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    Husqvarna YTH22K42 Lawn Tractor Not Starting

    What year? Seat switch, Brake switch, Neutral switch, PTO switch. All can disable the starting. Go here type in your model # and check out the first download (2018-04). It has a schematic.
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    Best attachment to dig up bamboo rhizomes?

    Bamboo roots can get as deep a 2'-3' below grade. Backhoe or excavator is the way to go if you don't want it back. The majority of the rhizomes are in the top 12"-18"
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    How to "undercoat" mower deck.

    Paint won't last. Deck bottoms are painted from the factory. A truck bead-liner spray or under coating may work but the deck will have to be VERY clean for it to stick. The problem with a bead-liner/ undercoating is how thick it goes on, and the finish is rough. Your blades may not have the...
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    Mowing Level (soon to be lawn) with tiller, disc or box blade?

    What I did; I needed about a week of good weather(its wet here in the P.N.W.). First step is very hard on a mower and blades. Scalp mow best you can without tearing up the mower to badly. Till one direction, Next day till again at 90 to first, next day till again at a 45. All tilling was done at...
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    Any ideas what this is from?

    What are labeled as hole and hollow are just that. Nothing has been filled in or plugged. Good info about the old time Taps, Spigots and Faucets can be found here. Including a great patent scan from an 1890 "faucet" by John Sommer, Jr. From the...
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    first time painting - should I grind off the thin surface rust or just apply rust converter?

    I'd use a wire wheel/ wire cup brush. Wipe clean, prime, and paint.
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    Help iding box blade

    Definitely not a rear BB. I agree with @bcp its a Snow pusher. The springs allow it roll under if the load gets to heavy. Preventing damage to the pusher and the rig being used to push. Plus if you look close you can see the plastic/composite(? I think Pic is blurry) wear edge on the inside...
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    New Ribbon across bottom of screen, blocking threads

    Not there for me either. PC using FireFox
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    Cruise control issue on wife's car

    Are there any other dash lights on? In my 07 Dodge if any dash error light is "on" the cruise will not work.
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    paint job - tips & tricks for beginners

    It depends on the look you want. Also what the project is/ will be used for. When I stripped, reworked, and repainted my old trailer, I used a Rodda paint 74904(Clear gloss base) " Maintenance paint". It is a brush on self-priming gloss enamel, in the blue color I liked. They can mix the paint...
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    Any ideas what this is from?

    Couple of Pics.
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    Any ideas what this is from?

    I have 2 in my front window sill. It IS a spigot. Back in the day it was pounded into wood beer barrels and used to dispense the beverage. Now days, when you go into a tavern you will see a sign that says ### kinds of beer "on tap". The saying came from the old days of "tapping" the spigot into...
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    Made a dumb mistake on a stihl 200T. can I get some input please ?

    I'm late to the thread, but this is what I would do; Remove the carb. Poor some mixed fuel in there. Block off the ports(2 clean rags) and give it a good shaking. The fuel will suspend the wood chips and dust. Unblock the exhaust port and poor the fuel out. Repeat if you think it is needed with...
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    Chainsaw Caddy (carrier)

    BTW I have an extinguisher near to hand at all times.
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    Chainsaw Caddy (carrier)

    During my making of the caddies, the garage door was open with a fan blowing the fumes to the outside. Once it was set in the mold and cooled the door was closed. Normally I would have done this completely outside, because I am aware of the toxic fumes released by this process. That day the wind...
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    Best and favorite way to splice into OEM wiring harnesses?

    No damage method I used to add power for my 3rd function was to disconnect battery, then disconnect the Molex I wanted source from. I then removed the pin from the Molex connector I wanted to add the Aux wire into. Usually the pin is just crimped to the end of the wire. I open the crimp, solder...
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    Tips/ Tricks to remove broken wood fence posts

    Great suggestions everyone! Thanks for the input. I think I'm going to try the lag bolt next time I'm at the property and see how it goes. I'll keep you all "posted". 😅
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    Tips/ Tricks to remove broken wood fence posts

    Thanks for the suggestions. Most of the posts I need to replace are broken off at ground level.
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    Tips/ Tricks to remove broken wood fence posts

    I cut brush and did that the first time. Around the entire perimeter of our 5 acres when we bought it many many years ago. It hadn't been surveyed in over 40 years, had almost no markers, and no posts set. It took me close to 6 months working off an on back then. I'm not a young buck by any...
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    Tips/ Tricks to remove broken wood fence posts

    Hey folks, I'm looking for any Tips/ Tricks to remove broken wood fence posts. We have several posts on our 5 acres that have seen better days. Most are broken at ground level. They are 2' in the ground and NOT set in concrete. The ground is topsoil, then clay/river rock, so I would prefer not...
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    Clamp On Tractor Bucket Hitch Recommendation

    Here is a picture.
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    Talk to Travis. Sometimes, NOT always, they may happen to have what you want in stock and ready to go. For me it was the shipping company that really delayed my shipment. No fault of EA or Travis! The shipping Co messed up the ship-to and shipped-from addresses and tried to send it back to EA...
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    Clamp On Tractor Bucket Hitch Recommendation

    I have one that came with the tractor. Its just a flat 1/2" steel plate with a hole and a ball on it. It uses 2 heavy duty "C" clamps to clamp it to the cutting edge. This set up has no problem moving my 18' tandem axle trailer around. Works well even when pushing or pulling up a significant...
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    Is this a scam? B&C TRACTOR/ LOADER

    TV news report on them.
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    TerrAnovA tiller Model 125 Type W

    I did find some info. Maschio Gaspardo is the brand owner. The name "TerrAnovA" is a production plant in Cadoneghe (Padova) acquired by Maschio Gaspardo in 1975. On the SN tag is the Maschio name in graphics. MASCHIO GASPARDO NORTH AMERICA, Inc. is located in Dewitt IA But I still have very...
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    Need ideas for storing manuals and documentation

    I bought two 4 drawer file cabinets at a local college surplus sale. 1 is in the garage with all my manuals, receipts, misc parts, etc for things I have purchased. Each in a zip-lock bag. In the same cabinet (separate drawer) are my service manuals. Cabinet #2 is my dresser. LOL It has been...
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    Chainsaw Caddy (carrier)

    Another update. 2.5 Acres brush hogged and the saw was along for the ride. Our property is 1/2 trees and 1/2 fields. They are not fairways by any means. More like ski moguls. Very bumpy! The saw stayed in place the whole time and honesty I forgot it was there... There is no sign of cracks around...
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    Compact Tractor: Help making the right decision

    I recently obtained a 1993~94 Kubota B2150(24 HP) that was very well maintained and had very low hours(-900). It came will all the attachments you mentioned (less the auger & mower deck). We have 5 acres I maintain with it, along with my Mom's 5 acres. I brush hog 2.5 acres on our property which...
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    B2150 got a grill guard

    Thanks everyone! The process took several days, but I'm happy with the results so far. Luck be with me, I will never need it. I'll be heading up to the property soon to do more branch cleanup. Hopefully, I'll remember to get some Pics while I'm up there...
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    B2150 got a grill guard

    Since I got my grapple I've had several close calls with branches that did not want to play nice. And 1 that remove a piece of the engine surround. So, its grill guard time. I made this from some things I had laying around, All but the expanded steel. I cut and bent the pipe then welded the...
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    Sold : 2018 Ventrac 4500z + 5 items.

    Have you checked out Upstate Brush Control on you-tube? They use a 4500 in a lot of their Vids. Maybe they would be interested in another one.
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    finish nail puller deluxe.

    We had oak floors in our house. They were "sanded" to refinish them very poorly, before we bought the house. So I ripped them all up and installed a new bamboo floor. Now to the point. There were several boards that were still in decent shape that I figured would be good for some projects. But...
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    Chainsaw Caddy (carrier)

    My wife was adamant I not use "her" oven to heat the pipe! lol Sorry I did not get Pictures of it while I was there doing the work. I got into "work mode" and that was that. Next is a caddy for the fuel and misc other chainsaw tool/parts. Not sure if PVC pipe will work for that application, but...
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    Chainsaw Caddy (carrier)

    First test, success. Today I ran the tractor cleaning up branches and I also did a little brush hog work. The saw stayed exactly where I put it while I was going into, thru, and out of brush/ small trees, and as branches flexed around the ROPS then slapped the caddy. No signs of wear or stress...
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    Gripe on Image Sizes

    Muhammad's pic on page 3 is 2.84 MB and it was resized to 1,184px × 2,500px. And Xfaxman's pic on page 5 is 3.33 MB and it was resized to 2,500px × 1,875px That is a lot of data to download on just 2 pictures. Especially if your on limited data or slow internet. I agree. It's not a real issue...
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    Gripe on Image Sizes

    Phones are next to impossible to get a Pic down sized on, before you upload it. I have to download mine to the PC, then "re-size" them using Office 2010 Picture manager. Most of mine are 640x480pxl (120kb) down from 3984X2988 (4MB). Even with unlimited data, the BIG pxl images take a long time...
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    What would happen ??

    Bamboo is a grass. BIG but still a grass. Cutting it will not kill it or limit the spread. Some bamboo's have roots up to 2' deep. Digging it out is the only way to be rid of it. (My father-in-law did just that some 30 years ago by hand.) Short of some heavy chemicals, that's the only way. If...
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    Chainsaw Caddy (carrier)

    Earlier the Pics were having a hard time displaying on the site. Not sure why, but seem OK now. Also, if you click on the Pics they get a bit larger. My thinking also. I still have a bunch of pipe left so when this one breaks, I will add strapping to the next one. Bending PVC; Heat sand in an...
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    TerrAnovA tiller Model 125 Type W

    Can anyone tell me any info about this tiller? It was made in Italy. But that is all I know about it.
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    Chainsaw Caddy (carrier)

    HDPE is not as hard, is it more resistant to chips. I use it for cutting boards because it is easy on the knife edge. PVC is harder, but prone to scratches/chipping, and being harder it's more brittle. EDIT: There are also different PVC compounds. Some are softer then others. IE; PVC conduit Vs...
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    Chainsaw Caddy (carrier)

    Not sure I would want to get the first Pizza the next day! 🤢 I'm glad I decided not to go that route then. 👍 I thought about it as possible option. My big concern is the brittleness of the PCV. Especially when it is cold out. I'll be sure to keep you all posted as things progress.
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    Chainsaw Caddy (carrier)

    I can't say how hot it actually was. With my Dewalt heatgun set to high heat and low airflow, I heated for 2 minutes, then I turned it over inside the pipe, heat for 2 min, turn, 1 min, turn, 1 min. At this point the PVC was slouching inside the "oven". Any more and I was afraid it would...
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    Chainsaw Caddy (carrier)

    There are a great bunch of threads and posts on this subject here, but I like to try my own thing. This is my version of a home made chainsaw carrier. It is made from PCV pipe I molded in the shape I wanted. Mounted with all-thread I bent and covered with tubing to prevent vibrations. The start...
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    Why don’t tractors have dedicated tie down points?

    I've been trying to figure out the same thing! We are 45 minutes away from our 5 acres. So I have to haul the tractor up and back from there each time we go. If I left it there I'm afraid it would be gone or stripped when we come back. (sad times we live in ☹️). I'm still trying to figure out a...
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    Belt driven tiller for riding lawn mower. Home made.

    Thank you. Originally it was for a DLT3000.
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    EA 55 Inch Wicked Root Rake Grapple For Kubota B2150

    You are more then welcome! 55.5 " total length. In the above Pic, that would be front to rear. If you are getting the quick attach version you would not have the Pin-On brackets that add width. But some of it will depend on the actual pallet used for shipping. My truck cap is cab height. Ford...
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    Attaching EA Grapple

    My EA 55 Wicked root rake grapple came with what they called "standard hoses and fittings". 3/8" hose and 1/2" AG quick couplers. If your grapple is the same, then as long as your fittings will mate up to those, you will be OK. A smaller hose will reduce speed of cylinder movement, not total...
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    Belt driven tiller for riding lawn mower. Home made.

    Thank you. The one I made was out of a craftsman walk-behind I got cheap from a local repair shop. I paid scrap price for it. Picked up the parts needed to rebuild the case for a few bucks(shaft seals and bearings), and picked up a second set of tines & shields to make it wider (36"). All in to...
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    EA 55 Inch Wicked Root Rake Grapple For Kubota B2150

    Ya, a pin-on is the odd ball in the park for sure. Travis at EA was kind enough to get detailed measurements for me on packing size. My nearest depot for pick up is an hour away, so I needed to know if it would fit with the cap on. It had plenty of clearance all the way around. My cap is all...
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    Belt driven tiller for riding lawn mower. Home made.

    Not sure if anyone is interested in this or not. But thought I would throw this out there. I made this tiller in 2014. At the time I could not find anything like it. We had a decent size garden 40'x50'. It took a lot of time and effort to walk around behind a tiller, so I got creative. It is...