :) I've never felt that JD is discouraging self-service on tractors that are no longer manufactured. When there are no parts available, whether OEM or third-party, then we are all in trouble...
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    What Brand Electric Fence Wire For Horses

    Premier1 makes very good products: Electric Fence and Netting for Horses - Premier1Supplies
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    Help. My mom made a huge mistake on FB

    Add the IRS to your list:
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    Try jump-starting the tractor using a known-good battery. If the tractor starts with the booster battery, then it is likely that the existing battery in the 3520 is bad and must be replaced. If the tractor will not start using a booster, then the issue is somewhere else with a fuse, cable...
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    2015 John Deere 3046r cab. Price?

    Good comparison data here:
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    John Deere X584

    The X584 can be configured with a 54-in deck. I have the 54-in deck on my X584 and it works really well. I'm very happy with my setup, highly recommend!
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    Deer eating my small apple trees

    Try a 3D electric fence design like this around the perimeter of the orchard: Or, for each individual tree, build a heavy wire fence between 5-6 feet tall several feet beyond the outside of the tree dripline. With newly planted...
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    Retirement Planning - Lessons Learned

    FWIW, this is a recently published and very comprehensive retirement book:
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    Guys like this are what gives diesel a bad name

    Here's a .pdf file of the article.
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    Guys like this are what gives diesel a bad name
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    Guys like this are what gives diesel a bad name
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    Boots, what are you wearing, what do you recommend?

    ROCKROOSTER Men's 6-inch Pull on Work Boots, Water Resistant, Steel Toecap, Slip Resistant, Anti Static, Leather, ASTM 2413-11 I/75
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    Compact John Deere 4720 pto problems

    Can you test the PTO with any other implements to see if it is working ok with them? If ok with other implements, then the issue is with the bush hog; likely the slip clutch as wolc123 suggested.
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    3032 help

    Have you tried to jump-start the tractor from another vehicle or a battery booster? If a jump-start works to start the engine, you need a new battery. If the jump-start does not work, look elsewhere for the issue with electrical cables, connections, starter motor. Good luck!
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    Happy new X350 owner, couple questions

    Congrats on the new unit! You will likely enjoy it. Regarding your towing question, here's the Operator's Manual: The X350 is approx. 500 pounds. Add another 200 pounds for you and the mower deck. If it were my first real Deere, I would not tow anything over 700 pounds, especially during the...
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    Job Fairs Apple has built several new campus locations over the last several years: New HQ in Cupertino, Ca, a campus in Austin, Tx with a second Austin campus scheduled to open next year. The announced Raleigh campus will be the third campus outside of Cupertino.
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    A nice find!

    Beautiful hill country around Bandera! Access to water makes it so much more beautiful (and valuable). Hope it flows year-round so that future fish and wildlife get to enjoy it as well. :)
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    Some advice needed

    They could all be low on inventory. I've read that steel prices are way up and availability is low depending on your region of the country. Best to pay a brief visit to each for a quick introduction and look-around at inventory. Good luck!
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    TBN 6.0 Preview

    What exactly were you trying to improve with this major site user interface change? Seems like a downgrade to me. Poor colors, clunky navigation, where did my watched forums go?
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    Err 06 on a 3520

    This resolved my issue and I thought I would write this up for the community. I have a model year 2005 JD 3520 that was displaying an Err 06 when moving in either forward or reverse. The 3520 Operator's Manual says that this is a "MFWD Speed error caused by "No signal at MFWD speed input and...
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    Butterweed (Senecio glabellus) eradication

    Howdy Folks, Does anyone have any experience to share in the eradication of Butterweed (Senecio glabellus)? We have this growing in our pasture here in Central Texas, and we understand that it can be toxic to horses and livestock. Photo of it below. Any and all suggestions are appreciated...
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    John Deere 3D Series Compact Utility Tractors

    Interesting new units for 2019: NEW John Deere 3D Series Compact Utility Tractors at Washington Tractor - YouTube 3 Series Compact Tractors | 325D | John Deere US 3 Series Compact Tractors | 335D | John Deere US 3 Series Compact Tractors | 343D | John Deere US New Tractor From John...
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    Dirt Moving Subsoiler Flips Sod - Looks Rough

    Looks normal to me based on my subsoiling. I'm using a Tufline 1S-24 at about 18 inches deep. Subsoilers | Tufline Here's a photo of my results:
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    Loader Are my 300cx loader mounts on backwards??

    I think that your arms are installed incorrectly. Here are pics of my 3520. Notice the red arrow pointing to the curved notch on the arms - the notch is on the side of the flange facing toward the front of the tractor. Your notch is on the side facing the rear of the tractor. Right Side (if...
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    Fencing my garden - how do deer react to string fence?

    Here's a photo example of the 3D fence.
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    Anyone mow at night/in the dark?

    Hi Folks, I was thinking about the possibility of mowing at night here in Texas as the summer heat approaches quickly. Any feedback, opinion, hints and tips, encouragement, discouragement from folks that currently mow at night? To help brighten the night, was thinking about upgrading the...
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    Feedback Request: 4-wheel steering units X394 and X584

    Some photos of the new X584. Gearz - have not noticed any clunking sounds from the front wheels, but will listen closely the next time I have it out.
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    Feedback Request: 4-wheel steering units X394 and X584

    Hi Folks, I'm interested in the 4-wheel steering units like the 2016 model year X394 and X584 and would like to hear the good and the bad about these from folks that actually have experience with them. Would also be good to know how the new 54-inch Accel deck performs, and what the all-wheel...
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    FYI: Fuel usage with a 3520 and a MX5

    FYI to the community in case anyone is interested. My JD 3520 uses approx. 1 gallon of fuel per hour running the MX5 shredder while cutting medium to heavy density 1'-2' native grass (and native weeds) here in Central Texas. I also average about 1 acre per hour shredding this grass on mostly...
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    smoothing behind disc

    You could use a rotary tiller after the discing. Tilling after discing on left, discing on right: This is clay to clay-loam soil, and I worked it a little too moist. Had I waited, the clods on the right would have been smaller with less moisture in the soil. This is newly-broken ground for...
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    How to keep a tractor from getting stolen?

    I use a simple steering wheel lock with the wheels turned to their max angle. The bar of the lock needs to rest against something immovable for this to be effective.
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    HU625HWT string trimmer/mower

    Anyone have any feedback on this unit? Any info on how it compares to the DR Power trimmer/mower units? The Husqvarna looks like it could be made by DR Power. Thanks!
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    MX6 and 3520

    Hi Folks, Is anyone using the MX6 on a 3520? If yes, what are your experiences? Much thanks!
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    How does your garden grow?

    1.7lb Persimmon and a 1.3lb Cherokee Purple along with assorted varieties. The orange and yellow tomatoes weighed 10lbs. All organic.
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    Tomato Cages

    I tried the weave last year and the wind forced me back to wire mesh cages. Also, my big plants sprawled way outside of the weave and didn't get the support they needed, and the jute stretched, and I was having to string new lines at higher points on the stakes as the plants grew. Lots of work...
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    Car Hauler or Equipment Trailer -- What is the difference please?

    Car hauler. Here's my 18' 7k trailer with my JD 3520.
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    Apple hires 800 at $8/hr

    Hmmm... Don't see any jobs posted at Elk Grove:
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    Need 6' Tiller Recomendations/advice

    Check out the Woods tillers. I'm very happy with my Woods TCR68. Photos from a couple days ago:
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    I'm using a Hay King Model 20 3pt bale mover for both hay and carry-all. 2,000 lb capacity.
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    3520 owners - a little help, please

    Here's what my 2005 3520 looks like:
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    You may have this already, but here is the exploded view of the steering assembly from the 2009 model year YTH2348 Owners Manual. You may want to check with Husqvarna Customer Support at: General Information - What is the phone number for Husqvarna Customer Support? Good luck!
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    Your towing rigs and trailers

    Straps are connected to the rear drawbar on the back, and to the axle on the front. Had these custom straps made (very happy with them): - Car Axle Straps - Car Hauling Tie Downs The axle straps are 3ft long and the ratchet straps are 8ft long. All...
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    Trailer Brakes

    Here's my small truck pulling a relatively small tractor on an 18' car hauler with brakes on one axle. I'm well within the max. tow capacity of the truck and have a good brake controller, a weight distributing hitch, and everything works well for my setup. You'll need to run the numbers for...
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    Your towing rigs and trailers

    Here's my rig. 2013 Tacoma v6 with tow package and a weight distributing hitch. Around 5900# trailer plus tractor. Taco does excellent pulling it.
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    Tongue weight measurement

    Hi Folks, Wanted to get your opinion on the importance of measuring tongue weight. Is it common practice to actually measure the tongue weight with a scale for each load you haul, or do you just eyeball-it? For perspective, the scenario is a relatively small truck (2013 Tacoma v6 w/tow...
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    JD 2720 - Bush Hog Advice

    - Spindifferent
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    3 pt single shank sub-soilers

    Max depth is around 18-22 inches and soil type is medium/heavy clay/clay loam. Here are a couple photos: